Duck and Cover

endorphinjunkie(z7bAlabama)April 27, 2011

The tornado sirens have just gone off. The dogs don't much care for it and are howling in protest. Have I mentioned I have four dogs now? How did that happen? It's been an interesting day what with power out for most of the morning. The rest of the day should prove to be potentially interesting. Good thing I am off today, off from work that is. Otherwise, well, I will neither confirm or deny.

Everyone in the Mississippi, Tennessee, and Ohio Valleys stay safe today.

Where's my video camera?

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Be safe, Michael!
What breed/s are your pups?
I'm sure they're happy to have a home and be with you!
(I never thought I could love an animal as much as I love Roxie--I love the cat clan, too----but they only love me back when they want something, usually..)

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That's not true KJ! They love you unconditionally. They're just shier.

You too Michael! You're not "off" in anyway that I can tell. My greatest solace these days is that I live in the underground portion of our house with very few windows. The lowest level. Exactly where you would go in a tornado. 'cept, of course, when I am at work. I do have to worry about flooding, but not having the roof torn off and getting sucked out. Smashed maybe, but not sucked out.

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Stay safe to all in the zone. It has been a bumpy ride so far this year.

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The two new dogs that now reside here were my brother's family dog. They live in a suburb on a very small lot. My SIL in not in good health. Both dogs are escape artist. Well one is and the other follows. Merci is an older dog and in not too good of shape. She is a catahoula/sharpei mix and as sweet as she can be. It's Truth, a golden retriever, that is the debbil. Truth has been here just over a week and I brought home Merci on Monday. They seem to really appreciate their new digs, half acre fenced in back yard and all that. The other two, Angel and Beau, are adjusting.

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Seems that is all I do lately, duck and cover. Day before yesterday at the doctor's office, tornado warning, same day at home severe weather alert, later tornado sirens, missed us by about 12 miles.
Yesterday outpatients surgery, 2 hr wait until severe thunderstorms were gone, only patients allready in surgery were finished. Afternoon thunderstorms. Evening thunderstorms, rain in buckets, tornado sirens, tornado, lucked out again.
This morning, woke up at 5 AM to sirens, now it is getting black again and already weather warnings for the rest of the day. Had the news channels on from 5 AM to 9:30 AM, maybe 20 minutes of news, all other weather charts and reports. It's getting old. Entertainment channels get constantly interrupted by National Weather Station with warnings.

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Michael, you sure do have your hands full---but, in my book you are doing the right thing. God love you!
For them to have a safe place to live and enough to eat and to be LOVED---what else is there?
Good for you.
I'm proud of you, really and truly.

----and you know what? When you come home and you might be sad or tired, there will always be a fuzzy head on your lap waiting to hear ALL about it!

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