Idyll # 372, please don't make me find that many pills...

cheloneApril 5, 2008

OK, we've hit 100 'gin. Let keep on rollin' and I'll be glad there aren't 372 pills to find. :)

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Ah shoot! I wish I had waited to post my thesis! It made 101 on the last thread. I hope you'all go back and read it.


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Quick strafe then will be back to read later. Magnolia liliflora nigra, for Marian, bloomed in February on the west side of the house. Usually gets mildew and whitefly but is still an effective screen and relief from afternoon sun on that side of house..

This is Marian's post from last thread:

"Hi all..
I have reread and found that I neglected to answer some queries.( Now where did I hear that word before??)

Yes, Norma, that is S. prunifolia, aka Bridal Wreath in the US. A differant variety is called that in the UK ( at least that's what my Garden Plants book says ).

Chelone, my stomach has been too queasy the last day or so to cope with the dog puke! But I AM proud of your ablity to do that job. And kudos to the DH for the cleanup.

Pm2, I am thinking you may have as many 'off' days as I do. I hope YOU are feeling even better than yesterday. Your pics are great..espacially the side view of the crocus...:-)
I don't think it is the meds causing my malaise, but I am not sure just what it is. Probably a combo... That is scary about your mom and the BP meds. Glad you loved the moss covered rock. I am partial to

Woody, I didn't mean to ignore your story about your mom and her friend. It was special. I wish it had prompted me to write to someone. I used to, but it got increasingly harder and harder to do. My sis called my letters to her "books", they were so long, and chatty. It is easier for me to pick on the keyboard, and easier to correct the many mistakes that I make. :-(

Marie, if you didn't see my comment on my thread about Reed and the sounds of nature, I will repeat here that I too love them. I may be returning to my second childhood???
I loved your report, and the mental image of him 'listening'.

I could be jealous of all the lovely seedlings, but I am not. I used to have my dinningroom filled with them every spring. I quit when the granddaughters came along, and have never looked back.

Yes, Marty, I remember the pics of the humongous daylily falling out of your car. It appears to enjoy it's new home...but with my experience with them, they are hard to kill! Glad to hear that your DH is doing good. Apparently he has a very good outlook, and sense of humor.

Yes, Chelone. I love the color of the Quince. I wish the others I planted around the place would 'take'. They can be so rampant in spots that they like.

Sue, so good to see you back. Sounds like a pretty nice getaway. Thanks for the encouragement on the pics.

T, I am so happy for you that the tree cutters left a buffer between your land and their activities. I hope it will remain that way. Strange about the snow. Weird weather all around!

Saucy, you asked about my meds. I am 'experimenting' with them. At least one of the 'side effects' was a missdiagnosis on my part. I had the same type of 'spell' when I hadn't taken the Lyrica for awhile. The itch went away also, and hasn't came back when I took more Tramadol, but I am avoiding taking one in the evening. That is when I seemed to have the most problem with itching, no rash, and no hives. Today my main woes are a queasy tummy and a bad headache! Drat!

Eden, I hope the sun is shinning on you today, too. :-)
Your nursery tours sound like so much fun. Not a good idea for me though. I don't need anymore plants!
My hopes and prayers are for your mom. It must be a very trying time for you all....

Michelle, I sure glad to hear that you are having sunshine, and that the mud is drying up. There is very little bare ground here to be muddy, even in the flowerbeds. Ofcourse, it would be muddy if any digging was done.
I really dislike the new names for so many things. The Crayola thing is rediculous! Who is coming up with all this garbage? Can a body find crayons with 'normal' names?

Cynthia, is is almost useless to attempt to grow Magnolias here. The late frosts almost invariably kill the blooms. Some do succeed down in the lower elevations, and are gorgeous. Good luck on the cart for Katie.

I agree with the "before pictures" for every project. I failed to do that when Nolon build our house(s), and wish I had. I'm the world's worse to forget to do that when I am going to change something.

Wow! I think I have rambled on long enough!


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Remember when we used to see how far OVER 100 we could go before old Spikey-poo pulled the plug? Nice work, Marian! you "done good".

I am most envious of dogs that are "mellow" around other dogs. Rex isn't. He's not mean, he's not viscious, he just didn't have an opportunity to interact with other dogs early on and he doesn't now, either because no one nearby is "into" dogs and opportunities for that are scarce; esp. when the dog in need is big, loud, and scares people. He is a perfect case study in how a large dog "got his way" because his other 2 or 3 owners didn't "do the work". I am envious of those who adopt puppies because you have a lot of control over their response to you and the situations to which you introduce them. Handling and interaction at a young age is HUGE in the big picture. And that holds for Greys, too, Cynthia. Dogs that are raised for a purpose are handled routinely, they interact with other dogs. And that's a giant step forward in their social development. Every animal has its own peculiarities, but when you adopt one that has a mysterious past you have to play the hand "what's dealt ya", and figure it out as you go along. Adopting an untrained, adolescent dog is a crap shoot and a leap of faith. I still cringe when I correct Rex in public and people give me the "hairy eyeball"; it's not fun to have people think you're a jerk and mean to your dog. It's a very small consolation to know you're right and doing the proper thing when disapproval is close at hand. But it's better when you take your dog to the vet. for his morphine patch, command him to "down" and have him comply and remain there while they shave the leg and apply the patch. Or when they take hold of him and inject activated charcoal and he barely struggles. Counting pills in puke is not an act of love, it's the practical thing to do in a potentially dangerous situation. I'm nothing, if not infinitely practical. ;)

This morning the helpmeet informed me that a painting contractor was going to come by. "What are you saying to me?", I queried. Well... since you're going to be home today I told him to just "drop by". WRONG! I was immediately irritated by the assumption that I would be home all day (even thought I probably would be). I tartly told him that the next time he contacts a contractor he must speak with me first and we'll SET A FIRM TIME to meet. Sorry, I am the only one who gets to waste my time, esp. on my days off. Whenever I schedule ANYTHING I insist on being the first appointment of the day. Learned that lesson with Mum and all her medical appointments. Needless to say, it's now pushing 1:30, and there's been no sight of or call from the painting contractor... . What a surprise.

But I've finished all my piddly chores inside!

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

I should have married you Chelone....We're on the same page. Counting pills in puke is nothing. This morning I took Phoebe to town on errands and we met a nice lady who said she wished Phoebe would stay just the size she is. I told her that would not be practical for a cow herding animal. She commented on the fact that Phoebe did not bark. (She does when excited in play, but didn't this time!) Anyway, she has Bichons, so I knew where she was coming from. Then we met a West Highland terrier, age 2. I think she would have been a wonderful playmate, but her aged owner was not into friskiness or play. Poor Westy. Phoebe sat politely while I made introductions. Then she stretched her paws out in playful pounce mode, but that wasn't going to work with that lot. I wish DD's dog were nearby! They'd be fabulous playmates and Phoebe would learn good habits!

I'm off on more errands and a lesson on using a Gentle Leader with Phoebe who has been dragging her head down to smell everything instead of concentrating on MEEEE. OK, enough dog talk..

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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

Good afternoon... :-)

I always look forward to Saturday posts on the Idylls. Sometimes more posting and a 'weekend' vibe about them. Enjoying listening to Chelone and G'bug talk 'dog training' talk. :-) Sorry the dog training is triggering problems between you and DH, Marie. I can definitely understand where you are coming from and would be feeling the same way in similar circumstances. Hoping you can remind yourself what you love about the dear man, so it won't come to 'fisticuffs' [g]

Marian, I hate to hear that you are not feeling well still. I worry about you. :-) It seems like you have the responsibility for you and husband, without anyone nearby checking with you. If you were my Mom, I would be checking on you and asking a lot of questions and sticking my nose in your business. [g] But since I don't know you or your circumstances, I will try to restrain myself from asking you a million questions. You mention that you are experimenting with the med and I am thinking that you must be highly motivated to find a solution to some symptom that you are having, and I can understand that. I just hope that you are talking to your doctor about the symptoms you are having and not experimenting on your own. Feel free to tell me to mind my own business, any time. I just want you to feel better. :-)

Never did head out to CT today. I forgot that Broken Arrow Nursery is a two and a half hour drive each way and decided I was going to do some looking closer to home first. So after a Saturday morning squabble with DH, we made up and went out together and enjoyed the rest of the day. I did tell him that maybe we should just plan on having a squabble every Saturday and just get it over with right after breakfast and just plan it into the schedule. :-)

We started at Lowe's and they had newly arrived Taxus 'Hicksii' that were on my list of what I need this spring. I bought one two years ago as an experiment and it has done well but I needed a trio, so, two came home with us. We headed over to another local nursery and I got to see Arborvitae..both the Green Giant and the Emerald Green. I really like the look of the Green Giant more than the Emerald Green by far, but I just do not have room for it. It can become 20 ft around at the base at maturity and I really cannot accomodate more than 8-10ft. I have to start screening and I am suddenly in a hurry. I should have started sooner.

So, what did I see, as I was wandering around the nursery, but an 8-10ft tall Taxus Caspitata. It was marked down to $50. !! So I bought it and left it there for delivery in the next few weeks. I have to figure out where to put it. I have the other three Taxus Hicksii which won't need pruning that I will let grow naturally, but this one if left alone will not keep it's shape and will be up to 10ft wide at some point. I don't really want to prune. But I think it was a good decision. Hard to find a screen that large for that price.

That's my Saturday so far. The sun is actually out and I think tomorrow is supposed to be nice. I am hoping to get into the garden and start moving plants around tomorrow.

China landscapes and the way they design the sides of hills always fascinate me...

almost time for supper...

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Marie, my heart is almost breaking for you about Phoebe. The one thing that would absolutely set my close-to-angelic mother off was if any of us hit any animal. This even for the squirrels, of which there were thousands, I'm sure, that lived in our trees and bombed us with acorns. If one were caught on the ground, it was generally felt that recourse was necessary, and acorns would start flying in direction of said squirrel. Then my Mom would start flying through the kitchen door and it was time to take cover. It's a lesson I've not ever, and will never, forget.

Mary, I hope you stop in so you'll know that everything seeded has a bit more added for you no matter where you are. If it's a housewarming box to California, so be it. If it's a "content to be where you are" box to New York, so be it.

Thoughts are in full swing for Eden's mom.

Today planted three kinds of tomatos, strawberries, Meconopsis (?sp, sorry), Althea rugosa and potted up some container babies. Fun in the sun (lights ;-) Then out to the real sun to take off the second layer of grunge from the gardens.

Dad is here so I'll see you later! How lucky am I .....


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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Spring finally showed its nose here in the Midwest. I spent four hours this morning cleaning up in the back, came in for lunch and cleanup, off to get my hair cut, then back outside for another 90 minutes. Cleaned up beds, cut back all of last year's foliage in the bog area of the waterfall, and then pulled all of the oak leaves from the stream bed. (No water in the bog or the stream yet.)

Chelone, we had two different contractors due out here today and both were no shows.

And DH and I started the day with a little spat as well. Is it Saturdays?

Taking a break now, and then out with the church group this evening.


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We spent several hours this a.m. raking rocks out of the grass, DH was a little too agressive with piling snow this winter. Our tractor mounted snow blower also throws some rocks. We also mow right up to the road since our house is near the road and the snowplow driver pushed quite a lot of rock and gravel in the ditch this year as well. I think that after DH helped he may be a little more careful next year ;o)

Lunch was at the annual fundraising auction for the school some of our grandkids attend. I then spent some time at our church removing the spent Easter Lilies and other Easter decor. I'm part of the decorating committee.

By the time I got home, the sun had disappeared and its quite windy. It was a good drying day.

Denise, love the magnolia.


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Pm2, I am very touched by your concern. You are so right about my responsibilities, and about the lack of anyone to check up on us. My only child is our son who lives a 4 hour drive from us. None of the neighbors,( many who are Nolon's cousins) never check on us any more. I guess they think since there are 2 of us one will contact them if we need help ??
As for "asking questions" and "sticking " your nose in our business...ask and stick away!! (I need a snoopy daughter! LOL). Rather than bore everyone with my condition I am linking to an explanation below. The web is full of more sites on the subject.
This isn't a new condition. I have contended with it for at least 40 years!
Thank you for wanting to ask.


Here is a link that might be useful: link

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Pleasant Saturday evening/night , depending on your time zone. Today I saw a butterfly, a dragonfly, and numerous soldier beetles. Now the infernal wind has come up so I have retreated to the house. Many weeds were dispatched today, and though no coleus were aquired , I did pick up a 4" Ipomea Marguerite and she has been potted up and snail Âprotected. At the nursery today I saw 4" zinnias, cosmos in 6-paks and the place was crawling with customers. I got out just in time !

So Chelone, what exactly is this painting contractor supposed to be looking at ? Did helpmeet get a wild hair ? IÂm with you, they give me a time or theyÂll likely be meeting with no one-I canÂt wait around for someone to show up.

Cynthia thats quite a rig for Ms Katie. I hope she takes to it and it provides what is needed to improve her mobility. I really need to get a Eucomis one of these days, but this is not the time..

Not much of a post for me today, I have some paperwork to do , dinner to prepare , laundry to fold. Fun !

For Martie, Reine des Violettes this afternoon. A few more days and I'll have some open flowers to share !

Kathy in Napa

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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

Marian....not easy getting older, especially when your health is not that great. I guess that comes with the territory, unfortunately. Forty years is a long time to manage a medical condition. You must be an expert by now. :-) I'm very familiar with that diagnosis. Not a whole lot of help out there and a lot of confusion. I imagine you have tried a lot of different testing and treatment ideas? I found a link that you might find of interest. See below.

V....I really do think it is 'Saturdays' At least at our house, our weeks can get pretty tight for time and a lot of things get tabled until the first opportunity to talk about them and Saturday is it. Plus we both seem to be busily developing lovely plans for what we want to do with the weekend then have to negotiate the priorities. :-) Mom loved animals a lot and she also would be heartsick over any animal that was mistreated. A trait that seems to run in our family. I had an aunt that was amazing with animals. She had all kinds of pet wild animals. A crow that sat on her shoulder, a pet raccoon, etc etc. She would say that she could communicate with them somehow. Hope you had a good visit with your Dad. :-)

Denise...I had fully intended to comment on your lovely magnolia photo and how kind it was of you to go back and retrieve Marian's post to the new one...and just got distracted I guess. It is a lovely Magnolia! Worth keeping for sure. had a busy day. Our lawn goes right to the street too, with no sidewalks. We had the snow plow knock into a small retaining wall near the driveway this winter, which was no big deal. It is dry stacked and it just pushed out one large rock that will need repositioning. Usually it is just a question of sweeping all the sand everywhere and soaking the edge of the lawn with water to try to dilute the effect of any salt build up. Sounds like you have a bigger job then we do.

Kathy...Love those fat buds on your Reine des Violettes! That one is on my rose list. Funny baseball story...On the front page of the Boston Globe this morning was a photo of a girl at Fenway Park who was attacked in the stands by a hawk that had built a nest and she had gotten too close to it. I guess she just had a scratch on her head, but they had to call in wildlife experts to come and relocate the hawk's nest.

Babs, I planted my peas a couple of days ago. Very few, but they are in. I need a better place for vertical growing. I will have to work on that one of these days.

*yawn*...out of steam...

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Thanks, Pm2.I read, then added, that link to my already long list of sites in my 'Favorites'.
And thank you for reminding me that I forgot to thank Denise for copying and pasting my lenghty post from the last thread to this one!
Thank you, Denise.


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

I read it too and found it very readable and informative.

This was a bright spot today! A photo of Reed and his Daddy from March 30th when it seemed like Spring. Reed apparently squealed happily much of the way. (About 5 blocks) They were testing the bikes and have a few problems to fix before they can manage longer jaunts. Last night however, they had about 5" of snow.

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Love that photo GB.

Eden, warm thoughts for you and your family. I wish the best for your mom.

I cleaned the rest of the house today so I'm all in. Lots to do this next week and I'll be chomping at the bit to get outside and work after the wedding next weekend.
My luck it will turn cold again.

Off to bed if the cat will move over.. N

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Good morning Idylls!

Eden, I like that your parents are willing to make a road trip! I think it speaks volumes. I will be thinking of them, too.

Nick and I had the "conversation" about recliners here, too. I did find quite a few that I liked that are disquised, as Michelle pointed out. I even found that I might be able to nap in one, too, LOL! We settled on an ottoman to put our feet up, but have yet to make a purchase.

I love the magnolia and wonder if mine will bloom this year? I have Yellow Lantern, I believe.

Yesterday is a blur. What a ding-a-ling I am....I volunteered to sell Bingo cards for our Softball team....I brought Sarah with's apparently illegal for minors to be in a gambling hall.....Luckily there were other volunteers. We ended up bike riding and doing lots of laundry.

Chelone, I can't figure what's getting painted, either! Do tell.

