A Coincidence of Phoebes

meldy_nva(z6b VA)April 13, 2011

Life can be strange.

After searching for a year or more, DH finally selected a new chair to replace the old, worn-out, sprung TV chair. Model named "Phoebe".

The day it was delivered to the house, a new pair of birds began visiting the bird feeder. I understand their territory does include our area, but have never seen them before. Eastern Phoebes.

Both chair and birds are welcome, and apparently will stay.

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Love those Phoebe's ! They always sing "Phoebe...Phoebe" and they love a building site under the eaves. Hubby hangs his ladder on the side of a shed and they always build on the top side of the ladder under the eaves.

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Meldy; you folks and your home have been twice blessed!
Phoebes are almost as social as Wrens and are so sweet.
You can enjoy the birds while hubby enjoys his new chair!

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I never met any but would love to. Enjoy both of them.
Could use a new chair too.

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