Idyll #315-Spring=Renewal & Healing

vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)April 22, 2007

Carry On!

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Sue is officially back, she ushered in Friday and today the new Idyll. How long can you sit comfortably? ;)

I have been outdoors since 7:30 this morning, a pillar of industry once more. I removed the last 2 sections of black plastic edging and folded them up for trash pick up tomorrow. I picked up dog sticks (chewn to pieces) and storm related debris on all 3 areas of lawn. I have raked the interior of the circular driveway (maple leaves), pruned the one unhappy Hydrangea that remained unprotected last fall and am stewing about where to relocate it in the Sanitary Ridge planting (it really needs more shade). I am going to relocate the Baptisia to the Hydrangea's present site since the digging is good, the soil is excellent, and it's one of the truly full sun places I have! I am still pondering the yellow Hemerocallis that always flops. The color is lovely, but do I really need another thing to stake up? And now Cynthia has be rethinking the Perovskia... (Deanne, Wendy? any takers?) Thanks a heap.

I am marvelling once more at Mother Nature (I DO know how to spell it!). There are so many things you "forget" when you're indoors for the winter. I saw the teeny-tiniest slug in the world this morning, listened to the myriad of bird calls, watched the cats practice their stalking techniques on each other, and watched Rex roll onto his back, contentedly teething on his tennis ball. It smells so great and everything is in such perfect synch. if you only allow yourself to listen and watch.

I removed the fence rails yesterday and everytime I look in that direction I'm saddened by what the construction will require us to do to the area behind it. I can't help it, the older I get, the more I think about the loss of more "wild", even though it's a tiny portion of it.

I am amazed at much farther ahead Michelle's garden and area is compared to mine, in spite of the fact that she received much more snow that we did. It's only been in the past 1-2 nights that the peepers have been calling, and only yesterday did I begin hearing an occasion croak from our little pond/wallow. Turtles are relatively uncommon here in our yard (one snapper last fall, though!), but Salamanders are not so rare. I have seen neither so far. And then there is Kathy, whose pictures of perfect roses make me drool. I love reading about your areas because I know all of you "get it" and allow yourselves to really look and see, too.

I have 4 more beds to clean out and assess, before I can go back and contemplate reorganizing/reworking any of them. My goal is clean up/out and then prune/transplant.

I can't wait to hear of all the progress you're making in your gaHdens.

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Good morning! I like Sue's tydll and hope all that are in need of renewal and healing will find it this spring. I have not been able to focus on reading the last several days and so have only scanned the thread. I do hope that Monty is doing better. And I saw some comments on glucosamine and chondritin (unsure of spelling) and have to add my own endorsement. Our first lab had bad arthritis and was like a new dog once we started him on that.

I need renewal on the emotional side of life. I feel beaten down by the lingering computer issues at work, the lack of patience of fellow coworkers, the effects of the delayed spring weather, and now my SIL has an issue with me. I really messed up on something; it was an oversight that I blame on stress, but she is taking it personally and has dragged the rest of the family into the issue. I spent last night in tears over the issue, and don't feel a whole lot better this morning. I've been considering alternate towns to move to...

We have guests coming this afternoon, so I need to kick it into gear again and finish picking up the house.

Thanks all for being here!


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Oh V! Emotional upset is in some ways more painful than physical. Hope your SIL can find some understanding and move on. You probably can't think about anything else at this point.

Well Chelone has been industrious this morning. I had to come in at noon because I was working in the only 'full sun' spot on the property, and dogs were starting to look a bit pant-y in the shade. Katie has the worst time adapting to the heat. I'm glad I remembered this year, or would have considered taking her to vet this week-end. Once she's adapted she'll be fine, but the first week or two above 60 always has her acting loggy.

Hope everyone considers glucosamine chondroiton for their younger dogs too. It has preventive benefits. The other important one is Omega 3s with vitamin E (as the Omega 3 can deplete the E.) I like Dermcaps as it has the E already in it. I just read that Kelp, a staple in my guys diet, was implicated in arsenic poisoning in a woman California. Can't remember exactly, but I think it was something like 7 out of 8 Kelp supplements that the FDA tested were found to have arsenic in them. Great.

Kathy, the leaves on your roses are so gorgeous! Yes, the blooms are beautiful too, but those healthy leaves. Rare on the East coast once the heat and blackspot arrives.

Good luck with the Babtisia move Chelone. I have two that I'd like to move to more sun, so let me know how it goes! I know they have a deep deep tap root, so you're going to be moving a LOT of soil.

I need to find a snack. Keep right on with that renewal and healing Sue :-)

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Jerri_OKC(z7 Ok)

Renewal & Healing

Renewal & Healing
Oh boy, I'm sucked in by that tydll. Are Idyll's psychic?
I feel like the prodigal child posting after long and frequent absences but I'll take that chance.
I can so relate to Sue, V. and all of you. Sue, you are in better shape physically than I was but it took 6 months to a year to fully recover when I had my uterus removed.

I scanned just a few posts to see what everyone is up to.
I can sympathize with the parent issues. Since Mom's death and my Dad's decline we have increasing problems with Dad's finances and lack of a will for either parent.

I just read some emails from other board members of our rescue group and I feel that everyone would be happier if I wasn't involved in the group. Sometimes it seems you just can't win~

Here's to healing this spring. (I won't even mention my back!)


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Can I whine too? I just returned from one of the worst meetings I've ever attended. Well meaning people I guess, but rude, thoughtless and long winded. DH will have to pay me big time to ever attend again. Already he had to stop and pay for 3 large perennials on our way home. I'm still disgusted and furious.

OK, I'll try to do better and really do sympathize with V, Sue, Jerri and everyone else!!!! It is a sunny beautiful day, almost too warm out to work. 77F at the moment. Why would people even attend a meeting on a day like this? Sheeeesh.

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Jerri_OKC(z7 Ok)

Hi GB, feel free to whine! ;)
I just got back from Lowe's to replace an air compressor hose that the foster dogs decided was an expensive dog toy!

On the way I decided to listen to a CD about Stress Reduction and Relaxation. It reminded me to stay in the moment and not get carried away with the stressful thoughts. It's not the stress that matters it is the way I am reacting to the stress! Can you tell I'm still in therapy? LOL

At this moment, it's beautiful, sunny, and 79 degrees. I'm off work and able to do what I want. I found ponytail grass for .50 at Lowe's. It will be a nice little filler for a new bed I'm making. Not so bad after all!


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Greetings everyone...Taking a break ,having my Sunday afternoon beer and watching a couple of innings of the Dodger game.It rained most of the day yesterday and last night so all is damp and drippy in the garden today .

Chelone sounds ever so ambitious ..theres always so much to discover in early spring, seems like every day there is something new going on.

---and Cynthia, I am of course *not* posting pics of roses with crummy leaves, lol.
Actually I have very litle black spot going on this year, which is a pleasant departure from the last two years which were just horrible. The good thing is that BS is usually only a spring malady here since we have no rain in summer . The roses get BS, defoliate and grow new leaves which are fine.

Hi Jerri !

V, so sorry to hear of troubles on the home front. I hope your guests can cheer you up and help your perspective, and that you get some decent weather to lift your spirits.

'better get back outside to clean up my mess..later everyone
Kathy in Napa

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Not much going on here today. It's a rainy one. Although, Jaden and I did get our walk in. I picked up a tick along the way - icky. I noticed a few tulips blooming to join the Chionodoxa and iris reticulata. The rain is good for the grass that I seeded and settling in the things I moved yesterday. At least it isn't windy either.

I believe the glucosamine chondroiton would be advantageous to Jaden. I'll have to check into it.


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I take a lot of breaks don't I?

I'm munching on mangos, cheddar cheese and crostini this time, and made frozen pina coladas without the rum. My hands are all cut-up and hurt, so I must have done real work today!

Please don't give me an excuse to whine. I've never been a follower and don't want to start now :) Jerry and GB, volunteer and public interest groups are just like that aren't they?! The conflict goes with the territory. Something about egos and passion not being compatible with common sense

There are little flies in the kitchen. Where do they come from? I'd prefer the peepers. There's a creek nearby but not so close that I could here them easily from my house. I'll catch their sound on walks when they start singing the mating song.

Monty's left leg almost looks normal today and urine isn't as red. Gotta love those drugs. He had dinner while I walked the girls at 5PM. And when they eat at 8:30 or so, I'll give him a snack too. I think he feels ok :-)

Later, Cynthia

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I hardly think a 2 hr. nap on Saturday could make up for all the stress and worry you've endured, Cynthia. I hope you had another today. ;) Do you make a distinction between "venting" and "whining"?

V., I've wondered where you've been; and I commiserate. It's hard to deal with work related stress, but toss in the family sort in addition and, well... the pot tends to boil over. Tears are a good release. Here's hopin' the coming week proves more settling. Hang in there; as one of my good buddies says, "At least no one is shootin' at you" (he served 3 combat duties in Viet Nam). Whenever things have gotten bad for me, I repeat that line to myself. ;) I hopw things settle down for you shortly.

I haven't exactly rested my wrists. :( They're SORE, I'm tired, but feel rather energized by the work accomplished. I have 2 more beds to rake out and the spring clean up is accomplished. I have to rake Sanitary Ridge, too, but that will be next weekend, weather permitting.

Jerri! nice to see your name resurface, too. Mum at least had a will, but had done little else with respect to estate planning when her health crashed in '03 (I can't believe it was 4 yrs. ago). My brother and I worked double time to get everything under control and that will rank as the most stressful thing I've yet had to endure. You have my sympathies, Jerri; it won't be easy to get it all straightened out, but if you persevere you'll get through it. Don't give up on the rescue work... just because people say things that make you uncomfortable doesn't necessarily mean they believe them. As Cynthia pointed out, common sense in often lacking!

So, 'bug, I've meant to commend you and your DH on your recent trip to the lawyer's office. The helpmeet reacted the same way your DH did; and I well remember the stressful times leading up to the appointment with our lawyer. I'm glad it's over, but now it's time to revisit it. Ugh.

I had a ham sandwich and some "fuzzy water" at lunchtime. I take a lot of breaks too, Cynthia. I get more done that way.

Where's Martie?!

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

I'm back. Guests have come and gone. It's 81 degrees and the wind is wailing out of the south at 28 mph. It was a lovely afternoon to sit on the deck, munch, sip and celebrate an election victory.

SIL's DH finally called exactly as the first guests hit the front porch, so needless to say, the issue was not resolved then. Chelone, you're so right - it's all I think about unless I'm very, very distracted. But at least she's not shooting at me. Yet.

So here's my alternate life fantasy. I will get a small studio apartment in an environmentally friendly building in Chicago, probably in the South or West Loop area. It will face south and have a small patio or balcony where I can grow a few plants. Besides my plants and a bed, I will have a good radio and lots of bookcases. I will combine two part time jobs, at a bookstore and at a garden center, and I will volunteer at Garfield Park Conservatory in my spare time. I will only talk to my books and my plants.

The part that I don't get is that this all blew up because I went to SIL and told her I had made a mistake. If I was really trying to exculde her from something, why would I approach her and offer to fix it? And I just wish that my DH would give just the slightest sign that he is supporting me in this issue.

Enough whining! We've got 3 or 4 pairs of geese nesting here this year - just enough to enjoy watching but not enough to make you nuts. It's kind of funny to watch them try and fly in the high wind.

Looks like we will have storms tonight. I should go because I have to get some computer work done before I have to unplug (I am a firm believer in unplugging now!)


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Good Monday Morning!!! Have been consistently sending good vibes 20 miles south to Sue and hope you've been getting them! Slumps are tough in all regard but having trouble sitting is one of the worse.

Thought of you all a lot this weekend as garden prep work went full steam ahead. Can't begin to list what I did or I'll go back to bed, but there were some highlights:

- The 10' Climbing Peace Rose With Six Canes move occurred without major incident other than causing a great comedic effect throughout the back-of-the-house neighborhood.

- Didja know that Juniper roots can live for three years 14" down with absolutely no signs of life and still throw babies? DS nearly had a true fit when he saw me pulling those babies. "NO -- A PERFECT BONSAI FOREST IN THE MAKING!!!!"

- A Big Nod to whomever invented "imitation bluestone." Not only is it 1/4 the price of real, but is a full 1" thick so cracking is minimized. 40 slabs of 12"x24" will make up the paths in the main bed and managed to get 57' of path leveled without much Advil.

- The Park is beginning to look like a Park. I'd truly forgotten the difference between second and third year perennials. Ditto multi-year-old bulbs. All shrub babies are leafing out and it'll be fun to see if anything blooms this year. Big Hoopla when I realized I needed to Divide Plants!!!! WOOPEE!!!

- Have not missed the bird feeders. Neither have the birds. Since forsythia is out now I'm expecting Goldfinches any day and we have four robins' nests within viewing distance. Lots of different colors, shapes and sizes to watch, including some wild turkeys that have taken up residence. Some day I'll get a book, LOL.

- Still slopping around in some parts of the yard. The storms were amazingly kind to us and we didn't have any permanent damage. Had some geese floating around the back yard for a day or so completely oblivious to 50mph winds. Boy, do they have big excretement!

Have been reading along and will get pics posted as soon as I don't need time to actually do the work :-)

Best -- Martie

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flowerluvr(Z5 IN)

Morning all! I'm getting just about caught up on everything that I've missed around here-whew, you guys are a busy bunch.

Sue, best wishes for a speedy recovery! It's SUCH a drag to not be able to sit..been there with my back several times. I never thought I'd say I was tired of laying in bed, but you can indeed get too much of a good thing. Take care of yourself, kiddo.

V-My porch is still open as a retreat :) I'm on the outs with my DS-over stupid stuff that doesn't amount to a hill of beans. I marvel at people who don't have real problems to concern themselves with, so have to stir up a tempest in a teapot. Personally, if someone has a problem with me, Id rather they discuss it with me, come to the best resolution we can, and then let it go! The less drama in life, the better, I always say! Good luck with SIL!

Mom passed away last month, and had been in and out of the hospital for several months before that. Amazingly, with seven of us kids, everyone got along well, and there was no bickering. Apparently that didn't sit well with DS, because she's been stirring up crap with all of us ever since-even to the point of trying to change MomÂs pre-made funeral arrangements. A big bone of contention is the fact that I was at the hospital when the doc came in and said she wasnÂt going to make it. We had two choicesÂ..either double up on meds to raise her blood pressure, which would have most likely led to a massive heart attack, or ease her off all meds and let her slip away. Having a brother whoÂs had two heart attacks and says they HURT, I couldnÂt see doing that to her, when she wasnÂt going to get well anyway. So, I told the doc to ease her off the meds, and called everyone to get to the hospital. Since IÂm the next to the youngest, oldest DS was a bit unhappy with me for making the call. I just donÂt believe in letting someone suffer needlessly. All the other sibs gave me a big hug, thanked me for making a hard call, and told me I did the right thing. Mom hadnÂt been conscious for almost two days, but everyone did get there before she passed. So, now every move I make is the wrong one to DS. And, this is the one who couldnÂt drag her sorry butt to Thanksgiving. Ended up being the last one we were to have with Mom, and I took the camera and got a group shot-everyone but DS and BIL. She still feels that she did the right thing by not going, so I said weÂd just have to agree to disagree on it, and let it go, but sheÂs not willing to do that.

Babs, thatÂs terrible about the border collie attack! We had a BC mix, and it was the craziest dog I ever saw. We ended up having to put him down because of severe epilepsy, but I donÂt know that heÂd have ever made a good pet-we just werenÂt what he needed.

Cynthia- glucosamine chondroiton will be on my shopping list for my dogs. I take Nordic Naturals cod liver oil caps, and see that they have an omega 3 for dogs as well. Gus, my oldest has kind of a bum leg, and IÂm sure the supplements would help him, although, he suspiciously has a LOT of trouble with it if youÂre eating a cookie or something that he thinks he should have. Thinks if you feel sorry enough about his leg, heÂll get it. HeÂs quite an actor!

The late spring has thrown the farmers behind, and since thereÂs no loss without some gain, IÂve had some extra time in the yard. Had a great day yesterday weeding and cleaning up beds. I have to help move anhydrous tanks around this morning, then IÂm on my own again. Plan to take the digital jukebox out to the porch and enjoy the day. Supposed to rain later, so IÂd better enjoy while I can. IÂve been INFESTED with that weedy lamium that gets purple flowers on it. The fields around here are usually covered in it, so itÂs no wonder IÂve got it in the flower beds, but what a pain in the neck. It gets all tangled up in the perennials, and takes a fair amount of patience to clean up. All three of the farmer men told me at different times yesterday that I should hit it with round-up. Since I donÂt have round-up resistant perennials, and that would do nothing for the billions of seeds itÂs about to dropÂ..guess IÂm hand weeding.

Take care one and all!

PS-I loved the story about the border collie herding up all the children-we could have used him at Thanksgiving-our herd has grown at an alarming rate ;)

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Hey Martie! it's nice to see you. I've wondered what you've been up to lately. I had to chuckle about goose exrement... there is a large flock that hangs out on the golf course. Rex likes to vacuum it up if I don't keep an eye on him. EWWwww.