No working on the house this weekend because the weather isn't favorable. It looks like next weekend. I'm even working in the office today so that I can work in the garden (mine and my neighbor's) next week and have next weekend free for makeover :) I promise to take pictures!

I feel like there are too many things to do and not enough time or energy! I need to make a list, I guess....

I'll be back later, since I'm in the office anyway :)

Coffee calls....

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Seems I've been dancing in the margins of the idylls lately, no time for a proper post, but today's dinner party for Back Easties Uncle Normand and Aunt Betty canceled because they didn't want to go near our house with Duncan having a sore throat. I doubt he's infectious since the rest of us are OK, but so many people have been sick with who-knows-what all winter, no one's taking any chances. It seems the efficacy of the flu shots was a complete bust this year. So the house is clean, food bought...and those willing to take their chances will join us, a smaller group. My mom commanded that Dune begin warm salt water gargles post haste, which he's complying with. No one dares confound the Memere.

Eden, the road trip to MD Anderson sounds like a great idea, possibly some experimental protocols your mom will qualify for, but a nice trip for your parents in any case. Best wishes to your family.

Chelone said something very nice, about learning to make a garden wherever you find yourself. Geography controls a gardener's destiny, no doubt about it. I think Chelone would make an ace paramedic. What calm! Marty is also amazing that way, and I've seen him in some trying situations (like helping the victim of a single-car accident we happened upon in the middle of the night, the poor man lying in the road, seemingly sleeping, snoring, but he was not OK due to serious head trauma ;(

Reed's bike photo reminded me when I used to cycle Mitch around on the back of the bike, he'd pat my back happily, but now I see the seat faces forward and snuggled under the cyclist. Nice innovation.

Ah, the Queen of Violets, a rose I've grown too. You MUST post when those buds open, Kathy.

In the seed-sprouting dept, the angelica and Euphorbia 'Golden Foam' have sprouted. I've never heard of the latter so that's pretty exciting.

The dog training travails have me mulling over our various dogs and training (or not). So much sensible advice from the idylls! The first dog we got serious about training was the giant newf Pamela, since she was a jumper and could easily bowl the boys over, who were both under 10. She did resemble a small grizzly with both paws on your shoulders. So raising the knee up in anticipation of the jump, about at her sternum, was a helpful survival tactic which disabused her of that habit PDQ. But we've never done the first-out-the-door stuff, never seemed necessary. Maybe dogs underfoot all winter brings up different issues.

Yesterday Mitch and I visted the Brewery, a 20-acre artists colony at the site of an old Pabst Blue Ribbon brewery, for the open art walk. Exhausting to explore the whole site but lots of fun climbing stairways to who knows where, walking across aerial iron bridges, not to mention having the OK to prowl around artists' live/work spaces. I really enjoyed seeing the little gardens many artists had, mostly from salvage material and tough plants -- kindred souls! (And I snuck a cutting of a Mimosa 'Summer Chocolate' (Albizia julibrissin) growing in a waste area near the parking lot...) Here's a movie I found, but turn down your speakers before hitting the link. I've got a couple not-very-good photos I may put up in a separate link. I was really impressed with this photographer, Wendy Hall
I do want to post this one photo for Cynthia. He was threading himself gracefully through the crowds, making a stealthy getaway, an artist on his heels. I stayed with them, and when he caught up with the hound made them pose for a picture. The rescued grey used to race in Tijuana until he broke an "ankle" (Not sure if ankle is proper nomenclature for dogs):

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chloehoover(z6b VA)

Greetings - happy soggy Sunday. The weathermen got it all wrong -- that rainy day of Saturday turned out to be a glorious day - I was glad a friend had cancelled out on lunch plans and got to poke around outside instead; dinner with the "kids" at our usual Thai place, and some helpful decorating advice from DD -- I even dragged her to a furniture store for decisions..

So, instead, it's soggy and chilly today; which is okay because Im just plum tuckered for some reason.

Love that rose shot, Kathy -- I've been dreaming of having that one too; but there's only so much room.

You can chuckle, Denise -- your post had me running just now outside in the drizzle to check on my Albizia S.C. that I'd managed to located by mailorder last Fall but that had suffered direly one weekend from overheat, aka frying in its black pot and no watering from the houseguest - I am so ticked at myself for not monitoring it/sheltering it more carefully before going out of town. I had planted it despite its losing all leaves and have been watching for bud break. I can report -- still none, but there is a twig that showed some green....I live in hope - it was so glorious the ones we saw at IU4. So thanks for the reminder! I had not checked on it for a few days; Im guessing its a late breaker, like crepe myrtles.

Boy, Denize, what a letdown to feel you've got some germs so party guests are loathe to join you - altho I imagine w/ your upcoming cruise no one wants to be ill again -- you can at least comfort yourself w/ that, right?

Chelone, you made me laugh out loud at the idyll tydll -- the visual was too much - can't imagine what 372 pills of anything would look like swallowed or regurgitated, LOL...

I will admit, Cynthia, that you have a point that w/ the chilly, rainy Spring in the mid-Atlantic area, bulb blooms have lasted longer and I too do see a lot more things blooming unusually simultanteously. But it's definitely been a laggard and having it rain most weekends so far is really frustrating. But I get frustrated easily, I guess.

Talk of MIA contractors -- I had one of those so far myself re estimating basement drywall; another - the TV/DVD repair place where I rushed my TV to last week - after a frustrating week of no calls, no returns, & starting to wonder if I was going to have to call police to get my property back, they let me pick it up yesterday -- and guess what -- they'd put the jammed DVD BACK into the TV and screwed it back together -- which was the whole point of them getting the thing OUT, so I could return it to Blockbuster..... it's really hard to comprehend what in the world they possibly thought was reasonable about that - esp since I'd given them $35 to retrieve it & estimate the problem!!!!!!

Yes, service and "trades" sometimes have other-world thinking -- I know, they're supposed to enjoy being independent, but still..... you have to wonder how they survive when they dont do the work or never show up....

Despite your idea of first a.m. medical appts, Chelone, which I also seek out for the same reason, I've experienced still being kept waiting for 20 mins altho I was the "first appt" at my regular dr and for blood tests, more than once -- finally, the last time when I complained and asked for a reason why I always had to wait despite it being the first appt of the day, the dr ofc excuse was "well, we allow a 20 minute window for the start of appts!" -- so that means, they dont want you on time, and start the day out 20 minutes "late" - so this would explain why one waits an hour by 2 pm..... creative scheduling.... no matter how you try to outwit these annoyances sometimes, they just keep coming up with other avenues. And, yes, I've been doing a little checking on changing drs after 20 years just because of this philosophy...

Well, Im going back to slug some more... retiring to the boudoir to read.


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Speaking of slugs... I found the first when moving oak leaves off of Betty Corning a few days ago.

Ah, an ornamental greyhound, brindle. (Thank you Denise!) I know we all have preferences in doggie aesthetics, but of course to me greys are the most gorgeous. Nameless one saved from Caliente (sp)no doubt. Lot of bad tracks in parts of US and Mexico still. Sadly, there is no breed with a privileged puppyhood or life.

I found it! 25 pound bags of Rosetone. The local nursery stopped stocking it last year and then went out of business. So I checked distributers today and found a hardware store that stocks it. Choice is 5 pounds for 6.99 or 25 pounds for 13.99. So can you see why I had to find a new source for the large bags? And conveniently located across the street from Katie's PT, so I can restock weekly if needed. Brought home 50 pounds of Rosetone and some grass seed for shade to do some fix up.

I noticed AHS is having a Bee seminar this summer and thought of Saucy. In future years she will probably be guest speaker.

Cindy, I put the AHS at River Farm on my calendar. Closer to you, have you ever gone? It's 4/18 and 4/19. If I go, it will be that Friday. It gets rave reviews for the vendors it attracts. Maybe you could go to? You don't have to buy anything. (Said perfectly straight faced.)

Bug, the photo reminds me of the 50s for some reason. Yes, the bike is modern, maybe it's the sensibility. So babyseats are front mounted now? I rode around with baby or toddler on the back for years.

Kathy, I see Eucomis SB in Lowes every single year, so you'll be able to pick one up for your new yard when you're ready. I like it as pot plant though. I've read they're easy from leaf cuttings too. I saved seeds last year and need to figure out the germ technique. Sounds like 3 months. I may experiment with GA3. (I don't need these, just enjoy the 'seed thing.')

I've been moving things in yard for a week now. The weather is perfect for it. I even popped out two oriental poopies (I'll leave that misspelling as it's more appropriate), and they aren't playing dead yet. I've always considered these the WORST things to transplant but decided to forgo the blooms and foliage this spring just to get them in the right place and off of my never ending to do list.

Katie is rooing and jabbering at me, which means next on my 'do' list is serving Sunday supper. Later!


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Multi-tasking this afternoon..task one, drinking a beer (Boont Amber , from Anderson Valley Brewing in Booneville) task two, watching the ballgame, task three Idylling ! I have chosen gardening duties today that are decidedly non-strenuous, including Standing Around Looking At Things (a vital task in my opinion). Warm weather (high 70s) are expected later in the week, with no rain in the forecast and I guess Im going to have to bite the bullet and water this week.

Its good to see Norma checking again, taking some time for us in the midst of feverish wedding prep.

Michelle, raking rocks out of grass sounds a really unpleasant chore to me .The closest I can get to that one is raking the liquidambar sticky-balls out of the lawn, the garden beds , and removing them from pots . Gloves required. Is it almost time to open up shop in the garden shed ?

PM, lol that young lady and the hawk at Fenway. I may have to Google that ! By the way, I meant to comment on that photo you posted of the terraced rice fields in China. I remember vividly as a child an issue of National Geographic that had numerous photos of these type of hillside rice operations. I kept the issue and went back to it again and again-I so loved those photos. Here in Norcal there is quite a bit of rice grown , but the fields are flat and often in areas that naturally flood in spring.

gb, I like that rig on DSILs bike for Reed-I always cringe when I see bikes towing those little trailer type things for small children. It seems so vulnerable and exposed to me.

Denise, enjoyed the link to the brewery I cant envision quite where the Pabst brewery is, unlike the old Brew 102 compound downtown by the interchange-always a landmark of my childhood for some reason. I have in my kitchen right now four vintage pilsner glasses with the Pabst logo.

Cindy, I surprised your Doc would admit to such a ridiculous practice as keeping the first patient waiting 20min on purpose. How annoying !
Reine des V. has gotten huge beyond my wildest expectations. I made the mistake of planting Polka about 6 ft further down the fence-they are fighting it out with the help of my loppers. I had also planted Madame Isaac Perriere along the same fence but have since moved her-she is not as vigorous as the other two and was rapidly being engulfed-she also has a wonderful fragrance and needed a more sniffable location.

Saucy, lol Sarah at the bingo hall. Horrible parent that I was , I managed to escape working the bingo gig when my kids were in school, although I did pull weeds at the high school a couple of times-much more up my alley !

Cynthia, I guess there is some excitement to spying the first slug when you are not in a clime where they are ubiquitous all winter long ! We even see a few banana slugs in winter here . I did a snail hunt this morning and dashed several to smithereens against the fence.

Kathy in Napa

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Hi all,

I've not had any time to read and catch up but just got home from a five day trip to FL and wanted to say hello to everyone and let you know I'm back and will post more soon.


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Wastin away again in Margaritaville...we went to a fav Mexican place for dinner and I threw caution to the wind and had two margaritas! Maybe I'll sleep better tonight. The last week I've been going to bed between 10 and 11 and waking up around 2 and not able to get back to sleep until 4:30-5. I just hate that! It was a glorious spring day here today! I cleaned up the front gardens and planted some pansies. On to the back gardens now. I was beginning to think spring would never get here. And now here it is!

Bella's always been interested in airplanes flying overhead. We're in the flight landing pattern for an airport a few miles away so have lots of airplanes going over. Yesterday Bella and I were out for a walk and a plane flew overhead. I mentioned that she should wave to the people. She was amazed at the thought that there were people in the airplane and kept questioning me about it.

Cynthia, I hope 'wheels' are just the ticket for Katie.

Kathy, I have Reine des Violettes (bonus that it's thornless) and Louise Odier. Another favorite of mine is Ferdinand Pichard. The old bourbons are my favs!

Denise, we're finally finishing up with Curb Your Enthusiasm tonight. Brad's started watching Deadwood. I'd never heard of it but he wants we to watch an episode tonight. Westerns :(

Norma, please post about the wedding. Such a happy time!I'd love (and need) to hear all about it:) Enjoy!

Cindy, glad that you've been cleared of all mold issues. Now on to the fun of redecorating!

Marian, my mom's 73 and my dad's 78. Tim lives about the same distance from you that my sisters and I live from my parents. We're 230 miles apart. I've always called them every other day or so and now just about every day, sometimes 2 or 3 times a day. I know all families are different though... I love your pink daffys. I don't have any of those but now will plant some this fall thanks to your pics.

Marie, what a great picture of sil and Reed. We used to take our kids bicyling alot and they loved it. Brad still goes for long bike rides. Me, not so much.

Michelle, I want to hear about plans for Kenzie's garden. I'm going to give Bella one of my raised beds to garden in this year. I think I'll let her plant some annuals and maybe a themed herb area like pizza or spaghetti that she can harvest and help me cook with. And she loves tomatoes so some cherry ones. I'd just love to have a large area like you do that I could design for her. We'll have fun and make the most with what we have though!

Chelone, glad everything turned out ok with Rex. Interestingly enough reminded me of my mom and our dark humor of late. They've been trying to get her to take morphin. But she doesn't like the dopey, drugged feeling and wouldn't take it. So they've prescribed dilaudud which helps with the pain but also leaves her clear headed. She was joking with me the other day that if she beats the cancer we'll have to put her in rehab to kick the pain pills. Oh, and I think once you have kids or pets, puke or poop are not a big deal anymore. Ask any mom.

I'll leave you with a link about the ways the nursery we toured yesterday is going 'green'. It is quite impressive what they've done. Click on the Flint Journal article in the link for more info.


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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

Sundays working in the garden, all?

It was cold in the garden today. Had to wear earmuffs and gloves again. Seems it is going to remain fairly cool all next week with one overnight temperature forecast at 30 degrees. Not what I think of as April weather. But then again, at least it is not snow. Weather is never typical any more anyway, I guess.

DH worked on putting the top and screens on our screenhouse and getting the outdoor table put together and out there again. Doubt we will use it this week but, you never know. I spent short bursts outside trying to get something done. Tip pruned two more hollies then took a break. Too cold to do a lot. My muscles rebel in the cold temps now. I used to be out in all kinds of weather and enjoyed it. But I still did need to make some garden decisions so I just spent more time in the house with cozy hot socks and did some research on good combos with Delphiniums. I made a second trip out to try to cut back some grasses and clean up. What a mess it seems this year. I've decided that's the end of spring clean up, I want to cut everything back in the fall and have it all neat and ready to go in the spring.

I forgot to mention yesterday that the nursery we visited yesterday is selling to developers and going out of business this summer. We were talking to the manager and he said they were paying a quarter of a million dollars in fuel bills to keep the greenhouses going and that among other things was really the proverbial straw.

I agree with you Kathy, can not do without the 'standing around looking' time in the garden and I did quite a bit of that today, too. Lent my camera to my daughter and holding my breath until it is safely home, so no pics out there today. Not a lot to see yet anyway, but it's getting there. Very excited to see all six [g] of my roses are showing growth. I bought a 'Zephrine Drouhin' on sale for $10. last summer. It is supposed to be shade tolerant and I have part shade in most of my garden. It wasn't looking too good after sitting around in the container waiting for me to figure out where to put it all summer, so at the last minute, with barely two weeks before freezing temps and first snow, we dug it in the other side of my only arbor, with a Honeysuckle on the other side. I can see little healthy growth points on it and the rest of the rose bushes as well. Hope they will have a good year. I dislike the thought of the rose and honeysuckle both growing on the same arbor from different sides for some reason, but it will have to do for now. Maybe I will get a chance to do something else by fall again. Dreaming about something like the structure your LadyBanks Rose is reclining on along the back of your house...did you have that erected?

I had a second terraced rice fields photo you might enjoy... :-) I thought this one was spectacular. How do they terrace like that? Talk about challenging gardening!

I have more seedlings showing up but will wait until I have my camera to show them and to ask for ID on a patch in one of my beds.

Cynthia, what will you use that much Rosetone for? Do you have a large collection of Roses, or do you use it on a lot of things? I haven't tried that, is it organic and do you recommend it? I'm very reassured, that if you have only been moving things around in the garden for the past week and you are warmer then we are, then maybe I am not so far behind.

