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gandle(4 NE)April 8, 2013

DIL just dropped of 10 pounds of ground buffalo a couple of steaks and a buffalo roast. She heard us complaining about losing all the stuff in our freezer and I guess decided to help us fill it up again. She only stayed a few minutes busy woman but I really appreciate the gift of the meat. Like buffalo burgers but they need a slice of bacon around them. Very little fat.

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Invite me up. Sounds good to me. Have not eaten buffalo since 1958.

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Yes that was nice of your DIL to replace some of the things you lost from your freezer, but I'm curious in where she found the buffalo meat. I'm a foodie and like to try all kinds of things.
I checked around the Bay area and could not find a place to buy the meat.
I like your hint about wrap in bacon, I do steaks, burgers, even meatloaf wrapped in bacon.

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My son really likes bison burgers; I guess they are buffalo. I'll tell him about wrapping them in bacon. He'd enjoy that, I'm sure.

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Yes, Bison is Buffalo, I am surprises it's not available in the Bay Area, WG - my little butcher-shop in this town offers it at times., as well as goat chorizo

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gmatx zone 6

Gandle, you have a very sweet DIL. Yes, buffalo meat is very lean. We raise Beefalos rather than have to rebuild all our fences to contain the buffalos. There are several people around here who do have a few head of buffalos. Also, I like our animals to be able to be gentled enough to where I can be in the pasture and lot with them without worrying as much about my safety like I would with buffalo. Most buffalo raisers will not get in the pasture on foot, and definitely not in a lot, with a buffalo bull! I give our 2 year old Beefalo bull back rubs and ear rubs when he is up close to the lot....big spoiled baby - LOL

Both buffalo and Beefalo meat are extremely lean (you almost have to add some fat to make patties that hold together), they have far, far less cholesterol and are higher in protein than most other meats. Here is one site that has the nutritional values of Beefalo compared to other meats.

West_gardener, you might get on the computer and check out the American Beefalo Association site as they have breeders/raisers listed. Some of them do sell Beefalo meat - if any are local you might want to try some of it.

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Oh yes, GTMax, beefalo is very good meat, not as widely sold here as it used to be. Some buffalo is available, but most beef, other than the feed-lot commercial variety, is now grass-fed, a bit more expensive than regular beef, but I think worth it, because it is killed more local and definitely processed less mass-produced. Sometimes organic, ranch-fed beef is offered, in our area ranch-feed is really rough and the meat is very lean, you really have to know how to cook it. But there are choices and I think this is important.

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I found out that Whole Foods carry bison meat, so I'll check it out.
gmatx, I had never heard about beefalo so I did a quick check and found it interesting. So far, I have not found any around the valley, but I'll keep it in mind.
I checked out the
American Beefalo Association site you listed and did not see a chapter in CA.

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