Trial Run For The Wedding

kathyjane(z6VA)April 28, 2011

Around 3 or 4 AM this morning, we had the scariest thunderstorm I think we've ever, ever had.

There was so much thunder and lightning all rolling over each bang, boom and flash, one couldn't tell where they began and ended. It was like being inside a huge bass drum.

Just when I thought it'd settled down, a thin sound/blue flash zapped through the room---I screamed, Roxie yelped!

I somehow got her to the stairs and we both got down them before the next BOOM! We sat in the downstairs, shaking and quaking as it all started again.

It felt like the world was coming to an end, right then and there.

Today, schools are closed or delayed all over the western, central areas of Va---


Much later---lunchtime---12 o'clock news is showing farm after farm with destroyed barns, sheds and equipment.

Some are surely tornado damge, others are from huge winds and hail.

Surprisingly, they think livestock is safe.

As bad as it was here last night, it's nothing compared to what they went through in in Alabama, Louisiana and other states.

I can't believe the destruction I just saw on the lunchtime news.

I hope everyone here is OK and safe!

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Good Grief---don't know WHY I titled this 'Trial Run'----when I finally got back to it hours later, after I'd learned how much destruction there's been in so many states, I'd forgotten about the title.

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Funny, when I read it I said to myself, getting up early are we? So it was right on target. Thank God the tornadoes didn't target you. Hope all are ok in Michael's family.

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Kathy, I live farther north than you, but we, too, had a tremendous storm early this morning--not as powerful as what you had--thank goodness--but still quite a whopper. We got two inches of rain in less than an hour and there were/are flash flood warnings in place.

With all the earlier warnings and watches for severe thunderstorms and possible tornadoes on the TV, last evening, we were a little leery about even going to bed. But by bedtime, they seemed to be moving to the east of us. Now that I've read of the awful loss of life and destruction further South, I know we were lucky.

Glad you are safe and well; saying prayers for all those who are not.

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Was out in the garden this evening; there are three limbs about 15' to 18' long, leaning up against and into the old Weeping Cherry. They are lined up, one, two, three, with ripped ends partially buried in the ground.

I can't find any tears, broken notches in this other tree they had to have come from. It's so strange---esp. how they're lined up like three elongated soldiers!

mwheel, you guys can have some REAL whoppers in your northern area----the mtns. peter out around Winchester, so these winds and storms come rolling across farms, open areas and huge housing developments with little to deflect their's like being a sitting duck up there!
I'm glad you folks are OK---just be careful..

Michael---if you get a chance, check in, please.

Where does Wanda live these days? Would she have been in these terrible storms?

Jan, are you Neil and Katrina--AND puppy all OK?

Marda, how did your neck of the woods fare?

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