I'm getting cranky

agnespuffinApril 4, 2012

Is it getting to be full moon or something. I haven't replied to a single post anywhere today that I wasn't snide, or cranky.

April must be The Stupid Question Month.

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Gee, Agnes, where did you post those "snide or cranky" replies? Unless they're not on the GP, I must be cranky, to, b/c I didn't interpret them, that way! :>)

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Mostly travel forums...questions like: "what is there to do in New York City?" Or "what's the best view in the Grand Canyon?"

My favorites are always something like this: "What's the weather going to be like on Christmas 2013? Will it be cold?"

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"April must be The Stupid Question Month."
It sounds to me that people are getting ready to take summer vacations and they are just
asking the questions.

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

I've got a trip this weekend & another one next weekend & I know what you mean about the dumb questions on travel forums. I asked some, I answered some. Gotta keep the karma even!

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It's the Full Moon tonight....4-6-12. Maybe I will calm down and be civil tomorrow.

I sure hope so.....holding in my temper gets harder and harder...Must be the cranky old lady coming out.

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You got it figured out. Among other names it is called the "pink moon". It looks like planting something will cure the "crankY". Smile.

Here is a link that might be useful: Full Moon

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gmatx zone 6

Agnespuffin - I think I will use your explanation (the full moon) as to why I'm getting crankier. Oldest son just said the other day that I am getting crankier as I get older and I sure don't deny it. I just don't tolerate stupid, lazy or bad manners at all any more. Really wish I could keep my mouth shut better sometimes, but I guess I have finally "become my mother"....LOL

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So that's what's wrong with me! I thought I was anxious because of the stupid car (problems that are overcomeable)! Now it makes sense. Full moon. We can howl and growl at it together?

Say, what's the weather going to be like in Chicago in another three weeks?


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meldy_nva(z6b VA)

I've been blaming the weather: changes make the bones ache and big changes make big aches which means I get mean(er). The weather front 'highs' and 'lows' have been rolling through the region once or twice a week. Not only have we NOT been getting any of the accompanying rain, sometimes I feel like I've not quite adjusted to the new high before the next low starts making the bones throb.

I blame the moon for what everyone else does ~ especially while they are driving. Of course, I'm not affected by the moon; nope, never, not me. However, if you're driving around here when the moon is full, just

watch out!

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I ran the Admitting Office of a good sized hospital for a while. Things were a mess when I took over. One of the problems was when the full moon was near the week-end with half staffing, etc. It seemed that the slowest clerks were scheduled to work then. I changed things around so the the brightest and best worked on the full moon weekends. It really seemed to help. The nursey also had a very busy time during Full Moon.

We have a relative that was a warden at the County prison. We got to talking about the Full Moon and it's affect on people. #3 Son (the doctor)just laughed at the idea. We told him that after he had been in practice longer he would probably change his mind.

It's really weird. It seems as if (and it might be all imagination) that people are just careless, do foolish thing, wild and wooley things just before the Full Moon. And then, things get better. Until the New Moon time begins. The same thing happens to a lesser extent, but there seems a streak of anger or meanness that seems to affect folks more during the New Moon time.

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Full Moon makes me "sleepless". Have a horrible time sleeping when there is a full moon. One of my daughters is an RN and she says she almost hates to go to work when the moon is full. Says the hospial just gets crazy with all the wierd folks admitted. Oh, well, makes it great for a moon-light walk!

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