lilosophieApril 7, 2012

I will take next week 4/8 - 4/15, after that, there may not be any more quotes unless someone comes forward and takes a week. Perhaps this has outlived it's appeal? Hate to think that.

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OK, I take the week after Lilo, 4/15/ - 4/21, hate to see it go, but I am afraid Lilo is right.

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I will keep it going as long as I'm able, could be the interest has taken a back seat to the holiday. I enjoy doing it as it give me some larnin and broadens my mind. Could that mean I am a fat head? ;^)

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I think quite a few people enjoy reading them. Not that many want to post them for the week. As long as three or four or five of us are willing, I think it's fine. I always come back to, if Suzanne could do it by herself for years, no reason we should stop if we are willing. I'm with you Don, I always learn things when I'm researching for the week. If a week has no one, we can always just post it as free for all post of the day, so people can just post for one day, without signing up. Even when I'm reclusive or hurting and don't respond to posts I generally come and read and catch up on the quotes at some point.

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husky004_(z5 NY)

I've already signed up yes I enjoy everyone's quotes even if I don't respond. I just hope everyone bears with me when i'm a bit late or i double up sometimes the days just get away from me.

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