Unexpected help!

anneliese_32(6)April 14, 2012

I have a large patch of naturalized daffodils. There is a lot of clover growing between the daffs, too much to weed by hand on your knees and I don't like to use a hoe because I am afraid to hurt bulbs, consequently it always looks bad until the folliage has browned somewhere in June/July and I can use the lawnmower.

Right now I have an old friend out there, taking care of the clover. The woodchuck is back and munching away.

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You have a good helper there, the wonderful thing is he will not eat the daffs, somehow all animals seem to know the daffs are toxic, nothing eats the flowers, leaves or bulbs, that is why it is easy to naturalize them.

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The squirrels around here dig up just about enything, especially bulbs. I wish I had an unexpected helper.

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Weird, I have every day at least half a dozen squirrels in the yard, usual more, but the daffodils they leave alone, they don't even store the acorns and the contributed peanuts there.

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Glad the chuck is helping you. Yesterday I went out to the front porch to water the peas I had planted in some pots on the porch. I startled a squirrel who was busy digging them out. He got all but one. I was getting ready to plant some more but didn't see the pack of seeds. Ah well, must have taken it inside after all. Nope, the little rascal had already taken the whole pack off for his enjoyment. Looks like I'll have to put some hardware cloth or something to cover the pots.

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One year I planted ornamental corn, which did not come up at all. While I was planting, there were quail out in the nearby brush - seems they had watched me plant and then went and harvested the corn - forgot they can fly over the fence with ease

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Stopped for a breakfast sandwich at a local Carl's because I had two fer coupon the other day. There is a vacant field about two acres next to it and there were squirrels and rabbits every five feet with holes that they were going in and out of. Must have been many hundreds and in a populated area but close to undeveloped canyons and hills. I was wondering if I would have a National Geographic moment if a Red tail came by for breakfast too. Have no idea what they were living on besides weeds, but it did not look mowed just chewed down.

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There is a manmade park by the bay around here. There are manmade lakes, gravel and asphalt paths, and a couple of restaurants. There are people everywhere.
Yet, there are big ole hares (not bunnies) and ground squirrels everywhere. Somehow, we all seem to enjoy the place.
I know that the burrowing owl was being impacted by all the manmade stuff, so the park decided to build a manmade home for the owls and that has been a great success.

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