Denise...sorry about your changed plans. Hope Duncan is better and that you all enjoy the leftovers. Hope you made the family favorites. :-) I remember when my kids were small, we were due to have 30 over for Thanksgiving dinner and a snowstorm kept them all home and wow, what a disappointment that was. Turkey overload for sure. [g]

I am impressed that you've had a Newfoundland! I have always loved larger dogs, espec Newfoundlands and St Bernards but I always thought they might be a tad more than we could manage. We never trained for 'the first-out-the-door' either. The one dog we seriously trained was a joy and very obedient and easy to train and responsive to every word you would say to him, so we never did feel the need to do more than the basics. I am impressed with the extent of training Chelone and GBug are reporting, and with a larger and more independent spirited dog, I can certainly understand the need for it.

GBug....Also never saw that type of seat on a bike for a child. What a neat invention!

Norma...what a busy and exciting week you have coming up...and the week after! [g] Hope there might be a few pics you could post.

Eden, I have been having the same sleeping problems the past week or so. Hate it right along with you! Your Mom sounds wonderful, such a great spirit!

Hope to see photos of Kenzie and Bella's gardens this year too.

Hellos to Saucy, hoping you have an empty memory card when the bees arrive and would love to see pics of your spring garden too.

Cindy, now decorating sounds like much more fun than mold! :-)

Deanne...did you get a tan?

Off to see if there is anything on TV for a change...


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PM2, you always find the neatest pictures.

Deanne, welcome home. Glad you're safe and sound.

Saucy, I think I remember when you got that yellow magnolia. Didn't Nick and the kids get it for you for a gift?


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The weather changed drastically today, cold and windy. We drove to the city for a little shopping. I brought home a comforter for the bed that I hope works. Jeesh, those things are ridiculously expensive. This one was ½ price, which helped with the decision. So many are light colored and dry clean only. I like my house to be relaxed, so when Kenzie wants to jump on our bed, I dont want to say, "stay off the bed, Grammas light colored, comforter because its dry clean only?" LOL

I hauled out several garden benches yesterday. First the 4 wheeler needed to have its battery charged, we bought a new one at Sears today. I hook up the trailer to the 4 wheeler and cart the benches on it.

The bike seat certainty affords little Reed better view than daddys back. We did lots of biking when the kids were growing up. There are several very nice bike trails around here.

Eden, I have lots of ideas for Kenzies Secret Garden as we are calling it these days. I hope to work on it as soon as I can so she can enjoy it with me before she moves. Rick gave me a metal heart shaped box of candy on Valentines. Im going to try to use it for stepping stones. The only problem is there is a lip that probably should be straightened. I thought one with handprints would be fun. Kenize lives near a hospital and is always interested in the helicopters. Recently she got an airplane ride with her daddy as pilot. Im sure Bella will love her little plot. Does she have the little garden tools, gloves and watering can?

Kathy, I cant believe you have roses in bud. Mine havent even leafed out yet.

Glad to see that Deanne has returned.

Cindy, Im with you and just tired for some reason today.


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Good Monday!

Add me to the list of non-sleepers lately. Think I'm chaffing at the bit to be outside in the SUN. Perhaps the glowing orb will grace us sometime soon? Saturday afternoon was the nicer of the days. Yesterday was downright dismal .....

.... but had to be outside, anyway. Took the leap and pruned roses and took down about 1/2 of their mulch. Called my compost people (same young girl answered) and asked if they had roasted cow manure. "How much do you want???? When can you get here?????" Told them enough for a bunch of roses and will pick it up some night this week. "Bring a container -- it's good and stinky."

A good shovel of cow poop now and in early June or so is all the fert my roses get, and none worse for the wear. I do cheat a bit and pull all mulch away to the drip line, dig in the poop, then recover with mulch to keep the aroma at bay.

Did pick up some -tone for Rhodies and Azaleas and Laurel.

Having a hard time keeping Rich "down." He, too, has been taking dilaudid and I wish it had just a bit more "wham" to it so he'd sit still and just walk without doing things along the way.

Pics of all childrens gardens are NEEDED here :-)

On the good town news front, a case of a town government doing something right: Until now we've had biweekly recycling. The garbage picker uppers noticed that a lot of times the bins were full to overflowing. The logic was that it means recyclbles were being thrown out. On their own, they asked that their contract be renegotiated to pick up weekly so that All recycs would be done. How cool is that? Town isn't paying much more money, residents are happy, Earth a little better for it.

With the hope that everyone has a good week, and waving to all -- you've made my last few weeks so much lighter!!!!!!


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Thanks for that link to the nursery Eden! Nick and I really enjoyed it!

I had fun at the old Pabst Blue Ribbon Brewery and think I've been there before, LOL, via a t.v. show. I can't wait to see your pictures.

The greys look like the super models of the dog world to me :) Very graceful on their long legs....or wheels, I'm sure! I hope Katie transitions to her new transportation easily.

Yes, Eden, on Mother's Day at least 3 years ago, maybe more. My "Mongolian" Tree is what Jake presented it to took me a minute to "get" what I had got :) I am doubtful that it blooms ANY color :)

Michelle, gardening with a four wheeler sounds like FUN!

My bees are on their way! I have listened to everything in class and can see no reason why I can't paint big "flower power" flowers on my hives. Bees can't see red, and don't like black, but other colors are fine. I guess I will live with some blend-into-the-background-color, but I like the idea of flowers on my hives.....

Something to think about.

I have an exciting week. Time to open the garden across the street. We'll be burning all this week and then take our first trip to the nursery on Thursday or Friday.

Well, I'd better get this show on the road. I'm pretty sore this morning from a strenuous workout and a couple of bike rides on the trails. I meet a new personal trainer tomorrow....Everything could take me twice as long to accomplish on this Monday morning!

Oh, and before I forget....PM, you have all season to move that stuff around! Cynthia's plants have wheels, didn't you know? You'll see, she'll still be moving them come fall :)


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

DD found this article of great value. I thought others with children or grandchildren might benefit too. It might even work on dogs and husbands!? Maybe I'll try it!

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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

Good morning!

The sun is out! The garden is starting to look like it is waking up and I am feeling like I am already behind I already have my list of things to do for the day and can't wait to get started. Have already made a trip out to look at where what is going and to take a photo of my unexpected seedlings that I am not sure what they are.

Take a look. Could these possibly be volunteer Delphiniums?

I don't have anything else in the bed that might look like that. Sedums, Ladybells, One Penstemon HRed that I don't even think bloomed last year and none of those seedlings look like this, right? Reminds me a little of parsley, but no parsley plants near there at all. That only leaves the Delphinium. I have a photo but the service that puts my photos into posting size has stopped working this morning.

Michelle...I had to shop for comforters last fall and hadn't had to for a very long time. Definitely sticker shock. I like things informal here too and washable. So I opted for a goose down from Ikea that as fairly reasonable in comparison to other stores I had seen it in, and then I put a Duvet Cover from LLBean on it. It is not my favorite look but what I like the looks of is not always very user friendly, so it looks good and is so easy. I was amazed at how warm I was this winter. Like night and day from previous winters.

Martie...sorry to hear you are a member of the 'no sleep' group. Even after a lot of activity this weekend, both DH and I had a shorter night sleep than usual. Next weekend we will just have to wear ourselves out more. [g]

Saucy...I am happy to hear that moving is an 'all season' activity. Just for clarification, are you talking about just perennials, or shrubs too? I never have a problem moving a perennial anytime I have a couple of shady days and it's not too hot, but shrubs make me a little more anxious not to kill them. lol


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On my way out to start cleaning up the back gardens. Supposed to get to 70F today! Then dinner at my sister's tonight with the whole family.

I move plants around all season too. Maybe because I acquire them all throughout the season. And then there's the ones that finally get plunked into the ground in October.

Michelle, love the thought of it being a Secret Garden. I have heart shaped stepping stones that I got at one of those cement statuary places. If your mold doesn't work out maybe you can find some too. I picked up one of those kits at Michaels for Bella to make a decorated stepping stone. We haven't done it yet though. Bella does have her garden tools. She loved to water for me last year with her little can. When we had to tear down our shed last summer we found our girls handprints in the cement. I'd forgotten they were there. They were so small!

Good that Rich is feeling better though Martie. Men can be more trouble that children when they're sick can't they, lol?

Ok time to get out there and get my hands dirty.


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Pm2, Here is an excellent site for id-ing seedlings:

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Good morning all,

The sun is shining and we are going to have a lovely spring day here. Im about to run to the local hardware store and get some yard waste bags and start cleanup of the beds. Id like to get the terrace and sundial gardens cleaned out today if Im able. There are finally a few things poking their heads up in the gardens and a couple crocus doing their thing. Spring surely has taken its time to show up this year.

Im a bit tired today after ten straight days of getting ready to teach, teach, pack, travel etc. and I guess Im not used to it anymore as I could just crawl up and go back to sleep right now. But, Im going to get a couple business things done and then get outside in the sunshine. Ive got to finish up a painting I sold over the weekend and get that out but Ill wait for a rainy day to work in the basement. LOL The really good news is that Doug took excellent care of the plants and everything is fine. What a great guy! He didnt even complain about the hours it took him to take care of all the plants under the lights. Hes leaving for Rochester this afternoon so we are like the proverbial two ships that pass in the night again. One of the reasons I stopped most of my business travel is that I work weekends and Doug mid week and I dont like it when we go weeks without really connecting.

PM that seedling looks like a delphinium to me. ~~ Nope, no suntan, Im indoors working most of the time the sun is out but the 80 degree temps felt pretty wonderful.

Eden, youve made me want to go find some pansies to plunk in. The color will really cheer things up around here. How neat you are planning a raised bed for Bella to garden.

Saucy, neat that youll have your bees soon!

Michelle, sounds like things are getting going in your gardens too. I cant wait to see Kenzies Secret Garden this year. What fun!

Cindy, glad to hear your house is mold free. Good news you must be so relieved.

Kathy, I love the new Idylling term, "SALAT" (Standing Around Looking At Things) I think Ill be doing a little SALATING myself today. LOL

OK waving hello to everyone! Ive got t get out of this chair and get into gear and do something with this lovely day!

Later all

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Dog walking is a great time for SALATING.

Lots to accomplish over the next few days. They say snow on Friday. I don't believe it! Well, yes I do...:(

Bought some pansies yesterday and today the garage plants have been moved outside. Shoveled off some snow on a spot where a rose will soon be planted. Need to cut grasses back etc...Started on raking too. Didn't get to the spring dog clean-up yet though I'm afraid. I can really see the skunk damage now from last Fall and it is disheartening. At least DH assembled the BBQ though. That makes my dinner prep time easier.

Later ladies!

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Deanne, great to have you back. That Doug sure is a peach. Maybe caring for the plants helped him feel close to you ;o)

'bug, I went on "Poop Patrol" on Sat.

Saucy, I love our 4 wheeler, its just the handiest.

I think I need to look for some pansies for a pot by the front door.

Eden, 70 degrees is a wonderful gardening temp. Enjoy your day. One day in church I showed Kenzie how to trace her hand. She got such a kick out of that. I had given one of those stepping stone kits to Rick's granddaughter a couple of years ago.

It will be a busy week here as one of the gals is on vacation.


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Poop patrol is now checked off the list here too. Brad's just left for work and we got lots accomplished. Bella's little playhouse and slide are on the deck ready to go. I figure if I get her things out she'll play tomorrow and maybe I can garden. Wishful thinking???? There's still much to do but I'm enjoying every second. I'm thinking I may just go up to Dairy Queen for a treat about now. A Pecan Mudslide enjoyed sitting in the sun on the back deck sounds good.

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Once more, I've fallen behind. But I'm pleased with what I've managed to accomplish today. I FINALLY took down the very wind burnt and brown Christmas decorations. (I know, I know!) I stripped all the "browns" from them, put the fake fruit into bags, and pulled a ton of staples out of the boards. All the frames are now in the bahn, awaiting the installation of hooks to hang them up until they're needed again. (would a weekend decoration making session in the Salon be fun for late next fall?).

The "real" treads and risers are now in place, as is much of the mopbard for the staircase. Helpmeet is installing the railings (both sides of the stairs, and around the landing) tonight. I will pickle the woodwork and the railings at the same time.

The stove was delivered this afternoon and now sits in the middle of the Salon. We uncrated it and I am absolutely delighted with my choice. Helpmeet thinks I should have gotten the model with the window that allows you to see the fire, but I have wanted the solid soapstone model for nearly 18 yrs. now. I can't wait to see it atop the raised hearth and against the subtle backdrop of the chimney and the walls. :)

It was really COLD here yesterday! It was barely over 40 degrees, and the stout easterly wind off the ocean (39 degrees) was miserable. I lit a fire in the stove at about 11 AM and kept it going until we went to bed. It is said in New England that "April is the cruelest month" and there is much truth in that statement. Springtime often asserts herself with biting late frosts, and the cold ocean temperatures keep spring from springing here for about 2 weeks after everyone else. I am eagerly awaiting the Peepers' songs. It will be any time now... just need a few warm days to coax them onto the stage. No Maple flowers yet, Marian, but soon!

You know, Marian, you actually do have people "looking in on you". ;) When you don't "show up" people take notice. Makes me sort of chuckle when I think that people hundreds/thousands of miles away notice when one of us submerges... . It's "virtual" checking in, lol.

Today we did a quick "walkabout" the compound's more blighted areas. I try to keep those occasions "light" as the helpmeet tends to get too overwhelmed too quickly. You'd think that after 23 yrs. he'd know that I tend to "think out loud" ... silly man. I need your good ideas, too, you guys.

In a "nutshell": the area between the road and bahn is 50' wide. Our lot is about 24" below road grade and there is a crumbling, wide stonewall along the edge of the property. Naturally, any snow is deposited on the wall/down into our yahd. Presently, there is standing water below the stonewall. We need to screen the road.
1.) Fence? or a "living fence"/mixed border?
2.) Interested in native, low maintenance plants tolerant of seasonally wet conditions and the usual roadside conditions.
3.) What sort of pictures/descriptions would pique your interest (if at all) ?
4.) Or, do I have to invite you all here and then feed you? ;)

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The painting in question is for our house. The soffits, rakes and side trim have not been painted since 1991! They're discolored from mildew and there is peeling paint on them.

The body of the house is in desperate need of a penetrating coat (2?) of bleaching oil to keep the shingles in good shape and weather-worthy.

We have to make a decision on the windowboxes, too... they'e at an age (17 yrs.) where replacement is becoming a consideration. Should we "milk" them out for another season/two... .

And the gutters are about to fail utterly. The "sag" on the east facade is directly over the front door, the one on the west side directly impacts the deck and undermines the canopy'd purpose.

We've officially moved from "new" construction to the maintenance phase our "homeowner experience". Yippeee. (we're prepping ourselves for the septic system and the roof, lol).

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Chelone, I certainly do appreciate you cyber friends that "look in on" me, but if I never was able to respond...who would know the reason? The support I get from you all is mental. And it has helped me through many hard times.

I have spent the most of the day outside (it is beautiful out), and have accomplished a bunch of odd jobs. It makes me feel soooo good to be able to do that. ( I may hang around a little longer after
Nolon is always motivated when I am out doing things, and he accomplished some good stuff also.

I have been physically better for 2-3 days now. Either it is due to the settled weather, or I have got my meds adjusted, or both. Whatever it is...I'll take it! :-)

There isn't much new in bloom yet, but I am so happy to see most of my clems growing vegorously. I am constructing makeshift trellis' for 3 that were unsupported. One that I am so pleased to see is the Nelly Moser. This is my third try with her. I planted it to grow on the far side of the Glossy Abelia at the front of the house.( The Multi Blue is on this other side.) Multi is (mostly) on a trellis, but I am planning on Nelli growing only into the Abelia. Another newish one is Belle of Woking. It is on the west corner of the house, with only small items close by, so a trellis is in the process for it. The 3rd newest one is on the southeast end of the house, and had absolutely no means of support. A trellis is in the making for it also ( the label is gone, so I will have to do some looking up to learn which it is.)

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Jerri_OKC(z7 Ok)

For all the dog lovers (don't look Chelone!)here is a wonderful email making the rounds! Maybe it's a rescue thing but I'll post it anyway.
Talk about being in 'funk'. I'm weaning off some heavy duty meds and just found out I have to go to Louisiana this weekend to meet with my waring syblings. What timing!

Goodnite all


You're not looking for them, but I found your two dogs.

Sigh. No one is looking for these guys. And I see why. They hump everything in sight, try to dominate our old doggies, try to eat our cats and pee on everything and bark at everything. Neurotic, lick constantly. They know no commands, either in English or Spanish. They are aggressive and probably lived in a puppy mill. You dumped them, probably, and we picked them up before they were killed by traffic. Unneutered, no tags, under 1 year old small males. I hate you, person who dumped these dogs. There are no lost ads on phone poles, no lost ad on Craig's list, no lost ad in the paper. We put signs up all over, put a found notice in at the local pounds and if you were looking for these filthy little ragamuffins, you would have found them. We are afraid to take them to the pound because under stress, your dogs were snappy and horribly afraid and dogs are judged by temperment for adoption placement. They would not have passed that test. However.....

