Idyll #376: It really is spring!

Jerri_OKC(z7 Ok)April 27, 2008

Martie, I couldn't say it better -

It really is spring!

Carry on Idylls!


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

I little more plagiarism here:
"Dogs and food two of my favorites, a wonderful visit."
Woody lives in a warmer zone from me, even though only an hour or so away. There they have forsythia and magnolias all about, unlike here. Quite the show! I hope to be able to share photos tomorrow or Tuesday. Meanwhile, Phoebe is sleeping and sleeping, recovering from her visit.

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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

I'm sorry...I posted to the old thread, :-( so I am pasting it here.

This weekend seemed to go by awfully fast. So lots doing here, I see. Ignoring the elephant in the room...

Jerri, sorry to hear about your dog bite...hope it heals quickly.

Kathy...glad you are doing so well. Amazing really. :-) Pretty sweet peas, wish I could smell them.

Garden in the Woods has a great nursery too.

Woody and G'bug, so great you both were able to visit and I really enjoyed the photos of Phoebe and Misty and all that good food!

Martie, hoping to see more photos soon. :-) Sorry no help here with Coleus, but as far as the Kiwi goes...locally the old Victory Garden was close by and they had a very large, long arbor that they started a Kiwi on and it got out of control very quickly and they actually ended up taking it out. No personal experience to add.

Denise must be gone by now...2 weeks on the ocean, was all I caught...sounds wonderful, sure you will have a great time. Loved that series of photos of Evie and your fountain is so neat.

Chelone, you are going to have to add sweet little old ladies to the list of those you hate. [g] Nice job.

Saucy, is that photo of the Poppies with the columbine behind them from your yard? I just loved it!

Happy Birthday to Denise, Honey, Drema, Babs and Kathy too? Wow, that is a lot of spring Lovely garden photos from everyone. My yard is a disaster area still, so hope these will be enjoyable to the Birthday Girls. :-)


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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

Just in case anyone needs a good laugh... :-)

Here is a link that might be useful: Funniest cat video you'll ever see

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chloehoover(z6b VA)

One positive about rainy days is one gets to look at and save a couple photos one took while SALATing an earlier time.

Only because I love spring photos, Im putting a couple more up - pardon the rotten photography!

An old tulip called Phillip de Comine is still blooming:

here's a close-up:

And the first clematis, Asao, blooming its head off:

PM2, Im glad you got plants moved and in, it gives one such a sense of accomplishment -- Im so anxious to plant the new clems I got; but rainy weekends are foiling my plans!

So, bring on the other spring photos please. In the spirit of wishing you good luck, Woody, tomorrow.


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I'm pooped :) I got home around 4ish and jumped right into the clean up going on here. Frenzied work because of impending rain. Nick is shooting for the "perfect" lawn this year, LOL! I prefer a little clover and dandelion along with some crabgrass, but I guess this ain't my year :) Happily he's going organic so far....

We're in now and I just finished dinner and the kids are showering. Baked stuffed peppers made a quick meal. Sarah had leftovers :)

Woody, that is quite the spread! Can someone explain "curries" to me? Does the definition cover lots of foods? I have eaten "curried" foods, but I'm not sure what the definition of curry is. Guess I could google/wikipedia :) The pups look like old pals already :)

Cindy, you have such a beautiful Spring going on! Your garden is always a welcome surprise to me :)

PM, the poppies are from my neighbor's garden. They're actually from a good year for poppies: 2004. I work in my neighbor's garden right across the street from my own.

I'm outta here. I've got a big day tomorrow and I'm beat :) It feels good! Today was can't beat a day perusing the woodlands and a nursery crawl. I am thankful for this group of good garden friends :)


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For Woody:

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Jerri_OKC(z7 Ok)

Well today was a surprise in OKC. I went to a rescue friend's house to pick up meds for kitty tapeworms.
Instead of paying her, we decided to go to Soup and Salad and I would pick up the tab. While there, she got a call asking for help on a rescue.
Five Rotties and a litter of six puppies were found in the yard of a house that was in foreclosure. It looks like a small puppy mill/backyard breeder since there were four females (at least two are pregnant) with one male and the litter of 5-6 week old puppies. The house was trashed inside with torn open food bags. At some point, the dogs were able to get out into the back yard. Thankfully, the neighbors noticed and started feeding them. The puppies were so covered in ticks that their toes were forced open and their ears could not hang down. :(

My friend works for a local news station and we got a photographer out for the rescue. It is rumored that the 'owner' was a retired cop. The sheriff, who helps a local rescue, was there and is ready to nail this guy - especially if he was a cop!

