Gandle's Storm

kathyjane(z6VA)April 16, 2011

--- Spawned tornado warnings in the Valley, HUGE amounts of rain, 70 mph winds causing power outages, and limbs/trees down.

Not to mention, The Fly Fishing Festival pretty well got washed out, literally.

meldy, you're next, so be careful!!!!

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I was confused for awhile....thought it was April 1st. again as we had six inches of snow last night! And it was down to 29 degrees! Sun finally came out about 5 p.m. today and it is slowly disappearing (the snow, I mean)! So worried about the poor little birds but we do have some huge thick Pine trees for them to hide in but they didn't come to the feeders until after the sun came out.

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This has been a horrific day...they kept putting tornado warnings on TV saying to seek shelter, so I'd run downstirs for a bit with cats and dog. We did this four times.
I heard so many limbs crash down, I lost count.

We had one tornado about 4 miles from town which tore up a barn and trees, no injuries.

A woman was trying to cross a flooded bridge with two nine year old children; they were swept away. A bystander was able to rescue the boy in time. They've called off the search for the woman and young girl this evening until tomorrow.

I'm glad this day is over and grateful to have a roof over my head.

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Scary weather! I feel bad about the woman and her children, but on the other hand, people seem to ignore evident dangers, why?
Tomorrow has to be a better day for you.
Take care, my friend

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And today, the sun is out and it's almost 60 degrees!

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Lilo, I've since found out the woman took the children around barricades to cross the bridge! I just can't imagine why she thought that was OK to do....other neighbours who were also watching the torrents, told them not go across.

They did find the woman's body last night; they're still looking for the little girl.
As much as this town has grown, it's still small enough to feel the pain and shock of something like this happening to a local family. This happened in an old part of town where everyone knows everyone else.
That sounds so strange to say, but in newer areas, everyone is a stranger to one another. Sad.

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KJ, The storms that came your way were horrific.
They plowed through Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama,
Georgia and North Carolina and I have never seen so many
tornado warnings in my life.

We have a great weather man on channel 3 in Chattanooga
that will stay on it all night during those weather conditions.
He will map out where the tornadoes are headed and list the
places and how many minutes before it gets there.
He is our warning system around these parts.

I haven't heard from my brother yet. I tried to call but no
answer. I hope he is safe. He lives in Orange VA.

So sad about the woman and her daughter. What drives people
to ignore warnings and use their common sense is beyond me.

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Oh my, the weather sounds so violent in some areas. Glad to see that some of you had some warnings and that some take heed of the warnings... Stay safe.

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Jan, I'm sure you were worn out from it all by the time the storms were finally over!
Glad you, Neil and Katrina are all OK.

You have a brother in ORANGE?! What a HOOT!
Tell him to stop in and say 'Hi' to Caleb at the Orange Airport next time he's out that way!
I can't get OVER that---Orange!!! ---Small world; right?
YOU take care! :o)

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Jan----sorry I didn't mention last night;
I haven't heard any news about storms/flooding near Orange--if I hear anything at all, I'll let you know right away!

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meldy_nva(z6b VA)

The worst of the storm/s missed my area, although at one point, we did get 1" of rain in about 20 minutes. I was looking at the rain gauge when it began and couldn't take my eyes off it...

I have an SIL who lives near the top of a mountain west of New Market. One drives about 8 miles through a creek-edged valley to get to the road going up the mountain to her place; I haven't heard from her but any sort of wind takes down the power lines along that road, not to mention felling trees to block access. In bad weather, I try to think that no news from her is good news.

I'm that y'all made it okay. Are you ready for a re-run on Wednesday??!

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Been away for a short while so a bit late here. Glad to hear all have made it through and generally OK.

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Saw this on another site...

âÂÂâ 44% DONE.
Install delayed....please wait.
Installation failed. Please try again. 404 error: Season not found. Season "Spring" cannot be located. The season you are looking for might have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable in Michigan. Please try again.

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Hey, Bro--are you and Missy OK?
Yes; I'm nosey---you already know that---just let us know you guys are OK.

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We are fine Sis, been in the 90s over the weekend but a bit overcast and cooler since. Going to the VA for clinics today, getting used to being an "out patient". Not so much used to being limited physically. Take my moms harmonica with me to practice between appointments. Find an outside table that is secluded to not make others crazy and have gotten pretty good at "Me and Bobby McGee" and a few others.

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We got our rerun, today, right on schedule, lots of rain, wind, and lightening and thunder, too.

Another example of human stupidity--but this one didn't end tragically--was the woman who went kayaking on the Potomac River and in the raging, rushing waters, fell out of her kayak. She managed to grab a low-hanging branch and hung on for dear life--literally!--for 30 minutes till a rescue team got to her. She told them she didn't think she could have held on much longer. If someone on shore hadn't seen her, and notified the rescuers, she would not have been saved. She was taken to a hospital and treated for hypothermia.

I'm very glad that she was rescued, but wish she could be fined or at least have to pay the cost of being rescued. What does it take for people to use common sense?

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We had a tornado tear through town on Saturday. This was the first time I had ever experienced an actual tornado and all I can say is that it was truly a "religious" experience! It hit the west side of town and cut a clear path for 63 miles traveling northwest wiping out half my old neighborhood (2 blocks away from my old house where my ex now lives), the southern part of Fort Bragg, 3 aircraft hangars and half the northern part of town. 167 homes totally destroyed, another 144 damaged. Another tornado hit about 30 miles north of here demolishing a Lowe's and then traveling on up to Raleigh. So many have lost everything and must start rebuilding their lives. Please keep them in your thoughts.


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mwheel; I saw that news clip at least seven times and I thought the same thing you did.

I would've thought the minute she saw the volume and debris, common sense would've guided her actions....

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I prefer the phrase "good sense" because what is common sense isn't necessarily good.

Nice to see Maryanne back. Hope you hang around more often.

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