They are, under their filth, mats and horrible habits, adorable. They have learned "Quiet," "Come," "Sit." They have stopped being so neurotic and we have broken most of their bad habits in just a few days. They are smart and sweet and are looking for guidance and WANT to be good little dogs. One is a purebred little white and buff guy with an underbite, the other is a brown little dog that looks almost exactly like a miniture version of a larger breed dog. They know each other and were obviously (by the same bad habits) raised (poorly) together. We will get them neutered, train them and get them into a good, loving home with people who use the brains God gave them.

If these are your dogs, come on by, I'd like to kick your @#$.

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

This is 8 miles from where I was born and raised......count your blessings!

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Another sunny day on tap and even though I'm not on the road or in the gardens so much this week, it feels GOOD!!

Oh, Chelone. I ended up redocorating a whole kitchen when I went for a bundt pan, found it grimy after non-use in the back of a cabinet, and things snowballed from there. Just one of the house projects you mentioned will make everything else look, well, worse. It'll all end up getting done and while moaning through the whole thing, when you plant those new boxes next Winter you'll be humming.

Since fences don't exist on the cul-de-sac (except for around a pool) I've become even more of a fan of living screens. On the non-mature thuga side of the house, there is a newly planted border of more Arbovitae, Duetzia, Althea in pinks and purples, and some rugged Viburnum. Even as babies the affect is really nice, and there's color from about May to October. If you don't like pastels, you could use the same shape plants and bolder colors. Something to consider, anyway, and A LOT LESS EXPENSIVE than a fence. All will put up with New England winter road waste.

A salon craft day sounds fun, even for me to whom crafts are instruments of torture (except fabric). LOL

Marian: You bring up a good point. I've wondered (my mind races sometimes :-) about if any of our DH's or kids would know to post something here if there was a horrendous incident involving one of us. Thank you for posting the weather link. Suddenly our forecast doesn't look half bad! Abelia is a shrub that will be added to the Park this year. I haven't yet found a good specimen of it, but have some nursery pals keeping their eyes open.

Eden: Perhaps Bella could plant some spinach or Sweet Peas today? Wondering if a stable will come with the playhouse this year :-)

Jerri - Will the meds help you get through the meeting? Take advantage while you can .... My thoughts are with you.

Marie: I see race cars in Reed's future ... His look is priceless. How's Phoebe been doing with the leash? How have YOU been doing with the leash? LOL

Michelle: I've put in some extra alpine strawberries for Kenzie's garden. At some point we'll need to connect so I can send them to you.

Eden, there's plenty for Bella's raised bed, too.

Anyone else? Can you tell after these years that this is one of my all-time fav edging plants? LOL

Denise -- How's Mitch? Haven't heard which side of the country he's on. Is your eastern family still around?

Isn't it time for T's elk to make an appearance?

Pansies are blooming by the light posts. WaHoo!

Deanne -- Good to have you back. Good for Doug! Sounds like a breathe in, now breathe out kind of week for you.

Bopping outta here as the sun has become blinding through the window and my cuppa needs refreshing.

Later, everyone!


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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

Good morning...

Well, even though it is early to be awake, I did sleep through the night for a change. Now I am sure I am up for the day, since my oldest son is planning on helping me move plants this morning and I will be too excited to go back to Finally made some initial decisions about where things are going yesterday and should have a pretty clear plan of action for the next couple of days at least. I saw quite a few seeds sprouting in the beds...honesty coming up everywhere, and I hate to disturb them but not much choice. I am going to try to lift some in the areas I have to move shrubs. We are also having to install pavers for access into the beds as we go along, which I just don't have enough of. Am I really ready for this? [g] Maybe it won't be as bad as I am anticipating but not my favorite part of gardening. I think I will take some before and after photos. glad to hear you are feeling better. I often find that as winter changes over to spring that I start to feel better than usual. I am sure getting sunshine helps a lot and garden season starting sure lifts the spirits. :-) Thanks for the seedling ID site link. I had a hard time finding a perennial delphinium seedling photo yesterday. Lots of annual 'larkspur' photos. Finally sent an email with my photo in it to the Company that sold me the Delphinium seed and they were pretty sure it was a Delphinium seedling. Yay!! Now if the overnight 30 degree temps have not killed them off, I will be grateful. I am almost afraid to go look. Your clematis sound wonderful. I love them, but I am vertically challenged in my garden. I have one, Duchess of Edinberg and it is just managing on it's own and didn't do too much last year. It probably needs a different position.

Michelle...I am in zone 6 and no leaves on the roses yet here either. Just as glad since the temperature this morning on the back porch is 30 degrees. I am worrying over the foliage I already have on some of the perennials. I didn't even cover anything last night. Heart shaped stepping stones sound so sweet in Kenzie's garden. Do you have a date of when they will be moving?

Martie...that is very impressive that anyone these days would make things harder for themselves to help out the environment. I am sure they would have been happier just having to do it every two weeks. Is it this coming Saturday that you are having your moving party?

Saucy...very exciting the bees are coming. So you have a 'bee box' already for them? I am imagining one of those white boxes, that you are planning on painting? Where are you going to place the hives?

Gardenbug...thanks for that link. I found it very thought provoking. I am going to have to go back and read it a couple of times again.

Eden, did you get much done in the clean up the garden department yesterday? Did you take before/after photos by any chance? Is the DairyQueen open already?! Oh Oh. Once in awhile I enjoy nothing better than a non fat chocolate yogurt, plain cone with jimmies. I once read that people in the Boston area eat a lot of ice cream, year round. I have always wondered why that is. I'm guessing your trip south was business and not vacation. Nice to get away, but how great to get home and find living plants! Kudos to your husband for taking care of that amount of plants for you. That is a lot! Could it be possible that he actually enjoyed it? [g] Thanks for the delphinium ID. :-)

I am also just dying to get some pansies and put some containers out but no time right now. I am trying to think of something different to plant in a container with the pansies for the spring. any ideas? I have about a half a dozen daffs that are about halfway up that really need moving, as i am adding two shrubs to a bed, right where they are sitting. I was wondering if it would work if I lifted them with a large rootball and filled some containers with them until they die back and then plant them somewhere else. Does anyone think there is any chance they would actually still flower if I did that?

No SALATING for me today...just rolling up the sleeves and getting something done. :-)

Chelone, congratulations on progress in the Salon and getting those Christmas decorations down. As for your low areas with standing water, I have never had any standing water. We have a level lot but there is an area that collects water when it rains where the downspouts drain, although it disappears very quickly even after heavy rains. I have been reading up on 'Rain Gardens' and I am debating whether to install rainbarrels to collect water or to design a rain garden to direct and absorb the water. I have always wanted somewhere to use 'water loving' plants. You have a nice opportunity there. I wish I had some experience or knowledge on the subject to share, but just enthusiasm I am afraid. :-) I can offer you a link to info about rain gardens though...they fit into a lot of your descriptive terms..native, low maintenance, not only will tolerate water, but will tolerate drought when the water dries up. I think they started them in Chicago but other places have followed suit.

I would try to milk a few more seasons out of the windowboxes unless you really hate the way they are looking. Will a coat of paint or stain give them new life?

Glad everyone enjoyed the rice paddies. Green in another part of the world... Sorry the photo footprint is so large, but it lost it's effect in the smaller size. It is the same size file as the rest I post, so shouldn't effect opening the thread. :-) pm2

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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

jerri, I didn't mean to skip over must have been my sub-conscious reaction when you mentioned warring siblings. Do not envy you that particular meeting. Hope it will work out better than expected. :-)

Martie, good morning, didn't see you til I posted. :-)

You reminded me of something my Dad used to tell my Mom. Everytime she wanted to just paint one room, he would tell her, no, she would end up painting the whole house. She would talk him into it, but he was usually right. Newly renovated areas beg for newly renovated neighbors. [g]

Enjoyed your description of your living fence. Which Arborvitae did you use?

Also, missed Kathy's usual evening post and hello to all!


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Last night I managed to cut back some grasses and rake a few more leaves. Lots more to conquer though. The poop patrol is mostly done, but I need to start carrying a baggy with me when Phoebe and I walk together. I carry some in the car already. I wish there were a better way of dealing with this issue. I'm going to try to find a special area for the dog to use where nature can take its course instead of sending the plastic bags to the landfill site.

This morning Phoebe and I checked out one of our paths along the creek. I couldn't get all the way because of mud and flooding still, but I could detect baby tree damage, little trees at 45 degree angles. I hope I can do something about them before their roots are damaged, but I can't swim to them!

As to the new Gentle Leader and leash, Phoebe (as expected) is not at all amused by it. I'm hoping in a few days she'll settle down with it. I know I'd despise it! It should help make her learn to walk well with us. It is a trial teaching her and also dealing with DH who constantly gives unasked for advise. I'm plugging away at it, and wishing his sabbatical were over and he'd be at the university more often. She sure is adorable though! She sleeps better than I do through the night.

They are predicting a high of 60F today with clouds...but at the moment it is around 35F. This is the time of year when there is great conflict between indoor and outdoor activity. I really want to leap ahead and get the garden under control! So much to catch up on with the mess I left behind last fall. Certain areas must wait as they are under water. But most of the snow is gone except for a few patches. It is wonderful to have daylight last until around 8PM!!!


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Sarah and I are LIVID! Skyler's 9th birthday is fast approaching. He is spending extra time with Sarah and DSIL because his Mom has the flu. (Never mind that there are 2 other adults in the household able to care for him...They are glad to have him.)

Here's what she says:
"Well, T brought Skyler home (here) after school, and told DH that they are likely getting a dog (top secret). What's more, they are probably getting a Husky.

OH MY GOD! I don't think they have a CLUE.

I am currently rather pissed at the whole idea of a 400lb guy (T) getting a Husky. Only a pet store wouldn't refuse.

I just spent the last 1/2hr reading to DH various breed summaries of Huskies on the internet and I am practically shaking I'm so angry that they would consider that. Further, I'm scared that they will get it "for Skyler" and that any training will be up to him. He's totally not ready for it yet - most people aren't even when they think they are - and I don't want to see another Husky or Husky cross going the way of Max simply because of a stupid owner.


And of course, I'm sure anything I say would be treated as complete garbage and ignored."

This is so wrong. All I could suggest is that DSIL say it is not in Skyler's best interest. But that is hard since they have a wonderful trained dog already. Maybe a Shih-tzu?

I think some sly comments inserted on dog hair, time it takes to train, large vet expenses, kennel costs, pee in the house, grooming, shots, de-worming meds...and so on might help too. That child is going to be so hurt when things don't work out and the dog will be destroyed in one way or another.
FURIOUS in Ontario...

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chloehoover(z6b VA)

Im way behind already - 24 hours and Im toast... sheesh - I am always on the wrong "rhythms" that go on here -- so a quick hello and back later....

Spent yesterday waiting for the insurance adjuster who was over 2 hours Late - no phone call, no nothing -- I didnt get to work til 1:30... but as I told them there, I need him more than he needs me so I was hostage to the situation -- I want $$$$ from the guy... an idea of carpet value, painting, all that good stuff;

this morning was a contractor coming over who was only 20 minutes late mercifully -- and he's the firm that did a great job painting the exterior 4 years ago, so Im going to be tempted to go w/ him as I know they do great work but I have a feeling he's not cheap.

But my mind is obviously on a more cheery road these days buzzing w/ the decorating ideas and garden -- I so want to be out in the garden when it's not soggy and raining. So Im thinking I'll try to combine a whole week off in a couple weeks to get the house painted, etc., and play in the yard while chaperoning the worker bees - is that a plan or what? But trying to get all those pieces together will be a challenge.

Hey, Cynthia - I did see your AHS "invite" - I've had on my to go calendar for years but never made it - I was thinking I would have to pass this year, but maybe I should have a sick day coming upon me?!!! Friday would definitely work for me; Sat would not.... I'll email you to see if we can work something out - how cool this would be! A garden lark - I want it!

okay, im sneaking this in and should have nose to the work grindstone - back later to read up on what all is happening..

I also bumped the IU thread up because Im dying to make plans for something fun like that too!!


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GB, You're on the right track with the gentle steering in a new direction. Jake is really on track with pets like popcorn right now. Rats are also a good pet for pre-teens. They're smart enough to train and be fun, and they're not smelly like their hamster cousins :)

A bird can be a good companion....rats don't live so long, but they're fun and can be carted around like the bird.

No matter how well intentioned your daughter is though, it should come from dad, in my opinion.

I shouldn't be posting now...gotta go get ready to burn.


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Well I suggested DSIL speak to the issue of where their lives will be when the dog is 15 years old. Skyler will be out of university or the army or whatever by then and the dog will be HERS. It is not a beer bottle that you can return for cash. I see lots and lots of punishment in store for the boy, all based on the puppy's perfectly predictable mistakes. His Mom has NO idea of the time and money involved. NOT A CLUE! I truly believe this is a plan to try to get Skyler wanting to remain at his mother's house only. Legally, that won't work. Besides, it will backfire royally when they have to send the dog away for whatever reason.

This is only one small issue of many I'm sorry to say.

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Sounds like more info on the breed is not necessary, but maybe dad can email this profile: Is the Siberian Husky Right for You? I can vouch for this breed's tendency to pull a "runner" -- they have a very strong sense of adventure, and if not stimulated and cared for properly they will take their act on the road. And if there's other small pets in the household, take care. My brother's husky Skydog left nothing but a guinea pig pelt in the cage of my former pet guinea pig. This is a "primal" beast in the best sense of the word, a lovely animal. 15 yrs is a long lifespan for any dog, but I suppose it's possible. Hope they take the profile. (A very strong digger too, which they seem to get huge pleasure from!)

If the purchase of the husky is a fait accompli, a good movie for Skyler would be "The Journey of Natty Gann," with a young John Cusack, about a young girl and her husky trying to find her father in a lumber camp. Gives a good picture of what an amazing companion these dogs are if treated with intelligence and respect.

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

It actually feels a bit like spring here today! We suffer from 'cooler by the lake' springs always so there's a nippy undertone even in the sun. But there are quite a few patches of 'Cream Beauty' crocuses in bloom in the front and only a few patches of snow left.

gb - it sounds like Sklyer's mother is competing with your DD - skyler probably talks a lot about Indy. A 'lap dog' like a Shih Tzu just wouldn't compete with a GS mix :-) But I agree that a Siberian is a very bad choice for multiple reasons. Discouraging her will take some tricky diplomacy though, I'm sure! Is there a set of maternal grandparents that could be recruited into the 'bad choice' camp - or are relationships shaky all 'round on the mother's side?

gb - have you considered having your DH do a couple of training sessions with Phoebe and the trainer on their own - to give the trainer more of a chance to train DH! :-) Have you ever noticed that men past the age of about 40 quite commonly start many of their comments 'No, that's not right...' or 'No, [fill in the blank]' Listening skills also seem substantially impaired! It seem to be a male form of menopause :-)

On the garbage collection question... our town has just rolled out a 'green bin' program for compostable waste. Everyone is, of course, encouraged to do home composting but the green bin also takes things like fat, meat, bones and baked goods. Once the weather warms up a bit more and our compost heap is viable again, we'll have two collection buckets - one for stuff for our own compost and one for the rest. Interestingly, the garbage pick-up schedule is now green bin, blue box (paper, glass, plastic) and yard waste is picked up weekly while the 'regular' garbage is only going to be picked up every other week.

Poop patrol only partially done here - waiting for backyard to dry out a bit more....

Liam went home yesterday; Misty is moping....

Chelone - your description of the road edge where you need screening vividly brought to mind the edge of the playing field at the rural elementary school I attended ages ago. Above a falling-down rock wall there was a long hedge of huge old deep purple lilacs that smelled heavenly when they bloomed. Ever since, I've felt that deep purple is the only 'right' color for lilacs - but I haven't been able to find any that match my youthful memory. Blue flag irises filled the wet ditch that ran at their foot.

Eden - I've lost track of the details - when do your parents reach Texas and the treatment? That's quite a trek! I hope it works out well for your mother.

Misty is agitating for supper and walkies so gotta run... I know there were other things I intended to comment on but I've lost track....

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Any excuse not to work on transcripts, right? Google informs me that the dog in Natty Gann is not a purebred husky but a wolf/malamute mix named Jed. Someone actually put a montage up on Youtube of the dog's work in the movie. I'd forgotten there are intense dog fight scenes, which look terrifying but the dogs were actually playing then audio track of growls added later to simulate fighting.

Another of my all-time fave dog movies was White Fang with Ethan Hawke and Klaus Maria Brandauer...

No help at all with interpersonal/ex-wife issues though...We're still reeling lo these half dozen years later from the divorce of my brother to one of Marty's sisters, so we've got a Rashomon's view of ex's in this family, oy...

