T-Mobile just gave me a brand new reason to hate them

mjmercerApril 8, 2011

Got a text message from them on my cell phone. "The changes you requested to your account on April 7 have been implemented. For further details go to www.my.t-mobile.com"

Problem is, I didn't request any changes to my account. So I called their customer service line. Did battle with the voice menu and finally scored a live human being. Told her what I just told y'all and she started with a bunch of questions. "Did you go to a T-Mobile store yesterday? Did you go on-line? Didyoudidyoudidyou yada yada?" I finally had to cut her off with "I haven't done ANYTHING. Any question you ask me is going to be answered with "No" or "Nothing."

Yeah, I've got major attitude with T-Mobile. They've been yanking me around almost since the day I signed on with them -- charging me for services I didn't request, omittig information that could have saved me money, etc., etc. I'm marking the days until my two-year contract is up and I am soooo outta there.

So anyway back to the inquisitive operator. She looked over the recent notes on my account. Somebody from one of the T-Mobile stores had deleted the text message bundle on my account, and then put the message bundle back in. No record, though, of who did it or why.

The operator said she would place a request to have this incident investigated. But here's the kicker: Depending on why somebody went into my account, they may...OR MAY NOT... be able to share the explanation with me.

I told Miss Operator this didn't make sense. Somebody can go tip-toeing through my account and I don't have the right to know WHY? Operator Girl apologized and said it was T-Mobile's company policy.

Crappy policy, imho. Way too much like a chapter out of 1984. And like I mentioned above, yet another reason for me to hate them. I'm sharing this here because heaven only knows how prevalent this activity is, and you might just be next.

Verizon, anyone?


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Have had Verizon for about 8 years and did ok for quite a while. The last contract was up in November and we have not renewed it. The last year the cost went up and service when calling for help or billing went down. Still looking but thinking we might bundle with ATT since we have land line and internet through them, not that they have been much better when we call them.

We also have cable tv through time warner and hate them but att uverse is not available for our neighbor hood. That leaves us the choice of dish or direct. We just have basic without boxes and the have dumped a dozen of the 80 stations in the last year but no break on the price. Only 12 other than local broadcast are worth watching. The ones they dumped were good ones and they cut the stations worth watching in half. Big business strikes again.

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Comcast was my problem for about three months. I think I've written about this before here at the GP. They placed a charge on my bill,about some equipment that was not returned. We never had any equipment that was not returned.
It took several phone calls to resolve the issue, and a live person said the charge would be removed from our bill.

Next thing we know is that our account was blocked from Comcast, we could not get into our account at all.
More phone calls and finally our account was reinstated.

On thing I have in my favor is that I pay the bills and I keep very good records, and I explained that to "all" the reps.

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Fortunately for us, our cell phone is used mainly for short messages--"I'm on my way home, will be there in 15 minutes"--stuff like that, and lately some texting with DD who is away. We have a basic phone--no camera or other bells and whistles--and it's a "no contract" phone. We buy minutes as we need them and are glad we're not locked into a contract. When I think that I lived most of my life without a cell phone, it boggles my mind that I now try to have mine with me, all the time. But, as Rob and I agreed on another post the other day, "times have changed".

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