Another joy of spring

lilosophieApril 19, 2014

The Bridal Veil is blooming

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Oh, how pretty. You sure have a pretty spring.

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Wish I had your pretty background. While my dogwoods turned white today, pictures, no mater how I turn, show houses, roofs, sheds and a trashed yard and do no favors to the blooms.

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anneliese, it reminds me that I had a cyber friend in North Carolina (since passed) and he loved dogwoods, and he would send me photos of dogwoods in every shape and form, from whatever angle.
I have never seen a real life dogwood. But I'd like to see your dogwoods.

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My neighborhood is in bloom right now and it is lovely.
My little Dogwood trees are blooming. There are Redbuds, Cherry
Dogwoods and Azaleas up and down both sides of the street.

I noticed when I drove to Atlanta wednesday that the Dogwoods are making a comeback in the forests along the way. They really
are pretty trees.
Lilo, my grandmother had Bridal Veil in her yard. I loved it when
they were in bloom.

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