Quote, April 2, 2011

ejmoore510(7)April 2, 2011

TOSSING his mane of snows in wildest eddies and tangles,

Lion-like March cometh in, hoarse, with tempestuous breath,

Through all the moaning chimneys, and 'thwart all the hollows and angles

Round the shuddering house, threating of winter and death.

But in my heart I feel the life of the wood and the meadow

Thrilling the pulses that own kindred with fibres that lift

Bud and blade to the sunward, within the inscrutable shadow,

Deep in the oak's chill core, under the gathering drift.

Nay, to earth's life in mine some prescience, or dream, or desire

(How shall I name it aright?) comes for a moment and goes--

Rapture of life ineffable, perfect--as if in the brier,

Leafless there by my door, trembled a sense of the rose.

Earliest Spring by William Dean Howells

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EJ, this was a marvelous week of poetry capturing the essence of spring! Thank you for the daily inspiration.

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I'm right behind Lilo in thanking you, ej!

You've made this a very special week---I even sent a couple of the poems to family members.
I hope you do some more of these wonderful poems!

Thanks again; KJ.

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Thanks for a week of wonderful poems, I enjoyed every one.

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Always look forward to your poetry week and never disappointing.

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Thanks from me, too, EJ.

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Awwww... So glad you all enjoyed and so happy to be able to share with you again. :)

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