A walk in the woods ..

markparsons435(6b)April 23, 2013

I went for a walk in the woods near my sister's house while visiting Nashville .. I snapped these pictures of things I don't think are weeds . .. Of course, I'm not savvy at any of this haha ..

Any ideas?



3. A larger version of number 2 that set a little further back in the woods


5. Two different ones in this picture

6. These were popping up everywhere

7. A cactus as well as the leaves of whatever is in photo 6

7. This little guy beside a fern of some sort

8. Another view of whatever is in photo 7

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2&3 Verbascum thapsus
5 The lower one looks like Geranium
7 Optunia, prickly pear
8 Asplenium platyneuron, ebony spleenwort and perhaps something in the waterleaf family?

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2 looks like a mullein.
4 is a blue bonnet or lupine.
7 is a prickly pear cactus, optunia.


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jekeesl (south-central Arkansas)(7b)

1. Pycanthemum species? check Slender Mountain Mint
5. looks like an Oenothera (Primrose) species
6. may be Erythronium (Trout lily)

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texasflip(Nacogdoches, TX z8)

The cactus will be Opuntia humifusa

# 7 might be Smallanthus uvedalius

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2 definalty looks like a mullein

5 looks like primrose family and lower on 5 I believe to be a dwarf larkspur. I have the same one I've been trying to ID and I've come to that conclusion ;)

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weedwoman(z6 NJ)

1 might possibly be Cypress Spurge, Euphorbia cyparissias
2 & 3 are definitely Mullein, Verbascum thapsis
4 is a Lupine, Lupinus sp
5 the geranium looks like Carolina Cranesbill, Geranium carolinianum
6 Prickley pear and maybe Canada Mayflower, Maianthemum canadense
7 and 8, Ebony Spleenwort (the fern) and maybe Polymnia canadensis, Pale flowered Leaf Cup. Which seems to be related to the Smallanthus Texasflip suggested


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fatamorgana2121(Zone 5/6)

I agree that the plants popping up everywhere in the first #7 looks a bit like Canada Mayflower, Maianthemum canadense. I was going to share some pix the other day and the suggestion but I was having some issues with the photo sharing site. Here are the pix today for you to compare:


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