Easter dinner

gandle(4 NE)April 20, 2014

Leone drew the museum duty today so we wont take advantage 0f the invitations we had, can't complain though. She has worked there 10 years and this is the first Easter she has had the duty. I had it 4 or 5 years ago. Since I can't or won't work there wearing the alien looking goggles guess I'll have to have the dinner ready.

There are I think 8 fat stalks of asparagus big around as my arm, well that is an exaggeration but since I've been getting a pickup load of aged horse manure the asparagus has really responded well.

Going to fire up the charcoal grill and will bake a fat chicken that some friends gave us for chicken sitting duty a number of times.. Have to boil a couple of eggs , have to have deviled eggs on Easter, isn't that a law? Leone made a cheese cake yesterday, we really shouldn't be eating such things but at our ages- what difference does it make. Oh yes, will have to have a spinach salad, beginning to get a bit tired of spinach every day and fixed in every way, But I'll be darned if we are going to let it go to waste. Once it goes to seed we will pull the plants and toss them in the back of the pickup and haul the to our friends with the chickens. Chickens love spinach too. If we could get a bushel or so tto Lilo maybe she would get even greener eggs. Enough.

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Yum gandle, your easter dinner sounds so good.
DH and I took a short , early morning drive around the neighborhood. It is amazing, even after the drought we're having, that the trees, bushes and flowers are blooming. Beautiful.
I fixed "sghetti" (family spelling) and meat balls with freshly grated sharp cheddar cheese.
Then I planted some parsely (sp) and chives. Watered my Easter Cactus, that is blooming right on time, despite my irregular care.
Our family is working on a family Christmas project for next year, and DS sent some info for that project, and said Merry Christmas in spring.

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George, your Easter dinner sounds delicious! Joan and I cooked a pork-loin, stuffed with apricot preserves, garlic and dried sour cherries (it really works!) - side red potatoes and asparagus, we had one guest, Lil, Joann's riding buddy. It was a very pleasant dinner

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Every one of the dinners would have been right for me, but my husband told me that he did not want to eat, so the ham, bisquits and the salad greens went right back in the refrigerator. Maybe tonight?

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Lilo, my tante Marit in Norway used to fix a pork-loin stuffed with fruit, it was absolutely delicious, She would use all kinds of fruits, depending on the season. Back then we did not have garlic, so she used currants for tartness, sometimes we had raisins, sometimes prunes, sometimes tart apples etc...
But always potatoes and something green.
Your easter dinner brings back memories.
Wish I was at your dinner.

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Today, DH had left over sghetti and he was happy, I fixed myself a loaded fish stew.Salmon, clams, shrimp, potatoes and carrots in a low cal white sauce with a touch of clam juice.
Now, we are both happy;

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