Friday's Musin'

endorphinjunkie(z7bAlabama)April 22, 2011

It's a day off today. Nothing much to do except the things I want to do. What a luxury that is. Slept in until 7:00 am and then spent time with the dogs. Got on the tread mill just after and ran for an hour and one half. I was clever this morning; at 8:00 am I put a potato in the oven and let it slow cook for three hours. Baking a potato is an art. It's deceptively simple and thus difficult at the same time. A perfectly baked potato is nirvana. Got off the tread mill and jumped into the shower to clean up. Cleaning up always feels good and seems to be one of the small pleasures in life. Put a petite bacon wrap filet mignon in the oven to broil. Whilst it were cooking I had a small chef salad. Some things I will not sacrifice in the name of healthy living and one of them is Thousand Island dressing. Nope, won't cross that line. Had the steak and potato directly following the salad and washed it all down with a glass or two of blackberry wine.

The sun is out and the temperature is fine and everything around me is green. The grass, the trees, and all manner of flora. The bees and insects are a-buzz. It is spring, glorious spring. Time to move the tropicals outdoors. It has been a most pleasant lunch. The only thing better would be if I go kayaking on the river later this afternoon. Oh, I have kayaks, am methinks I will. Sometimes one must make their own pleasures as to get through the day. Today is a day that I will do that.

Easter is this weekend. Whatever your beliefs, it is a time to celebrate. The natural world awakens. The cycles of life continues.

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I enjoyed reading this Michael and Thousand Island dressing,nothing beats it sometimes. Funny,but it's my dressing of choice when I have steak and salad.

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Your lunch must have been delicious! Enjoy the rest of your day off. I'm sure your kayaking water will be calmer than the Potomac River was the other day. It's still too dangerous for recreational activity, but I'll bet there are folks doing it, anyway.

Happy Easter.

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Ah, steak wrapped in bacon sauteed in a pan, scraping up the bits and add mushrooms, green onion, and red wine, is DH favorite food. A stuffed baked potato, and a salad with Blue Cheese dressing is over the top. I can see why you enjoyed your meal.
I hope you had a super day.

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