Unknown small tree or shrub

noinwiApril 24, 2013

There's this shrub or tree struggling in an overgrown shady spot that I don't recognize. I'm unable to ask the property owners what it is. I'm trying to selectively clear the area and accidentally whacked off a branch before I realized it. I know what everything around it is. Hope you guys can help me out. If it is an undesirable it can be taken out. I'm trying to clear around the salmonberries so they'll get more light.

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It sure looks like that's it. Thanks.

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flora_uk(SW UK 8/9)

It isn't Prunus laurocerasus, Cherry Laurel, but could be Prunus caroliniana, Carolina Cherry Laurel.

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Flora, I had googled images of 'cherry laurel' and I think both species were shown. In any case, it will be removed along with a hawthorn next to it and the blackberry canes around it so the salmonberries will get more light. Thank you both.

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