We spent the afternoon spraying the babies with tick spray that kills on contact. Sprayed the dad and another female who had been tranquilized due to behavior issues.
I had flashbacks of last night when I was turning this BIG rottie over so we could spray him. LOL

All safe. :) I wonder what that spray did once it seeped in my open dog bites. :P

Time for a LONG shower. I feel things crawling. EWW!


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Thanks for being there Jerri and giving the dogs a chance at good lives.

PM2, how did you find those profile pictures of me? OK, as soon as DH leaves on his trip, no food for me. Only Phoebe and the cats will eat.

I hope we hear a bit more about today's gathering. Any happy pictures of the gang?

A demain!

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Martie, I'm sorry I keep forgetting to respond to your question about the kiwi vine, and now comes a wholly unsatisfactory answer - I have to confess I know next to nothing about kiwi vines! Sorry I can't help you.

I spent some time dinking around in the garden. Nothing major accomplished but it felt good to play in the dirt. Too much time spent doing for others lately and not enough for myself. I think it's wearing out my brain.


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Good Sunday eveningitÂs back to work tomorrow for me-this day did not turn out as planned. Got a call from my agent at about 10 this am ,requesting a showing . Yikes ! I had not cleaned a thing here since I took off for my oral surgery, and was in a bliss of Dr ordered inactivity. Had until 2pm to clean 3 bathrooms, the floors, dust etc etc.Did the best I could and at least the garden looked great ! No feedback yet, but have low expectations and am willing to wait it out.

Martie, good news re Aloha. Such a beauty she is. Tomorrow IÂm going to post a separate thread with the zillion rose pics IÂve taken in the last few days.

Cindy , does Phillipe perennialize for you? Love that color. The only tulip I have ever gotten to come back here is Pink Impression.

PM, Denise is on a Medit cruise with parents-think hers not Martys. Enjoyed your b-day pics ! A little whimsy is good for all.

Loved he photos of Phoebe and Misty Âbonding over the water bowl. Not to mention the food which is not anything I can eat any time soon , lol !

V, go join Saucy for a pedicure.

See yÂall on the morrow

Kathy in Napa

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Just got home from a weekend seminar. This was a tough one as the students werent quite up to the level of the project theyd chosen. Tough on them and tough on the teacher but all is well and Im home with my feet up and a nice glass of wine.

V. I wasnt going to post tonight but when I read your post I thought youd said you Spent some time drinking around the garden". ROTFLOL!!!!!! I laughed so hard I had tears pouring down my face.

So where is the report from the Idylls and the tour of Garden in the Woods? Hope a good time was had by all.

Jerri, you are a saint. I cant imaging dealing with those poor dogs and puppies with those ticks crawling on them.

Cindy, wonderful, wonderful spring pics! Love all your tulips. That Asao is a star isnt it???

Bug and Woody, looks like you all had a great day. That dinner looks scrumptious! Wish I was there.

Woody, hope all goes well for you tomorrow. Sending positive thoughts your way.

Martie, how great your roses are looking so terrific this year. Soil amendment is 90% of having healthy plants isnt it?

Kathy, wouldnt it be great if you got an offer on the house from the showing today?

PM Sounds like you had a productive day. Glad you made some progress in your gardens.

Drema my Red Abyssinian Banana is enormous and has been growing in the dark in the basement. I really NEED to get it and my brugs out of the cellar next week.

Eden, hugs to you. I think of you and family often.

OK Ive got to get myself to bed, have a great evening all!

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Belated happy birthdays to all. Still not getting Photobucket to cooperate and DS is on a mission to find a better way. Gave him Kathy's suggestion and, "we'll see."

Rain today and tomorrow!! Possibly a few inches!! I simply couldn't bring myself to water in April with freezing cold "city water." The plants are feeling it. On Rich's list this week: Rain Barrels in Place.

Parents are thrilled with their "garden" and there's room for one more big (read: gigantic) pot in addition to the toms. We'll plant Zinnias in the ground, of course, as my brother did for years in honor of our grandmother. Gave them a bunch of options for the second pot but I think cukes and summer squash will win out. A plant of each will fit perfectly and I've PLENTY of plants/seeds.

Busy, busy, busy on-the-road week. There aren't a lot of "New" towns in CT but this week I'm in New Haven, New London, New Britain (lunch with Ky!!!) and New Hartford. My feeble brain finds this amazing. LOL

Looking for alternate ideas to variegated Kiwi. Any ideas?

Also found out this week that rabbits really like Quince green shoots. Poor shrubs are three years old and about 8" tall. Liquid Fence time, for sure.

Off to SALAT the seedlings and figure out the best way to get them to folks. Kenzie and Bella must have strawberries :-)


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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

Good morning...Monday again and rain forecast here for the day, which suits me just fine, having moved/planted yesterday.

