Oh my aching back.

anneliese_32(6)April 6, 2013

For weeks now we had either a lot of rain or a very cold wind. Outdoor work did not get done and the last of the oak leaves were not down yet, not only from my trees but also from my neighbors. Today it is sunny, no wind, right now its 71 degr. Tomorrow and most of next week it's supposed to rain again, but the city starts brush pick-up on Monday.
Since 8:00 AM I have been cutting and dragging brush and raking leaves. I quit at 4PM and hope it starts raining first thing in the morning, so that I have an excuse not to do anything else.

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A nice heat pad helps.

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Or someone to give you a nice massage.

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You inspire me! I need to go out back and pull all the spring weeds out of my Clemantis and plug in a few new Jackmanii's I bought in February.That will lead to clearing out the Iris bed, the Daffodills and racking off the dead Canna leaves from last year. if I get finished by 4pm, I should have your backache by tomorrow morning

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So did you get to rest? And did they pick up the foliage yet?

Gail, you make me miss having a house. And not. I think I am still glad to have someone else cutting the grass and cleaning up for me phase. Maybe.

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anneliese, I think a whole lot of people around the valley will say the same thing, come Monday morning. I went to the nursery today and it was jammed with people buying plants, trees, pots and soil. Spring fever is in full swing and the carts were overflowing.
I bought one tomato plant, called "sungold", that is my speed at this time.

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West gardener, I have not even got one tomato plant, that has to wait for a couple of weeks. We might get frost in the night, Back recovered, but then I tackled a 37 year old euyonimus which needs to go, but what went is my shoulder. That's when I decided to let a professional have the fun and also contracted for a lawn mowing service,

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Anneliese, you are a wise woman! There are things that, as one gets a little creaky in the joints, need to be hired out. I don't have lawns,, but I do have a lot of grass and have someone mow it. I just have to make sure they stay away from my plantings, if it doesn't bloom at the time, my man Hank will look at it as a weed and it gets mowed or whacked, on the other hand, he will carefully work around some blooming weed :)

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I agree with lilo, there comes a time when changes need to be done. Enjoy your new freedom from mundane chores.

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I'm going to tackle the front flower bed this weekend. I plan to plant White Inpatients all along the walk leading to the front door. Red Inpatients all around both Live Oak trees and Multi-colored Caladiums in the front flower bed in front of my Azaleas. Now that I'm an older girl, 55 this June, I let a gardener mow, edge, and trim the trees and hedges. I save all my energy for just this kind of week end plant play, but I'm not the only hunch-back that limps back to work on Monday, there are a lot of us saying Oh my aching back!

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