amenities go down as price goes up

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So we're shopping for a hotel for a weekend in New Orleans, never been there before. After a few hours of looking, we feel like we have a sense of things enough to buy a room. Decided it was worth an extra $20-$50 to get a place close to the "good stuff" instead of by the airport. So instead of the Super 8, Motel 6 & other inexpensive brands we considered, which ALL included some type of free breakfast, and the holy trinity of amenities: coffee maker/frige/microwave in all of the rooms, we went for it & got a room at the Hyatt one night, Hilton the next. The stupid Hyatt turns out to have none of that stuff - unless we spend another $20+ to get an upgraded room. I know it's all about location, but I've never stayed at a "nice" hotel that didn't have all of the stuff as a cheapie AND MORE. The Hilton has this stuff and is much closer to the French Quarter which seem much more in demand than the superdome location of the Hyatt. Since when does Hilton treat ya better than Hyatt? I need coffee as soon as I wake up.

I haven't traveled much the past few years, so this could just be a sign of the times... or a conspiracy between Hyatt & the attached Starbucks (which I don't like). What have you experienced shopping for your summer travel activities? What's going on out there?

We definitely know what to expect out of next weekend's camping trip! Nothing but a bathroom down the way, a path to the ocean, & a fire ring. I can work with that...

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The most expensive accomodation I have ever used was at a downtown hotel, close to a convention site. It looked like one of those 1940s films of an inner city tenement building. It had one double bed, even though it was for two women who had no other commonality than traveling together. I ended up on a roll-away and had to pay for the priveledge. No free breakfast. Hint.........all these places have online sites and most will tell you exactly what comes with the nightly fee and what doesn't. I use them.

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The most expensive hotel I've ever staid at was the Waldorf Astoria,NY, and that was eons ago. The "concierge" was the go to person to get you anything you wanted.
Times have changed and the net is the go to place these days.

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