V., I sure hope you and SIL get it all ironed out soon, though your alternate scenario sounds interesting, too. ;) Family stuff can be so tiring, can't it?!

I am slow getting started today. I'm feeling the twinges of winter's inactivity today. But it's not too bad... I must be "working smarter" in my advancing years.

Rex is shadowing me... knows I'll be going outdoors soon and is anxious that he may be "ditched". But I have to have my breakfast first. It's supposed to be warm today (really warm) and I shaved my ashen legs yesterday in preparation for the possibility of shorts. Reminds me, it's time to slather on the sunscreen.

I have taken some pictures and will try to share some when the camera is "full". Have a brilliant day, my friends!

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Oh Brenda, I just "refreshed" and read your post. Please let me extend my condolences on the death of your mother. For what it's worth I'd have made the same call you did. Loss affects people in different ways, DS is probably wrestling with past demons and some guilt (we all do that). Sit tight, things will be OK with time.

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chloehoover(z6b VA)

the vacationing slacker checking in here -- after a very hellish week, I said chuck it to the office and am taking the entire week off -- altho it will probably rain in another couple of days for the rest of the week - that may work well since my joints, back, etc., are groaning, groaning from the frenzy of gardening I've done since Saturday.

I know Im a bad idyller - but it has been such a joy to work myself literally to slumping fatigue - outside - instead of a stupid office -- and no stress in the garden! Ha - actually, if I think of all I wanted to do that may not get done, I could stress myself out - but there's always time for those other projects.

Im so sorry to hear of your Mom's passing, Norma -- the garden work is a great solace isnt it?

V - Im so sorry about the family issue -- I imagine the other stress of work, etc., is what has compounded the whol thing - I guess you've apologized and she wont accept it, uh? Have you tried something a bit more "material" -- like send her a bouquet of flowers or ticket to some event she likes -- w/ another Im sorry or something like that? Sometimes when one grovels enuf & does a few material mea culpas people take more notice once the heat of the hurt has passed? I know when I've really screwed up and admitted what a stupido I was, w\ a novel token it makes that person think a bit more. You need a break, kiddo, (like me) -- maybe a few days off or is this a horrible time of year? I would resign the voluntary computer tech position forthwith at least!

Im hoping Emma is better -- I personally can attest to glucosamine -- in fact, Michelle, you might try it for your knees. Altho I have arthritis I swear it's helped them -- I switched to the liquid glucosamine a month ago & cannot believe the difference -- the knees hurt after long hours, but not in the a.m. I too think I should start thinking about it for Ms. Chloe, as she's had a few joint problems. But her biggest problem has always been seasonal allergies -- and the poor thing is chewing her paws voraciously now w/ Spring & pollens (I think it's grasses she's allergic to) having really gotten going.

Ok - gotta get out there before the 85 degree day hits - gotta plant the remaining clems and a few other things (but I think I have 2 more boxes of stuff on the way this week; I like that kind of never-ending work!). Ive been slumming this a.m. because frankly the back is really sore; but a few vitamin I should kick in shortly.


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Just a fast fly-in as I have the babies today.

Monique, I hope Emma is recuperating well. I was very sorry to read of her health problem and your worry about her.

Cynthia and Honey...glad your furkids are improving!

Babs, poor Ryan!!

Sue, glad you were feeling up to doing some posting! :oD

Brenda, my sympathies on your mother's passing, I know you were close and on the upset with your sister. Relatives......difficult species sometimes. ;o)

V, ugh on difficulties within families. I hope it can all be soothed over and resolved soon. It is no good having growling amongst those you do have to have contact with on a frequent basis. You know her best, so hopefully you'll know or find a way to get her to stop with the pissy party and accept that mistakes happen, that you are sorry it did happen and 'get over it!!'. I also hope that your computer woes at work are straightened out soon. Life sounds like a bunch of PITAs for you right now.......sending you my best thoughts.

Deanne.........just where is the first post of the morning? ;o) How funny what I enjoy and look forward to...

Well, the boys are making more noises - they are playing, but needing someone to 'watch' them play and clap when they do something clever ;o)...... so I'd better get my big grammie bum out of this chair and do that watching and clapping.

Hello to those I've missed.....not intentional (I don't think so anyway, LOL)


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honey_mi(Z5 MI)

Hi friends. We have the computer back. It looks like all the files are still there, but finding them and reorganizing them will be a pain. That chore is reserved for a rainy day.

I had a great time at the fashion show/high tea Saturday and thoroughly enjoyed seeing so many club members from yrs past. I also ran into a former colleague. It was great catching up with old friends. The First Mates had a wonderful turn out 350 and 5 stores provided fashions for the volunteer models from our club. Several vendors had clothing, purses and jewelry for sale in the foyer. I bot 2 fun summer jackets I can dress up or down for 25% off.

But GREAT NEWS. I won 2 items from the raffle! First a basket of sun, hair and nail products valued at $165 which included a gift certificate for a haircut. But the 2nd one blew me away. I won a 15" LCD TV!!!!! I NEVER win anything, so this was really exciting for me.

Arguments and upsets seem to be the issues of the day here and Im no exception. I flew off the handle Fri. night at my inconsiderate neighbor. She doesnt discipline her children or supervise visiting children in her yard. They dont play, they scream. And her entire family screams at each other. I think theyre so used to it they dont hear themselves. DH and I were unable to enjoy our deck and yard. We were sitting right next to each other could not carry on a conversation. And we had to close the windows b/c of the screaming. I was spreading compost most of the day, so listened to it for 5 hours before I lost it. We live on small subdivision lots, not 5 acres, and neighbors must be considerate of each other. I refuse to go another year being unable to enjoy my home and yard.

She knew I was absolutely furious. I told her it was unfair that we had to put up that noise pollution, that there is no adult time and that we cant enjoy our deck and yard b/c of them, when they are home and when they are not. She walked away. I did notice, however, that the kids were quieter and not there as much for the rest of the weekend. Im going to talk to the other parents and ask that they bring their kids to their yards after 7:30 pm so DH and I can enjoy our home. Sheesh.

(((Lauren))), so sorry to hear of your grandmothers passing. Im so glad bug was able to jump in and help you save her clematis. What a wonderful reminder of her for you. BTW, those trelliss are gorgeous. Great job.

Monique, Im so sorry to hear about Emma. That poor thing. What great parents you are to take her in for an emergency assessment. Im hoping theyre able to do something for her to keep yer comfortable.

About basement insurance, I recommend getting a rider to your home policy. For us, the cost was minimal but were so glad we had it when we had the sewer back-up not related to weather. Our coverage was for a max of $10,000. We had $17,000 in damage. Even if the area isnt a finished living area, think how much it would cost to replace a furnace, a/c, humidifier, w/d and water heater. Here, our regular homeowners policy no longer covers a basement.

Re the Glycosomine discussion, Ive had Bullet on it for a couple of years and it has really helped him. Helps me, too!

Chelone, thanks for commiserating about DHs job. It was further welcome news last week that one of the major investors in the pending buy-out of his company backed out. Were hoping that delays emerging from bankruptcy even more and DH is able to keep his job longer. Youre right about all those upholstery tools being on the high seas.

Babs, Ive still got my fingers crossed you get that job. Or, as often happens, a better one comes along for you. Thats just awful about Ryans face and your sisters not being concerned about it. Thank goodness the bite wasnt more serious.

((((Brenda)))) so sorry to hear about your Moms passing and how awful about your DS. She must be related to mine. Thats exactly what my DS would do. You made a compassionate decision for your Mom, the best you could have under the circumstances. I agree that your DS is acting that way b/c of her own guilt. Hope some garden times help heal the hole in your heart.

Mary, hope you got some great zzzzzzs while DH is at the sleep clinic.

Jerri, welcome back. So glad youll be visiting us more often. Sorry to hear about the turmoil with the rescue group. As is often said here, no good deed goes unpunished. Thats why I seldom volunteer.

Cynthia, so good to see you back here all the time with updates on your brood. It sounds like Monty is making steady progress and Im glad to hear it. Hope it continues.

V, so sorry to hear about your family issues. We always seem to have them around a holiday gathering. Mothers Day is coming up. Im sure there will be a blow up of some sort here.

Hi Michelle, Ei, 'Bug, Marty, Cindy, Deanne, and T. Im glad youre able to spend time in the garden. T, enjoy those babies. Deanne, I hope your voice is back. Sue, hope youre getting more comfortable with each passing day.

OK. Im off to get some more garden clean up done. TTYL,


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Honey wrote such thoughtful responses to everyone that I'm left saying "ditto" to all. Thanks too for the phrase "No good deed goes unpunished". This will be so useful on numerous occasions, and I hadn't heard it before. I really feel residue from yesterday's horrid meeting still, and that quote is pretty much where my thoughts lie. Why did we ever set up this group in the first place? Sigh.

Well this morning I planted columbine, euphorbia, lungwort, hellebores, foxgloves and more. Then I weeded and got rid of about 5 large piles of debris. It's a good start. More's awaiting though, but they say thunderstorms this afternoon, so I may get back to my knitting then.

On the baby front, 69 days left they figure. DD says less, but nobody knows! So she and DSIL attended a joint yoga/birthing class on Saturday evening, and I'm eager to hear how that went. He's got a great sense of humor, has been through this before...except DGS was a C/section, and so I'm sure he had everyone laughing away. He's a hoot. The other night he dreamed that he wanted a sneak preview of the baby, opened DD up and took a peek, then restitched her so she wouldn't know. Hahahaha, right.

For DGS's birthday yesterday, DD bought him a street hockey net. I'm not really sure who it was for, because she was out there playing hockey with him, big belly and all, until 10 PM much to the amusement of their new neighbours.

Later folks,

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chloehoover(z6b VA)

Well, it hit 83 already here today so I decided to not add insult to injury on the remaining plants today - guess that's what I get for sleeping in today - tomorrow I'll get up early & it's not supposed to be as hot or sunny. I have all too many other non-planting things to do. I even had to drag out the new garden (non-kink!) hose and water things I'd moved or planted in the last few days - they were definitely feeling the heat!

Well, I think Im insulted -- I was taking trash out to the curb & met a neighbor (whom I do not know) at the community mailboxes - we exchanged pleasantries & she said are you the one w/ the pretty flowers? I said, well Im the one w/ no grass and laughed and pointed to my yard behind us -- she laughed & said - o well, I just love wild flowers - yours are so pretty!!! I kind of swallowed and just said, "thanks" and kept smiling...

eeeck, that should take me down a few notches, uh? all my hard work w/ tulips, daffs, ipheion, leucojum, pulmonaria, and other spring perennials & she thinks it's all wildflowers.... o well, good thing I garden for me and no one else! Im sure Im viewed as a nut & my gardening attire would NEVER win any couture contests, LOL...

Eating lunch & gonna go back & read the last week's happenings a little more carefully -- Honey!!! what rotten neighbors -- I have noticed that people are so much less courteous or caring of what other people think every place you go -- do you think it's gonna make you have to stay inside to watch that LCD tv you won? That is so neat - 2 presents no less to win!!!

Nice to see you post, Jerri -- I was thinking of you when Sue had her op - Im sorry you're having personnel probs w/ the rescue group; maybe it would be good to kick back & let others "run" w/ whatever their ideas are and you can do more gardening to de-stress !

Ok, off to read and then hit an HD for some more compost.


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

HOLY COW! We just had a rain storm like I've not seen since rainy season in West Africa back in the '60s. It came down in sheets and was it ever neat!

Here you see just one of the downspouts from the barn.

And here you see that the drainage run off area we had worked on last Fall was really worthwhile. All that water isn't ending up in the basement!

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Well hello! I've been non-stop gardening the last few days, over the weekend with Bella by my side and today just me. I have a feeling that I'm not going to be getting as much done this year as I'm used to for some reason, lol. Things are starting to shape up though, little by little. Bella's favorite thing is taking her dolly for a walk in the dolly stroller. That poor doll has to hang on, let me tell you, it's a wild ride! Just wanted to drop in and say "HI". I'm going to go back and read what you've all been up to now.


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What is that saying about a bad penny and how it always turns up? How true!

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Eden, I agree, a very true and timely saying....


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I think it was probably a brilliant move on my part to schedule quadrant 2 of my root planeing for late Monday afternoon. It sort of isolates all the crummy stuff of the week into one very crummy dayit can only get better from here ! Im having a glass (or two) of wine, and trying to drink it without dribbling is a challenge (which I am up to by the way) because my dental technician had to give me several extra hits of Novocain . I guess I have hyper nerve endings in the area she was working in today. My nose is numb, my eye is numb, etc etcmy official woe is me for this thread ! Okay I feel better now.
When I got home from the dentist I did my stroll of the garden, pulled a few weeds , and deadheaded roses know you are in full-on gardening season when you have to deadhead. The rain this weekend ruined some flowers ..I always wonder how gardeners who live in areas where it rains in the summer deal with roses being ruined by the water ? We have to put up with it in the spring , but by June 1 , sometimes earlier, rain is over here.

Martie !! So glad you checked in. I hope you will continue to visit with us. Good show getting that Peace climber moved. What a bear that must have been. I hope you were in full battle gear and did not sustain too many injuries.

Brenda, so sorry to hear about your Mom, but remarkable that 7 siblings (with the one exception) got along well through a time like that. I guess people are more vulnerable to emotional upsets during times of grieving and arent always thinking logically. (though some never *do* think logically). It was strong of you to step up to the plate and make decisions and take responsibility for them. I hope your DS can come to recognize that.

Cindy, good for you taking the week off to decompress. A few days in the garden always makes me feel better. As for gardening attire, I look about as slovenly as can be over the weekend. I have hole-y jeans, a sweatshirt that is in tatters, and a couple of t-shirts that are unfit for public viewing. All are comfy for manual labor and cant be damaged by dirt, thorns etc.

Hiya T, hope you are enjoying a break from the rain.

Honey, I had to re-install my operating system last year and lost everything. At that point we did not have huge amounts of files , and I had sent some to my work computer so they were ok. Congrats on the raffle win ! The only thing I have ever won was a hot air balloon ride several years ago.

bug, 69 days sounds so short a time, but that last couple of months is the longest ! Sounds like your DD is staying active, and this is important...

Hi Eden,, I will have a pic to post of your namesake rose in a day or two. Ive been checking it out daily. This is the first spring since Ive had it that it has not been covered with blackspot.

Sue-hope youre progressing and feeing better.

His to everyone, Im going to read a bit and turn in early tonight.

Heres a pic...or two

Jeannie La Joie got rained on and had drooped down over the gate. You either have to be a very small child or from the Land of Oz to get into the gate without sustaining wounds !

Amber Queen

Kathy in Napa

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Remember my secret pal who was going to have twins, well the little gals arrived. They were 4 + lbs. Each. I snuck into the hospital and delivered a nice galvanized tub with 3 pink asiatic lilies in it to be planted in celebration of the birth at their new home. They are moving on Thurs. The 3rd lily is for the little girl thats the big sis. Hows that for a week, twins and moving in a newly purchased home? Theres lots of family around so Im sure she wont have to do anything.

This is going to be a crazy week for me. The Spring Tea and Bridal show is Sat. and Im a nervous wreck. I was awake at 4:30 this a.m. and finally got up at 5:10. I also have a meeting on Wed. that Im a little worked up about.

Brenda, Im so sorry to hear about your mom. She always sounded like such a fun lady along with her sister.

Eden, I got a chuckle envisioning Bella giving her baby a ride.

A Kenzie story for anyone who can stand to read another: my parents watched her last weekend and now my dad is known as "Grape Grandpa"

Cindy, wildflowers, huh? LOL obviously shes a woman of little knowledge. I have actually taken glucosamine for 2 ½ years since I have so much pain with my sciatic. It has helped. I upped the dosage to the max recommended once the knees flared up. Actually after working 9 hours outside Saturday, they didnt hurt at all, but still make this terrible grinding and popping sound.

Honey, what fun to win so big. How awful about your neighbors. Ive lived in town all my life up until I married DH 10 years ago and my various neighbors were always considerate.

Martie, it sounds like you are getting much accomplished.

Cynthia, good to hear that Monty is improving.

Kathy, I love, love, love that first picture. So romantic.

I need to get a few things done yet this evening so Id better get with it.


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Kathy, what a beautiful rose that Amber Queen is!!! All of your roses are lovely though. We had sunshine today but the rain is to return tomorrow. I have the babies all week so I will only experience whatever is happening from this side of the windows.

Michelle, how wonderful that the babies arrived safely and that you found such a great gift for them!

I forgot to tell Lauren how nice her trellis' turned out! Very lovely and I was sorry to read of your grandmother's passing. I hope you will be able to move the clematis and enjoy it for many, many years.

Honey..congratulations on being such a winning woman. ;o) Having loud neighbors is draining. We had some out here that we could hear whenever we were outside. Cursing and screaming frequently. Yelling at the children and heard the woman say "don't you hit me!". They moved away a long time ago but some things you remember experiencing.

Cindy, I wonder if the woman just meant that you had a lovely assortment of flowers and 'wildflowers' was the only descriptive phrase she knew. From the photos you've shared with have a lovely yard and a lovely assortment of flowers. I'd take it as a compliment from someone who appreciated the beauty and not as any slight at all. :oD Hope you don't melt in those high temps that came on so fast.