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Rashomon here too...
The dog thing will probably just work itself out without help from anyone. Not for the best though. Poor Poor puppy...I hope Skyler is not harmed in the process.
Mother is today pulling her tricks. "Still sick". Her boyfriend drives over to pick up Skyler and take him to school. Then returns him. But ONLY yesterday, not today. That is because she managed to get him to collect the form which determines which school he'll attend next year and not let his father know about it. Except Skyler told. She did the same thing last year. Honestly, the drama!

Some photo reporting here: First pics from after the flooding, then nicer things:

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Jerri_OKC(z7 Ok)

Beautiful Pics GB. I'm so sorry about the Husky issue. A lot of fosters/rescues will not take them because they are such escape artists when they are bored. And they are almost always bored in the typical home situation.

Our rescue had an 8 YO BEAUTIFUL dog returned by a couple once. She was 'our daughter's dog' and the daughter had started college. :(

I have to admit that Meds will be utilized in the trip south. I hope we can get most of the estate items taken care of this trip.


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Jerri_OKC(z7 Ok)

I'll just let this go after one more post. LOL
I know I'm preaching to the choir. See if this helps at all. :)

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Marie, your flood mess looks awful! What a job it will be cleaning up. Thank goodness you have all those beautiful flowers to sooth your spirit.
The problems of your DSIL with his ex sounds so much like what our Tim is contending with. She has the 3 girls. He has lots of times that they are with him ( I can't come up with the right word...). I feel like she is the devil's granddaughter. :-(
It does seem like she may have improved since she got a manfriend. I understand he is pretty portly also, like Skyler's mom's friend. I don't know about there, but here the girls have the option of which parent they live with when they turn 13. Two of them are 13 and 14 now. I would'be surprised if they are staying with her out of sympathy. She is definitely not playing with a full deck!

We have returned to dark dreary weather. Not cold enough for heat, but expected to get down into the upper 30s tonight.

The trees in town are opening up their new leaves. It is always earlier there.
The redbuds are in full bloom going down the mountain, and in town. Naturally there are lots of other things blooming in town also.

Pm2, where is that lovely scene located? I was thinking Ireland at first, but then not sure.
I am not feeling as well today, maybe due to the threat of stormy weather in the air, and partly because of the smoke in the air. I think it is the Forest Service doing their controlled burns. My nose and sinus hurt and are stuffy.

I took gobs of sacked up newpapers and a bag of glass jars to the recycle center in town. Found out that one of our mountain neighbors is working there. They employ the men/boys from Special Services. I think hs is the oldest one there. Must be in his 50s, or older. Never been employed. When he saw me he said, "I think I know you". I said "Hi Lester. Yes, you know me! "

I stopped at the seasonal plant place that always opens in the spring and closes as soon as really hot weather arrives. I bought a lot of pansies and violets, and a 4 pac of white creeping Phlox. At Wal Mart I got 3 large bags of potting soil, then couldn't resist getting a beautiful perennial that I am not familiar with. It has stary blue flowers with white edges....Lithodora, Blue Star. Anyone familiar with it? I am going to research it on line. It's leaves are rather like the creeping phlox, but fleshier.


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Windy again. Jeesh. The sun is out though, but gusty winds are such an annoyance.Not goo for SALATing. Ok, so Im just a typical zone 9 prima-dona , whining about weather that would be embraced gleefully by my NE and MW friends. Its common here for winds to die down when the sun gets low, but Ill be dialed into a baseball game by then.

Marian, glad to hear that you are feeling better and got to go outside and play. I used to have Nelly Moser in my previous residence but for some reason have not re-acquired her.She tends to rebloom here in the fall . I have Lithidora in my garden, but the variety I have is pure lobelia blue-no white edges. It makes a great little ground cover here and blooms all summer. I think my cultivar is Grace Ward.

Deanne, glad your trip went well, plants survived etc..It wont be long before we are all drooling over your container combos ! Im really surprised at how many of my fuchsias are leafing out after the low temps we had this winter. I really expected to lose more of them.

Chelone, you mustnt feel too degenerate about your Christmas décor, there are two houses in my neighborhood who still have their lights up. Very tacky looking ! At least you have a bad weather excuse . Im afraid my screening plant suggestions may not be quite the thing for Maine, but I will say that if I had a busy road at my property line, it would be a fence for sure, redwood or cedar with plantings to boot. But I live in Calif, land of fences. What progress in the Salon ! Will you have a professional installer for the stove?

Martie, I also have alpine strawberries as and edging, even though they escape easily and pop up all over the place. I need to be very diligent about watering them if I want the berries to be of good quality. I use alfalfa meal on my roses and sometimes helping of Dr Earth organic rose and flower food in early summer . It amazes me how much fertilizer folks pour on roses. Ive had years when they have never been fed at all. We have had a couple of bad blackspot years and I feed then to push out the new foliage after remove the diseased leaves. I dont anticipate much of that problem at all this year since we have had little or no spring rain.

PM, that seedling site is FF ! Thanks for posing it. I hope your plant moving party went well!

bug, lovely photos and such a contrast to the snowy pics youve been posting. What kind of camera do you have ? Your close ups are always so sharp and I struggle constantly with that. I hope the ex reconsiders the Husky thing, but it does not sound too promising.

Jerri, good to see you posting again.

Woody, we have three bins for our trash here, a 55 gal toter for yard waste (you can order a second one for no charge) a 55 gal toter for single stream recycling , and I have small 30ish gal regular trash and garbage toter. All three are picked up every week.

A big hi to everyone that I failed to greet today ! I also wonder how Eileen and Babs are faring ? And Honey ?

Kathy in Napa

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Yea ! Bug is taking flower pics again.

Marian, my DIL had that same Lithodora,Blue Star in her car the other day when she stopped by. It sure is pretty.

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

I've got you all beat, except probably Marian! No garbage collection at all. Of course you know I go to the "transfer station" most weekends and that is where they hand out large dog treats. They accept appliances for a fee, also many plastics and metal cans and unbroken glass like wine bottles, scrap metal, tires, flattened cardboard, paper in many forms (as in phone books) and plain old garbage. This always amazes me because I see mattresses, garden furniture, couches and other huge or messy objects. A special area takes batteries and even took an ancient old mercury thermometer of ours. We compost kitchen and garden waste, but not bones, meat etc.

Chelone, we never got any Christmas decorations up, so this year was easy. We went to visit DD's family, so only had a big golden bow near the doorbell.

Supposed to thunderstorm here tonight. I wonder what Phoebe will think. Who was it who suggested Bounce on puppy's fur to calm them?

Cut back a bit more ornamental grass and then raked a few more leaves. Indoors I used citric acid on a filter to remove calcium buildup. I also use it in the dishwasher sometimes to remove grime and clean glasses.

The birds really are a joy to listen to...well not the geese. I'm waiting for the peepers too! Phoebe walked into the pond with DH today and was really surprised! She didn't see the groundhog nearby...but I did. :(

Marian, I'm so jealous of your redbuds!!!

Woody, DH is doing slightly better with the dog. He knows he's on my dangerous side, so asks permission to walk her. Tonight we practiced the stair routine together, something he was opposed to before. I guess he's trying to please. In any case, he now knows it is MY dog. She gets fixed at the end of the month. So soon! WOW!

Bedtime for me..and Phoebe too.
Bonne nuit!

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Martie, thanks for the offer of the alpine strawberries. They would be the perfect addition. You can email me thru GW. If I dont respond right away its because I dont check that box often. Its only for GW. You might mention when you email me on the Idyll and Ill check it.

Lucky for me that poop patrol is only a spring time chore here. When the weather straightens up she finds those far off spots where nature takes care of it.

bug, your pictures are stunning. You have a great eye. I dont even have crocuses blooming yet :o( I hate game playing especially when kids are involved.

Marian, we have the "S" word in our forecast here as well :o(

Chelone, a soapstone stove sounds so interesting.

I spent some time this evening recovering the bench seat in the laundry room. This is where DH sits and removes his boots. He also likes to leave a lot of his junk on it. It was covered 24 years ago in brown carpet. I recovered it with carpet as well. It may sound a little odd, but it holds up well and really takes the abuse well. I actually consider this a working area of our farm LOL I used a new piece of neutral berber.

Our local Dairy Queen stays open year round.


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We have no more Dairy Queens here, nor Fosters Freeze. I used to love those swirly cones-the resort we go to in the redwoods every summer had one of those cone machines til a few years ago. I have not been to a fast food/hamburger joint for I bet at least 5 years.Take out Mexican (local, not chain) is a different story. Hail Villa Corona, behind Trader Joes in BelAir Plaza.

Kathy in Napa

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Good morning all,

Well weve FINALLY gotten some spring weather. Woohoo! Sunny yesterday and the temps got to 54 degrees which seem totally balmy after the constant cold weve had this spring. Ive gotten about 40 or so of my fuchsia up to the garage to begin their hardening off. Im going to start getting the abutilon upstairs also. The sooner I can get the plants outside and the lights off the happier Ill be. I wound up losing several of my larger established fuchsia and cant figure out what the problem was. The Mrs. Lovell Swisher and Falklands seemed to be doing really well then all of a sudden they just died off. I use the same culture with all of them so I really cant figure it out. Im suspicious that they just couldnt stay dormant as long as the others and I should have gotten them under the lights the beginning of Feb. instead of late March. Oh well, live and learn and isnt gardening always a challenge. Dont feel too bad for me about it between the dormant plants and the cuttings I still have a couple hundred fuchsias left! LOL

I really wish you all could see the abutilons this year. They are just gorgeous and smothered in flowers. Ive got an A. Megatapodium that Ive been training to a standard that is just the cutest thing going. Ive also got these enormous abutilons that didnt come with a cultivar name but they are about three feet tall and m suspicious they are going to be pushing six or seven feet this year. Also, the A. Souvenir de Bonne are really looking great. Id have to say that of all the plants have under lights the abutilons are the easiest to grow under the lights.

Yesterday I got the rose and mailbox gardens all cleaned out but still have so much to do. Today Im going to tackle the driveway garden and hopefully get that entire garden cleaned of debris. I noticed several large rodent tunnels and Im hoping they didnt eat all the lily bulbs that are in that garden.

So, Dairy Queen? I dont remember the last time I had a soft serve ice cream.

Michelle, love the idea of having a bench covered with carpet. Neat idea!

Bug, Love, love, love the pics! I agree with Michlle, you really have a good eye. That photo with the wood railings on the bridge is beautiful. ~~ That garbage with Skyler and the Husky makes my blood boil. I just cant figure some people out and to use a child as a bargaining chip is inexcusable.

Kathy, great to hear your fuchsias are leafing out. Can you take some pics for me of them breaking their dormancy? It would be so interesting to be able to grow them outdoors year round.

Marian, one of the ladies in my class last weekend is moving to your neck of the woods. I guess they bought a place about twenty miles outside of Little Rock. ~~ I just love Redbud trees! Id really love to have one here but dont know where Id put it.

PM yes it was a business trip to FL so no enjoying the sunshine for me. The hotel I was staying at had a mature gardenia shrub in full bloom just outside the front doors and I grabbed a couple flowers for my classroom so I could enjoy their fragrance while I was teaching. Their perfume is just divine.

Jerri, hang in there, this too shall pass. Thinking of you.

Saucy, when are your bees going to arrive.

Martie, where would you suggest I get a nice large Rex Begonia?

Well I guess Im going to bundle (still 34 degrees out) up and go outside with my coffee and do a bit of SALATING before tackling the driveway garden. Have a great day.


PS the Hellebores are blooming! I think they are making up for not having flowers last spring.

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

I use a Panasonic Lumix, model DMC-FZ20PP. It is old by now, even though it is new in my mind. I have not mastered all of it yet and have become lazy and use automatic mode. My true secret is sharpening photos with Photoshop.

No thunderstorms last night, but a very small bit of rain. Not enough to even be noticed in the first rain barrel that we've put up. (They overwinter in the barn.)

This morning our mower will be collected. It is leaking oil and has not even been touched since that was repaired last Fall. He phoned me yesterday to remind me he was coming!!!! Now, will he show? This is a test.

High around 60F today, but then down to about 26F tonight. The S word appears in the long range forecast too. :(

This SHOULD be a day of indoor work in the morning, outdoor stuff in the afternoon. Let's see how it goes!

Have a good one!

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chloehoover(z6b VA)

Sounds like Spring is finally starting to creep into all areas of Idyll life, at least early signs. But it's a begrudging Spring isnt it? We're actually forecast to get temps again in the 30s next week in the nites - of course, this after I just gave the okay for an order of clematis to start their way towards my house! o well, I'll find some shelter for them to harden off somewhere...

Jerri - so sorry about having to do that estate trip - I can soooo sympathize -- I havent been back to PA since early December where I used to go at least once a month - My daughter swears I can only go back if I take an armed guard -- talk about warring... so sad when there's one relative (or maybe two) that is so psycho about material stuff or childhood dysfunctions they've carried all their lives -- life is too short for that stupid stuff, isnt it? I hope it goes okay for you and know that at least you get to Leave again and go home where that's what's important in your life!!

I would like some more sunshine -- feeling definitely light deprived. Perhaps it's being inside most workdays but it just seems a lot of gloom and doom weatherwise -- Cynthia is getting all the good days when she can pop into her garden and work whenever the sun pops for a few hours...

Gardenbug - how great to see your photos again -- we know it's really Spring when we start to see those from your artist's eye. Im sorry re the ex problems -- it's hard not to want to take those problems onto yourself for your DD and her family isnt it? Hopefully the dog idea will wear itself out before the event....

PM- sounds like you've been doing a lot of work despite not feeling so great -- you made some really good purchases there. I had a large old arborvitae I just took about about 2 years ago - it was too close to the house & got snow in it every year - that would split it - it eventually just started splitting and bending over everywhere - I imagine if you're just using yours out in the yard as a screen though it should work great - they are truly low maintenance otherwise.

Okay, off to the business of the day.


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Good Morning all...I can't linger long . Nolon has a follow-up appointment with his dr this morning.

I mainly want to point out that it was the 7F in Fairfield, Idaho that I was referring to with the link. Of course, that soon was no longer shown as the forecast progressed. As for snow, I wouldn't be surprised to see more even here. It is predicted to get down to 30F for weekend lows. Hopefully it will not destroy early growth. It may nip the Kiwi leaves. They will be almost full grown by then.

RE: Redbuds. Fed-X has rows of a flowering fruit tree all along the front of their large building in Harrison. They have deep reddish blooms ( and I think, purple leaves. Probably plums?). There is one lone redbud at one end of the property. I think it's lovely pinkness is much prettier than those trees. Our 3 trees are still in the process of opening their blooms. They are north, west and east in our yard.

Deanne, what direction from Little Rock is the lady moving to? Do you know? That city is quite far from us, but if she will be north or west of it, she will be somewhat closer. That area is a zone or two warmer than we are.

From my research, I think I will have to grow the Lithodora in a container.

I'd better get hopping...


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I am officially "behind" again. I have vague notions of Jerri's "estate trip", Michelle's home improvements, Marian's redbuds, and Huskies.

Busy this week mopping up the details surrounding Wreck's caper with the Deramaxx. Rescheduled the surgery. Removed recreational morphine patch. Had bloodwork done to verify that he did not completely roach his kidneys or liver with said Deramaxx. Have ensured that bloodwork results have been faxed to the clinic where surgery will be performed. Have app't. for the application of the REAL morphine patch tomorrow afternoon and the huge one is to be delivered unto the surgeon on Friday morning. Am thrilled that it's supposed to rain all weekend which will make taking him out for necessary "evacuations" especially challenging... can't get the morphine patch wet or the bandage on the affected leg wet. See why I hate dogs?

Phoebe is to be fixed soon? didn't realize she was broken... thought that was DH, 'bug. ;) I think Huskie puppies are about as cute as they come (for dogs), but the reality is that puppies grow up. And as each of us knows the shelters and rescues are full of the "grown ups"; the unfortunate acquisitions that people tired of when the cuteness wore off and reality set in. The selfishness and shortsightedness of our species never ceases to astonish me. Or the helpmeet.

I love Dairy Queen. I pass one every single day on my way to and from work. They sell Christmas trees in the parking lot in the wintertime. My personal favorite is a vanilla cone dipped in the "chocolate" flavored plastic. Only trouble is, the hot "plastic" promotes melting and one must pay strict attention to keep the drips from running over one's hand. :)

Michelle, I think the use of carpet on the bench is brilliant! it's tough, easy care, and will repel just about any sort of dirt. AND any household cat would be on it 5 seconds for their "manicure". Mud season has arrived here, too. Mud is good. And soapstone is lovely!

