Thanks for the sunflowers - update

lilod(NoCal/8)April 23, 2011

Joann wanted to do this, but what with Ron needing a certain amount of attention and with dealing with Dial-up Inet connections, she didn't have a chance, so I will do the honors.

Ron's surgery went very well, he's recovering, in a lot of pain - but his cancer-treatments leave him with a lot of pain, too, he's getting very good meds.

No chemo or radiation in the immediate future, that is always subject to change, the nature of the disease.

He will have to see his cardiologist soon, means a trip to San Francisco and an overnight stay in a hotel. They used to do it in one day, but 250+ miles is a long way and Joann just can't do it any more, and Ron should not drive.

That's the disadvantage of living so far from major medical facilities.

I don't remember if I told: the surgeon doing the hernia repair if the same one who worked on my DH in '91 and he used to be a customer of Ron's when Ron worked as farrier.

Again Thanks from all at Casa Lilo

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Lilo, thanks for the update and my best wishes for the further healing. Hope his pain get's better soon. My candle stays lit.

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Lilo, thank you for letting us know how things are progressing for Ron.
I hope they give him whatever he needs for pain for as long as he needs it.\
That is quite a drive to San Francisco, especially since Joann has so much on her shoulders already!
Give them each a special hug from us!
That's interesting about the surgeons' connection with your family in times past.
Prayers for Ron, Joann and you, Lilo....

One of my brothers used to be a farrier back in the
mid-60's to early 70's. Got tired of having his calf laid open when clinching.
(I think the horses knew he thought they were stupid and let him know!!!)

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Lilo, thanks for the update. Good thoughts, wishes for healing, and prayers, too, are being sent your way.

((((Hugs to Ron, Joann, and you, too.))))

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