Eden, ahhh Bella helping in the garden! How fun it must be and how closely you must have to watch her! LOL You are such a good g'ma!!

Chelone sounds like she has been very industrious and I bet many of our other Idylls are spending time reacquainting themselves with their gardens. I've missed Mary's posts and Babs as they've gotten busier with their jobs---V's too. I wonder how Ei is doing with readying her house for sale.

Well, time to go feed the animals and get one more little bit of enjoyment from the nice weather & day. I hope Sue is feeling well, that Emma and Monty are doing well.....I'm babysitting the rest of the week so may not have much computer time in the upcoming days.


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Wow, Honey, you definitely "hit it" at the fashion show, didn't you? Was it worth sacrificing a perfect gardening day? :)

It was really warm here, yesterday too; into the 80s before an afternoon sea turn. I can relate, Cindy. Rex alternated between baking in the sunshine and then retreating to to cool of the north side of the foundation or a wade in the pond. Funny about your "neighbor" and the wildflower comment... either way, it's nice that she noticed your pretty garden. I hope the rest of the week is relaxing and enjoyable.

Kathy, I'll bet you're glad the planing is over, huh? I have sensitive teeth, too; coupled with a general nervousness about the dentist I can be sort of "jumpy" when I'm in the chair. :/ One of the reasons I don't spend much time on roses is the humid aspect of my area. I battled blackspot and aphids on the Henry Kelseys that grew on the fence. They were lovely, but they were work and when a particularly brutal winter cut them off at the knees I decided it was for the best. Your area is the perfect place for them, I see!

I have pretty comical vision of Bella tearing around the yard behind the stroller, too. LOL, yeah, face it, Eden, productivity will probably be down this year. ;)

Michelle, did Kenzie present "fowers" to her "grape" granparents? Fasten your chinstrap and hang on, the week will pass. You'll feel better after your Wednesday meeting, I'll bet.

'bug, I love the shot of the downspout on the baHn. Believe it or not, after nearly 8" of rain last week the fair, dry weather has left us under a fire threat this week!

Magnolia stellata is opening up, no sign of Forsythia yet, the bulbs are starting to come on strong, and the peonies are inchin up daily, but are still pretty much just "pinkies" right now.

Gotta run!

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

I, for one, think pennies are as valuable as any other coins.

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Kathy, I do love your rose pictures. When I saw your Jeanne Lajoie this winter, I found a spot for the one I had kept in a pot for at least two years. Unfortunately the bunnies were hungry this winter and trimmed it to nubbins.

Cindy, I'm positive that woman used the term 'wildflowers' because she was trying to think of a word more specific than 'flowers.' Some people aren't gardeners. I struggle with the people who look at what I consider a wonderful plant in it's own right and ask 'when does it bloom.' lol.

Bug, you have green grass! The downspout drama is a great shot. It rained here for days last week and with just a few days of heat the ferns and solomon's seal popped up and are two feet high seemingly overnight.

I like the sound of 'grape granpa':) Michelle. Eden, how nice that you can enjoy gardening and Bella at the same time now! Just think of all of the wonderful memories all of the Idyll grandchildren will have of gardening (and elk watching T :-) with their grandmoms.

Brenda, I'm sorry to hear about your mom, that must have been a challenge for you and it sounds like you have a sweet family. Your sister may be having other issues and just doesn't know how to channel her stress.

Ok, work calls.

Hope Deanne is outside taking pictures of spring for us!


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chloehoover(z6b VA)

Another sluggy late start for me -- but it's overcast & so I think I'll be able to get the rest of my plants in today -- the order from Chalk Hill came & I was a wee bit disappointed because they couldnt send Clematis Black Prince as I'd ordered -- bad winter got 'em apparently. But I will console myself with Omoshiro, Teshio (gb, do you hear your influence?), Juuli, Markhams Pink and another Arabella. Yep, Im hooked & they're gonna be all over everyting, LOL...The others I got elsewhere that Im really excited about are Betty Risdon, Rhapsody, Monte Cassino, Victor Hugo, and Odoriba, to mention a few more.

O, I was kidding about the insult & wildflowers - I just thought how amusing, Im so serious about what Im doing & she could only think wildflowers -- perhaps trying to find a "special" word for the flowers that are definitely not petunias or zinnias, LOL. I just adore that shot of your garden gate laden down w/ blooms.

Kathy, ouch re your tooth planing -- I had the first filling done in over 35 years a few months ago w/ Novacain & remember how it made half my face disappear - I can't even imagine what you had to go thru - YuckO. Hope that's the last for you? Your photos are simply so gorgeous -- and yes, I have a couple roses that often get ruined by rain -- Heritage being a big one -- its blooms are so so fragile, a few drops shatters them; and the wind, o my... but the few perfect ones that manage to make it to full bloom w/ their scent just fill my senses. So she stays! and guess what, that poor Sombrueil that was sulking against the house I moved and it's already got a bud forming -- startled me as I had thought about SP'ing the thing... maybe another year - I'll see how it does this one.

Eden -- I love your picture of Bella & her maniacal stroller.... toddlers & puppies are equally amusing -- how can one get mad at them, when they make you smile? I think you and Michelle are creating wonderful memories filled with smell and color -- and maybe future gardeners!

I hope Monty, Emma, and other furkins are doing better today -- as well as our human idyllers -- Ei, what an annoying time to feel punk, and hopefully Deanne you're on the road to recovery? What is Sue doing to convalesce? Bet her dogs are having a great time w/ her home; but she's feeling very restless!

Michelle, good luck w/ all your busy activities; Im sure it will all go well; but it doesnt stop those social butterflies does it? Guess it's your week for the High Stress Meter!

Chelone -- yep, I think I felt like Rex yesterday looking for shady spots; I finally gave up and went nursery hopping -- just what I needed, more plants -- but on the Holy Grail search for more of that Ajuga Black Scallop -- none to be found in my area -- I went to 3 places & none are getting it in -- something about their growers just not carrying it - interesting how that kind of thing can vary from region to region. I had this great idea about making a ring of it w/ sedum sieboldi nana around a tree -- but it's going to take a very very long time to make a circle w/ the one plant I've got! LOL.

Garden musings -- where's my caryopteris snow Fairy (no signs); another brunnera gone; abelia didn't do well at all nor did a bunch of conifers - but big surprise -- I've got dahlias I never dug up starting to leaf out -- surprised the heck out of me -- will they be any good without dividing? I guess I'll experiment & see.

Ok - it's time to don another chic garden outfit & get Dirty!


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Cindy, love your gettin dirty tales! YES on the clematis addiction! Personally I love Juuli, Odoriba, Victor Hugo, Arabella, Omoshiro...what the heck, all of them! I did get a young Black Prince last year and WOW, it looks like it will have lots more stems this year. YEAH!

I'm enjoying all the lessons in grandmothering: Bella and her doll stroller, Kenzie and her "Grape" grandpa. Because of geography, I'll never have the opportunity to be as close to the little ones as you ladies are, which already has me saddened.

Cynthia, I know I'm no Deanne in the photo department, but here is a pretty good shot (for me) of the goldfinch in his spring garb- from yesterday.

As to your garden Cynthia, I can't wait for more photos. It is a glorious place, so don't tell me you lack skill in that department!

Woody, nice to see you here. Can you share updates on your new shed with us? Is it completed? I know you'll be happy to never have to prime again!

Let the day begin! I'm expecting new plants: roses etc...

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honey_mi(Z5 MI)

Good morning. First of all before I forget, we have out-of-town company for the next week and Ill be offline until next Wed. I have tons of running around today, grocery shopping, de-cluttering and cleaning the pit, etc. Sheesh. How can 2 people and one cat make such a mess.

It was great spending yesterday in the garden. Im very depressed tho, at having lost so many plants over the winter. Ill have to design on the fly when everything comes up. I think Im also going to ask you guys for some help. I was supposed to get another load of compost Sat. or yesterday and the guy didnt show. So now itll have to wait until after our company leaves.

Bug, I think no good deed goes unpunished is an old saying. IMHO one has to be tough, patient and tolerant to volunteer. Wow, wow and wow. That was quite a rainstorm. We could use some of that here. I may have to water today. They promise rain but we dont get it.

Cindy, my Snow Fairy is very late greening up every year. Dont give up on it yet. Re the inconsiderate neighbor, shes quite self-absorbed, likes to stir up trouble and sit back and watch it unfold. She doesnt care if shes offensive and has a let em eat cake attitude. Her hubby is a wuss and careful not to step in it w/her. No, I refuse to be driven into the house. I will talk to the other neighbors about their children first if it becomes necessary. As a last resort if all else fails, I can turn on my B. I prefer not to have to stoop to her level, tho.

I, too, look like the wreck of the Hespers when I garden, as my grandma used to say. When Im in full swing in the garden, I wear no makeup, hair is askew and I get filthy from head to toe similar to the way dogs roll in it!

No time to specifically comment more. Dh just put 2 more things on my errand list. Gotta get rollin here. Hope everyone is out enjoying the weather and that Sue and Monty are doing well.


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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

Good Morning Idylls!

Hi T...thanks for asking about me! Well, we are nearly ready for the listing...I am feeling very anxious at this point, but whatever happens. We met with the realtors on Sat. They are coming this week-end to take pictures of the house and then I guess it will be listed by May 1st! :-O

Ive been thinking of Monique & Emma and all the discussion about Osteo-Chon too. Monique, I hope that Emma is doing okay?

Scout has been taking Cosequin DS for several years, ever since the problem with his left front leg was diagnosed. I cant really say if it helped or not, given where he is at now; but, I think it did help, at least for awhile. Remembering back now, he *did* seem better for a long time, but I think now the osteoarthritis has just become too severe. I dont like having him on Rimadyl, but if it helps him to feel good, then I guess well continue with it and continue to get liver enzyme tests. Not a great choice, but I want Scouts life to be as happy and pain free as possible for as long as we get to be together.

Great to see so many popping in... Hi Brenda! Hi Jerri! Hi Woody! Hi Martie!

Brenda, I am so sorry to hear about your loss. I remember all your fun stories of your mom and the family gatherings. Your mom was quite a hoot and I could see how much you loved and enjoyed her through the words that you would post about her. So sorry that your sister is giving you a hard time. You know sometimes its easier to find someone to be angry with than to have to deal with the pain and loss of someone you love...maybe a little of that is going on with sis? Not that its fair or right or easy on you, but may be something to keep in mind. Anyway, glad to hear "whats been kicking in Indiana"! :-) You are such a hoot you must have got that from mom. :-) You are such a *level-headed* "roll with the punches kind of gal" and yet, with the greatest sense of humor! Hope youll pop in whenever time allows...I bet things are probably stepping up with the farm right about now; huh?

Bug...I loved the downspout pic too...very stimulating! :-) Im hoping some of that comes this way soon...

Eden loved to hear about cracked me up with the "wild ride"...definitely put a picture in my head! :-) Glad you were able to get some garden time. Im just about finished with the back, though there is plenty of composting, fertilizing, and mulching to do yet. Did manage to drag out all the garden "accoutrement". The realtors told me I need to put tags on all the garden ornament....otherwise buyers might think it comes with the house?!? I was shocked by that...I would never assume that myself! Geesh, does that mean I need to make it clear the pictures and knack knacks in my house dont come with the house? It just seems so silly to me! Anyway, she also suggested I put tags on all the plants I want to take with me and *that* makes sense to me. I am taking all my tree peonies, my bears breeches, hellebores, orienpets, Sues Lemon Wave Hydrangea, Bugs Chionanthus, my Halesia tree, my "for the life of me I cant remember its name has the word brothers in it" tree/shrub, and my baby ginko. Also I will try to take as many of the woodland plants with me as I can. P.S. If anybody knows the name of the tree/shrub "for the life of me I cant remember its name has the word brothers in it", please let me know. I did a search on google but no luck. Is it Seven Brothers? or something like that...I think it starts with Hypto or Hepty or some such thing.

Anyway, cool is that! Boy, I would *love* if my Dahlias could stay in the ground and resurface. I bet you that is going to be one healthy, happy dahlia! Im so excited for you! :-)

Honey...what fun to run into old friends! :-) Sounds like you scored big time too! Are you going to put the new TV in your kitchen? Or, does it have other plans? So sorry about your neighbors. I hope there will be peace in the garden and in the neighborhood!

Cynthia...I was salivating when you mentioned the Pina coladas. I *love* them...they are my guilty pleasure!:-) And I think they would be just as wonderful *w/o* the alcohol! I just love the taste of them and now Im thinking..."why have I wasted all this time not making them cause I didnt want to get a buzz?"....just leave the alcohol out! Youre brilliant! LOL!

Youre right Michelle...thats exactly what I was thinking when I saw Kathys pics..."how romantic!". Beautiful, beautiful roses Kathy...but youre breaking my heart you know...I think Ill have many *weak* roses this year. But...*please* keep on posting them anyway Ill live vicariously through you. Now, if only you could somehow do a scratch and sniff picture I would be totally satisfied! :-)

V- so sorry about the SIL woes....Im so "hurts" are the worst! But, you guys otherwise have had a good relationship; right? At least thats how it seemed to me at the IU3 (IU4?) I cant remember which ours was. Anyway, it will work out, Im positive....just hang in there. But, hey, if you want to live out your fantasy...maybe you need a roommate? It can be expensive to live in the city and your description of your fantasy life sounds wonderful to me! Just keep me in mind! :-)

Your fantasy life got me to thinking of this song....I can just picture us up on the roof of our "environmentally friendly apartment". P.S. I dont mean this in a romantic way...LOL! :-)

Up the Ladder to the Roof - Diana Ross

Come with me, come with me
and we shall run across the sky.
We illuminate the night.
Ohhhh, I, I will try and guide you
to better times and brighter days.
Just don't be afraid.
Come on up the ladder to the roof
where we can see heaven much better.
Let's go up the ladder to the roof
where we can be closer to heaven.
Stay with me, stay with me
and we shall let expression sing.
Hear freedom ringin'.
Ohhh, memories of yesterday's broken dreams.
Hey, don't you know, don't you know
that they are gonna fade away?
Don't be afraid.

Come on up the ladder to the roof
where we can see heaven much better.
Let's go up the ladder to the roof
where we can be closer to heaven.

We'll laugh, I'll tell you the story of love.
How it is, the happiness in it, baby.
We combine these thoughts and together we will travel
to the fountain of lovingness.
I will never, never, never, never,
never leave you, baby.
As we grow older and older and older, babe.
Standing strong we'll say:
Say, don't you wanna go?
Say, don't you wanna go?
Say, don't you wanna go?
Say, don't you wanna go?
Say, don't you wanna go?
Say, don't you wanna go?
Say, don't you wanna go?
Say, don't you wanna go
up the ladder to the roof
where we can see heaven much better.

Let's go up the ladder to the roof
where we can be closer to heaven.
Let's go up the, up the, up the ladder to heaven.
Heaven, heaven, heaven, heaven.

P.S. Im missing Deannes morning posts too. Hope youre just busying gardening Deanne and that otherwise everything is just fine! Missing you!
P.P.S. This is much longer than I meant it to be and actually there is a lot going on that I could talk about, but Im playing Cleopatra right now, so I think Ill leave that for another time. Oh, BTW did get a new fish for the vase. I havent named him yet...I dont think there will be a Bert III...seems unlucky. And yes, Scouts already keeping an eye on him and drooling, but I have been firm with scolding Scout whenever he barks and/or growls at the new fish....reminding him that our new fish is *NOT* a "Scooby Snack".


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flowerluvr(Z5 IN)

Jerri- Your stress reduction CD sounds like yoga instructions..."be here now" :) I actually got a game for the computer called "The Journey to Wild Divine" that teaches stress management, breathing exercises, etc. It uses bio-feedback sensors. Pretty cool, you have to calm your breathing to get doors to open, etc. The breathing exercises really do work to reduce stress. Lol, if I had only known that years ago!

Chelone, thank you so much for the kind words. I've thought of you many times over the last several months, and been even more amazed at your strength. We were very fortunate with Mom in that she was "herself" and able to do for herself right up until the end. Having been away for a while, and reading to catch up, your posts have a whole new lilt to them. I'm so happy you're not going through the day to day challenges with your Mum any more. There comes a time when professional help is needed, and I have to think it takes a lot of strength to make that decision. Kudos to you for all you've done. One of the points I've been trying to make to DS is that there are 7 of us kids, and we're all different, and dealing with the same loss, but in very different ways.

Cindy-Good for you for taking the week off! I hope you're able to enjoy it and get lots accomplished.

T-You must have SUCH a good time with the boys :) You make my grandma hormones squeal, lol! While I'M more than ready, I don't think either of my children are, so I'll wait patiently.

Honey, congrats on the winnings!! I hardly ever win anything, either. But, I did get a $600 garden cart to product test, and keep, so that's about the same as winning. Maybe we only win big prizes, eh? Better keep buying my Powerball ticket ;)
I know a "screamer" family, too, and I really don't think they hear how they sound. Hope they are a little more considerate and tone it down a bit so you can enjoy your deck. Sounds like you've really been through the mill with one thing and another since I've been away. (((Honey))) Fact is, Mom has made her wishes known for years about how long she wanted to hang on if she got in bad shape, so the decision was as easy for me as I could expect it to be. She had listed me and my younger sister as the people to make the decision. I think younger DS might have had a pretty hard time with it, so I'm glad she wasn't there when the big question was asked. I think she'd have always felt guilty and wondered if it was the right thing. In my heart, I know I did the right thing for Mom, and I know she wasn't going to get better.

