Will you watch the wedding?

rob333April 26, 2011

I remember watching Lady Diana Spencer and Charles, The Prince of Wales, marry. Getting up so early (before the sun rose) and sitting on the edge of my mother's soft bed. I was only in high school then. It was so beautiful, fairy tale come to life. So much has happened since then. But yes, I will watch Kate Middleton marry Prince William of Wales. Funny that she will lose her last name only to have titles (HRH Catherine, Princess of Wales or HRH Catherine, the Duchess of Connaught or whatever rule they will follow)! The royals. HA! What has me fascinated the most though, are those British wedding hats known as fascinators will be like. How about you?

Here is a link that might be useful: Obviously Kate's fascination

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Yes,I am planning on going to a "Royal Wedding" party on Friday morning which should be a lot of fun. We are all bringing food and I hope the hostess will have tea and scones.I've watched Wills and Harry grow up and think back to the wonderful mother Diana was to them. She would be so proud right now. We don't have much pomp and circumstance in this country as far as celebrations go and I'm looking forward to watching the whole shebang.

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I'm also going to a Royal Wedding party! Janet from MD will be here with her daughter and her MIL, and we'll spend the night at my daughter Nancy's house so we can get up at 4 and watch the ceremony on her BIG flat screen. We'll have scones with clotted cream and preserves, plus eggs and bacon and toast as the morning wears on. Tea or coffee is up to the imbiber, though a spot of champagne will not go amiss.
I love all this stuff!

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Yes, I plan to watch the Royal Wedding, but will be a party of one--me--watching the TV in bed. Maybe I can coax DH to bring me coffee and toast with jam. I doubt he'll want to watch the wedding, but I'll invite him! :>) (He is a 3.45 a.m. "getter-upper", every morning, anyway.)

Sure am glad I'm on Eastern Time; I don't think I'd arise at one a.m., as folks on the West Coast will have to do.

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The wedding itself will air at 4am here in CA, and I'll watch it. The one thing the British Monarchy knows how to do is to put on a show.

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I have to be in Spokane for dahlia tuber sale saturday morning but if I awaken during the night i will watch it. Steve in Stevens County.

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steve----am I nuts, or have you moved?
I'm nuts---never mind.

Yes; I'll watch the wedding as much as I can get in of it between chores.
I'll have coffee, chocolate, some kind of muffins---UNLESS, my daughter invites me over---well, then it would be the greatest breakfast ever----her husband makes the best breakfast in the world!!
I keep telling him he should open a diner and serve breakfast all day long.
and one of his breakfasts in the SAME day.....Heaven!

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Plan on watching it if the weather, respectively the weather people let me. Get up between 4 and 5 every day anyhow.

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Scones, clotted cream, preserves and marmalade: check
Eggs, bacon, whole grain bread: Check
Strawberries and champagne: Will be purchased today
Janet, Joy, and Susan: Will arrive tonight
4:A.M. Friday: Let the festivities begin

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Oh! Shoot! I may have to tape it.
K has a doctor's appointment.
When will it be over? Daylight savings time.

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pidge, your party sounds great. I've been wanting to put on a "high tea" and your menue has many of the components. My question is: how do get or make "clotted" cream here in the US?

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What! No bubble and squeak?

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It was wonderful! I started watching at 4:30AM when the royal family began coming in, until the end, except the kiss. Brilliant from beginning to end. Very happy, it looked like. Warm smiles the whole time.


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I bought the clotted cream at Whole Foods, but there are online recipes for doing it yourself. Takes a lot of hours, though, so I took the easier if more expensive route.

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Thanks for the reply,Pidge. I will probably buy the clotted cream. I looked it up on the net and it said I would need to use unpasteurized cream. I don't know if it is legal in CA. Some site said they could deliver unpasteurized cream with an unmarked truck and in plain paper. Lol, I'd hate to get busted over some clotted cream.

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