The parsnips and scorzonera are long gone

gandle(4 NE)April 19, 2011

and the only thing in the garden is spinach, lots of spinach. As usual, planted it the last week of August and let it winter.

Parsnips were wonderful this year, little core and so sweet. Scorzonera was good also, used the last of it to make a chowder. Really didn't have a recipe for scorzonera chowder so just winged it. If we had any more would make it again.

Way too cold to plamt anything yet but the spinach loves this cold weather and responds with more tender leaves.

This spring George has figured out how to bend over and pick the spinach leaves without falling over. He jams a spading fork in the ground next to the patch and uses it to help him get up.

Both working at the museum but it is so cold and windy that we don't get many visitors yet. George came home laughing yesterday, a lady from Finland stopped and I guess there were no other visitors for sometime and after he told her about the Pony Express, she told him about her homeland and decided to teach him to count in Suomi which I guess is the Finnish language. He said I could get to the number 2 before we both begin laughing. Must be difficult to pronounce.

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I love the enigma of your singular username. Whichever one is using the name will mention the other and then I know which it is. You write the same, and I attribute that two halves of the whole. You are the breath of spring for me.

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Most of my winter garden is gone.I planted most of it in the fall last year and it wintered over very well, but come spring the plants go to to seed.

You have spinach for spring and I have cornflowers for spring. Luv the flowers but I would trade you for some spinach for cornflowers.Next year I'll plant spinach and more green onions, among other things.

Live and learn.

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tibs(5/6 OH)

I had to look that one up. Not parsnipps, I know what they are, yum. But the other one. Scar-whats. We call it Salsify. Never had it but my maternal grandma liked it. Called it the oyster plant.

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Scorzonera---what does it taste like, gandle?
I've never heard of it before!
The name sounds like a person better be tough if they want a bite of it!

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gandle(4 NE)

Tibs and Kathy--Some call scorzonera black oyster plant but whoever named it that had quite an imagination. Like it a lot but fail to get any oyster taste from it.

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Does it taste like cabbage or something?
Just call me Clueless in Va...... :o)

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West gardener, I love your flowers. Cornflowers, poppies and fields of grain belong to my youth (before weedkillers).

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West gardener, maybe you can't eat them, but your flowers are lovely. The combination of colors is exquisite.

Is spinach easy to grow? We like it very much and buy a bag a week; it would be great to pick it from the garden!

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West---meant to say something before, but got caught up with Gandles' Scorzonera----your pics are really nice---like the vase/frame edging pic a lot---fav is the first; nothing but blue and green---reeally calm and beautiful.
'Orange Trees in background' pic makes it interesting in form and muted shades.

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gandle(4 NE)

Not sure this will help but salsify and scorzonera taste somewhat alike. I don't know how to say what they taste like. It is unique.

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Lord luv a duck, George.
Leave to you to grow and consume something I've never heard of or tasted.
If I run across it in the super market I'll buy it and figure out what to do with it once I get it home.
You and Leone sure keep me on my toes.
Only you could have a southern girl like me stand out on
the deck in the middle of a cold winter's night blowing bubbles just to see if they will freeze.

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Thanks for the kind comments. I get such a kick out of being able to grow old world flowers like the cornflower and the new world flowers like the CA poppy here in CA and combine the two.
mwheel, I would also like to try to grow spinach next year.I'm not sure, but I think it is a "cold weather" plant.

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Parsnips and salsify, yum.

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