'bug-any word on how the yoga/birthing class went? Since I started doing yoga, I'm fascinated with it, and all the things it seems to help with. Had to LOL at SIL's dream ;) Sounds to me like DGS is one lucky boy-your DD sounds like a spectacular stepmom! In skimming past posts, I saw the pic of you with the belly look so sweet and happy. I don't know about you, but it sure doesn't seem like all that long ago that I was hugely pregnant, and now the kids are grown up. BTW, I really admire your knitting skills! Your cables are so perfect, and the blanket you did is just gorgeous! Wow, what a rainstorm you got! You catch the best shots-I love the one of the barn downspout, it looks like it should be on a calendar!!

Cindy-take the wildflower remark as a compliment. No better gardener than Mother Nature, and your flowers must look like she planted them ;)

Kathy-That Amber Queen rose is just gorgeous! I feel for you on the root planing-no fun at all!

Michelle, nice of you to remember that Mom had a partner in crime :) Aunt Martha is sure having a hard time. There were 11 in Mom's family, and now there are only two sisters left. I can't imagine what it must be like to lose your siblings one by one.

((Ei))-you're such a sweetie! Things ARE gearing up with farming. I've just been notified that I'll be starting this afternoon.

Now, when I started this post, it was about 8:00 this morning, and the word was that I wouldn't be in a tractor today. Then, around 9:00 my brother called and one of his kids was sick at school and needed picked up kept until he or SIL can get off work and come get him. Okay, not what I had planned to do (play in the dirt), but I can do that. Got him picked up, and both my own kids wandered through, and now it's 2:00. DH pulled in with a tractor and chisel plow and says, "guess what". Lol, joke was on him, tho-he's on his own for a couple more hours. When the youngun goes home, I'll head out and get this party started. Sounds like pretty big rain heading our way at some point fairly soon, so we'll probably run as long as possible this afternoon/evening. Woulda been a beautiful day to be in the yard, but helping the little guy play Mario Brothers (yes, there is still an old school Nintendo in operation) has been a good time, too. He fell asleep watching cartoons a little while ago, so I finally got to finish my post. Now that it's novelette, I better come up with an alternate plan for supper-I'm nothing if not flexible!
Thanks to everyone for your kind thoughts, it means a lot. Have a great rest of the afternoon, everyone!

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wendy2(zone 6 MA)

Good sunny afternoon!

We went right from winter to summer here in the northeast, but who am I to complain! It seems like everything is late to bloom or leaf out, but now that it is warm you can almost see the buds swelling and bursting into leaves. Been busy cleaning up this weekend; DH brought several barrels of sticks to the dump, and countless loads of leaves. I actually managed to mulch my woodland area with shredded leaves before the weeds sprouted. I kept hearing Cynthia's and Chelone's voices in my head and took plenty of breaks, so I wasn't too sore in the AM.

I don't think I lost too much from the cold snap - some lamb's ear, heuchera and tiarella have died back completely, but they seem to be starting to re-sprout. The evergreen azalea in foundation garden that I planted last spring is toast, along with a holly that we moved in the fall, but the other shrubs are fine.

Sue, I hope you are able to get outside a bit during this lovely weather. Carry a notebook with you to write down any plant moves or ideal you can't attempt now so you'll remember later. I'm sure Tom is taking excellent care of you, and you'll be back to yourself in no time. Thinking of you.

Chelone, I'll have to pass on the Russian sage - I have several here that are languishing. They don't like my heavy soil and part shade conditions. Even the one in my sunniest spot flops. They are a pretty plant when grown well.

Cindy, as others have said above, take your neighbor's comments as a compliment - "wildflowers" is probably her idea of beauty. I'll take any and all compliments, but they mean more coming from someone who gardens and can appreciate all the hard work that goes into it.

Oh, Ei - selling your house is stressful, but if you have a good realtor it can be so much easier. Make sure you go over with them what your limits are as far as showing the house so that they are not driving you crazy with last minute showings. Hopefully it will go quickly. Do you know yet where you are going?

Brenda, Jerri - nice to see you here!

I know I have a lot more to say, but DH will be home soon and he said the magic phrase last night - "Let's go to the nursery tomorrow - I'll bring the truck!" He wants to get the organic lawn fertilizer, but I'm sure some other things might find their way onto the cart...

Waving hello to all!


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chloehoover(z6b VA)

Duchess of Dirt checking in -- it was a most successful day - I rolled in it as Honey says; got lots accomplished - only a few more clems and about 2 more dozen plants to tuck in -- I'll probably save for later in the week or weekend. Gonna take a break tomorrow & lunch and play w/ a friend, altho we have yet to decide what play is going to be.

But it was truly a marvelous day -- the sun came out later in the day but not so hot and things didnt appear to be suffering as they were yesterday (me neither, LOL).

Here are a couple shots I managed:

(there's the first iris pumila blooming to the lower center) (the tulips have been very willy nilly this year, solitary soldiers, etc.):

Here's the hodge podge front yard, the "wild flowers" having fun:

These bulbs, leucojum aestivum, surprised me by blooming early and have been holding their own for about 2 weeks now; they've come back this year stronger and prettier - they remind me of lily of the vally & my grandmother's garden that was filled with LOV:

and I have this omphalodes Starry Eyes (I think) planted by my front door tucked under an old holly -- it's been there about 5 years now & every year when I think it's toast, it just rejuvenates and peeps up and colors blue as the sky. It makes me smile whenever I see it.


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Well Brenda, you asked about what couples yoga was like, so here's what my authority said:
We did a bunch of stretching poses - that involve not only trust and communication - but help from one person helping the other stretch - like different positions that help stretch belly muscles and tendons, groin and hip stretches, lower back and hamstrings. Also some positions that will help for during labour - where the partner can help you keep the tension off of certain parts of your body (knees) while helping you stay in a squat. Generally, a lot of it was communication, and not that new to me because of the communication required when athletic trainers help you stretch and stuff before a hockey game. I can see how working together and communication - both verbal and simply responding to your partner's movements would be very important - especially for some of the other couples in the class!

And Cindy! What a gorgeous spring front garden you have! I much prefer leucojum to LOV. And omphalodes is a real favourite of mine. Mine has solid blue flowers and spreads a good deal. Have a lovely day tomorrow with your friend!

Now I wonder what jumped into Wendy's truck....

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No time to post much, but as I print out necessary things for the Bridal show I took a peek here and must comment on Cindy's lovely front garden. I do believe we need to see more of your garden. Hmmm, didn't you get a new camera?


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Hi everyone

the quickest peek in from me. I just wrapped up teaching a Hyper-tufa workshop for a local garden club. I think it went well, but it sure was a lot of work getting everything ready, setting up workspace in the garage and buying materials. Did you know Portland cement only comes in 92 LB bags? I didn't mention cleaning the house as coffee and dessert was served in the kitchen. This was by far the biggest part of the operation LOL! The ladies were a really fun bunch and worked hard on their creations. Right now I'm dead tired, very dusty and need to head to the shower before bed.

Brenda - how fabulous to hear from you again. It is always a treat to have you pop in - so sorry to hear about you Mother.

Woody - great to hear from you again too!

Cindy - your garden is gorgeous - I agree, we need to see a LOT more of it!!!

So much more to comment on but I'm completely fried and will have to return tomorrow to comment some more.

nite all


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Jerri_OKC(z7 Ok)

No time to post, I'm too tired - but I have to post a drive by...

Brenda, I've looked at that 'game' before and wanted to try it. I need all the help I can get. LOL
I just ordered it and I can't wait until it comes in.
My therapist and my Physical Therapist both recommended a
modified Yoga or Tai Chi for some problems I'm having in my back. How long have you been doing it? I want to hear all about it.


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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

Good Evening Idylls!

No time to chat either, but I also wanted to say how much I enjoyed seeing Cindy's pics. I love the omphalodes Cindy...I've never seen those before. Is that the same thing as something I've heard called baby doll eyes? *Gorgeous*!

No wonder your neighbor commented...what a beautiful front garden and love the iron work fence and rails. Very pretty!

I too hope we see more of the D of D's garden! :-) *And* hope you have a fun day "gals day out"!

Thanks Wendy for the encouragement and advice. I'm embarrassed to say...I can't remember now. Are you/were you a realtor? I know Drema is/was (least I hope I'm right)...LOL! I have the *worst* memory. So, did anything hop into the hubby's truck?

Well, gotta go...have an early start tomorrow. Good Night All! Ei

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flowerluvr(Z5 IN)

Cindy, your pics are beautiful. Leucojum is one of my favorite bulbs. To me, that little dot of green on the bell is adorable. Last year, I planted some behind a bunch of Sedum 'Brilliant', thinking that the early growth of the sedum would make that little dot pop. I STILL think it's a good idea, but the dogs didn't care for the sedum where I put them. I've got ONE left :( I'm still not giving up on the combo, though.

'bug-The couples yoga sounds really interesting. There was a good section in Yoga Journal about couples yoga. I have gotten DH to practice with me a couple of times, and he enjoyed it, but we were each on our own mat. He just tried it a couple of weeks ago, and I have NO hope of him making it a habit during farming season, lol! When I first started, the breathing techniques reminded me very much of how they taught me to breath when I was having the kids, and it's amazing how well it works. The same breathing helped a BUNCH when I got my finger in a welder at work several years ago. Your DD and her DH sound like a very cool couple :)

Mary-92 pound bags?? I have to wonder where they came up with THAT number! Maybe we need to band together and start a ladies Home tools, lighter bags of stuff-ya never know, it could really take off!

Jerri-I've had a lot of lower back problems for years and the yoga really does the trick. I went to the chiro for my pre-farming tune-up and he was very impressed with the way my back muscles have toned up. There was very little adjusting to do, and he said that it was much easier to adjust me. Lol, he thanked me for it. I've been doing yoga for about a year. I started with the Yoga for Dummies DVD. I didn't start out doing all the poses. The twists gave me problems, so I picked out the six simplest poses, and worked from there. I absolutely LOVE it. Plus, it doesn't take a lot of expensive equipment to do it. I was seriously considering buying a total gym when I got into yoga. I'm figuring I'll just stick with the yoga-a mat and a couple of blocks, and I'm getting in shape just fine. Plus, it just does something for your sense of well being....very theraputic. And just about anyone can do yoga. I've learned several things that I can do, either sitting in the tractor, or when I get out for a pit stop that loosens things up nicely. If you decide to try it, I'd recommend the DVD I mentioned, and when that gets easy, there is a book called "Yoga Your Way". It's a sprial bound book, that is truly designed to use while you exercise. Check it out on Amazon-it includes modified versions of each pose in case you can't touch your nose to your kneecap ;) And, if you're trying to manage stress, it's great. I got the Journey to Wild Divine in a bundle that included the CD for wisdom quest. I've finished the journey, and just started on WQ. I really enjoy it, but it takes some serious concentration. I don't even attempt it if Jim is floating around the house. I was trying to get a door open one day, and he came in and started talking to me. There's a thing at the bottom of the screen that shows when your breath is calming, and it started heading the other way fast, lol! I shall now get off my yoga soapbox, but it's WAY COOL, and by all means feel free to ask any questions ya got :)

We attempted to burn the midnight oil tonight, but a hose broke on DH's tractor, and it's too dark to deal with it tonight in the field, so he sent me home and took my tractor. He'll run until he finishes the field or is ready to drop, then I'll have to go pick him up. I'm guessing that will be around 1 or 2 a.m., unless the rain sets in before that. It's almost 11 now, so I'm wondering if it's going to be worth going to sleep, or if I should just see what's on the tube and cross stitch until he calls. I'm STILL stitching on quilt blocks that I started a couple of years ago.
Have a good night, everyone!

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Hi Friends.. a lovely evening here, Im in a t-shirt for a change, though long sleeves will be coming within the hour. Birds are chirping, plants are growing and blooming, and a great baseball game is on the agenda for tonite. What could be better ???

Thanks so much to everyone who sympathized with my tooth whining. Im cooking myself a pasta dish that should be easy for me to chew-didnt include anything tooo crunchy. Some mushrooms, zucchinis, Muir Glen organic tomatoes some herbs and thats about it, over fresh cheese raviolis. It smells pretty good.

Michelle, it sounds like you have a lot going on ! My late hubby was a twin(identical)how interesting twinhood is. My BIL (DHs twin) had a very hard time recovering from DHs passing. It is a very special bond.

Boy Chelone, I wish the tooth thing was over but I am only 50% done. Next appt is May 7th., and one more after that. Yes, roses do well here; we dont have to worry about winter hardiness , but we do have the fungus thing going on.

Cynthia, I cant tell you how Ive hacked at Jeannie over the years. She seems to be very resilient. Ill bet she thumbs her nose at the deer damage. How is Monty ?

Cindy, Chalk Hill is about a one hour drive from me, but I do order from them by mail none-the-less. And we did have a bad winter. You have a nice list ! Im really bummed because I lost my tags-but I now have a new method which I will share with yall in a couple of days. Hate loosing the tags !
I SPd Heritage a couple of years ago. I think I had a "lemon" , it was very wimpy. I think I really had it in the wrong spot . I love, love love, my Sombrueil. Those flat white flying saucers ! Loved looking at your pics, the bricks look so nice with the plants-we have few brick buildings out here because of earthquake issues.

bug, nice job on the finch !

Ei , hope your house selling goes smooth. I am a real-estate junkie; the real estate section is the first thing I read in the Sunday paper. I guess that is because that is where my money is and want to re-assure myself . Always interesting to see what other homes in the neighborhood are going for.

Okay, time to go watch baseball..Hello to everyone !

Kathy in Napa

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flowerluvr(Z5 IN)

I just checked my email, and the newsletter from Yoga Journal is there. In bold letters- Accepting Family. "Reflect upon whether you practice acceptance of your family members as they are, or whether youre more hopeful of what they could become." Perhaps some food for thought for me, and how timely!

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OOOhhh... what fun reading this morning. You all have such interesting lives.

Cindy, thanks for the garden pictures. There is nothing lke the first blast of spring color. Will you please remind me to pay attention to ordering bulbs when all the rest of you smarties do it?! I was reminded of Charlottesville when I looked at your front garden... so beautiful, and I even enjoyed the hot summer. Duchess of Dirt, lol. I'll have to adopt that one. :)

I'm also enjoying hearing from Brenda about farming. Time, tide, and PLANTING wait for no man, do they? What time did DH finish up? My boss' former partner loves Yoga. It has really helped her a great deal with her Parkinson's! She is certified to teach it at some level, I believe. One of the things I always particularly loved about swimming was the necessity of controlled breathing... at first it's hard to master, but with practice it becomes second nature. Mum took many years of ballet in her youth and she also impressed on me the importance of proper breathing when you are attempting to stretch muscles to their maximum. And you're right... knowing how to breathe keeps you calm in tense situations and aids in pain control!

I have this picture of Mary hoisting 92 lb. bags of Portland cement onto one shoulder and merrily setting up the garage. I've always thought hypertufa sounded like fun; do we get tos ee pictures of whatever you made? There is a Brittany spaniel on the front of the dog biscuit box and I think of Clousseau whenever I get one out for Wrecks.

Sending good thoughts to Michelle for her meeting today.
Thinking of Monty and Boo boo, and sore teeth.
Wondering where Deanne is... Eden, and PM2, remember her?
And hoping Sue has spent some quality time on the patio, working on her tan... :)

Gotta scoot, and can't wait to get home to execute a hand-rolled hem on a georgette bias cut overskirt this afternoon. NOT. Payday is on Friday!

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

A poor start to the day. The person DH is driving to meet in Toronto today (1 1/2 hour drive) announces she has the flu. She's supposed to be doing major work shutting down an old company of his. There are deadlines of course and it is more than annoying. A case of yet another excuse, but nothing anyone can remedy. Then the tax lady to meet in the afternoon. The skies are gray. I guess things will improve? Perhaps Brenda's tractor will get fixed and she can enjoy her first day of field work soon.

Chelone, I know about the bias, but have forgotten what georgette is. Hand-rolled? How is that different from hand hemmed? (I know about that from doing DD's curtains.) Basically a narrow rolled up hem job? Finicky stuff? Judging from Google directions, people seem to like the look of machine hemmed curtains these days. That's something I would have avoided at all costs in days gone by. I'm really aging. :(

Jerri, DD was taking a pregnancy yoga class when she discovered a different class, a regular yoga session, taking place in her workplace durung lunch hours. The instructor has taught the pregnancy classes in the past and is modifying things for her. She likes this instructor much better than the other. So I'd suggest asking around or at least visiting a few places to find what works best for you. Good luck with this!

Still no idea where to plant the roses and clematis. So I'd best get out there and search! Kathy would know where to position them I'm sure. Wendy, will you be planting anything new this week?