I am leaning toward the fence option, too, but am worried about the pricetag. If there was more space between the road and barn I'd be more inclined to a living fence. But this road is a bigtime tourist cruise and too many of them ignore the speed limit and hurl trash out the car windows (we clean up after them at least once a week). And I'm not sure I have what it takes to wait 5 yrs. for things to attain a size and mass that will provide adequate privacy. I was absolutely sick the day they cut down the trees to prepare the site, mercifully I wasn't home for the executions. There were 4-5 big ones, all had to go; they were either on the footprint or would have been killed by equipment driving over roots. I came home and broke into tears. I clearly need to delve into PM2's rain garden link!

Jerri, Cindy, anyone else... I don't quite know what to say about warring siblings. My brother and I have exchanged a few cross words but that was more about the uneven relationship with respect to Mum's care. As for the remaining assets, there hasn't been any friction. There were a couple of things in my aunt's home I had my eye on that he mentioned, too. "I think you should have them." "You sure?" "Never been more certain in my life.". We have a joke that all we've inherited is "on permanent loan". I worry about the family home; neither of us is in a hurry to sell it, but doing so may be the expedient way to handle it. I wish you well, and do whatever you must to get through the experience in one piece. DARE=Drugs Are Really Excellent. ;)

Not much to report about the Salon. Treads and risers are in place. Helpmeet was not paying attention when he put up the brackets that will support the hand rails... consequently "swiss cheesed" the left wall. I have filled the holes, curbed my temper, and reminded myself that while inconvenient and irritating, it's not the end of the world and I have NO idea whatsoever how to accomplish the task. He's in charge of infrastructure, I'm in charge of aesthetics (sort of).

Closing out with thoughts for those ailing (too many!) and those challenged by the vicissitudes of life. Neither of which are much fun. I'll try to get more caught up!

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Good evening all....

Nolon got a good report from his doc. This doc does much less tests than the previous one. No X-ray about every trip, as before. The local VA office is working to get Nolon's benefit back. We got a notice in the mail that he has an appointment at the Fayetteville,Ark. hospital the 23rd, for re-eavaluation; tests on hie lungs; and tests on his "bones" ( with I presume means the problems he has with his back and legs).Ennyhoo, I mentioned that to his doc, and he (the doc) was adament that Nolon not let them change any of his meds. He apparently has a pretty low opinion of their choice of meds. He did say it is good for Nolon to maintain a connection with the VA, in case he needs their hospitalization or nursing home services.

We stopped at the Compton One Stop for hamburgers and fries on our way home. The neighbor woman who owns it is trying to sell. She thinks she has a good prospect. She has really fallen done on her services, and her upkeep of the store, so it will probably be a good thing to have new owners.

I did more odd jobs outside this afternoon. Mostly trellising the clems, and fencing susceptible shrubs and clems. It is such a drag to have to fence evrything...but I just can't set back and let the hooved rodents eat it all!

Believe it or not ,,,the 's' word IS in the long term forecast! So far 30F is the lowest low. That shouldn't hurt any of the mew growth, not even the Kiwi.

RE: Huskies. I am pretty sure my youngest half sister had one. I know she had a Malamute.( It's name was Keno). She spent 10 summers in Alaska with her husband and two daughters, on the Kenai Peninsula. Brought the dog (or dogs) back with her.( I wish I could remember the details better.) I do know she grew tired of Keno and had him put down. ( I am not proud of that) :-( Her excuse was that Keno was a one woman dog, and wouldn't take up with anyone else.

RE: Alpine strawberries. I grew some from seed many moons ago, and still have their offspring, but not to excess.We also hae the native wild strawberries. They DO reseed excessively...or send out log runners everywhere.The sparse fruit is very tasty.

Re: garbage and recyclables (sp),Our county recycles metal cans, plastics and aluminums...I don't know what else.They sell white plastic sacks for them...a dime apiece. They pick them up on wednesdays, along with the back bags of trash. ( And again, I forgot to put mine out!) As far as I know, they do not take glass or news papers. ( Guess I ought to check and find out.) It is no problem to take them to Harrison's recycle center.

RE: geese. I saw one lone goose flying South this morning. Poor thing!

LOL Chelone..." didn't realize she was broken" !!

I don't have to do poop patrol. Most of our cat poop is covered. The only problem is the fairly new neghbor to the north . His Great Pyrenees thinks our yard is his potty! And with all the woods around his place and ours ! What's with that?

Michelle, that is great that you re-covered the bench with carpet. Nolon brought home a set of dinningroom chairs from a fire job, many years ago. He re-covered the seats with carpet, after restoring the wood. I consider them rather nice chairs. :-) I admire you, and other women who can do that. Actually, I never tried.

We have Dairy Queens around, too. I don't think they are open in the winter.

Deanne. so glad that you finally had some spring weather.

Marie, I wish I would remember to have Nolon service my Rider. One cousin next door has already mowed her lawn, and I heard a mower going today somewhere not too far away.
I wish I had a new one. I have never been too pleased with it. ( It is a "White" [brand, not color.]).

There were "warring siblings", in my family, after my mom passed. Mainly it was the oldest half sister. She had the "vulture syndrome" ! It all worked out okay. We figured if she could live with her behavior, we could too.
"Stuff' isn't all that important when all is said and done.

My dear sister ( and I do mean the 'dear') took care of all the legal stuff. She did it willingly, with no complaints.

It was surely slow here, on the Idylls, today. Hope all is well with all....


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We have the western redbud here, Cercis occidentalis, which is a California native and very suited to small gardens. I particularly like the multi-trunk aspect.

bug, I dont have photoshop, but another program that supposedly has pic-sharpening capabilities. I guess I oughtt to give it a try and see what result I might get. Sure would be nice to have some good farewell pics of my roses this summer.

Cindy, dont feel too badly we are still getting frost here in the valley, although its been pretty much a roof-top thing the last few nights. My plants on the ground are quite unaffected.

Deanne, maybe you should consider a freight elevator to get all those plants up to the garage. Below are a few fuchsia pics I took when I got home today. The one in the ground is Voodoo. We are told not to cut back until all danger of frost is past. I always jump the gun on that though ! This is the first year in a while that Voodoo has not sprouted from any of the branches left on. It basically died back to the ground this winter.
Second pic is Gartenmiester, which I kept under the eaves up against the west wall of the house. Third is Dainty Angel Earrings , which held foliage all winter I had it stashed under an evergreen Viburnum.

Off to bring in the trash-toters...

Kathy in Napa

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Well Phoebe is broken...housebroken that is. The fixing, well you know, I don't want a half dozen baby puppies!

No Dairy Queen close by. I'm glad to say no MacDonald's close by either, though I do see their garbage in the ditches now and then.

No warring siblings thank heavens in our family either! The paper work was a big drag for me, but they paid me extra out of the estate for that and it was a kind gesture.

The husky and schooling issues transcend reason. Very draining. On the good news front, DD and DSIL have decided on an evening 1/2 hour of silent reading for the family. Sarah says this is the best thing they've done together to date. Everything gets done before dinner, then dish washing etc, then PJs and tooth brushing and then choosing a book. It has worked really well this week so far. Skyler's choice for the first night was a picture book. The next night a more advanced book with writing and pictures. Last night Skyler chose the book about the "Heroic Sonata" of Beethoven. They are listening to it at school so he is pretty keen. It's a pretty big book and he found a big ruler and was using it to read, going down one line at a time - which shows he was actually really interested in the book! DD hopes they can keep this "quiet time" and that Reed will look at his little books then too, eventually.

All this is a result of my questioning DSIL's punishment by "grounding" the kid. Bannishing him to his room without any understanding why was a foolishness I did not understand. There he had his computer, cell phone, books, goldfish, etc. He needed MORE family time, not less I thought. Being the thoughtful fellow that he is, DSIL agreed and came up with this new successful plan which can only improve family dynamics.

I'm bushed, probably because of outdoor clean-up of the hellebores. Three wheelbarrows full of junk and still not done yet. I'm not as young and limber as Deanne!

A demain mes amies,

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Hello all,

I think I'm in my annual "adjust to spring schedule" slump. I'm further behind than Chelone is! But I thought I would do a short drive-by.

A begrudging spring indeed! After a small burst of warm weather last weekend, we had 1 1/4 inches of rain yesterday and they are predicting up to THREE inches tomorrow. And the dreaded S word is in the forecast for the weekend. The bright side is that the nice weather last weekend made me realize I have a few things to finish up in the house, so if it is yucky I have my motivation to get the house really cleaned up.

Both of the dogs have gone off to bed, and I think I shall join them!


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Jerri_OKC(z7 Ok)

Hi all. I'm about pooped (I'm not sure if ANYONE says that outside of my family!).
I wanted to post the happy side of rescue for a change.
Check out the 'Happy Tails' link for our rescue. It's a great little story. That's why we all do what we do. :)

Good night.


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Interesting travels today. It was very foggy this a.m. I nearly took out 2 deer on our gravel road. As I got to the highway, which is a sleepy little rural highway I was confronted with lots of traffic. The will be working on the 4 lane highway that is 3 miles over this summer and all the traffic is routed down our road. On the way home on the 4 lane they were aerial seeding the ditches. Its a little freaky to have an airplane hovering in the ditch right next to you.

I got a sore throat last night and didnt feel too bad today until I got home and all of a sudden I felt like crap. After a 3 hour nap, Im feeling pretty good again.

bug, we did a family reading time in the evenings and my kids loved it. They especially like series of books. As they got older we all took turns reading. They especially enjoyed the Laura Ingalls Wilder books. Since she grew up in this area, we even made a trip to one of the local pageants in Minnesota one summer.

Chelone, how much fencing would you need? Could it be DIY? DSIL installed one around their backyard to keep the dog and Kenzie corralled. The living hedge is a great option except for the number of years it takes to be effective.

Deanne, I have one abutilon but can say it certainly isnt my easiest indoor plant. It looks poorly. Now the fuchsia and rex begonia have to be the best looking plants I have under the lights. The fuchsia actually had one flower on it last week. Im just pleased that most things seem to be hanging in there.

I think Ill hit the couch again - I'm pooped (yes Jerri we say it too)


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Jeri, that link was so sweet..I hope that nice young man is on a road to many years of important pets..

We had reading every night when my kids were little.There was always a mild competition as to who got to sit next to me on the couch. I can't even count the times I read The Runaway Bunny, Chubby Bear, Goodnight Moon, The Monster at the End Of This Book, and Here Comes a Bus. 20 years later and I can still recite the da*m things, lol !

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Good misty morning! We've got fog, which can only mean that a warm day is on tap. No Snow forecast here.

Growing up, reading was just a way of life and all of us did so thinking that reading for a while each day was just something everyone did. My first "sleepover" at a friend's I pulled out my book and expected everyone else to do the same. Alas ......

Deanne - Big Rex are hard to find intact but (forgive me, everyone) I'd suggest looking in the supermarket. Our local Stop and Shop has pricey but really nice plants. Is there a Lexington Gardens near you? They may have some, too.

Jerri's link was the perfect way to start a day! Worth the work, indeed. Perhaps Marie should send this to DD, etc. to give to Skyler's mom and show that pound pups will undoubtedly give as much if not more enjoyment? I think the animals are grateful and that just adds to the love.

Chelone -- how far is the road from the bahn? I'd be careful about plowed snow on a solid fence.

No major family stuff, here. So many of my sibs had different physical and mental challenges that we simply looked out for each other and still do. My parents have everything set up for when they pass, and my sister volunteered to be the organizer since I take care of my DB. I know how incredibly lucky I am. Remind me I said that during the next Probate Hearing :0

Hoping Sue pops in....


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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

A fly-by post... I just had to copy this from The Globe for Jerri:

Rabbit Island gets thrown to the dogs
An Alberta vet has bought the $2.2-million deserted land as a haven for her pets, some of which were rescued after hurricane Katrina

From Thursday's Globe and Mail

April 10, 2008 at 4:48 AM EDT

VICTORIA When a foursome of pit bulls set paws on Rabbit Island, the 15-hectare chunk of unsullied wilderness off the Sunshine Coast will be a world away from the filthy, hot crates the dogs called home for six weeks.

Rescued after hurricane Katrina chewed up the U.S. South, the dogs are owned by Alberta veterinarian Pilar Gosselin, who, with fellow Alberta vets Dave Brace and Dave Szentimrey, paid $2.2-million to buy deserted Rabbit Island as a refuge for the traumatized pups.

After a cold, one-hour visit in January, the deal was sealed with the island's former owner, California-based Orange Coast College. Dr. Gosselin knew her "special needs" pets, which spent six weeks sitting in feces and urine-filled crates under the scorching southern sun because animal shelters were overwhelmed after the hurricane, would lap up the place.

"I've committed myself to making the dogs' lives better," said Dr. Gosselin, a vet since 1993, when she graduated from the University of Saskatchewan. "They can be themselves, not cause trouble, not evoke hostility."

California sailor and businessman Henry Wheeler gave Rabbit Island, named for its shape, to Orange Coast College in 2002. Now, instead of a dozen scientists roaming the unique habitat to document five-centimetre long grasshoppers or resilient cacti, a menagerie of tough canines will enjoy a dog's life.

Last month, Dr. Gosselin, who said she would choose to have dogs over children any day brought three of her seven dogs to Rabbit Island for their first holiday.

"The dogs loved it, and the opportunity to run in and out of the lodge at their leisure with nothing to get into trouble with," she said.

By summer, all seven of her dogs will have spent time on the island, where they will have a permanent attendant to look after them during their stays.

The lucky seven include rescued pit bulls Katrina, Ripple, Louie, Faye and shepherd mix Swami, plus the Canadian canines Jack the Rottweiler and Sprout the mutt.

When they're not vacationing on Rabbit Island, the pets fill Dr. Gosselin's small house in downtown Canmore, Alta. Daily walks are in shifts of three.

Regular residents in Canmore are supportive, but neighbours who spend only the weekends are less tolerant.

When hurricane Katrina struck the U.S. in 2005, Dr. Gosselin, 40, knew she had to do something to help the abandoned animals.

"I chose to be an advocate for animals. Animals can't advocate for themselves."

For three weeks, she volunteered in the heat and havoc in the small Mississippi community of Tylertown, two hours north of New Orleans.

Dr. Brace, Dr. Gosselin's partner at her Canmore vet clinic and also her partner after-hours, joined her for two weeks.

Hundreds of traumatized animals passed through the St. Francis Animal Sanctuary, where toxic sludge was washed off their bodies and medical needs were met. If the animals were lucky, they were then shipped to new homes.

One year after Katrina, thousands of dogs remained homeless. So Dr. Gosselin and the Louisiana Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals gradually flew about 35 of them to Alberta.

All were adopted except for five "special needs cases," now members of Dr. Gosselin's family.

Hearing that the dogs would have access to their own island, Judy Pfister, the St. Francis shelter's vice-president, welcomed the change.

"It'll be a 2-million-per-cent increase in their quality of life," she said.

While St. Francis doesn't euthanize its animals, the pit bulls, bred to attack other dogs, were unlikely to be adopted and would have lived out their days in a kennel.

Many more Katrina dogs could be rescued by Dr. Gosselin, but Rabbit Island isn't destined to become Dog Isle.

Only after a dog dies will a new one take its place, she said.

The deer and other critters that share Rabbit Island aren't on the pups' supper menu.

"The dogs won't be allowed to harass the wildlife," Dr. Gosselin promised, adding that they will be trained to stay away from non-canines.

As the dogs get accustomed to the new surroundings, they will spend increasingly longer periods on Rabbit Island so that Dr. Gosselin and Dr. Brace can travel.

The island has a lodge, four cabins, a bathhouse, a desalination plant and equipment to produce solar and wind power, and Dr. Gosselin intends to preserve its ways.

Finding a caretaker won't be difficult.

Suddenly a swell of friends have come forward, hoping to reel in an invitation to Rabbit Island, accessible only by boat or float plane.

"The island concept is everybody's dream. You say the word 'island' and everybody kind of goes crazy," she said.

As for the $2.2-million price paid for the secluded dog haven, "There's houses that sell for 10 times that in Canmore," Dr. Gosselin said.

Special to The Globe and Mail

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I think Martie thinks its Friday :) I hope Sue pops in, too.

Not much time this morning. I seem to be cutting everything short these days. We're burning in the garden again today. Amazing what one day of clean up does, and you can't imagine how wonderful a fire of dried herbs actually smells :) The lavender, thymes, rosemary, all smells good.

Next week we'll be planting :)

Jerri, that linked pup reminded me of my first dog, Daisy. She was a very good first dog....but she was not very well behaved (my fault). She was a cocker/dauchsand teacher gave the pups away. I wish I could see her again! We certainly were good friends.

Deanne! Welcome home. Your babies are doing very I seem suprised? Nick set me up with the coolest grow lights that fit right into my kitchen pantry, so I can take care of everything easily! I do see that I could outgrow this space quickly if I'm not careful. I need to show you all a picture of his handiwork, but I'm waiting for a few more leaves to sprout.....

I've gotta go....cut short by the bus. There was too much good stuff to look at on Idyll this morning!


