Is It Just Me?

kathyjane(z6VA)April 2, 2011

When I click on websites, totally different ones pop up.

The little box in the upper left-hand corner of the taskbar always flashes up, 'Redirecting'.

Is this a virus?

OK, geeks----laugh!

"I am not knowing these things", as a friend from India would often say.

Thanks for any uncomplicated help you can give!

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Mine works just fine (knock on wood). Have you tried re-boot? Most of the times it corrects whatever my computer dreams up before I yell for help. Not much of a help, am I.

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KJ, run your anti virus and spy ware programs, may take some time. They should catch and remove the culprit. Sounds like a hi jacking program from an email or website. They redirect you to sites the have adds that get them money or collect your information.

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Also clear your cookies.

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Thanks, Don----I try to run spybot once a week and clean up disks---I'll do it again tonight.
Thank you!!!!
-----I'll clear out cookies, also---its been about 3 weeks since I did that.

I keep thinking its one of my brothers who is a computer geek...we keep buttin' heads over stupid stuff----been that way since the little bugger could TALK! (He's a Leo---:o)

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If you still have problems let me know.

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No KJ,it's not just you. I think a cookie monster is at work. I've been searching for an area rug on the net, and when I clicked on a post here at GP a big ole ad about rugs showed up right below a post.
I have a cable service with Norton 24/7, but somehow my area rug search reached the GP.

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