Michelle, are you going to be taking any photos to share of the bridal show? You are always so organized- I guess that's why you accomplish so much! Has your DH started spring field work yet? Not dry enough to begin here.

We need a birthday around here soon, or at least lots more photos. ;-)It would be nice to see Deanne's driveway garden with all its spring bulbs and colour. Also, pictures of a more perky Monty.

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Good morning all, no time to post a long reply to everyone, in fact no time to even read all the posts, I'll try to get some reading time in later and pics up soon. More birds than flowers right now I'm afraid.

Just wanted to say hello to Brenda and offer my sympathy on the passing of her Mom. I was so sorry to hear of your loss.

OK I'm outta here. This time of the year when I've got to take care of outside plants and inside plants and clean out gardens/pond and try to get some spring bird pics and get back to the gym every day is too full of stuff to do!

Have a great day

PS Monday it was 87 degrees here!!!! good grief, what's that they say about being careful what you ask for? The MOnday previous was a NorEaster with sleet and rain.

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Good morning

I just finished a very pleasant hour potting up seedlings while listening to NPR and drinking coffee. What a great way to start the day.

Jerri - do hope you find some relief for your back. I once attended a Tai Chi class and would love to do more if time ever allows. It might sounds way out there, but I really could feel a flow of energy. Hope you find a good class.

Ei - good luck with selling your house. I'm sure it will be snapped up in a heartbeat, especially with your lovely gardens and Ei touches!! We have sold several houses, all when the children were little (4 moves in 6 years) and I remember all too well the last minute rush around picking up toys and dirty diapers as we headed to the car to vacate for a showing.

Chelone - what brand of biscuits has the Brittany? The kids would get such a kick out of that. I'm afraid CLousseau was sent on a play date last night - having his snout in all the mixing (or worse still in the dessert trays brought by the club) was too much to comtemplate so he spent the evening at a friends where I suspect he was highly indulged. Good luck with the rolled hem - I remember trying to do one on a silk scarf and it was highly frustrating.

GB - hope your skies brighten. The finch is wonderful.

Ahem - Deanne, just a tiny nudge to see if your guitar has been dusted off! I imagine you are having a grand time watching your gardens spring to life.

T - hope you are enjoying those little bundles of joy. How much hair to the little men have now? Also - what updates on the new curvy beds - can we send you some plants yet?

I know I'm still missing comments to many but I'm trying to do so in stages. No slight, just lack of time.

Work has been somewhat stressful since Friday. One of the ladies I supervise fell and broke her foot and will be out several weeks. Its a complete headache sorting out who will take on her caseload - I'm at full capacity but I guess I'll have to do some more squeezing in - help!!! I too am repeating the mantra calm blue seas, calm blue seas.....

Time to head off for the day - tales of the sleep clinic will have to wait for another time. Have a good one.


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Good Morning, I could just say ditto to Deanne's post, lol. This is such a busy time here too. I did get 95% of the garden cleanup finished during the last four days. It's raining today and tomorrow so now I can tackle the pit that the inside of the house has become while I've been out in the garden. I do need to plant some ricinus and a few other fast growing annual seeds today. I'm going to have to depend on the nursery for some of the annuals that I usually sow myself though, there just hasn't been time for seed sowing this year. Bella will be here through the rest of the week too. I have to brag on her...she's doing 24 piece puzzles by herself now. That's become her favorite activity. Also, you all know how we always have watched Jeopardy, or Jeopie as she calls it. Well I watched her Saturday night, and she was asking to watch it, and I had to explain to her it only aired M-F. She wasn't happy about that!

Brenda, my condolences on your mom too. I was so sorry to hear that.

Lauren, I'm sorry to hear about your grandma too. I have plants in my garden that were passed on from my grandma's and they're very special to me. I hope you have success moving the clematis.

Hi to everyone else. Once again I've run out of time. I hope Sue, Monty, BooBoo and Emma are all feeling better!

Time for coffee and backgammon! Have a great day all!


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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

Good Morning Idylls!

Well it may be a little too early to start with this, but here goes:

The Who - Love Reign Over Me

Only love
Can make it rain
The way the beach is kissed by the sea

Only love
Can make it rain
Like the sweat of lovers
Laying in the fields.

LOOOOVVE, Reign o'er me
Love, Reign o'er me, RAIN on me

Only love
Can bring the rain
That makes you yearn to the sky

Only love
Can bring the rain
That falls like tears from on high

LOOOOVE Reign O'er me

On the dry and dusty road
The nights we spend apart alone
I need to get back home to cool cool rain!

I can't sleep and I lay and I think
The night is hot and black as ink
Oh God, I need a drink of cool cool rain!

It's raining here...a nice steady significant rain, but gentle enough to be absorbed into the ground! :-) My plants are sooo happy.

I think when it stops I'll need to get out and take some pictures of happy gardens! :-)

Kathy...before I forget (Chelone's post reminded me). I'm sooo sorry I spelled poor Boo-Boo's name wrong last time. Anyway, did the vet determine if it was a tooth problem for Boo Boo? Speaking of teeth, hope all goes smoothly with your dental work. Sympathies...there's only one place I'd rather be than at the dentist's and that's the gynecologists...LOL! Actually, DH has pretty good dental insurance with his company so that we are allowed a check up once a year with the dentist and to have our teeth cleaned twice a year for free. When I was a kid we couldn't afford the dentist and I think the only time I ever visited one back then was to have a tooth pulled. I'm grateful I still have most of my teeth in my head!:-)
I've even got 4 extras (my wisdom teeth). You would think having been able to keep all my wisdom teeth I'd be smarter than I am. :-)

Mary - your class sounds like a blast...wish I could have been there. Dotty and I attended a class like that at a garden center out here a couple of years ago...we had sooo much fun, as I'm sure everyone in your class did. Oh...I've been meaning to tell should see your 'Pink Petticoat' Columbines! They are so big and so healthy and happy...I'm just tickled! They aren't in bloom yet, but I'll have to take a pic of them if I get to take pics today. You won't believe how beautifully *healthy* they are and yes, they are coming with me if we move. :-)

Chelone...sorry the dress will be a pain to work with...but sounds like a dress that would appeal to me...I'm a sucker for georgette feminine and flouncy! :-)

BTW, thanks everyone for the good luck wishes on selling the house. We will see what happens... The market has really slowed down here, but who knows, maybe we'll get lucky. It only takes one person; right? We are only signing a 90 day contract because I just can't handle people in and out of my house for longer than that. If it doesn't sell in 90 days, then we'll take it off the market and wait until the market starts looking up again before re-listing.

Deanne...glad you popped in...I figured you were just busy with the garden. When things settle down a bit...I too will be looking forward to some pics of beautiful birdies and your gorgeous garden.

Michelle...somehow I missed it! What is going on with a bridal show? Are you attending one? Doing one? Is there a marriage in the works that I missed? I haven't even started looking for my dress yet. I guess now that the summer stuff should be coming out, I'll have to go searching. I really don't enjoy shopping for clothes though.

Oh my Brenda...poor hubby and poor you have to work through the night! I *do* believe that farmers are unsung heros...what would we ever do without you? I don't thnk I'll be able to look at produce again, without thinking of you and farmers like you and nights like the one you are spending tonight. Makes me more appreciative and grateful for what it took to get that salad on my table!

Well, I better get going...I need to be downtown early today...

Bug, I'm afraid I will be having a dreary day today and not because of the rain. I'm going downtown to meet with DH and our financial planner and I'm not looking forward to it at all. I don't want to hear what we'll need in order to retire above the poverty level. Although DH and I have always made the effort not to carry debt, seems we have never been able to put money away. Well, except for when we owned the business and we lost all of that when the stock market fell out. I am earning a little money now, but I think it is inevitable that I will need to find a full time job again. Don't get me wrong, we feel lucky & blessed. We have everything we need and live a comfortable's what happens after retirement that scares the bejeebers out of me...LOL!

Well, gotta go...have a lovely day all! Ei

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)


A little bird told me I missed a birthday...

I hope the saying "Never too late" is true!

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Hi Marie, I don't think T's birthday is for a couple of weeks???

Cindy, I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your garden pictures. It's just beautiful!!! More pictures please!

I'm just getting ready to put Bella down for a nap. Then off to clean the kitchen. What fun!


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Oh well, I still wish the hardworking grandma well! I guess others are also confused.
May birthdays are coming up. We sure need the flower photos!

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Jeez! some people will do anything for a birthday... ;) (is that Pulsitilla?).

Ei, do me a favor and pull up the lyrics to "Pictures of Lily" by the Who, willya? That's a great song and an oldie, my brother had it on a "45", I used to play that one and a Kinks' tune back to back, can't remember the name and can't find the CD ("my girl friend's run off with my car, gone back to her ma and pa, tellin' tales of drunkeness and cruelty..."). "In the Summertime"? I've never sold a house before, but lookin' around here I have great respect for the amount of decluttering and "picking up" involved! Our new neighbor is a realtor and he maintains that while the market has cooled greatly, a nice property that is well maintained and priced appropriately always sells. Good luck!

I loathe meeting with the financial planner, too. I do try to pay attention, but my eyes tend to glass over pretty quickly. And, I too, always feel that no matter how much we manage to salt away it will never be enough and we'll wind up eating tainted catfood anyway. I don't feel hopeful, and I'm unable to "blow it off" entirely the way so many people I know do. So, I stagger on and look for cheap laughs everywhere I can, hoping they'll legalize assisted suicide. ;)

Mary, the Brittany is on the box of Hannaford (big chain in New England) medium dog biscuits. We had a Springer for years and the dog on the box doesn't have enough "soft" around the mouth to be a Springer. If Clousseau is halfway as alert as the dog on the box, you have your hands full! LOL. How are the violin lessons going? I feel the need to remind you that I am making a formal request for "Turkey in the Straw"... with or without Deanne; so rosin up the bow!

"Georgette" is a very light, filmy variation of crepe. It ravels hideously, stretches out of shape at a glance and the bias should be a real delight. (That's why I'm here, procrastinating). "Hand hemmed" simply means the hemming has been worked by hand and the stitches should be minimally discernable at a glance, unlike a line of machine stitches. "Hand rolled" requires that you roll the minimal allowance as you secure it with hand stitching. It's fiddly under ideal circumstances, and georgette or chiffon are not ideal. I plant to put the gown on the form inside out, trim in place and roll and stitch while it hangs (stretching periodically, Jerri!). I always use my blindstitch machine or hem by hand, any drapery panels. It IS the mark of skill and attention to detail, you're right about that, 'bug! But if the minions aren't wise to it... who are we to argue? My Juki lockstitch cracks off 5000 stitches/minute, the blindstitch about 3000, both a helluva lot more than I'm able to do!

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wendy2(zone 6 MA)

Chelone, is this the one:

"The tax mans taken all my dough,
And left me in my stately home,
Lazing on a sunny afternoon.
And I cant sail my yacht,
Hes taken everything Ive got,
All Ive gots this sunny afternoon."

Check out this link - click on the "W" in the alphabet at the top and you'll find "Pictures of Lily" there as well. I've always liked the Who, after hearing a who album on an endless loop on a bus trip with the high school band. The song "Join Together" was cranked especially loud - "I want you to join together with the band" was the favorite lyric.

I only picked up a Japanese Maple 'Bloodgood' yesterday. It was in a gallon pot and it seems tiny, but the larger size I really wanted was too much $$ (over $200). I figured that I have more time than money at this point. I was surprised to see some coleus and sweet potato vine outside at this place, it seems too early for that. Maybe they bring them under cover if the temps drop.

Speaking of plants outside, Deanne - what have you brought out so far? I have my abutilon and phygelius outside now. Can I bring fuchsia out yet? What about the brugs? DH tells me that the 2 in the large pots from last year only get one trip up the stairs from the basement, so I have to make sure it isn't too early.

Ei, I'm not a realtor, but like Kathy I like to follow real estate. We did sell our first house about 10 years ago, and our kids were a newborn and a toddler at the time. The realtor was a friend, and she encouraged me to set limits on the showings, like no "last minute" stuff. (some realtors would call the homeowner and say "I'm in the neighborhood, can we come by - and can you leave!) Luckily the house sold quickly, so it was pretty painless.

Have to run and pick up my car - it is making a junkyard clanging noise when it hits a bump, and the guy can't find anything wrong! I'm not sure if that's good or bad...

Bye for now!


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Yeah! thanks Wendy! my brother is 9 yrs. my senior and so is the helpmeet. He was stunned that I knew all the words to tunes that were really pretty obscure, not to mention my knowledge of big band/jazz. I love the Kinks, the Animals, and the Byrds. I still remember the moment it occured to me that the stains on the slab in front of the Who were actually pee stains... LOL. Duh. :)

Deanne, Monique, Sue... anyone want the Perovskia?? I have 3, and would love to see them go somewhere that would offer them "a good home". Please?

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I'm SOOOOOO behind!!

Chelone-can you do an initial 5/8" long machine stitch from the raw edge to help stabilize while rolling? You'd fold on the stitiching and press then stitch close to the fold,trim excess with small scissors and do a final roll and either hand stitch or machine stitch the final fold.(Personally I'd machine stitch if it's just for prom-just me; )) Does that make sense(I'm turbo typing wheeeee!: )
Sorry to limit my comments but I only have a quick minute to get back to those from the last thread about Ryan's dog bite. Yes it was superficial-just two punctures as opposed to what it could have been(those imaginary images freak me out). Still, he was quite frightened and there was in fact blood drawn. Chelone-Thanks for confirming what I was thinking too. I'm so concerned that my sister will not have the dog properly and consistently trained-that's a very big worry. Having the dog on a chain for half a day like that probably did make him irritable so really my sister should have made note of that and done something about it. She's the kind of person that does things her own way and doesn't accept suggestions because she knows more than the rest of us: )
BUT one great thing did happen-while we were on vacation during Easter break Ryan met a very sweet Australian sheep dog. OH-he was SO well trained. The owner rents out three cabins/cottages on his property and he is the caretaker of all of them. His daughter's sheep dog follows him around the grounds but the owner trained the dog to never enter the cottage areas in case people don't care for dogs. When we arrived the first day there sat the dog waiting at the edge of the driveway and wouldn't come closer though was wagging his behind in excitement. Ryan took to him instantly! We petted him and talked to him and soon he was on his back asking for a scratch(not Ryan-the *dog* lolol). It was such a good experience for Ry to have and I'm relieved that he didn't shy away or freak out. This is a rough job lol.

Good to see Brenda,Jerri,and those we haven't heard from in a while! It still feels like home here.

HEY SUE! How's it going?

GB I love the pretend bday card; ) Can I fool you and say it's my birthday(again)? Wait-no!then I'd be even older-nevermind.

Time to make dinner...I hope I can sneak back


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I like the way Mary started her day.

No time for chit chat, but enjoyed reading (skimming actually) and will be back....when I'm back :-)

PS Very pretty wildflowers Cindy. lol

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And for your planning pleasure, here are the May and June birthdays:

Just T 16-May
Yeonna 20-May
Woody 24-May
Sue 4-Jun
EP 8-Jun
Da 10-Jun
Martie 10-Jun

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Am I still welcome? I have had such a nice evening browsing the latest Idyll. Please forgive typos - I'm on an unfamiliar laptop.

I feel really bad about just leaving and sending a message through Taryn. Nick and I have been through a rough 6 months, but I'm seeing sunshine on the other side. We've been very busy....started our own company and it's doing CRAZY well!

I cried happy tears reading the latest idyll....I like that nothing has changed (as in writing) yet so much has changed (as in life).

I'm hoping that I can get back into a routine of checking in with idyll and sharing my days as well as being a part of yours.

I have missed you all.


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

HI all, A big hello to Saucy!! Great to hear from you and that you are doing well. How exciting about the business.

So here are the promised spring photos

Happy Spring to all

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)


You are ALWAYS welcome!
This is the nicest surprise in ages.
Starting a company is among life's greatest stresses. I know from experience.
Doing so with a spouse...well it is even more stressful! (Right in there with DH teaching you to drive)

Let me tell you, we are in the process of closing down a company DH started years ago, and that too is very stressful. Lots of ego mixed up in it all.

Please try to join us as often as you can make time for. How are the kids? What are they up to? DH? The dog? And most of all, YOU????

Happy belated birthday! (You must have had one since we last spoke!) ;-)
'bug, Gramma to be

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Hi Saucy, Your always welcome here. Congratulations to you and Nick on your own company.

Brenda good to hear from you too. Sorry about your mom. She sounded like a neat lady.

Cindy nice wildflower pictures (tease). I wish I had those , leucojum aestivum, instead of LOV. I only planted it where nothing else would grow, but it is moving into places I don't want it. GRRR.

It rained, so I stayed in and cleaned house. I moved the light plants outside come what may. I've already lost so many plants whats a few more. I kinda feel like I'm starting over this year. I think it might be a good time to revamp some spaces and lessen the maintenece.
Some things are showing signs of releafing. I don't think the iris will do much, but I'm hoping the daylillies will do ok even if the leaves are ratty looking.

Good to read about everyones activities. I feel like a slacker lately.

Hope all the under the weather pets are holding up.

Thinking of all. Norma

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Wow! Deanne.

