Journal 23 April 2008

rob333April 23, 2008

It's a really really stressful week. I'm hanging in there and having some fun, but it's a roller coaster. I'm trying my darndest to stay focused on the moment and not get too caught up in it. Monday, my boss yelled at me and hung up on me! A grown man, hung up the phone on me. Over where a meeting was. Once I quit crying (stress, stress, stress!), I simply asked him to give me a bit more than 5 minutes notice when he didn't understand where the meeting might be next time, so I could find out for him. He smiled and said, "Of course you can't read my mind, yes I will." Later in the day, he gave me my evaluation 4 5s and 3 4s on a scale of 1-5 for each catergory; 4.6 overall, yea! Yesterday started off with a squabble between Ed and me. Then the nurses took me out for a pizza lunch on a patio. Can you say roller coaster?! We have a national meeting I'm in pretty good shape for, but I also have two finals in two senior classes next week. Eight days from now, I'll be as light as a feather and happy as a clam. But for now, serious as can be with breaks at lunch and the end of the day for an hour or so. All of any stress got put to the back burner last night at LF's baseball game.

They're a pretty good team whose kids seem well behaved and the parents jovial enough. I like this gang. Since it's a community league, we see kids and parents from our neighborhood and his school. The team we were playing last night has a special girl on it. She's diminutive, and wheel-chair confined, a little ray of sun, she touches every life well. Last year and this year, everyone in the stands cheers her on. Everyone on her team, and the opposing teams treat her fairly and like one of the team. Last year, "Audrey" could only hit and if she had the ball, could throw it. I didn't know it at the beginning of last night's game, but as soon as she hit, she wheeled herself to first. She never stopped even after they tagged the base. One could never call her a quitter! I cried that she's come so far being able to do so much more than last year. Ed was dumbfounded. Ed, who always has a jab, sometimes in jest, was dumbfounded. We were proud of her. In the last inning of the game, Audrey hit the ball and it whizzed past the kid standing in front of 1st. He scrambled, the first baseman scrambled. She got on 1st! all on her own! Yea Audrey! The crowd yelled. The next batter hit and as she headed for 2nd, our coach God bless him, yelled throw the ball to 1st. Audrey made it to 2nd. As the next batter hit into the field and chaos ensued, Audrey made it to 3rd!!!!!! The next batter hit it and as she headed into home, the entire crowd was on their feet, and I know I was yelling it, was it everyone?????, go Audrey, Go!!! Don't stop, YOU can do it!!!!!! As Frank ran closer and closer to her (he wanted so badly to touch her and so badly for her to make a run, he was so at odds with himself), we yelled even more and Audrey pushed harder and harder. She scored!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and the crowd went wild. No one told our team what to do, they just listened to their coach. I am so so so proud of those little 7, 8 and 9 year olds; they're gonna do great things. And one very happy Audrey went home with the game ball. There are so many good people in the world and they'll be there just when you need them cheering you on.

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Thanks so much for sharing the anecdote about Audrey. Tears came to my eyes and I was cheering her on, too!

Hope the "fun" times will outweigh the stresses for you in the next week. Before you know it, it'll be eight days from now, and in your own words, you'll be "light as a feather and happy as a clam".

I always enjoy reading your journal.

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LF and I were talking about this game yesterday. They have quit going to school together (they were in K-4 together, but not now), since he saw her this weekend somewhere around town (he was with Ed and I was with mom).

She still looks great and was glad to see him. I was so glad to hear it. She's one great lady. I wish great things for her and I bet she'll get to them!

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Rob, what a 'spirit lifter'! Frankly, I didn't remember your post from 2008, but no matter, it was just as good, this time. Especially knowing that Audrey is doing well.

Thanks for sharing this, again.

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Sometimes it is necessary that we read again the things that were good in our lifes. You went ahead despite of all the stress and made it and the young lady seems equally ready to go on to more achievements.

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She's just so amazing. I don't want to ever forget her. Or the spirit of those children. I'm really amazed at how wonderful the kids around me are. I don't know if I am just lucky, or in the right places, or what?! But my son's classmates at every school have been stellar, out and about they treat each other with such caring kindness, or church... everywhere. All of them. Perfect manners, wise words, they blow me away!

Each generation has said, is this our future? But I say, this is our future! Our world is in great hands if they're gonna take over. Must've skipped a generation. My mom's generation has done great things and continues to, and my son's generation, will too.

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