Frustration with new meds

rob333April 13, 2011

I have almost never taken antibiotics preferring that diseases run their course. Mostly because I can't find one that works. I have to take yet another antibiotic I've never taken since I am wildly allergic to penicillin and this one is causing all the bad stuff that only happens to say 4% of the population. Like insomnia and dermatalogical reactions (red and hives). It's so bad, my MD emailed me within seconds of my request to change telling me not to take any more and go to the ER if anything worsens. I can't continue being sick. I am stuck between a rock and hard place. And dang tired of being a guinea pig.

Has anyone ever taken a blue million antibiotics and finally found one that works?

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Keflex, or generically cephalexin. Found out that I was allergic to Levaquin, whilst on the operating table. Not a good time to find out.

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Robin, sorry you are so daggone sick---no fun!
If you could just get something that would finally get you on the right track, it would sure make life a little easier for you!(Hugs!)

When I went to Dr. for worsening upper respiratory illness a month ago, he sent me to the bloomin' drugstore for Coricidin and throat lozanges! THREE WEEKS LATER, I was almost well, but still doubled over with the slightest coughing fit, after really straining something in chest wall. I hadn't been this sick in 15 years!
This Dr. was filling in the empty slot left by my retiring Dr. in the Assoc.---needless to say, I'll go to a palm reader before I ever go to this guy again!
My retiring Dr. was arrogant and could be an a*s at times, but I could TRUST him and he was always up on current issues in the medical world,
so I put up with his attitude and I gave him money,
and he put up with me. It worked.

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Missy is allergic to penicillin and has had good luck with keflex also. Ymmv so always check with a Dr.

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Thanks y'all. I am only blotchy red today and I don't have the stinging sensation all over my body at one time. Since it's hit or miss at this point, I'll trust them if they say keflex. Two answers of that sounds promising. I'm going to check in with docs and let them know I didn't have to go to the ER.

Kathy, you are right to fire him. I have one of those. My docs keep leaving too, so I found a younger one, but evidently she's too young. She wants to prescribe depression meds when I ache all over? Depression meds if I can't sleep (it's from teh aching, duh?!)? Depression meds. Nothing will convince her otherwise. She's determined I am depressed. The ironic thing is, I am the happiest I've been in a decade. HA! Boy is she wrong.

Y'all are the best.

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Rob---I have a friend who has suffered from fibromyalgia (sp?) for years----so many Drs. kept trying to treat her for depression. She FINALLY found a Dr. who would listen---I think it was at UVa---who tried different things until something clicked. I think it was a combo of meds.
She kept telling them, "When you HURT, you ARE depressed!"
She is a differnt person these days and looks YEARS younger because everything is more under control.
I'm urging you not to give up; it might take some time to find the right Dr., but it'll be worth it.
Good luck!

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meldy_nva(z6b VA)

I'll keep Keflex in mind also. My problem is not allergy to the various antibiotics but a physical reaction that negates their effectiveness, usually within 3 days. That of course is before the medication has actually had enough time to do its thing.

Having had several severe sinus infections which spread into ear infections which then metamorphosed into full-blown upper respiratory infections- brochitis into pneumonia; I've also gone the full doctoral route of 'try this instead' with prescriptions that are nearly unpronouceable as well as unspellable. With several doctors -- I've learned that the ones who don't believe me are also the ones who are the least effective doctors. It takes me more than a bit of courage to change docs (I don't like that sort of change) but I've learned that a different doc is far preferable to weeks and months of hacking coughs and high fevers. But my last doc was a jewel indeed; not only trialed different formulations which managed to overcome the infection in less than a month, but she recommended Sambusol (elderberry juice extract) as a preventive for the colds which so often led into the sinus infections. As long as I remember to take a daily dose, I don't catch colds. One time, during the stress of a major office move, I forgot and did catch a cold but it didn't last long. It's been about three years since my last sinus infection. Note that elderberry is for viral not bacterial infections; her opinion was that the cold virus seemed to weaken any natural resistance to bacterial infections, thus opening the way for sinusitis etc.

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They told me no on the Keflex. Get this, there is a 10% reaction for those who are allergic to penicillin. Missy got lucky!

Kathy, most would not believe the effort I've gone to get her to listen. The problem is, she's here at work and so all will have her silly incorrect notes. I need a clean slate, but really, I don't trust other orgranizations here in town. It's why I work here, it's where I was treated correctly for my cancer stuff.

Meldy, that's exactly it. I always have severe breathing and skin reactions. And it hurts. The day after (today!) I feel like someone beat me up. And I am worse off instead of better. I hate to take another thing and feel even worse.

The NP's office is frustrated with me beause "the list is growing smaller". Do they not know my worry about not being able to find something? What's going to happen if I take another and get even sicker? Worst? What's going to happen when I really really have to have an antibiotic or because of a severe infection? Die from the infection or die from the side effects? Not much of a choice. Sheesh. I am so weary and very frustrated.

I appreciate your comments.

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Yes there is small correlation between being allergic to keflex if one is allergic to penicillin.

I am deathly allergic to penicillin, but not at all to keflex. It works and has no serious side effects.

It's all a roll of the dice, really. There is no prediction matrix that is one size fits all.

Wonder if anyone or any school is doing research on this.

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OK; I'll say a prayer---never hurts!
Keep your eyes open for lucky pennies;
---when you least expect it....

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Michael, "Wonder if anyone or any school is doing research on this". We are. It's my division. The answers just aren't coming fast enough. I really guffawed at your comment. We're actually the leader for this with the NIH and get calls weekly on how to set up personalized medicine. HA!

KJ, do so. Mommy is too. I need answers and I need them now!

Here is a link that might be useful: we're both PAT, PGPop and PSTAR on this graph

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I have very little experience with antibiotics but since my husband is battling with bad reactions to medicines right now, I can understand your frustration. Hope you get better soon.

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