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gandle(4 NE)April 4, 2012

From our local newspaper.


1. Termites

2. Camels

3. Zebras

4. Sheep

5. Cows

6. Elephants

7. Labrador Retrievers

8. Humans (vegetarians)

9. Humans (non-vegetarians)

  1. Gerbils

Source: London Science Museum My friend Roger wasn't mentioned but he should have been.

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And we worry about car exhaust causing Global Warming.

It's really those dratted termites!

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I saw a show on PBS a few years ago about the Himalayas. Aside from the beauty of the mountains, what impressed me the most was the development of a process whereby human waste was turned into cooking and heating fuel. (Sounds gross, I know!) Whatever the invention was, was small and inexpensive enough that the people living in the mountains could afford one, thus having fuel for heat and cooking. It's probably be hard for us Americans to get past the "power" source, but hey, if it works, it works!

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mwheel, you are talking about alternative fuel. When I was in China, there was a collection of human "heavy water" (#2) to feed the agri fields. In another country, the water buffalo dung was collected and dried to make cooking "fuel".
I've seen pics of huge termite towers in Africa. One more alternative fuel source.
But how do we harness the "natural" gas of a termite?

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Even tho we had termites once, fortunately for us, they didn't "stink up" the place!

How on earth was the measurement of a termite's "natural gas" taken? Wouldn't you need an awful lot of termites in one place to get a big sample? (This is a question that really doesn't need or deserve an answser! Please ignore!)

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I wondered about how they did the research too.

And how about the humans....meat eaters vs. non-meat eaters? Would it matter how soon after a meal the data was collected? Suppose one ate fast and another chewed slowly.....would that change results?

Research, research, research. Sometimes you just have to wonder why and who paid for it!

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"....meat eaters vs. non-meat eaters?"
Sometimes when meat eaters goes to be non-meat eaters, the gas can clear a room.

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LOL...........It would astound you how many termites there are in this world, and they are a major, major source of methane. Perhaps the largest natural source, aside from maybe wetlands. Wetlands emit huge amounts of methane, as does thawing permafrost.

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