Daffodils are going. Finally.

meldy_nva(z6b VA)April 29, 2011

I was up early this a.m., not surprising. Went out and pulled weeds from neglected shade bed, started about 0630 (that's surprising). Next door neighbor came over to lean on the fence about 0800, so I stopped pulling and went to the fence to catch up on the local gossip. She waves to everyone who passes by... and knows them by name; she's very much an extrovert :).

One of the local walkers strolled by, getting a wave and hello from neighbor. Neighbor calls walker over to join us; we had been discussing the fate of some of the daffies growing along my fence. (I've mostly ignored them for several years, white is not my favorite daffy color.) Neighbor gets lightbulb expression and big grin, and asks walker if she'd like some free daffodils. Walker gets big grin and sounds enthusiastic to be the recipient. I get big grin: the daffies are finally going to a better home - away from my fence. Walker wants as many bulbs as I will spare.

Heh. The last time I divided them, a small clump averaged 100 bulbs. I've got about 20 humongeous clumps to get rid of... Would it be considered cruel to give all them to the unsuspecting walker??

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No way, no how. Do you know how long it takes to get that many? I would love it. Can they carry them all will be the next question.

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Good for you, Meldy!!!
Great job!

Now, would YOU like tons of DAYLILLIES?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Snort, snort---guffaw--heh-heh-heh--snort!
(make those 'Sandra Bullock' SNORTS!)

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Digging 20 big clumps of daffodils sounds like quite a job. If the *unsuspecting walker* didn't want all of them, maybe you could post a sign saying "Free Daffodils"; some other unsuspecting walker may take the bait. :>)

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meldy,I can identify. I'm in the process of cutting down a 30 yo climbing peace rose and I want to pass on the canes, but no takers and certainly no takers in digging up the huge crown and roots.

We are starting out new once the plants are gone.

Here is a link that might be useful: Cut the flowers.

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Lucky walker! I'd love running into an opportunity like that.

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tibs(5/6 OH)

I remember those days of early gardening- lots of empty space and empty wallet. Loved those freebies from long time gardeners. The basic hostas, day lillies daffs, phlox, etc. Now I am passing the freebies on to tne newbies. I always tell them they multiply rapidly.

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meldy_nva(z6b VA)

I'll dig them now and put a part of a clump into a sturdy plastic bag. That'll be a LOT of bags, but it's easier to heft a 15-lb bag than a 40-lb box. I know it's officially the *wrong* time to divide daffies, but did this on spec about 20 years ago for a co-worker and learned that all those bulbs and bulblets survived quite happily. I'm going to take them to her; only about 4 blocks away but her house is on the main road so I have my fingers crossed for getting in/out the driveway. (35mph limit but of course drivers do 50 to 60) She & husband are new to our area; both appear to be only slightly younger than I am so it didn't occur to me to expect her/them to hand-carry the bulbs.

I think I'll add a bag of dianthus to the loot; I've forgotten the name but they are pink, sturdy, ignore slugs, and bloom all summer mostly forgiving sins involving drought and shade.

In the past, I have offered freebies; but the last several autumns have been so dry I couldn't get a spade deep enough into the soil to lift the bulbs. Digging now is a major chance, but I did make it clear to her that we would have to cross our fingers about doing this in the wrong season.

Wish I were in the vicinity of the peace rose, but (snort) not the daylilies.

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Meldy---sounds like a happy turn of events---good for you.
---liked the snort---DL's are still here if you change your mind!!!! :o)
.... you know, I've even given those buggers away in the heat of summer, and they did just great at the three new homes they went to----usually, I'd have enough energy to have at least 3 two-thirds full, garbage-bags/boxes, twice-weekly--on an every week or every other week schedule. This went on for about 5 weeks----don't think I could do it these days.

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meldy_nva(z6b VA)

Daffys are dug and delivered: 6 shopping bags of the whites and a bag of Easter Bonnets daffys (heh heh, I never did like those). I counted 2 of the bags, one had 225 large bulbs and the other 275; and a multitude of small bulbs. I felt guilty at sticking her with so many.

That's about 20 feet of the fenceline; another 50 feet still to be done. Gulp.

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