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Thank you Deanne! Yummy!
Thank you Cynthia! Nostalgia reading the list!
Howdy Norma! Chin up! :-)

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Way cool read tonite on the Idylls..don't have time for a lengthy post but have given myself a 4 day weekend so will try to do a mega-post tommorow...

Saucy ! I was just starting to post here when you went away for awhile. Nice to see you back...
Deanne great photos.. both of birds and plants.Especially love the tulips..

And as for the 'em. But I graduated from HS in 1969 so there you go-they are in my orbit...

Hope to talk to you all at length tomorow...

Kathy in Napa

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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

OMIGOSH Deanne! Your pictures are stunning. I love the way you made the backgrounds kind of fadey (my word) and black...really makes the subject stand out. I especially love the pic of the white crocus with the shadow of the flowers cast on each other...true artistry! :-) I don't even know what to say about the birdies...amazing! Like little jewels clung to branches. The color, the detail...amazing and I really love the closed buds of the flower branches with them - really sets them out.

Hi's great to see you! I'm so happy to hear that your business is doing well...congratulations to you and DH! :-)

Babs - so glad that Ryan met a dog that was gentle and well behaved. At least he gets the message that not all dogs are rough and scary or will bite. Poor guy - that's a very scary thing for him to have gone through, especially to be bit in the *face*. Well thank goodness there will be no permanent physical scars and I know you will take care of making sure there are no emotional ones.

Can't stay as I have a busy day. Need to get mom to the senior day care and then to take sis for a scan. She had a questionable blood count report on her last two visits to the doc, so they want to take a scan and make sure nothing is going on. I'm hoping for the best and that it is minor or explained some other way, or at the worst, at least it was caught early. In any case, I'm just not going to start second guessing, worrying and having negative thoughts. Whatever it is we will deal with it together. Anyway, don't really want to talk about that right now...don't even know why I mentioned it.

Anyway, here's for Chelone:

The Who
Pictures of Lily

I used to wake up in the morning
I used to feel so bad
I got so sick of having sleepless nights
I went and told my dad

He said, 'Son now here's some little something'
And stuck them on my wall
And now my nights ain't quite so lonely
In fact I, I don't feel bad at all

Pictures of Lily made my life so wonderful
Pictures of Lily helped me sleep at night
Pitcures of Lily solved my childhood problems
Pictures of Lily helped me feel alright

Pictures of Lily
Lily, oh Lily
Lily, oh Lily
Pictures of Lily

And then one day things weren't quite so fine
I fell in love with Lily
I asked my dad where Lily I could find
He said, 'Son, now don't be silly'

'She's been dead since 1929'
Oh, how I cried that night
If only I'd been born in Lily's time
It would have been alright

Pictures of Lily made my life so wonderful
Pictures of Lily helped me sleep at night

For me and Lily are together in my dreams
And I ask you, 'Hey mister, have you ever seen'
'Pictures of Lily?

Thanks for having me check on that Chelone....reminded me of another song I loved...The Magic Bus...but I'll save that for another time...along with Traffic's Low Spark of High Heeled Boys...LOL! I don't know why I've always loved that song, the lyrics really don't make that much sense, but I do love it. :-)

P.S. Thanks Wendy for the advice. Yes, it would be nice not to have people just calling at the last minute. I can imagine what a project that would be if you have little ones. I only have Scout to consider, but I wouldn't want to leave him here when people are coming. Not because I think *he* would do anything wrong, but because I wouldn't want them to do anything wrong to him...LOL! I know, I'm way over protective!

Have a great day all!



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I lost a long post that I was even typing in Word, but I closed out another word document and accidentally lost my post. At home I can recover the document but I was unable to here.

Ei, hoping the best for your sister. To answer your question, Im heading up a Bridal style show and luncheon as a fund-raiser and its Saturday. I think you asked also if I had made the floral arrangement on my kitchen table and the answer is yes.

Norma, I know what you mean, I have lots of foliage with brown tips, bummer huh?

Saucy, good to have you back and great news on the business.

Eden, 24 piece puzzles at 2 years old is pretty impressive.

Deanne, Im just blown away by your photography skills. I planted those purple-striped crocus last fall but dont remember where and see no sign of them.

bug, Ill ask my mom to snap a few photos at the style show. No fieldwork started here, as it has been fairly wet. Maybe in the next few days.

Babs, great to hear that Ryan doesnt seem to be overly traumatized by the dog bite.

Im quite please with the return of most of the plants and all the shrubs including the bargain ones I planted last fall. Some were even quite late in the fall. All the clematis that were new last year have sprouted as well.


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flowerluvr(Z5 IN)

Hi, all!
DH finished up around to a.m. the other night. It was raining fish hooks n hammer handles when I went to pick him up. He got the whole field done, though! We slept in yesterday :)

Thanks, Deanne, good to see you pop in! The pictures are, as usual, gorgeous! I don't know how you manage such wonderful shots of birds, but I always love to see them.

Eden-I LOVE Jeopardy, and like Bella, I don't understand why it isn't on every night, lol!

Ei, thanks for the boost to the farmers! I have to say, at least this year, it's paid much better than it has in the past. I really would like to see the bio-fuels take off. Not just for our monetary gain, but would be nice to not need so much oil. There are a few bio-fuel plants opening locally, so should be good for business! Makes the long days and nights much easier to take when you also have enough money to pay the bills ;) I won't even go INTO what the fuel bills will be this spring....blech!

SAUCY!! So good to see ya!!!

It's been a pretty laid back day, two in a row! Did my yoga, some cleaning and settled in to cross stitch and watch the Daily Show and the Colbert Report. Part of my daily ritual when I can work it in. I've got some beef cooking to make sort of a stir fry thing for supper..DH's request. Think I'll head off to tan-I'm trying to avoid the hideous farmer tan I get every year. There's just no way to even that out once it's set in, lol!
Have a good one, all!
PS-Jerri, if you have access to yoga classes by all means try one. I can sure see where it would be better to have an instructor help to make sure you've got the pose right. Unfortunately, it hasn't caught on in my neck of the woods yet. I keep telling DD she should get certified and open a yoga studio. She's got scoliosis and it's helped her quite a bit, when she's consistent about it.

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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

Just a quickie...
Hey Michelle...that's neat! I'll wish you good luck, but know you won't need'll do *are* very organized & creative! Would love to hear if they show any "mother's of the groom" and what they were wearing and especially mother's of the groom in a wedding that is burgundy themed. :-) I still haven't looked for a dress and the mother of the bride has not either, so I have no idea what color she is wearing. I'm still thinking of your Royal Blue/Navy Blue was so pretty and think that is a color that would go well...but I have no clue...I am totally wedding challenged. :-) P.S. Thanks too about sis.

That's great Brenda...I'm glad that things are looking up in some respects. I would love to see biofuels take off too...for you and for the rest of the world! :-)

Well, gotta go make dinner...have a good night all!

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Jerri_OKC(z7 Ok)

I'll be really happy when DH is home tomorrow. I don't even have time to catch my breath!

Attention Brenda:

I hope Wild Divine is good. I'll need to de-stress if I ever get this program installed! LOL
Did you have any problems with the installation?


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Brenda-I see I missed earlier that your mom passed on. I'm so sorry-I hope you are OK. It sounds like you have been very level headed & compassionate in how things went. I'm glad your mom was aware and able to know her family was around her as her time came. Maybe the stress of losing your mom caused your DS to lash out at you? I hope she comes to terms with it all. Some people don't know how to grieve I wonder if that has some bearing. Hang in there-it's good to see you back here!

Hooooowdy!Saucy!!! So good to hear you again. Sorry that you have been going through challenges. I hope all is well now? Stick around please? : )

I need to get going-bedtime kisses for Aj and getting ready for tomorrow(laundry).

Deanne-where the heck have you been young lady? Thanks for the birds and blooms something tells me that that camera of yours actually improves on reality! Those birds are so crisp and clear! It must be the photographer.; )
I cringe when I say this but our new hard drive fell off its stand and bit the dust. -eek! I lost several picture files...some of the boys and holiday stuff : ( we don't know if it's retrievable...the guy who does it charges 50 bucks an hour.....hmph.

HI MARY!!!!!!!



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I couldn't post sooner because I've been zoning out to that first goldfinch photo. I don't think it could be more perfect or stunning. The little rosy glow to the right of the bird's head is especially nice. Reminds me of an oriental painting. The crocus and tulips aren't too shabby either Deanne :-)

Where's tha TGIF woman? I hope she's feeling 100% on the way back to her usual 120% feelin' good.

Saucy, just keep popping in and don't worry about when you were here last or if you have time to respond to anything. Keep us updated on what's going on in your life. Any vignette in your day is fun to read. Tell us about your new company (if you feel comfortable sharing.) Are you doing HVAC?

Michelle, I must have missed the original explanation on the Bridal thang too. Glad Ei asked what was going on there. Yep. Fun but a bit of stress I can imagine. Don't worry! If anything goes awry, you'll have a good Idyll story to tell! :)

Bella, you go girl! 24 piece puzzles and Jeoppie.

The whirly twirly girl Katie is down for the count. When the weather turned cold Tuesday, she remained loggy, and has been extremely hesitant going up and down stairs. Just stalling out at top or bottom and not wanting to proceed. I took her temp Wednesday night after she came over to the couch and moo-moo-roo-roo'd to me when it wasn't potty time. I took her outside thinking she'd missed her after dinner potty. I did the same thing when Monty had his crisis. I seem to be incapable of thinking anything is wrong with my dogs that a trip to the potty won't cure!

Stayed up working half the night so that I could watch her and worry (she did have a temp). Vet thinks slipped disc. No stairs for a month and now I have two dogs on steroids. So I'm carrying her up/down the stairs to my office or to bed, and feeding her in dining room as basement stairs are too narrow. Picture me falling down those stairs with her in my arms and crippling both of us. She only weighs 55 pounds, which is perfect for her, so I'm back to my weight bearing exercise :-) Sheesh, I hope Dannie can stay healthy, the morning and evening medication routines have become daunting. Whirly-Twirly is Katie's personality so this is really sad. I just want her to feel better soon.

End of quarter so it's been a long long long week here and it will continue next week. Wake up Sue, I need the ....!

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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)


Wow, so great to see old faces returning!

I'm back at work half days as of yesterday. Am taking alot of sh$$ from the rule followers about breaking my no driving restriction...oh well. Wednesday night I started back on the treadmill too-just a mile, then a mile and a half last night. No sitting around for me. Except for some swelling and numbness around my incision site I feel great. Unfortunately gardening and heavier exercise are still out and will be for quite some time. I'm trying to relax about how behind the garden is getting...

OK, I'm here for work right now.

Deanne, love the pictures.



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Monique z6a CT(6a CT)

Cynthia, so sorry that Katie has a slipped disc. When it rains, it pours, huh? Be careful when you carry them. I thought carrying my dogs for long distances were bad and theyre currently 27 and 37 lbs. I cant imagine 55 lbs.

Brenda, so sorry about your mom.

Sue, I knew you couldnt sit still. On the treadmill already-geez. I have NOT been gardening at all except for last Saturday. I found that I couldnt concentrate and was not motivated while I was worried about Emma. So Im probably more behind than you are LOL However, the plus side is I lost 3 pounds since my appetite was nonexistent also.

Deanne, beautiful photos.

Thanks to those that expressed concern over Emma. I was a basket case Sunday and Monday b/c she didnt improve and was actually getting worse after the 1st surgery to repair the large compressed disc. She was basically paralyzed and her head/neck were getting stiff. So they did another MRI on Monday and found that there was still 3-4mm of bone left that could be causing issues. They did the second surgery on Tuesday and she came thru it fine. Wed they called to say that she was improving steadily during the day. Hubby went to visit her after work since I had to go home to take care of our other dog. Emma actually prefers him (she like men better; she was punished constantly by the woman who owned her from 8 weeks of age until we got her at 8 months) so he was the better choice to go. He said she was finally moving her front paws (after a week of paralysis) and was lifting her head, neck and upper body more easily. Yesterday she continued to improve and was crawling around in her cage, as much as she could with a urinary catheter in. Today she took a few steps and they are going to remove the catheter later today to see if she will urinate on her own. If she does, we can take her home tomorrow!!!! Im so relieved and excited.

The carpet was installed Tuesday and it looks great with the tile. As soon as I take some after photos, Ill post photos.

Hi Taryn!

Good luck Michelle-Im sure it will be spectacular if youre in charge!

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Thought of you Cynthia when I was working on getting these Goldfinch with Forsythia shots yesterday... Next I'll try to get some finches in the 'Roll-o-dendrons'!!! LOL

Monique and Cynthia, so sorry for your doggie's health issues. I can image how worrisome and stressful it is. I know what I'd be like if one of my kitties was sick.

Monique, all of the Burgundy Glow Ajuga came back variegated so far except for one clump that I'm going to remove. You are welcome to have some starts from the variegated ones if you'd like.

Wendy, I've only brought out a few of the fuchsias so far. I wouldn't put out the Brugs or coleus or anything tropical for another couple weeks, they just don't like any cold. I'd say it's fine to put out all the fuchsia though just make sure to put them under cover if we get a late frost.

Sue, let me know if you'd like any garden help.

Mary, Doug is going out to Rochester next week and I'll send along a coleus care package for you. He said he can bring them over on Tuesday evening.

Well I'm still feeling a bit under the weather. I think I attacked the gym a bit to aggressively early in the week and now I've got a scratchy throat again. Jessh.... I'm thinking I'm going to go and have a nap, I didn't sleep well last night and that can't be helping shake off this virus, whatever it is.

Hello to everyone!!!! have a great day,

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Just great shots Deanne! I so agree about the backgrounds too, so soft with their muted colours. Get on top of things soon, OK?

So sorry about all the pet worries. I am concerned about Charlotte but not at the frantic stage yet. Next week she'll see the vet.

Mother's day arrived early here. Yes, real bullsh*t (mixed with sawdust shavings)from DH! LOL!

This will be a crazy weekend with DH away, me pet sitting a neighbour's cats, curtains to finish for DDS's baby's room, and more things in the garden if time and weather permit.


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Outstanding to see Saucy's name reappear! I too, would like to know what the company is... very exciting. The kids must be huge now! the broken arm is all healed? anything else broken in the meantime? ;)

Thanks for the lyric to "Pictures of Lily", Wendy and Ei.. Kathy, my brother graduated in 1969, too. He was a wild man. He was really into music and had all sorts of stuff and was really great about showing me HOW to work his "hifi" and take good care of the records. Sometimes I hear a song from the '60s, close my eyes and can still see his room in the clearest detail. He was very kind and patient with me.

The helpmeet went out last night and spread the crabgrass preventer knowing the rain today would rinse it in. I'm on lily leaf beetle detail; haven't seen any yet, but know they'll appear anyday.

Deanne, the photos are just great. I love the Forsythia and Goldfinch. I snapped a few shots yesterday, knowing the heavy rain today would wreck the daffodils. Would you like some Perovskia for your hot, driveway garden? if you don't want it it will go to plant sale/swap (there are 3, all decent size). Things are exploding out of the ground now... it's almost scarey. :)

I think you received a smashing Mother's Day gift, 'bug. That would thrill me, too.

It's been a long couple of days, time to sack out for a little while.

Wow, dog woes continue! Mind your own back, Cynthia... how long before the drugs begin to help Katie? And good thoughts to Monique and Emma. I hope she's home soon.

Sue, you have to be a good girl and follow the recommendations. If you would like some help in the garden, say the word, and I'll be an obedient slave.

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flowerluvr(Z5 IN)

Hi, all!

Jerri-Did you get Wild Divine installed? What kinda trouble are you having? I got installed okay, but I seem to remember there was something a little wanky about it, but can't for the life of me think what it was. Lotta help, ain't I??

Babs-Thanks :) DS has never been the greatest at handling stressful situations. I did get a decent email from her today, and responded in kind, so I hope things are on the right track.

Cynthia-you be careful on those stairs! I never thought about a dog having a slipped disc before...ouch!

Sue-Too bad we aren't all close enough to come over and catch your garden work up for ya :(

Monique, thanks:) That's great news about Emma!! Hope you get to bring her home tomorrow!

Geez, Deanne, I'd never get a shot of a bird sitting still, let alone on a color-coordinated bush ;) Your pics are always a delight!! Take care and get feeling better.

'bug-can you believe that there are actually people who would NOT be happy that pile was dumped in their yard, lol!?!

Today was a cold, overcast day. Got DH to do yoga with me this morning. I coerced him with promises of breakfast at the buffet at Golden Corral. We did some shopping, and got a new table for the porch. I didn't like the chairs they had, so will have to see what I can find elsewhere, but it's a start. Came home and listened to DD complain about DS for a couple of hours. They got the crazy idea to live together for a while so they'd both have cheap rent. They get along about as well as you would expect. Fortunately, they don't have a long lease, so I'm guessing they'll write it off as a bad idea and move on. I have to admit I was skeptical when they proposed it.

The weekend weather here sounds great, and since we ended up with about 2" of rain, I'm pretty sure I won't be in the fields, so I should have at least two days to work outside. YAY! DH got the mower serviced and started mowing. The grass was WAY too tall and wet, but he seemed to be enjoying himself. And, it was fun to watch..our oldest dog, Gus loves to follow the mower around. Then he'll get in front of you and act like he's going to attack. Breaks up the monotony!

