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lilosophieApril 9, 2012

Julia Butterfly Hill - Interview in Sun Magazine on activism

and the health of the planet:

It is impossible not to make a difference. Every choice we make leads toward health or disease, there is no other direction. The question is not "how can one person make a difference?" The question is "What kind of difference do I want to make?" �

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Hmmmmm! Interesting

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Unfortunately, many people don't care if they make a difference or not. (At least, that's my observation.)

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Or as I was told: "Why should I care, I won't be around then anymore." If it does not profit them right now, they have no use for it.

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I'm late, some computer activist decided to invade my computer and plant an unknown "internet connection" so I could not get on the net. It took DH 1-1/2 days to find the culprit and disable the jerk's program.
Yes, one can do good or bad, it's a choice.

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