Due to the inclement weather

anneliese_32(6)April 23, 2011

and under water lawns, the Easter Bunny will not be able to deliver eggs on Sunday. A wing of ducks agreed to make the deliveries.

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Good one, Anneliese! Maybe when it rains (or snows) the Easter Bunny sneaks into the house (down the chimney?) to hide the goodies indoors - Indoor Easter egg hunts have happened at my place many times -one has to be sure to keep dogs and cats from "helping"

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Boy, did we luck out! Afte a month of mostly rainy, inclement weather, we've had a lovely day.

My church decided to have one conbined service in the local park and invite all who wanted to come to join us. My pastor said he walked the park all afternoon, yesterday, and he and God had quite a conversation! God must have wanted this to happen, b/c though there were clouds and even one or two lone rain drops, the temp was around 70 degrees with a lovely breeze. The music and message were inspirational and all in all, awesome!

Hope your Easter was happy and blessed.

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