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Good morning all,

Well I worked outside all day yesterday and I mean ALL day. I was pretty pooped, yes Jerri, we say that here also! LOL I got the whole shed garden cleaned out as well as most of the fence line on the west side of the yard. It looks like the rodents have made meals off my Clematis Odoriba and hostas in that bed. Im hoping for the best. I also raked most of the back yard I just have the east side to finish. I also cleaned out the Sundial and half of the Terrace Gardens. Im really happy with how the soil is looking this spring. I amended heavily with our homemade compost last year and Ive got earthworms galore. LOTS of things are starting to pop, the Thalictrum, Actaea, Chelone, and the Baptisia is an inch tall with beautiful purple ends of the growth. Its so exciting this time of the year to push back the winter debris and see the new growth.

Im not expecting as good results in the Driveway Garden as it looks like something took a laser and tunneled the entire garden between the snow and ground. It is truly a mess and looks like there was a rodent carnival there over the winter. Im hoping I have some bulbs left. I had a lot of mature lilies in that bed and Im expecting the worst.

Chelone, I bought some inexpensive reed fencing at HD last summer to put on my chain link on the west side of the property. It provides privacy and didnt cost an arm and a leg. It wont last too long but if you plant small shrubs it should last long enough for them to get some size.

Thanks for the info Martie. Interesting that I bought my large Rex at the grocery store a couple years ago. I think the plants they sell come from Canada.

Michelle, scary about the deer! Glad you didnt hit one. My DD had a friend that totaled her car from hitting a deer.

Kathy, LOL about the freight elevator! No kidding! ~~ Thanks for the fuchsia pics. That Voodoo is looking great even though it lost its top growth.

Marian, I dont exactly know where in AK outside of Little Rock my friend is moving. ~~ Glad to hear NOlon got a good report from his doc.

Great story Woody!

Saucy, how great the plant babies are all doing well. Looking forward to seeing pics of the light set up. It does get addictive you know. Soon you'll have acres of lights too.... ROTFLOL

OK Im going to get out of this chair and see if I can finish up the back yard today. Its supposed to rain the next three days so I want to get as much done today as I can.

Have a great day everyone!

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Rancho Los Alamitos and Fishie/Beth made a grand start to my day. I will NOT be sending the wonderful Beth story on because Skyler's Mom would twist it into proof that he needs a Husky. She is always right it seems. (But why is she so miserable?)

It is chilly here, climbing above the freezing mark now and I hope reaching at least the mid 50sF. In addition to a visit to the guy making new insoles for me (such fun..) I hope to get a chunk of gardening done before rain and snow, sent by V, arrive. A neighbor wants to come see Phoebe, which is fine, but she is a talkative whiner and I fear that will cut into my progress.

As to family reading, Mom read LONG books to the 3 of us over time. It was difficult for me, being the youngest and not understanding the plot or remembering over time what was going on. This is the one I remember best:(I was 8)
The Woman in White:
This is an epistolary novel written by Wilkie Collins in 1859, serialized in 1859-1860, and first published in book form in 1860. It is considered to be among the first mystery novels and is widely regarded as one of the first (and finest) in the genre of 'sensation novels'.

Skyler needs to learn to do things on his own and find pleasure doing them. Also he needs to calm down before bedtime. So "independent reading" done in family company should be good for everyone...if they can keep it going! I always told parents of my reading students that the best technique to getting their kids reading is to watch Mom & Dad get great pleasure from reading.

Breakfast is needed to get me going for a long day.

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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

Good morning...

I started a post yesterday but wasn't able to finish it. Not going to be able to do more than a mini catch up but wanted to at least say I have enjoyed everyone's photos and...

Marian...not sure where that photo was taken, it was an old one I had without a caption. I would guess either England/Ireland/New Zealand, where they still keep sheep? Glad to hear of Nolon's positive doctor visit. You sound like you are doing better too. :-)

Kathy....I think it is Martie that is having a plant moving party although my son did help me move plants Monday too and we got a good start on things. Thanks for asking. :-) Your fuchsias are looking good! Two of my kids really enjoyed Goodnight Moon. Middle son was a fan of Where the Wild Things Are and Chicken Soup with Rice. Daughter had a favorite about a family of pigs whose name escapes me at the moment. I seem to remember huge amounts of catsup? [g] Once I got my first library card, I got a lot of use out of it. Nancy Drew stories were a favorite.

Deanne, sorry for the loss of your fuchsia and for the mystery of why. Glad you have a lot more to console yourself with. Gardenia is one of my favorite fragrances, too.

Hoping to get PHotoshop Elements 6 once the new version for MAC comes out.

Cindy...thanks for sharing your experiences with the Arborvitae. I had wondered about snow weight in the winter. I will have to google it to see if tying them up is recommended or if some cultivars are better with that than others. Monday was a day in the garden with a good start but the thought of what I still have to do, is a little overwhelming at the moment.

Gardenbug....congratulations on success with Phoebe, that is good news.

Good luck jerri and chelone with what your weekend is shaping up to be. Michelle, hope you feel better.

Missing Ei...

Foggy morning?

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Oh!!! I've been there and just loved walking along The Wall with DS when he was 12. Yikes, almost 25 years ago! It was a lifetime experience.

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chloehoover(z6b VA)

Wow, PM, you do have the most marvelous photos - no matter where they come from - they are food for the soul.

I came in a wee bit late this a.m. - I made it a point to stay home to open up my Crownsville Nursery order that arrived a couple days ago but had been sitting in its box because I've been patio door/carpet shopping at nite - too pooped (yep, me too) at nite to do anything else.
It was still looking great and has me all excited -- it's supposed to be 70 today - o to have vacation leave to throw away and stay home to plant those guys as well as move some things today... but at least it started the day off w/ some positive jolt of spirit - I hope to carry it the rest of the day.

Deanne - sounds like you did a yeoman's job already outside -- that's quite a workout. I love your expresssions -- "rodent carnival" -- funny but not funny in reality.... It seems animals are just another aspect of the challenges to gardening, if it isnt Mother Nature...

Not any more time to catch up right now, bummer. Eeek on the idea of more snow, V!!!! -- pls keep it West.


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

The storms last light were the heaviest yet. Not only is our county road washed out at hte head of our drive...the lower end of our drive is also.I called the county judge's office this time and asked for help. But almost worse than that, the lightning took out our TV ! I am debating whether to get it fixed, or to spent mega bucks on a new one.

Re: pooped, my family has always used that word for meaning 'tired;exhausted', that is also the dictionary definition. Way back when I was much younger, I said I was pooped and was severely chastized by one of Nolon's distant cousin's wife ( another native Idahoan). She thought I had said a 'nasty" ! LOL

Back to our driveway...I spent some time out there attempting to devert the water that was running down it. I raked rocks and gravel out at the head, and raked leaves out of the drain ditch on towards the house. I think it helped some. Nolon worked on deverting the water around his 'shop', and cleaned out the pond's pour-off a little ( it ran over the bank a little on the house side.)

Lunch is a-preparing, so I must go tend to it( Stouffer's Frozen Teriyaki Chicken , it looks and smells good! ), and I have worked up an appetite!


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chloehoover(z6b VA)


I just have to mention I remember Woman in White by Collins and loved it too! -- I lusted after moonstone gems as well for years after reading his books... When I was about 12 an aunt gave me some Mary Stewart books and that got me into "gothics" and romances -- but I was so enthused I read all the "classic" firsts that spawned the moderns -- Jane Austen, Wilkie Collins, of course, all the Brontes... and all the old, old mysteries from the 19th c. & turn of century.

Luckily I was able to foster a love of reading with my own DD as well...

I have a hard time imagining what a world would be without hard copies of books and libraries -- a concept that might happen within our lifetimes w/ the evolution of technology and the e-books -- I cannot fathom cozing up to my i-phone to read a book or some sort of e-screen to read books...

A report from metro D.C. -- a marvelous mid-70s day full of sunshine -- gorgeous, gorgeous.... ate at outdoor cafe w/ a friend and we moaned about wanting to be home in our yards. There are crowds around and the sidewalks are packed w/ folks and tourists enjoying some real Spring, fleeting as it might be. I think my winter pallor might have taken on a fresher hue....


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Looking at PM's photo-of-the-day, it really begs the question: How did early explorers possibly convey what they had seen without photos? "There was a very large wall snaking across the landscape, as far as the eye could see..." "Oh, yes, like George's rather large garden wall." "Well, no, actually quite a bit taller and longer." Those intrepid souls with the "exploring" gene sometimes are solitary, uncommunicative types, not given to flights of verbal fancy..and we know they were early on mostly men, so probably lots of grunts involved ;)

What great stories on the rescue front, island resort life for disadvantaged canines, happy endings indeed. All you dog experts probably know this, but I recently absorbed the fact that the "work" we've bred dogs to do, herding, racing, for example, is a manipulation of the dog's hunt/kill instinct, with the dog bred and trained to stop short of the kill. Same moves, impetus, motivation involved. Also, that wolves with "juvenile" characteristics were instinctively selected: "Compared to wolves, many adult dog breeds retain such juvenile characteristics as soft fuzzy fur, round torsos, large heads and eyes, ears that hang down rather than stand erect, etc.; characteristics which are shared by most juvenile mammals, and therefore generally elicit some degree of protective and nurturing behavior."

Books and libraries, Cindy, I agree, indispensable. We're still limping along after the burning of the library at Alexandria, I feel. (Anyone else hooked on Engineering an Empire hosted by Robocop/Peter Weller?)

Eden, I think we've finshed off CYE too. Our connection to Deadwood was the actor Ian McShane and the lovable rogue of an antique dealer he played in the British show Lovejoy. Marty tuned in to Deadwood at work (all the cable channels there but not at home!) to check him out and said, You won't believe the words coming out of Lovejoy's mouth!

Nice to hear Rex is back on surgery track, Rich is mending, Phoebe is having the big-girl surgery, Cindy's basement is drying out and reimbursement due any day, the Salon is percolating, Katie is getting wheels (neighbor's dog did great with wheels) and the bees are due to arrive soon. Saucy, we've been watching the English comic Eddie Izzard recently on Netflix, and he speaks of a moment when even the most seasoned bee keeper realizes, "Help, I'm covered in bees!" So don't be ashamed when your moment comes, lol.

I'm trying to pretend I'm not way behind and can't possibly catch up without an obnoxiously lengthy post, so won't try. Michelle's commute sounded unnecessarily exciting yesterday. The Secret Garden for Kenzie sounds perfect, what a gift from grandma. She'll need that book soon too. The weather seems to be all over the place, with Marian getting more than her fair share, but signs of spring are very encouraging. 'bug's photos amazing. Can't wait to experience more of your springs!

Maybe sending Deanne a tube of Ben-Gay will offset some of the guilt I have over the huge amount of work she's doing and the pure enjoyment I'll be getting when the photos start rolling in. Let me know, Deanne!

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I hustled home to get Rex and head on out for the real morphine patch. There were 4 messages on the machine, all related to that fool dog. First surgery was a GO. Second, surgery is a no-go as the surgeon is going to be late and there will be inadequate recovery time with a vet. on duty. Third, the morphine patch app't. is cancelled. Fourth, the surgery is scheduled first thing on 4/18. I am feeling rather discouraged; I so wanted to have the worst of the recovery period behind us by the end of April. Ahh well... it'll be what it'll be. Sigh.

I think I need to take the fool outdoors so we may soak up some rays and warm weather before it all goes away tomorrow. April is the cruellest month!

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Hi everyone

Hope everyone is well - sorry to hear Rex is in for more surgery. I'll have to read more for details on him and the other Idylls, I had time for only the briefest skim. We have crocus and iris reticulata blooming and they lift my spirits every time I walk by. I'm trying to ignore the weathermen's promise of snow come weekend. We also have a clean garage after literally dugging our way out of the winter accumulation of leaves, debris and clutter. I filled an entire reclycle bin with compostable materials - no wonder our kitchen floor is a constant mess tracking through that lot to our back door.

GB - I love the silent reading time. We do just the same whenever we have an evening at home and we all enjoy it more than any electronic entertainment.

Things have been busy here with music. Annie is playing a movement of a Vivaldi Concerto at the end of the month and I will play along with her to get her over the worst of her anxiety and nerves. It has been fun practicing together and I think things are starting to sound good. Annie has played several times before a judge in music festivals but never to an audience (the thought terrifies her) so I think it is an important hurdle.

David is playing at the same recital with the string orhcestra. He too is performing Vivaldi, the beautiful slow movement of Vivaldi's guitar concerto. It's such a cool thing for him to be able to do. Fortuantely he has the performers temperament and can't wait to play for people. Keep you fingers crossed for us all.

It's been an odd week as DH is in Japan and has been out of phone contact. He usally phones twice a day when he is out of town so I've been feeling really cut off without hearing his voice - we've never gone this long without talking. Fortunately he is back late tomorrow night. We will have a few days together in Manhattan nest week which we're really looking forward to.

Time to go back and catch up on rereading this thread. Waving to you all


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You mean the English dramatic actor Eddie Izzard? LOL, I follow he and Minnie Driver on The Riches...a cable t.v. show to be ashamed of watching, I'm sure :) He said he always wanted to be a dramatic actor (and is happy with his role in The Riches) but comedy paid the bills....odd, huh?

Mid May for bees from Maine....I can't wait, I can't wait, I can't wait.

I got my brug order today! Wow, 30" tall! Peach versicolor and Pink somethin' or ' an epiphyllum, too.

Also got my mountain biking bum says thanks for sure.

Chelone, outdoors is a good place to give that fool dog his beating :)

I have purposely not looked at the weather, though you guys are scaring me :) D.C. sounds like fun today - wish I could've joined you for lunch!

I saw a house wren in the garage with nesting material...I waited until he left and then locked them out.


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Ok, Mary, LOL at going to Manhattan to nest. 'Nuf said :-)

Martie, flying today but not on American

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Given our weather right now, nesting in Manhattan sounds wonderful. Over an inch of rain today, but the ground already was saturated, so there's a lot of standing water everywhere. And the heaviest storms are yet to come.

I had an amazing stroke of good luck recently. A couple of weeks ago, I was getting gas out of town, ran my credit card through the card reader and stuck it in my pocket. Four days later, I went for my credit card (no wonder there's a recession coming on; V. didn't use her credit card for four dyas!) and it was nowhere to be found. Sinking feeling in stomach. I searched my purse, my jacket, the car - no sign. I checked the account on line and nothing had been charged since my gas purchase. As I thought about all the automatic payments set up on that card, I got a headache! I adopted the Scarlett O'Hara approach and decided to worry about it later.

A couple of days later, we get an email from the credit card company. They are "upgrading" the card and have sent us new cards with a new card number. AND they are notifying all the automatic payments to change to the new account number. The new cards have arrived, the old, MIA card is no longer valid, and the card company is sorting out the switch for me. How sweet is that! There may be a glitch or two, but I would have had that whether or not I lost the original card.

When I was growing up, I loved to read but we never had family reading time. I just used every opportunity I could grab to curl up in my favorite chair and read. We used to get the Scholastic Book fliers at school and I think the books were only 60 or 75 cents at the time. I would order a stack, and get another stack at the library every three weeks. Would you believe I still remember buying my first hardbound book - I was out of college and felt like a millionaire because I could buy a new release instead of waiting for the paperback. It was The Thornbirds by Colleen MacCullough and I bought it in November, 1977!

Speaking of reading, I came home from a meeting yesterday with a stack, so I should shut this down and dig in. Stay dry!


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Yes, that Eddie Izzard (does he wear eyeliner on the Riches, lol?) The Netflix with the bees is called "Glorious."

No deer to worry about, but here's what I almost plowed into today, up on the Palos Verdes Peninsula. They've naturalized up there, a fact I remembered simultaneously with astonishment at the sight of it, wheeled to the curb, camera at the ready:

So Rex is off the surgery schedule again?! These delaying tactics will not stand, Rex, get on with it already! Have a great time in Manhattan, Mary. Hearty wave to all.

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I came home today with 3 more bales of compost for my rose garden area the weeds have been a mite too prolific, so a bit of smother mulching was called for. These are the sights that greeted me as I did my SALATing today..

Ingrid Bergman

Bolero-an impulse purchase from last year


My tree Peony that gets no more than three flowers on it and blooms for one week tops...but sooo exquisite !

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

So today I was raking and then moved some branches to an unused area, then picked up 3 sticks and heard a crunch. It was my right knee. Tell me it won't last long! I have a puppy to train and a garden to tend in a serious way!

DH took me for a drive. It is hard to get my leg into the car! It is hard to go UP stairs. Sigh. But the destination was a nursery and we collected 3 hellebores, some violas and a geranium. They do make me feel better. We visited Nora the baby German Shepherd on our way home.

The rain begins tonight....
I'm pooped!

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

So it is rainy and windy and disgusting outside. A very short walk for Ms Phoebe this morning!

