Garog and Muborg

don_socalApril 22, 2011

Gorog grumbled as she turned back to the viewer and

read the instruments. "Why do we let these creatures

continue with these activities?" she asked. "They need

learn by their own cognizance." replied Muborg. "You

know we must not interfere. The measure of validity is

completely related to the capacity to comprehend the

maintenance of existence. If they die out by using their

environment we wait a few thousand years for the next

species and monitor them, hoping for improvement."

Gorog, still visibly upset muttered "I had so much hope

that this species would understand the connection of

all entities and mater, guess we will have to monitor for

another millennium. It gets so tedious, some of them actually had it right."

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Yes Don, we ought to stick around with gorog and muborg:
"guess we will have to monitor for
another millennium". See you at the GP for a long time.

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Doin, that is good!
Gorog and Muborg have a more pessimistic perspective - I wrote the Exercise piece with the idea that going way back may be a second chance for our species - they may mess it up again?

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I don't hold out much hope.

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