New resident(s) in the pond

lilosophieApril 6, 2012

Joan discovered it yesterday, a big splash drew her attention - it was a River Otter!

We have a surplus of cat-fish, so thinning them out is a good thing, don't know what will happen when they are al eaten.

Joann got a picture of the beastie, I only saw it under water, it hides in the brush - maybe there are more than one, we don't know.

They are fast and a bit furtive.

Currently ducks of all sorts are visiting,, on their way from migration back to their breeding grounds, so there is quite a bit of traffic.

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Love river and sea otters, but no river otters around here.
If I would be in your place, between the otters and the ducks I would not get anything done.

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Yes, Anneliese, you are right, I spent a lot of time this morning (22ú), big flannel bathrobe over warm PJ's, standing on the deck with binoculars, trying to spot it or them, until the cold crept up, and then I moved to the big slider, still a decent view...

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It is always interesting and somewhat concerning when new animals come into the neighborhood. We live in the burbs.
Like when a huge crane landed by our spa, a mole was tunneling through our lawn, ducks seem to migrate toward swimming pools, a deer wandered down from the hills into our streets. According to the notes posted on telephone poles, a mountain lion was wandering around our streets.

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West Gardener - they were there first, sometimes I think they want to take their territory back :)
Animal's "Occupy" movement

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And they are still here. Back when, there was a small two way lane going from SF to SJ , where 280 is now. We were used to seeing deer standing in the road and drove at low speeds. After 280 was built, the deer still cross that road and 280 to get to their old haunts. Although there are many "dear crossing" signs, people whiz by at 60+mph, and there have been hits and near misses. Sometimes, I wish I could halt "progress" and give them back their safe crossings.

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Little clowns they are, saw lots in Monterey bay when I lived there, smart.

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