See ya later!

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Hi everyone

The world has lost one of its voices, a voice both beautiful and bold. The great cellist and humanitarian, Mstislav Rostropovich, died today in Moscow at the age of 80. Much to reflect on.


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Greetings and salutations Idylls..I am halfway through my four day weekend, and what a warm day we are having here. My weather station says 81 right now at almost 6pm. Kind of pleasant actually ! I gave Lady Banks a major haircut this morning- I have to do that every year and wait till she is done blooming. She gets so huge that she shades out some of the other roses. I now have a pile of Lady Banks debris in my utility area so I will be spending some quality time chopping her up and putting her in the yard waste. (which is almost full)

I have good news on my pet illness frontBoo-Boos issues were dental , no tumor . He had abscess that went up into his nose ..I feel bad because it must have been quite painful for him. Cats can be so stoic. Many years ago I had a cat with an abcess and you could visibly see the swelling, and he started hiding under the deck. We had one hell of a time getting him out to take him to the vet. Boo-Boo acted pretty normal though the whole thing. Anyway, he spent the day at the vet yesterday, had x-rays and two tooth extractions.I kept in on my lap most of the evening, he was very groggy and couldn't walk without falling over. He got a special treat of being allowed to sleep on the laundry in my closet. The vet wants him on anti-biotics for a full month because of the serverity of the infection. Off course the whole thing was very expensive. Oh well.

Glad to see that we are now all sporting a Home Cheapo logo today.

Brenda, the company I work for offers a thirty minute yoga class every Friday to to all employees free of charge. I dont go because I like to keep my work life separate from my personal life , but many others take advantage of this.

Cynthia, poor Katie ! You have certainly had your share of pet woes lately.

Sue, glad you are feeling well enough to begin an exercise regimen-I hope youre not overdoing ! It would drive me nuts to be stuck in bed or a chair.

Monique, good vibes for Emma, I hope she gets to come home. What a scary chain of events.

And Deanne- that goldfinch/forsythia shot is wonderful. I hope you get to feeling better soon, spring is in full swing here and cant be far behind for you.

Okay, this is about all I can manage tonight.

His to everyoneand here is a pic for Eden

Kathy in Napa

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gardenbutt(rocky mt 4-5)

Okay okay I do notmake it in here very often,, forgive an old old gw girl,,,
So many names and I barely know,, but Sue and Taryn,, my gals from way back,,Heck Sue let me shock the hmmm out of you,may you recover quickly,, hmmmmm
My guys have out grown pond digging by the way,, lol,, one is teaching at college and working for nasa part time,, one is working full time withbig pond diggers hmmmm okay oaky large trac hoes, and cats,, lol,, even the baby is grown up working on his mechanics stuff,,, eak huh,, I even had a b-day last week made another year,, hehehehe
thought I would drop a note here, so much easier,, hmmm.
myself we have a photo shoot for natural homes next month, for the 2008 garden edition,KInd of scary ,, okay major stres since the house is still being finishd,, ugh and eaaaaakkkkk
hopefully I can make it in to chat at some old friends ,,
' hmmm

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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Mary (JWJ)...good grief, I feel better already! How the hell have you been? Sounds like everyone is doing well. I want to see pictures of that house too. Got any to share?

OK, now that I've recovered from that shock...good morning everyone! I'm not even going to try and catch up because the way things are here lately I'll never stay that way.

Jeez, Cynthia, now Katie is having problems. When it rains, it pours. It's a good thing I don't need to be carrying dogs right now. Both of mine are over my restricted weight limit. Hope both she and Monty are feeling better soon.

Thank you all for your offers of garden help. Thankfully I got 95% of my cleanup done last fall and before the surgery. It is very frustrating to see something I want to do and not be able to do it. I can't even dig perennials right now and it's prime time to be moving them. Slowly I'm coming to the realization though that the worst thing that can happen is a plant will be in the ground in the same spot it was last year for one more year.

Today my mother and her entourage arrive to spend the night as part of their semi annual trek to and from FL for the season. She was planning to stay two nights but I nixed that. Besides the house being in sorry shape, I'm just not up to the emotional drain they can sometimes be. One night I can grin and bear it. Just too much on my plate to deal with right now.

So, keep the pictures coming. Maybe I'll get out there and get some of my own today or tomorrrow. All of a sudden the garden seems to have just sprung to life. Nothing like some rain and few warm days to jump start that process.



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I forced myself to sit down and balance my checking account this morning. I have been pitifully slack in that aspect of things lately (it's been 3 months), and was pleasantly surprised that my natural inclination to detail in things pecuniary has "paid off" to the penny!

Sue, you're doing a good thing for yourself by limiting the familial stress to one night. Who needs that garbage when you're "mending"?! I understand the acceptance of plants remaining where they are; it's been 4 years for mem so I KNOW you'll survive one. :) I also understand the frustration, this is the first year in 4 that I've had the time AND the inclination to rearrange/rework things. And really can't with the spectre of construction looming large on the horizon. I'm glad to hear you're returning to your old self. Low grade stress and worry is the pits.

I bid adieu to another prom dress yesterday afternoon, bartering the price of the alterations for a summer's worth of swimming at the largest pool in the area. :) I am keeping it a secret until the helpmeet comes home from work and laments that there is no place to swim... . I haven't immersed myself in water for 4 years now... it's about time to get back to some of the activities that used to delight me.

Mary, I listened to the memories of Rostropovich on NPR yesterday morning, and was irritated when my boss trivialized his death ("why is that news?"). She is very demeaning in her references to classical music/opera and it frankly irritates the hell out of me. I politely keep my mouth shut when I'm forced to listen to the seemingly endless monotony of Clearchannel stations or 5 CDs worth of Celtic music on "random". I think it's time for me to purchase an iPod so I may listen to what I want. ;) Thanks for the link. I was surprised to learn he was so active in the political movement of the time... sheltering Alecsandre Solzhenitsyn in his home. He was one of the first major artists introduced to the west after the death of Stalin.

I have a "beauty parlor" date this morning and haven't read replies nearly carefully enough. Probably won't get to that today, either... but no matter.

Thinking of Michelle and her "big day" today.
Wondering how things are in the "world o' V.".
Hoping to catch a glimpse of others... Taryn? Da? newly reemerged Saucy? :)

Time to get a load of laundry hung before departing for the "rounds".

And to quote Kurt Vonnegut's last words: "Thank you for your attention and I'm outta here."


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Good cloudy morning here,

The weather gurus originally said rain for the whole day but it looks as if it will remain cloudy for the AM with no rain until afternoon so methinks some more spring cleaning is due here. Im trying to figure out a plan to get the pond up and running and keep it from ever having a leaking issue again but Im beginning to think it is going to take more time and energy than I have available. It might be time to dig it out and start over again. Arrrrgggghhh!!!! Must be done because Im not going to spend another summer worrying if it was going to pump itself dry and kill the fish. I know they are just goldfish but Im quite fond of them and a couple of them are seven years old now.

I was looking at the climbing hydrangea on the oak tree and it looks as if it will finally have a truly beautiful display of flowers this year. Its now about twenty feet up the tree and is one of my prides and joys in the gardens. Im hoping to be able to plant a few pansies out front today before the rain starts this afternoon so at least there will be a bit more color. Its also time to get the alyssum in those beds that ring the rose garden. ~~ Im enjoying the last year of blossoms with my Weeping Cherry tree now, its so pretty but the poor thing is diseased, suckering like heck and Doug and I are going to "cut down the cherry tree" as soon as its done blooming. Ive been pondering on what to replace it with for a long time now and Ive settled on Picea orientalis Skylands. I know that the Picea will eventually get large but that will be twenty years from now so Im not going to worry about it. The cherry tree is on the corner of the foundation plantings and the opposite corner is a Japanese maple so Im thinking Id really like an evergreen to anchor the opposite corner. Ive never been happy with the look of the two deciduous corners in winter so an evergreen it will be. ~~ Hoping that Doug can get my cold frames set up today also so I can get the darned plants OUT OF THE BASEMENT!!!! Im at that time of year when I cant stand to keep watering the three billion plants I have under the lights. (well that is only a slight exaggeration in numbers LOL, more like hundreds but it seems like billions right now)

Anyway, spring is finally in full swing here and with the rain the last couple days everything is growing at light speed so I really do need to finish up cleaning out my beds and getting them mulched. Speaking of which

Bug!!!! Love your pile! LOL only another gardener can appreciate a pile of composted bull $h t. I never got mine ordered this year and Id better get that done or Ill miss my window to get the beds mulched because things will be too tall. Too much to do and too little time.

So a big hello to Mary aka JWJ, maybe we should call you JWJ here because we already have a Mary from NY??? It wounds like youre really busy in your home and gardens with lots going on. Do you have photos of your natural home?

Kathy, thanks for the beautiful rose photograph. You must have them everywhere! Its a beauty! ~~ Thanks for the good wishes, Im a bit better today but still have this pesky low grade fever and sore throat, Ive been wondering if Ive got mono or something No clue as to how I got whatever this is but Ive been under the weather for almost three weeks now and this is getting old. ~~ So happy you like the finch/forsythia shot! It took me two days and hours in the blind to get some decent photos with the forsythia. ~~ OH no about Boo-Boo!!! Yikes, poor kitty, our cat Luke had to have six extractions two years ago and then again this year had to have one of his canine teeth in the lower jaw extracted so I totally understand where you are coming from. Veterinary dental work is really expensive. I could have had a nice vacation for what we paid for Lukes teeth. LOL

Mary, that is so sad about Mstislav Rostropovich. He was brilliant. ~~ Did you read my post about Doug coming to Rochester and bringing you plants next week??? He can either bring them over to you on Tuesday or if you have no time next week he asked if you could meet him at the airport on Monday night.

Brenda I LOL about your children renting together!!! Yep, sounds like a drama to me. ~~ Thanks, so happy you like the birdie pic, I actually have a spot in the back yard that has a good background for the photos, I put the feeders near a shrub, then I picked some forsythia stems and attached them to the branches that the birds perch on under the feeders.

Chelone, yes, thanks I certainly could find a spot for a Perovskia. ~~ Do you know I found some lily beetles last Monday??? What a pain, like you I police all the areas I have lilies to get rid of these early ones as it keeps their populations down later on.

Cynthia, be really careful carrying Katie up and down those stairs! So sorry about your doggies health issues.

Monique, how is Emma doing today? Did you want to come up to get the Ajuga or are we doing a road trip to CT? Ive got a few plants for you guys and you should be able to keep them out by now. When is your safe frost date down there.

Babs, Yikes! You dropped the hard drive???!!! Oh my! Doug just bought me a new 500Gig storage unit for my photos. When shooting RAW at 10mpx you chew up memory at an alarming rate. Ive gone through 60 gigs of memory on the hard drive on my lap top since October when I bought the new camera. ~~ As to where Ive been? Well a long story that I wont go into details over but weve had a tough winter with problems with a next door neighbor over a property line issue we cant seem to resolve, and MAJOR, hideous problems with DD that have left me a weeping puddle most of the winter. You never, ever stop being a mother.

Michelle, thinking of you and wishing you the best of luck with your show and luncheon today. ~~~ Bummer about the lost post and the missing crocus. ~~ Thanks! Glad you like the pics

Eileen, as always, you are so sweet! The fadey (good word) backgrounds have to do with using a very long focal length lens with a wide open aperture setting which causes a very short depth of field, so the fadey backgrounds. That out of focus effect is called Bokeh in photographic circles.

Sue, sounds like youre on the mend, good idea with only one night with the mom and boyfriend show.

Chelone, gorgeous daffodil display!!! Thanks for the sunny pics.

OK time for me to get dressed and use the dry part of this day to get something productive done here. Have a great day everyone!!!


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Today's projects include constructing a bubble to keep my one remaining healthy dog safe, mowing the front field and finding a place to repair the vacuum!

I can't decide which photo is most exciting: the goldfinch in the forsythia (stunning!!!!) or the pile of manure (enviable!!!).

I listened to Rostropovich all night last night. Chelone, the proper response to you boss was to laugh in disbelief.


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Good afternoon

Deanne - thank you and Doug so much for your coleus offer. I would be happy to meet him anywhere for a pick-up especially if I could save him a drive. We would also love to have him over for dinner one night if he had time - I'll email you to arrange details. Your latest photos are stunning beyond words - we are so lucky to have you here sharing them with us. I can't wait to show DH. Do you take a big mug of coffee into the blind with you? I don't envy you guys the job of digging out the pond to find the leak, especially with all the other spring tasks (like a gazillion coleus LOL) on the horizon.

Saucy - welcome back!! You are always welcome here however sporadic your posts are. I've become more of a "pop in when I can" poster due to my new job but do my best to keep up. Its always a treat when the weekend rolls around to sit back and enjoy a thread in detail. What is your new business? It sounds very exciting.

Hi JWJ and welcome. Hope you'll have some photos so share with us sometime.

Monique - I do hope little Emma continues to rally and that she is home with you right now. What a stressful time for you all.

Cynthia - ditto your two poorly greys. Take care of your back now - 55 lbs is no small amount to be lifting upstairs.

Chelone - perhaps with the right pieces you could enlarge your boss' appreciation of music in general and classical in particular. I cannot tell you how much I have been enjoying my violin lessons. I go once a fortnight which gives me a chance to prepare. Getting my playing back in shape has taken a lot of work but I'm thrilled to start feeling the results. its a bit like returning to working out - muscle memory and strength. My fingers are starting to move again and the bowing feel more fluid. I have just started the Bach Partitata in E major - for me playing unaccompanied Bach is one of the great pleasure in life and I can't wait for my next lesson to get some further insight. The only downside is I still feel ridiculously guilty about spending the money on something for myself.
GB - there's nothing like a nice dark pile of muck for mother's Day. I had my annual truckload of leaf mulch delivered last week and I can't wait to get my hands on it.

Sue - wonderful to hear you are up and about and able to start walking. Hope you survive the family visit.

Eden - how wonderful that Bella enoys jig-saws and is so good at them. its an interest I'm sure that will last a lifetime. Annie enjoyed them from the youngest age and a great pleasure now is doing a 1000 piece one together.

Hope MIchelle is having a good time today.

Babs - ouch on the dropped hard drive. We went through the recovery part with my sister's flooded harddrive from New Orleans - possible but VERY expensive.

Kathy - what a beautiful rose!! Mine are just starting to leaf out and I'm filled with expectation even though I'm a pretty poor rosarian.

Hi Brenda, Ei, Cindy, T and anyone else I've missed commenting to. Here's a big wave to you all.

We're back from guitar lessons and I have a couple of hours in the garden before taking David to tennis. I'm planning on digging some home-made compost into the sweetpea trench and planting out the seedlings. They've had just over a week hardening off and I thinnk are ready for their new home. It's just the sort of cool, damp weather they love adn their tendrils are looking for somewhere to cling.

Happy gardening


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I went to the beauty parlor and the place was BEDLAM... evidently tonight is the PROM in my town (have done no alteration work for "townies" this year). When did prom night turn into an industry of its own... manicures, pedicures, having your hair "done", riding in a limousine?? When did getting to drive the "nice car" go out of style? And how is it that you never really realize how much you needed a haircut until you get one? LOL

Deanne will appreciate this (probably Babs., too!). I've been struggling along with going through all the UNNAMED pictures files I've accrued in 3-4 years... one by one! Holy Moses, what a lot of work. I've been deleting things and freeing up storage space. I've been dealing with 4-5/day and am more than halfway through with it. Now I have another mystery on my hands. Evidently, I've managed to do something to my camera to boot up the resolution... I've gone from a capacity of roughly 35 shots to roughly 17... I have NO clue what to change, and the manual for the camera is quite a tome in and of itself. That will wait for a another day, methinks. The next major step will be to figure out how to move the picture files to the helpmeet's computer (new, FAST, custom designed for digital music recording) so they can be burned to a CD. I could use some thoughts from you, Deanne... am I on the right track with this thought process?

Deanne, you want ONE Perovskia? just one? (maybe I should pot a couple up for Mary and have Doug deliver them??? yeah... maybe?). Sometimes you just can't give it away. :0 Anyone else within reasonable proximity want 'em?

Mary, it so delights me that you've granted yourself the luxury of music lessons. So often we put huge portions of our creative selves "on the shelf" for the silliest of reasons (I should talk!). In the final analysis, it's the creativity in our lives that keeps us vibrant, exciting, interested and INTERESTING. This is a truly wonderful thing you're doing. I shall try to find the Bach piece you're learning. (Baroque music is my favorite... esp. Handel, Vivaldi, and Telemann). My boss is one of those people who fancies it "cool" to be dismissive of things. Funnily enough she played flute, but dropped music many years ago. She'd rather listen to Blues, Celtic, Rock, and more popular stuff... which is fine. But my fondness for jazz (more swing than bebop and modern), classical, early R&B, and country/country swing, Dixieland is dismissed with comments meant to make me feel "small". I shrug it off for the most part, but it does "rankle" every so often. For a non-musician, my tastes are pretty varied. And one of my fondest memories was being about 10-11 and being introduced to opera in a way that made it FUN. Would I listen to it all day, every day? NO, but I'm able to appreciate it and enjoy it as the specific form it has become, and I definitely prefer Mozart to Wagner. ;) (She doesn't read for pleasure, either, but I DID "turn her on" to NPR!).

