Weather-lookout Eastern US!

rob333April 4, 2011

I knew the storm today would be awful since we had winds gusting to 40mph yesterday. I'm through it, but it's been amazing today. We've had to shuffle guests into our basement and patients into the hallways here. It was really horrible. I've never heard them say "orange alert for tornado" here even when the sirens are on. It means the tornado is on top of us. Not that conditions might be favorable. It's here. We made it, but we're cleaning up.

Y'all are in my thoughts!

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Robin, I just talked to our daughter in Lebanon and
she said they didn't get much damage there.

I'm as nervous as a cat in a room full of rocking chairs
right now. It is in Chattanooga so it bearing down on us.
Chattanooga is about 30 miles northwest of us.

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We've a minor mess with part of a tree down. Nothing serious, though. Other parts of the valley does have damage. There was at least one tornado warning issued.

Welcome, April.

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We lucked out, just a few branches down. The real mess started about 10 miles south. The rain came sideswise and it sounded like it would take the siding down. Power was out for a little while.

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We didn't fare 100% well. We had to shut down the aiport because the tower had to be evacuated and flights diverted. One of the four-five (they're investigating this morning to decide officially) tornadoes landed just east of the airport. Power was out everywhere from the north to the south and the east to the west. And it is still out. Trees down everywhere. Chaos yesterday evening. In the western portion of Nashville, lightning is purported to have struck an apartment complex, setting it on fire! It's calmer this morning, just a lot of debris everywhere. The pictures are unreal with things like a trampoline wrapped around the top of an electrical pole. One school hurried the students into the hallway and when the teacher went back, she heard a "pop" which ended up being the roof being snapped off to her classroom.

How'd you end up Jan (if you still have power)?

What an awesome storm that was. It sounded awful. I never looked at it, staying away from windows. I am glad y'all are ok!

Here is a link that might be useful: gallery at WKRN

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We stayed under a tornado warning for several hours and one
time I thought we were going to get it.
I heard some hail and then torrential rain for a few minutes,
lightening all over the place.

I had gone out earlier in the day and removed feeders etc.
that could blow away. I even moved my car over against my
neighbors house so if a tree had fallen it would be okay.

We never lost power and only that one time did we head for the hallway.

I hate storms!

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