gandle(4 NE)April 14, 2014

We shouldn't have gone to church yesterday. It was snowing so hard you could barely see the end of the hood. A lot of people were smarter than we, they just didn't show up. And I'm sure in the grand scheme of things it won't make any difference.

After the small amount of traffic from the churches had ended the quiet was complete that it reminded me of Sundays when I was a child. There were only three churches in the little village we lived in.When services were over and everyone was home the quiet became an echoing whispering quiet punctuated only by an occasional dog bark, even that seemed hushed. But one thing you could always count on when you were outside was the wonderful odor of chicken frying. That seemed to be the Sunday dinner of choice in summer. Just about everyone had their own chickens, so I guess that was a logical choice.

I stood outside the back door on the snow covered patio and just listened to the quiet yesterday and enjoyed it , just the hiss of the snow falling and the wind whispering. Then the spell was broken, a train whistle sound like it was in my backyard. Funny how sound carries when the air is thick with snow. Enough.

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More more! What a beautiful picture. Picture worthy of painting. Even if it was just in my tiny mind.

You are right, church is not a building, tis the people. Including YOU, so being in a physical structure didn't matter. But you probably got to socialize too.

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We don't realize how much we are surrounded by sound, mostly noise, until we experience total silence.
Our rare big snow event stills the surroundings, the highway may be closed and the back-country people stay home, when the power also goes out, and it often does, house-noises get silent also. I am always surprised by not hearing what I am not even aware of when it goes on.

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I second Rob's request: more, more! Your posts are always welcome and never quite enough; thus, we say "more, more"!

We had a lovely Spring day, yesterday; our temp hit 80 for a short time, but it was long enough for the A/C to turn on, automatically! I'm glad the Winter is over, but I'm definitely not ready for air conditioning -- yet. I doubt we'll get snow, but a 'cool off' is headed our way.

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I endorse "more. more".

The last time we had a real quiet day and night was after an icestorm and the following snow,The highways were closed, the streets were icy, trees and downed powerlines kept everybody indoors, even the birds had gone to shelter.

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gandle, I remember the quiet in the Norwegian Woods during the winter.

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I love reading your posts. More, more.

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This forum seriously needs a "Like" button we can hit for posts like this. Oh yeah, and a "Share" button, too.


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Hi Karen,
I'm not connected to the social media very much, by choice.
So I'm not sure what "like" and "share" means.
However, in the top right hand corner of this page, it shows that Garden Web, is linked to
Twitter, face book and pinterest
Would any of those work?

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