Tree peonies are blooming

gandle(4 NE)April 25, 2012

I have never seen tree peonies bloom this early and have never seen the volume of bloom on them. Oddly, they sre surrounded by dames rocket which adds a rather strange but beautiful background to them. Dames rocket does smell wonderfully. There are a whole bunch of naturalized camassia near. Lilacs in the background.

Still worried about hard frost if that happens there are sure going to be a lot of casualties. Spinach is about done for, eating lots of radishes. Asparagus is putting up ferns, never had so much before as we had this year. Raspberries have me worried, canes look mostly dead. Have no idea why. New growth coming up from the roots though.

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The last couple of days the mocking bird was snatching catfood because there were no bugs around, too cool; so what did I just see on the Sweet Williams - June bugs! Hello, this is still April!

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jazmynsmom(Z5 Madison-ish)

My tree peonies, lilacs and crabapple are blooming too. Everything is a month early and out of sequence this spring. Weirdness.

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meldy_nva(z6b VA)

I've had to laugh at myself: I too feel that spring has been *at least* a month early. In that spirit, I planted the front flower beds in March (after the forsythia bloomed). All the garden columnists were saying 'don't set out plants yet' and 'we'll still be hit by frost' and similar nay-says. They weren't wrong ~ a good bit of the surrounding area *did* get near-frost temps recently. One night, I tossed a light row-cover over the beds of snapdragons, marigold, petunias, alyssum, and celosia; and over the tomatoes in the garden. The next morning the temp was 38, but that has been the closest to frost in my neighborhood.

I'm getting ready to plant the beans in the veg garden. I usually do that a couple weeks after the flower beds, which are done just as the forsythia fades. It gives me pause to see the calendar is still in April.

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petaloid(SoCal 10a/24)

Spring is noticeably early here too, even in this mild climate.

The fruit trees and roses are blooming their heads off everywhere, we see hummingbirds, scrub jays and mockingbirds.

I went to a public garden for a rose show yesterday and the peacocks were putting on their own show, with a bevy of peahens in attendance.

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I like reading about your plants and how they are doing. So I'll share my navel tree saga. We planted this tree some 35 years ago and it has been a trouper. But this year it is out doing itself. There must be thousands of blooms all over the tree. It is amazing.
I've attempted to post a couple of photos on a link on flicr below. I hope it works.
The first one is of flowers and fruit. The second one should be of a neatly eaten orange, I think I know the culprit.

Here is a link that might be useful: Orange Tree

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petaloid(SoCal 10a/24)

Those are great photos -- who do you think ate the orange?

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Beautiful pictures and the oranges in fruit and bloom look like I would grab one, but honestly, I did not do the deed.

Forecast for today: 86 degrees and that is supposed to be the cool day of the week. Lucked out on Saturday, although we did not get the needed rain, we also did not get the hail which wiped out my son's newly planted garden, damaged the cars and the roof.

My granddaughter moved in their new digs 3 weeks ago, all proud, their first house. The insurance guy comes by today to assess the damage on roof and car.

Hope the rest of the week has just the normal Derby madness.

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petaloid, I suspect a squirrel, I've seen them go up the tree, pick an orange and eating it. Some are neater than others.
anneliese, I'd be glad to invite you to as many oranges as you can eat.
Sometimes RL can be a trial, so it's nice to have something that just keep doing it's thing.

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