I'm not fully awake really, so I will instead share this slice of the world with you...

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Wow! What eye candy this morning! I love peacocks! My friend in TN has peacock and guinea fowl for pest control in the garden.

And the roses! Kathy, your garden is really coming to life before our very eyes!

GB, I hope your knee is better this morning...though I suspect not. Hellebores should sooth you somewhat :)

Hello Mary! A roost in Manhattan sounds perfect. You two are literally on opposite ends of the Earth! Sometimes it just feels that way :)

V., that was a stroke of good luck! Sometimes things just all fall right into place.

My head is swimming with bee ideas this morning. I have been reading about different ways to keep bees and I think I want to try something a little different from what I've been hearing in class. I just don't do chemicals :) I don't like them in the garden either...not because I'm a snob, but because I don't want to mess with storing them, having the right safety equipment to apply them, and worry about what they're doing in the ground water. I think in general, that I would like my bees to do their own thing, and allow me the privelege to witness this phenomenon and maybe let me taste the honey :)

Does that make any sense?

I'm looking at either going frameless, or using frames with smaller cells - I'll link an easy read website for confusion's sake.

Speaking of reading. We have "quiet" time here. Jake has never been a reader, and the pressure to read can be great if you're trapped in a family of readers :) He does alot of sketching, origami, and lego building....these all require some critical thinking :) He does enjoy reading his Nat'l Geographics, just not books....maybe too much pressure since reading is required in school!

I have been reading self help books on sprirituality, and I have to say, it's quite the snooze fest. I'd say that I'm bewildered by what is written and wonder who these "people" are that the books are directed to....then I roll over and see my husband deeply engrossed and telling me how eye opening this all is....

LOL....he needs a day in the garden.

Anyway, off to the gym....I didn't tell you all about my passing out at the gym and nearly puking, did I? I signed up for 5 more sessions with the personal trainer...I'm obviously not ready for the triathlon :)


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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Chamber of Commerce breakfast has got me running late this morning.


Hopefully more later...


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Hi Sue!!!! I think that was you, that blur that just passed.

Saucy, our Sarah's DH is into reading spirituality books. She takes it all with good humor. He's been through a lot in his life, and just getting together with folks to discuss all this is a help to him. She lets him search for who he is, for his soul. She joins the group occasionally, but the garden and hiking and canoing are her true spiritual place. His Dad gives him grief about it though, talking about his "commune" and "sect". DH told him to relax, that there's far more things to get excited about than someone concentrating on love and peace.

The knee is much better today, but I'm still cautious.

Renewal of insurance is on the agenda and I need to push DH into making sure we are appropriately covered. A big issue is barn insurance. It is never enough. It is very difficult to get any coverage at all, so we'll see what surprises this year brings. Tonight we must determine the area of the barn and report back to the company.

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chloehoover(z6b VA)

I was sure I posted something here today... I must be daydreaming...

Chelone -- I'd like to know what that Rex did to bribe the vet - to postpone the inevitable.... but so frustrating for you Im sure.

V- that sure was lucky re the credit card - dont you just hate it when you do something like that?

Whew - some gorgeous photos -- I cant decide what I like the most the "naturalized!!!!" peacock, the fantastic rose shots - so fresh and dewy -- or those incredible hellebores. Gardenbug, do those hellebores have names? They have such a wonderful fringe to them - altho that colored one has an amazing color....

I'm doing another lunch hour at my desk trying to catch up on prep work for my investment club meeting on Sunday, directions to carpet shops for hunting tomorrow, and various other silly things I dont seem to have the energy to do at nite...

Altho, I do have a Plantaholic confession -- in inspecting patio doors at Lowes, I just happened to wander into the garden area and a jasminum polyanthmum hopped into my arms -- it brought back wonderful memories of my trip to Spain 5 years ago - the stuff is everywhere there blooming its fool head off -- I've been coveting it ever since -- the 18" blooming vine was only $6.98 - a cheap annual at that rate -- altho I would like to think I will overwinter in the house -- in the meantime, it's sitting on my front step to greet me with the incredible scent as I pass by til it gets potted up.... You just never know what you're going to find....


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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

'Nesting in Manhattan' :-)

Feeling a little less overwhelmed with the garden this afternoon, after my eldest son spent the morning moving shrubs and perennials for me. Wasn't that so nice of him? :-) Have four roses pruned and one left to go. Yippee! We finished up just as it started to rain. I hope these moves will be more to my liking and the plants liking than the last go round. Another couple of mornings like that and I should be in pretty good shape. I hope I didn't kill anything and that we will both be able to walk tomorrow..[g].

Speaking of which, so sorry to hear about your knee Gardenbug. Right at the start of the growing season, I hope it resolves quickly. Is it something you have had a problem with before? Also need to review all our insurance policies but not sure when I will get to that.

Saucy, I didn't realize that they used chemicals in bee keeping. I think it's great that you are going to try to do it without the chemicals. Good for you! Has to be better for the bees as well. Who knows, maybe the problem with hive deaths has been the chemicals and not the mites. Your determination to proceed with your physical training is admirable. I hope you can find a way to do it comfortably. :-) Do you keep your liquids and electrolytes up?

Peacocks naturalizing? How amazing to live there being able to see them on a regular basis! Majestic!

Kathy, your Niobe looks so velvety I can almost feel it.

Love the Hellebores..Gardenbug. Scrumptious! :-)

Hello Sue...

Credit card scares enough to make the stomach a little queasy....V...glad it worked out so brilliantly for you. :-)

Having Jasmine envy here Cindy... :-)

Waving to all those not showing up yet today. Hoping for a lovely weekend for everyone, despite the weather.


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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

Oops....just remembered, I wanted to tell Marian I hope you can get a new TV. Actually, the old non HD TVs seem less expensive to me than they used to be. I hope that TV was very old and ready to go anyway. Maybe a surge protector for the new one?


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The difference between the coasts is nicely illustrated by Denise's photo of a free range peacock and Saucy tale of locking a wren out of garage.

Cindy, Great score on the J.polyanthemum. A lot of what I grow in pots is for scent when I'm on the patio at night. This year's additions are Cestrum nocturnum (night blooming Jesamine) and Tuberose. Select seeds delivered the Jesamine yesterday, not sure when the tuberose are going to show up. I wanted to start those a bit early in pots too.

For Chelone's entertainment I'll share my sewing machine story. It's warm here and I've removed Katie's nightgowns when we go outdoors. But she's still bald and losing fur too (drugs). So I've been sharing my pricey Neutraceuticals sunscreen with her and she smells good and is protected. But I can't keep slathering her in sunscreen, it could get messy especially when she lays down and twigs debris and grass clippings stick to her. So I bought a sewing machine to make very lightweight little cotton coats for her. I haven't sewed in 35 years ok? I'm still working on the pattern, making cuts and adjustments to get a draft coat before breaking into the cute fabrics. Well. The fellow in the store gave me a 15 minute tutorial on the basics, and then I read the manual. This morning I found some scraps to practice on. I didn't like the new fangled presser foot. Looked more like a club foot. Checked the other types of feet to make sure the right one was on the machine. Decided I was stuck with this odd new design. Fabric shifted as I sewed. Seams not straight, is this poss sign of Parkinson's? Rip out rip out rip out. Not working. Go to web to see if I can buy a more traditional foot. Then the light slowly comes on. I realize that I have somehow lost the foot and am sewing with just the 'hub' ....for lack of better term. Found foot in car, attached foot, stitching is much improved! My draft coat and the cutesy fabrics for when I get the kinks worked out. Hopefuly before her fur comes back.

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Cynthia, you are a prize! lol. Man! do I wish you were a bit closer.. I have an overstock of machines of the "home" variety, in particular a "cherry" Singer (c. 1940, complete!) that I would gladly send to a loving home. Pragmatic and organized, as I know you to be, the sunsuits will be a roaring success, I'm sure. The visual of Katie slathered in sticky sunscreen elicited a few audible guffaws. When do her wheels arrive?

So now we have 2 knee cases... 'bug and Wrecks (we don't call him Wrecks for nothin'!). I'm sorry to hear about that. Take it easy and give it plenty of time. Helpmeet has an issue with his knee, too. I am of the opinion that it may require surgery, but he's still babying it and until he is willing to actually go to a doctor we'll never know for certain.

I thought of Michelle this morning in the nanosecond required to hit the brakes before hitting the GD deer in the road. It wheeled, nearly falling, before it bounded into the puckerbrush. Shoulda hit the gas and "culled the herd". Rats with long, graceful legs and pretty eyes... good eatin', though!

OK, Saucy... I wanna hear YOUR puke story. :)

Marian, I could give you one of 3 TVs we now have stockpiled. To tell you the truth, I'm quite sure how we ended up with so many retirees... I suspect (dimly recollect) that they came from my late aunt's home, Mum's home, and ? It's all too confusing. I have so enjoyed your Ozark spring, BTW.

Denise, I've only just barely looked at your shots. My bet on the large draft horse would be a Percheron. A tall, upstanding draft animal from France. They were the preferred mounts of the French cavalry... able to carry a large man, supplied, and haul the caissons as required. When I was a kid the local vet. decided to indulge his lifelong passion for draft horses. His 6 horse hitch of Percherons was really something to behold (greys, all in the 18 hand range; that's 6' to the withers, where the neck and back meet). In the '70s, the harness for his hitch was in excess of 11K. He used to go to Canada for good stock and the teamsters with the skill to train the horses and HIM in the nearly lost art of driving large hitches. A "team" is 2 horses, a "hitch" is 4,6,8, etc..

"Free range" Peacocks cracked me up, too. :) excellent.

I have done nothing in the gardens, save SALAT. It's been cold, the ground is still really wet, and I'm still focussed on the Salon.

Reading... the old lady was a librarian. Our household was filled with books from my earliest memory. We didn't have a "quiet time" to read, but our big thing was reading aloud while Mum was preparing dinner. We did that all the time. If the delivery was halting, or unsure we were asked to go back and read it silently and then reread it aloud for the ENJOYMENT of the listener. Punctuation becomes much easier when you read aloud. :) I have very, very fond memories of visiting with the librarians, riding my bike to the library, and writing book reports was never a drag. Reading is a transportation ticket that never expires. "Paddle to the Sea" was a favorite when I young.

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

Katie is obviously going to be 'pretty in pink'... :-) I look forward to seeing the elegant long-legged model....

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The weather has been nasty here. Windy, rainy and just a touch of snow. We were lucky to be just on the rain/snow line. Next week shows much promise though.

The peacock, roses and hellebores are just lovely and a joy to see on a dreary day.

Bad enough that Rex has to have surgery but then all the drama that goes with it is just too much.

Nancy Drew was one of my favorite series too. My mom was a huge reader and I remember going to a used bookstore frequently as a family. We could even buy comic books! I guess she figured that at least we were reading.

Deanne, I hope the rodent damage is very minimal.

Cynthia, sorry but I nearly spit cappachino on my screen reading about your new fangled sewing machine foot. The fabrics are cute though and perfect for a special little girl.


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Cynthia, it was always bobbins and tension for me. Every item had one HUGE mistake: the leg in the sleeve hole or some such nonsense. Knitting was easier somehow.

I hear more about bum knees these days than ever before. It must be the ailment du jour. DD's FIL just had one repaired and is due for the other at the end of the month. DSIL now has problems as well. My good friend Joan, 87, is delighted with her new knees and is back in the garden planting this year. Such a woman! I can only hope to age as perfectly in mind, spirit, activity level and kindness & generosity.

Paddle to the Sea and others by Holling C. Holling were favorites of our kids too. I know that Skyler has them already. Whether or not he is up to reading them solo I'm not sure.

DD & DSIL visited the nearby school today. Here's her opinion:
My goodness, it's a beautiful school. I never thought you could say that about a modern school. Hardly any of the rooms are rectangular. There is bright light all over the place. They have a huge library and a GREAT (according to the principal) teacher librarian. They have a huge special needs program (which Skyler wouldn't fall into - it's for people with learning disabilities - called "learning strategies" - who are generally 1-2 years behind who are separate classes). They have a huge ELL program (ESL for people who are BRAND NEW to the country, as in know NO English). They have two regular classes for each grade, and the ELL students are mixed in. There are animals (REAL ONES!) in the school - an 8' boa, a finch, some gerbils, a bearded dragon. They have a brand new computer lab. The teachers are really involved with making the school fun - they do a year long study of something (example government) and spend a week at city hall to learn how things work. They have an "artist in residence" program where an artist comes through for 2 weeks and works with the students on whatever their specialty is - dance, music, watercolours (the artist that just came through is actually the native artist who painted the picture I almost bought for DH for Christmas). There is artwork by the students all over the building. The kids were happy and excited about whatever they were doing (we walked around for 1/2hr). They have a serious focus on behaviour and treatment of each other, something that I think would be GREAT for Skyler. They have FM (for Skyler's hearing aid) systems in every classroom. They have tons of clubs like choir, running, robotics (they build a robot and program it to do stuff like go through mazes), TV (they do the daily announcements broadcast, interview staff about what their healthy snacks are for lunch, what they do for physical activity), they do a daily morning 10 minute exercise in the classroom (another thing I think Skyler would greatly benefit from). They have a Friday morning coffee for parents association - who happened to be there while we were there so we got to talk to some of the parents. It's right next to the ravine.

All in all, it seemed like a great place. I want to go there. Can I go to elementary school all over again?

But I fear it was simply an exercise in frustration because "SHE" will simply say "NO".

Oh well.

At least we know what one option is for Reed!

It is really frustrating for both of us to deal with the crap

And so it goes.

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Michelle, I admire your family's style! Mum was never "snobby" about reading. She figured that anything a kid READ was an improvement over not reading, at all. She may well have encouraged "comic books", too. I KNOW that the trustees of the library were shocked when she began purchasing science fiction and fantasy books for the children's department. She quickly identified the kids who like the genre and she enlisted them to help her make purchases. The whole key to fostering a love of reading is to provide the material that kids WANT to read.

The gloomy, chilly weather you Mid-westerners have forecasted is now here. Rainy, chilly, and generally grey for the weekend... but for one who must tackle more inside work (more pickling!) it's probably not a bad forecast. Good for Rex, too. He'll be warm, cozy, and will hang out on his bed while I work. Less activity means a chance for the swelling to abate and keeps the stain off the one "good" hind leg. :( This sucks.

Wondering about Ei and really thinking about Eden. Such an exciting time in the garden and to have the worry about your Mom at the same time seems so unfair... . Thinking of you!

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After 5pm right now and my outdoor thermometer reads 81.7 ! I watered when I got home, and look forward to watching the baseball game tonight with the house opened up. No open house this weekend but I am going into the office for a few hours tomorrow to work on a project that has a looming deadline , and is difficult to work on with the normal weekday interruptions and chaos. The house across the street from me closed escrowhurray-someone in the world actually got financing ! And in the meantime I am experiencing much pressure from the employer to postpone the move till next spring , and I am expecting that money will start to be thrown my way soon. I think I need an agent. What a week.
We have a few spots here in Napa where the peacocks have set up camp. One is our municipal golf course. What remarkable creatures they are.

Cindy, lol, hop a plane and you can have as much Jasminum polyanthmum as you want, though you may need a backhoe and a few sticks of dynamite to dislodge it. And its best not to stand next to it too long . Such a diverse nation we live in !

Saucy, I hope to peruse your bee link at more length this weekend. I think Jakes solution to the reading dilemma is excellent ! I looked at what he like to do and immediately thought architect or engineer Unfortunately we have somewhat of a cookie cutter education system and it can be a challenge to discover and develop innate talent.

Cynthia, what a model doggie-parent you are ! Cant wait for the fashion show Katie will be stunning in all those summer ensembles ..I have zero patience for sewing now though I did it a lot when my DD was little.

Nancy Drew-my faves were The Password to Larkspur Lane The Ghost of Blackwood Hall" and "The Secret of Shadow Ranch". Read them over and over. This reminded me , my friend George got a tape recorder for his birthday..I think we were about 11 or 12 at the time. We proceed to make several tapes of a satirical nature , among them a Nancy Drew spoof with Nancy accusing Bess of being fat, finding clues in the crotch of trees (we thought that particularly funny) and speeding around in her snappy maroon roadster with Ned Nickerson complaining about her driving in the passenger seat. We also made a Kennedy family tape (I was Jackie) a Dracula spoof , and a faux Ed Sullivan show. We of course though all of them were hilarious. What ever happened to those tapes I dont know-George unfortunately passed away many years ago (AIDS) just before his 40th b-day . He was my best friend of childhood.

bug what FF Hellebores ! And I want to go to that school too..see above comments about cookie cutter education.

Think Ill go out and SALAT for awhile with a glass of wine. Hello to MarianPM clever you to find the nesting in Manhattan shot, and hope all of you hunkering down for weekend are experiencing the last of the bad storms..

Kathy in Napa

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