The Gang's all here!

lilosophieApril 23, 2012

The juncos have left and the spring/summer visitors have arrived or are due any day.

Meadowlarks have moved back into their high rise vacation home: the top of one of the power-line-poles, a very safe place if you fear predators

Bluebirds are checking out accommodations, they have a choice of two dwellings, take their time to make up their mind

The green heron is strolling along the pond's banks, looking his usual grumpy self

Pielated wood-pecker attaching the other power-pole, his drumming can be heard a long way

Quail pairing up, so are the wild turkeys

The tanagers should arrive shortly

Season is defiinitely changing

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Yep..............our juncos have gone as well. White crowns are still around though. Wood thrush and brown thrasher have made their appearances near my kitchen and woodpeckers of all descriptions. Saw a black and white warbler yesterday. Hummers should be showing up. They're always here by when the azalea bloom and they've been blooming a week.

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The birdies are busy arouund here also. I can't identify them by name, but they are back. It's nice to see the cycle renew itself.

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Some of the birds have already their young ones, only the weather don't play along. At the moment I use more birdfood than I did in winter.

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Lilo, reading your post made me miss living in the country.
I even miss the Blue Heron though he made himself welcome
to the fish in my pond every day. I miss the Woodcock
that used to follow me around the garden.
I talked to him a lot and he must have liked the sound of
my voice. Shoot, I talk to all my critters.

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Hi Janis - I talk to all my critters and to some either seen or unseen - heck, I talk to inanimate objects and get responses, just have to know how to talk to them, some need to be cussed and some need to be charmed

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