That was funny, but I had to put a stop to it

gandle(4 NE)April 27, 2011

From the window I could see George in the vegetable garden crawling along planting onion plants. He'd poke a hole, drop in a plant and firm it and crawl on. His crazy cat was right behind him of course and she would pull about every other onion out of the ground and give it a shake and go on right after him. He had no idea she was pulling them up. I ran out and shooed the cat away and helped him replant them. After they are watered in she loses interest. Notice, I always refer to her as his cat, she used to our cat or just the cat but ever since he was ill she absolutely won't leave him alone.

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She was "helping" Leone, they do that in their own way, don't they? One of mine, Jasmyn, will insist on helping me make the bed including changing sheets, she has fun, I am, in a hurry, not so much.

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Yes, so much fun reading these vignettes of your lives. Thanks for sharing them.


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For her to pay so much attention to his planting methods, only proves how MUCH she loves him!
She was helping, as far as she's concerned.
Leone, thank you for a beautiful little snapshot
of life at the homestead.

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Leone, that scenario really needed a video camera! It might have won big bucks on "America's Funniest Home Videos". I enjoyed reading about it and visualizing that busy little cat removing the onions so carefully planted by George!

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I am just picturing this and laughing myself silly. Maybe she wanted to spare George the chore of thinning out later on. Used to have a dachshund who "helped" in the garden and one day killed the waterhose. Our cat, who was my cat when I had cancer, is now my husband's cat and stays with him.
Thanks for the story.

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