I've been eyeing some Adirondak style chairs I pass every day on my way to and from work. I stopped today to "price" them. They're made of that new wood/plastic stuff (20 yr. guarantee) and come a wonderful assortment of colors. The styling is VERY traditional, they're made in RI and are rather pricey. My question is this: I'm drawn to the pastel models. Do you think it would be too "frou-frou" to have "Easter egg" pink and blue chairs parked in a deeply shaded corner of the yard? Give it to me straight, kids... I respect your opinions/insights (and will do what I damn well please, anyway). ;)

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

I'm back from the dump. What a relief to get rid of boxes and boxes and styrofoam chips and other crud. Fed my friend's two huge cats, picked up stuff at the pharmacy. We had the guy come give an estimate for painting the house this Fall.(never too early to book the GOOD person)
"I guess you want it done last thing in Fall so your plants will be OK?" You bet he's my man! He even arrived early for his 9AM appointment.
Also picked up a rental car so DH can go to his conference and I can still get around. Somewhere along the way he has lost his driver's license, so QUICKLY he must get a temporary one.

Chelone, long long ago we had old telephone wire spools that we used as tables and benches in our first garden. DH brought them home from work and I painted each one a different pastel colour: yellow, pink, blue, green, maybe even orange. They really were cute and useful, very well used. So I vote YES on the painted Adirondack chairs!

Mary, please don't apologize for spending money on your music. It is something you will always be thankful for. My Mom continued her harpsichord lessons well into her 70s. Something that makes you so happy should not make you feel guilty too!

Deanne, thinking of you often and hoping spring brings happiness your way in many forms!

Sue, here's to your health! Take it easy and enjoy spring from that beautiful bluestone patio of yours. We garden nuts seldom make use of our hammocks and chaise lounges, and that's so silly. We have to learn to appreciate the beauty as others do once in a while. I hope your beverages are not restricted!

Eden, puzzles have been a Christmas tradition for us mainly, but teaching DGS about them this year was fun. I was startled that he had never tried them before! So yeah Bella!

Happy weekend to all you busy folks!
'bug & Charlotte

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What with all the pet woes 'n all, 'bug, I've been afraid to inquire after the health of Charlotte d' sticky chops. Slowing down? I remember noting that, as well. But you adjust and it shifts you into the lower gears. :(

One vote for pastels. Andtherestayas?

Traffic! my brother gave me a stereo system when I graduated from HS; Receiver, turntable, cassette deck, speakers. I was ALL OVER borrowing albums and recording them. My favorite was one with "Countdown to Ecstasy" by Steely Dan and "Low Spark of High Heeled Boys" by Traffic on the flip side! LOL ("Rock and Roll Stew" is a great cut, too). I always listened to the station that was "out there", "radical"... before ClearChannel bought it up :(. I weas able to listen to the newest rock releases and also to the newest JAZZ releases. I lived in a place that was heavily "country" and much of what I loved was called ni--er music. That particular radio station was my one connection to my brother when I was relocated to the wilds of REPUBLICAN NH in the early '70s. I learned about racism living in "live free or die" NH. LOL ;) It was my "wake up call" and it made me sick, frankly. Cracks me up the political demographic has changed so much in 30 yrs.! 'bout time.

I was outdoors with Wrecks this afternoon and I'm freaked out by how fast things are leaping out of the ground. I walk around in the morning and again when I return home from work. And the next morning they're up 2"! how does this happen?!

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Chelone, I have pink chairs. I had some old rusty chairs I found at the flea market painted pink at an auto paint shop a couple of years ago. I know I have better pictures of them but this one showing just the top of one is the best I could find at the moment.

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flowerluvr(Z5 IN)

Hi, everyone!

Kathy-Poor Boo-Boo! Having had an abcessed tooth, I can surely sympathize, but I'm sure glad it wasn't anything more serious! Nice that your company does the free yoga class. I've often thought it would be cool if some of the schools would get it started as a segment of the PE program.

Deanne-you sly thing, you! I just assumed you must have been in the right place at the right time to snap the finch :) I'm so sorry to hear you're having problems with DD. (((Deanne)))

Gorgeous day here today-and too wet to farm. DH mowed the yard for me, and I did some SEVERE pruning. Many of my shrubs have gotten WAY out of hand. Some of it actually called for a little chain saw work. DH won't let me run it, tho, so he did it for me, and did some pruning on trees that beat you in the head mowing. West side of the yard looks decent. Tomorrow, we attack the east side. Need to trim on the Rose of Sharon hedge, and eliminate two rows of horrible, nasty, useless, evil Lombardy Poplars. The really sad thing is that I'm the one that planted them. One of my first gardening moves, and I've regretted it ever since. We'll use them for bonfires....unless they prove worthless for that as well, lol!

I also got to play with a new toy today. For Christmas, Jim got me a Troy-Bilt trimmer that has interchangeable heads. I was SO excited! Very easy to start, and pretty well balanced so it's easy to handle, too. I think I'm gonna like it. Yesterday, while we were shopping at Lowes for a table, I also got a brush cutting head for it. The hope is that it will make bed cleanups a bit easier, and there are always weeds on the farm that need trimming.
Jim's got the grill going, he's doing a couple of steaks for supper, and yesterday, MIL brought us some fresh asparagus. I'm hungry as a bear, so I'm gonna hit the shower and be ready to eat and call it a day.

Have a good night, everybody!

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Gorgeous chairs, Eden. Why am I even surprised you'd post something so attractive?! The whole thing is to look for the "lines", not the crummy finish; obviously you've mastered the lfirst lesson of kerbside shopping.

2 votes for pastels... still counting here in coastal Maine...

Brenda, have you purchased marshmallows for the coming bonfire? Graham crackers and Hershey bars... s'mores... time to have the neighbors over, girlfriend! Mmmm...

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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Make it three votes-go for the pastel chairs, Chelone! We're in the process of painting the shed a Caribbean blue. It's bright but I like it. Anybody got ideas for a trim color. My initial thought is lime green but I'm seeing some screwed up faces in response to that choice.

Company is here. Right now they are out in the hot tub in the rain. So far, so good. I kept my mom occupied for a bit tonight with a trip to Target. We just finished a dinner of fresh grilled swordfish, steamed asparagus and salad. Between the entertaining and gardening I slipped in this morning it's time for me to sit and do nothing for what's left of this day.

No, Marie, I'm off all meds so my beverages are not resticted. There is a god.


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Chelone, I cast my vote for the painted chairs . My DH made me two Adirondack chairs for me out of western red cedar. I am contemplating painting them which would no doubt cause him to turn in his grave. He was quite against painting wood ! I want to paint one one periwinkle or cobalt and the other white. I also have two ancient redwood club chairs that need attention. You must have been listening to the same Rostropovich retrospective on NPR that I was listening to. Whats up with the boss and the anti-classical thing? I listened to it from a very young age-I think maybe my Catholic upbringing and the liturgical music that was always present was part of my exposure. I never felt uncomfortable with it at all.
Prom Night here too- there are girls in gowns all over the neighborhood.

Sue, I vote yes on the lime green. Of course there is always orangeyikes ! Good show that you have the hot tub to lull the parental units into submission.

Love the pink chairs Eden ! What a find those were ..great design.

Brenda, one of our high schools here in Napa has a yoga class as part of PE, thats how my DS got started in that. Hes 22 now and has been doing yoga since high school.

Deanne, sorry to hear that you are having DD issues, neighbor issues etc. I hope all works out one way or another. Once the rug rats get to be adults one thinks that the angst is over ..yeah, right ! So hard to watch them make mistakes, zip your lip , and then decide whether bailing them out will help or hurt them . .

JWJ/Mary, nice to meet you-I think you were before my time..but I extrapolate from your rocky mountain zone info that you are Westerner! I hope you will continue to join in .

OK, I have o have dinner and watch some baseball, but I wanted to post these b-4 and after pics. Im so jazzed with how my front garden project has turned out

Before, last summer

This morning..

Note Boo Boo kitty resting on the blue bench in the morning sun...

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Hi - it must be spring if I am falling asleep in front of the computer at 9:00 pm. Life has been a tilt-a-whirl ride for the last week. The nice part is that I was given a incredible number of cut orchids as a thank you today and spent some time driving around town committing "random acts of orchidness". The late daffs are stunning beyond words, the forsythia was killed to the ground but is resprouting, the oakleaf hydrangea has surviving, and DH has decided to put in a natural swimming pool.

This is too weird - this post was lost - browser crashed, gone, caput, nada - and then it suddenly reappeared.

I am going to bed before it disappears again.

"Low Spark of High Heeled Boys" is one of my all-time favorite songs. Do you remember the photo of the band on the album cover? Some, um, unusual fitting pants...

V. the sleepy

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I just got off the phone with my brother. Sigh. I have to put on my spiked collar and go back to pit bull mode, I'm afraid. The news from the nursing home is not good, I'm afraid. Mum has a urinary tract infection. The result of improper maintenance of her urostomy; they have not been hooking her up to a nighttime collection reservoir (something I suspected and mentioned to the nurse on duty). They called my brother to say they were unable to find an adaptor to fit the pouch she wears (there are 2 in every box of pouches had they bothered to look). They "couldn't find" the collection jug we supplied, my brother found it on the top shelf of her closet in the bag he put it in that day I he took her up. Her hearing aids went through the laundry and one was lost. They cost $3900! This means we have to replace them and they will "reimburse" us. How long do you think it will take corporate to cut the check for them?! They still have not returned her cane to her closet, in spite of my request and several from my brother (they "can't find it"). They have billed us again for April, even though the check was written on 4/3/07 for $8845 and has cleared the bank.

Tomorrow I will call the audiologist and find out how to go about correcting the hearing aid situation. I will contact the stoma nurse at the local hospital and get the guidelines for proper maintenance of urostomy patients. I will carefully compose a letter of complaint and concern and send a copy to the program director, corporate headquarters, my brother, and our attorney. And we'll see how it turns out. This is not acceptable care for $300+/day. And they need a tickle to remind them that they're performance is under scrutiny by the two people who advocate for their "ward". I am not pleased. And it's raining.

It's more fun to think about pastel Adirondak chairs. :(

I tried to locate my "Low Spark of High Heeled Boys" LP to check out the pants, V., but couldn't find it. Remember the clipped corners on the cover. "Shoot Out at the Fantasy Factory" had the same style.

Kathy, your front yard makeover is spectacular! what a change. I love the explosion of color and the interesting lines. Beautiful, just beautiful.

I have to give the letter some careful thought. But I'd rather think about cheese pizza. Will someone share some funny stuff or good gardening stuff... I'm feeling pretty glum right now.

Hope your day goes better!

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Chelone, your anger is a good thing and will guide you well in your response to those who need to hear. Trying not to alienate those who are the only ones who can help is an art form. Yikes I am furious right along with you. Been there, sorry to say.

For diversion:

Here is the jumpsuit I made for the "knit-along" with DD.

The buttons are in honour of DSIL who is a fisheries officer.

And here is a problem for all who are up to contributing. This is DD's inherited back yard, complete with pond:

The stones will be removed and some saved to create a path or two. At present, woolly thyme surrounds the stones and she likes the idea of keeping that.
The pond needs work to make it fit into the site. DD would love it if you would share pond photos to give her ideas for making it look less like a casket/bathtub! She does not have time or energy to remake it from scratch (and DSIL rather likes it...ARGHH!) but she wants to make the edges blend into the yard and not look so conspicuous! She is thinking of removing the plastic top portion as well. The garden faces south but has lots of tree overhang. She lives in zone 3. I'll forward any photos or plant ideas you are able to share. THANKS!

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I vote for:

*Pink adirondacks (and Eden's pink metal chairs - yum!)
*Fish buttons
*Kathy's front yard transformation (Amazing!!!)
*Another tier at the bottom of GB's daughter's pond - fill it with forget me nots or something that trails..
*Dieing before I have to go to a nursing home
*Yoga for all!

My Dicentra scandens did not make it through this ridiculous non zone 7 winter we had. It would have been 4th year for it. Drat. Now I must go find a clematis! Woe is me :-)

Went to Lowes for 8" carriage bolts to install black iron arch #4, and they had gorgoues ferns. I use two ferns on front entry in concrete urns each year and struggle every spring to find darn good looking ones for cheap. Bingo! And I wasn't even looking.

Deanne, I was inspecting a climbing hydrangea I put on the tupelo tree 3 or 4 years ago (it is certainly not twenty feet tall but is doing well), and found a huge section of loose bark on that tree. This tupelo has pendulous branches, so it has an unusual weeping form. Probably original to the house so 80+ years. I'm frightened of it now. Mostly because I need it for the humongous shade garden underneath it. Only incidentally concerned that it would aim at the house when it falls. Exhale. I'll have to think about having it inspected and/or removed in the fall. It's boughs are like a curtain obsuring the next property and I love the look of it in winter. Your weeping cherry seemed young, I'm sorry it's got to go. My weeping cherry is not in the greatest shape but I'm allowing it to die when it's ready and not before. There is a fissure at the base and I imagine insects will get in there and kill it within a few years. Suckering? Oh yeah, they pop up 20 feet away!

I got the side and back yard mown this morning. Front yard done yesterday and I must say dandelions look fine when they're all nicely mown to the same length. I must put a little more focus on lawn care....some year.

Back outside.....I don't have my watch on and I don't know the temperature. I think that's the way to go on a week-end :-)


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I'm in far too foul a mood to start a new Idyll. One of you basking in spring sunlight must carry the torch!

'bug, I love the jumpsuit. It's precious! and I hope the piscean buttons are able to withstand washing... . I also hope they will be cut off when the garment is outgrown and is headed to the great compost heap/landfill. ;)

Sue, I love the lime green trim idea, but I'd also contemplate coral/orange (sorry Kathy!). When going with "bold" colors you can't "wimp out" with the trimwork. As I see it, you really can't lose as long as your trim paint is in a similar intensity to the ground color. This is a color wheel question... and which trim color you chose depends on which aspect of the base color you opt to oppose. Deanne will have some good insight, I'm sure.

OK, so I'm feeling less "speeny" about the pastel chairs thanks to my enabling "virtual" friends. :) Now, I have only to ask discreetly if payment in "dead presidents" might reduce the price a wee bit... . If not, I'll use my credit card and time the purchase to "milk" the term as long as possible.

We were supposed to spend tomorrow relocating plants and yanking fence posts, but now that I have to do so much work related to Mum and her circumstances I fear for the productivity. I am now more irritated and angry than I was when I first spoke with my brother. I sure as hell hope euthanasia and/or assisted suicide becomes an available option when I attain an age that warrants it!


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Summer is here! It was down right hot the last 2 days. I'm shot but survived yesterday. We had about the number of people that we hoped for and made about 1/3 more in donations than what I had for a goal. So all was a success. I will post a few pictures after I upload them. I tried once and got some weird error message that the picture couldn't be copied to my computer. I gave up. We had a busy "family" day today and so the weekend is over. I did get in about 4 hours on Friday and about 5 hours of gardening on Sat. so all wasn't lost. So much to comment on that I won't attempt it tonight. I did think of this email I got recently when I read about Chelone's mum. Sorry things aren't up to snuff.

No Nursing Homes for Us

No nursing home for us. We are checking into the Holiday Inn!
With the average cost for a nursing home care costing $188.00 per day, there is a better way when we get old & feeble. We have already checked on reservations at the Holiday Inn. For a combined long term stay discount and senior discount, it's $49.23 per night. That leaves $138.77 a day for: breakfast, lunch and dinner in any
restaurant we want, or room service. Laundry, gratuities and special TV movies. Plus, they provide a swimming pool, a workout room, a lounge and washer-dryer, etc. Most have free toothpaste and razors, and all have free shampoo and soap. $5 worth of tips a day will have the entire staff scrambling to help you. They treat you like a customer, not a patient. There is a city bus stop out front, and seniors ride free. The handicap bus will also pick you up (if you fake a decent limp). To meet other nice people, call a church bus on Sundays. For a change of scenery, take the airport shuttle bus and eat at one of the nice restaurants there. While you're at the airport, fly somewhere. Otherwise, the cash keeps building up. It takes months to get into decent nursing homes. Holiday Inn will take your reservation today. And you are not stuck in one place forever, you can move from Inn to Inn, or even from city to city. Want to see Hawaii? They have a Holiday Inn there too. TV broken? Light bulbs need changing? Need a mattress replaced? No problem. They fix everything, and apologize for the inconvenience. The Inn has a night security person and daily room service. The maid checks to see if you are ok. If not, they will call the undertaker or an ambulance. If you fall and break a hip, Medicare will pay for the hip, and Holiday Inn will upgrade you to a suite for the rest of your life. And no worries about visits from family. They will always be glad to find you, and probably check in for a few days mini-vacation. The grand kids can use the pool.

What more can you ask for?
So, when we reach that golden age,
we'll face it with a grin.
Just forward all our email to:

Night all

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