gandle(4 NE)April 9, 2010

Was happy to see the last of the box of MaltaMeal used up this A.M. Yeah, I like Malt O-Meal O.K.

but it seemed like the box was self filling and would never run out. Leone bought an extra large box on a sale and we've been eating it forever it seems.

Maybe tomorrow I can have a couple of poached eggs and some toasted home made bread, maybe even a slice or 2 of bacon. Maybe not quite as healthful but at 83 who cares.

When I was a kid my grandfather ate enormous breakfasts, often pork chops and oatmeal at the same meal followed usually by a piece of pie. Sometimes there were a couple of eggs in there too. Of course the work he did was tremendously hard and exhausting and he always came in hungry when grandma rang the dinner bell at noon. Everything was fried in our home rendered lard but grandad certainly wasn't a heavy or even slightly fat. Dinner at noon was always huge but the evening meal very light.

With meals so heavy and what we now would consider unhealthy, grandad managed to live until 90.

If we could get real leaf lard I wouldn't mind trying it , maybe I could make 90.

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Know what you are saying. That was good HONEST food and I still eat like that for the most part other than I never have done b'fasts, so come in for an early lunch and chow down. I also use lards and suets for pastries, and have a cannister of bacon drippings in the fridge I use to fry potatoes in. That's how my Mama cooked, and she lived into her nineties too and the last time they did a doppler on her arteries, the radiologist said they were as open as garden hoses.

Her doc tried to push her into the 'healthy spreads' back in the eighties. My poor Daddy had a spasm and I warned her then that any liquid oil hydrogenated into a solid was a transfat and she'd be just as well off eating real butter. But, transfat was not a mainstream word back then, was it?

OH BTW, I am like Leone. I buy cereals in bulk, but I put them in bags in a freezer so we don't have to eat them daily. They stay fresh for a good long time that way.

So good to see you posting, George.

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Hi George, glad to see you posting again, and about breakfast no less. DH is about 10 years younger than you are and I'll do whatever it takes to keep him around and happy for at least 10-20-30 years longer. Just as I suspect that Leone want's to keep you ticking along.
Breakfast here at our house is balanced with cereal, nuts, blueberries,veggie juice and a hard boiled egg. But every once in a while we'll go all out with all the good stuff like you mentioned. Enjoy.

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George, keep up your 'spirit" and you will make it to 90 and beyond. Your soul is young so you have aways to go yet.

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Coffee here, sometimes cereal, I like grape nuts. Haven't had hot cereal for some time.

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Man---if you gotta eat something with a name like that, you might as well wait for LUNCH,George!
If you and Leone come to my house, you can have chocolate, coffee, and bites of muffins 'til almost noon, then you can have
LUNCH!!! :o)

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tibs(5/6 OH)

Never could abide Malt-o-meal. Love oatmeal, Petijohns (rolled wheat, I think). My great grand father, a farmer, had pie and fried potatos at every meal.

Since it is the weekend I cooked breakfast: Pancakaes made with some stone ground buckwheat and cornmeal from an old historic mill (I love supporting local historic sites when it involves food), bacon, coffee juice and we squabbled pleasently over the daily crossword.

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meldy_nva(z6b VA)

DH does the huge box thing, too. He discovered that they keep fine if he puts the cereals into 1-qt bags and stores them in the freezer door shelves... which is a good place only for flours and dried foods. He usually has four or five varieties to choose from, which prevents boredom. Personally, I find that one serving of any flake cereal is sufficient unto itself for inducing boredom... however, I have a good recipe for muffins that uses cereal instead of flour.

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tisha_(z7 OKC)

My Grandma loved Cream-O-Wheat. Ew. I can't stand any hot cereal.

When I was about 10, my dad decided that it was time for my mom to quit being a short-order cook on Sundays (that was the only day we all ate a hot breakfast together). That same day, was the first time I tried oatmeal. I made the mistake, of gagging. And I never lived it down. LMAO We ate oatmeal every Sunday, for YEARS. I think that whole episode, is what trained me to be able to sleep in. I'd just lay in bed, sleeping, until I smelled something other than oatmeal, then I'd get up. lol

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I am just now seeing this. I eat (ate) like that before I started work on the remodel on the weekends. If I didn't, I couldn't make it to the end of the day. You have to eat like that. George, you just enjoy all the food you want in the way that you want to. I give you permission. I've never had malt-o meal, is it like Cream of Wheat? If so, I often make that with cinnamon and don't put as much of the liquid they say it should have. I like it lumpier. It needs texture. Maybe a nice pie with a lard crust could be added to it. That'd make the texture much better!

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Hi Gandle,
I see you mentioned home made toasted bread in your post--I've been looking for a recipe for or purchased bread that tastes good & kind of "yeasty" like that my Grandma made many years ago--would LOVE some of that! As for the lard, I bought some just the other day--it's in a box on grocer shelf & not refrigerated. Some things like pie dough are just the best made with lard!

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I use lard in the suet cakes I make for the birds.
The lard I get around here looks like a synthetic product.
I haven't had enough courage to use it for anything except
the bird cakes.

We rendered our own lard when I was growing up.
Kept it in one of those BIG cans down in the cellar with
row upon row of canned goods my mother put up for the
winter. It stayed cool there year around and was a favorite
place of mine when I needed a break from the summer heat.

I grew up having biscuits, gravy, bacon or tenderloin, eggs
and homemade jelly or jams. I don't remember having oatmeal
or anything like that until I was grown. I still don't eat
anything like oatmeal or cereals, I will eat grits with
salt, pepper and butter in them but they are not one of my favorite foods.

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