Still catching up...

Woody...hope the traffic is not too bad on the way for your test today, and that they'll give you a quick answer.

Martie....I found a reference that suggested a Kiwi can be grown in a container. If you have your heart set on one, maybe that might be another option? That might keep it more manageable? Your containers for you parents sound great. Sorry to hear they are without a garden this year. Are they missing it? Would love some photos of the Herb/Veggie garden in containers you put together for them. Rain..we had that experience last year all summer, everyone would get rain and it would miss us. Hope you get some along with us today. I would like to grow asparagus, but find it a little intimidating for some odd reason. Plus I would have to find a permanent place for it and my vegetable area is just not that big.

V...would love to see a photo of your orchid. I didn't realize some were fragrant.

Kathy...when will you be able to get back to your normal diet? Did you finish planting your annual garden this weekend? Hope you are feeling well enough for work after all that cleaning yesterday.

Saucy...Did your neighbor hire you after you had been gardening your own yard for awhile? Were those Icelandic Poppies? I am wondering, what happens to a bed like that after the poppies and columbine finish up flowering?

Cindy...Gorgeous tulips! Sorry you are getting too much rain at all the wrong times Cindy. You will have to get a break soon, I am sure.

Jerri...EWW is right! Wow, not an easy job you have taken on for yourself, in many ways. Glad the puppies had the good fortune of being discovered in time.

V....I thought you said drinking around too. I had to slow down and read it again because it didn't make As for doing too much for others, it is hard to keep your balance, but you know when you need a break. did the bike ride go the other day? How far did you go?

Enjoy your Monday. :-)


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Mornin' all!

Rain here too...and the first dandelions as well. While walking Phoebe we watched the muskrat out collecting grass for the nest, the grain growing already in the farmers' fields, the delphiniums, peonies, baptisia and dictamnus growing taller by the minute.

I must attack the mess indoors today and formulate a plan of attack for the next two nights of FROST. Everything is in leaf and bud and I imagine the place will look quite fetching draped in sheets...
Must run,

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PM, my neighbor has a dig-your-own operation of perennials. I beleive there is also Jacob's Ladder in that bed (along with a big spider who lives over there) but it just wasn't as far along. There are delphs, monarda, and nepeta in with the you see, it progresses.

V's been drinking in the garden again, I see :)

Jerri, you're going to earn a cape like Chelone's if you're not careful. Super woman :)

I am thankful for our rain.


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Same plan here as at Marie's. Clean up the messy house and frost forecast for tonight.

Thanks for the info on the red abyssinian Drema. I was under the impression that you couldn't cut back the stem and mine always gets way to tall to fit into the basement.

PM, Brad and I both enjoyed the funny cat video:)

Jerri, I agree you are a saint for all you do for the animals.

Martie, I haven't started coleus from seed for a long time but I do remember that one of the cool things about the seedlings is they have their patterns, though tiny, right away. Bella would love strawberries!

Woody and Marie, looks like the doggies have made fast friends just like you two.

I'll be thinking of you today Woody and hoping for good results from you test.

Cynthia, how's Katie doing?

Here's a few of pictures of the garden from this morning, the first one shows the fruit trees in bloom, and a couple of Bella. She's helping Brad put together her bike in one and reading Beatrix Potter books to Bud in the other. He's becoming a very well read dog.


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chloehoover(z6b VA)

Bestill my heart, Eden! I knew you had to be having a glorious Spring in your most fanciful garden!! So wonderful, thanks so much -- of course the human "decorations" are kind of cute too..

Well, I know V drinks in meadows ..... and she entertains in meadows & on prairies -- I've been there and done that and seen it w/ my eyes... it's pretty nice -- so why wouldnt she do it on her own, eh? V -- sounds like you need a "me month" -- I do believe they're necessary to mental health.

Kathy - in answer to your question re the Phillip de Comine -- I doubt he'll come back -- I endulged in an order from the Old Bulb Garden and was duly rewarded with these wonderful blooms. I've had sporadic success with Pink Impression, Mariette -- and for some reason my small clumps of Angelique & May Wonder (doubles) seems to persist (this is the 3rd year)... but they pretty much dwindle away -- this year I've had a lot of odd single blooms just here and there of Mariette -- kind of weird and I should cut them but I never get the time. I've got some old single reds (Darwins probably) that have persisted for a decade -- and I stopped doing red years ago -- so they always clash... but I never have the heart (or too lazy?) to dig 'em out.. Each year I say it's too much money & effort; then comes mid-summer and I start yearning and planning to try some again -- and before you know it I've ordered 300, LOL..

Okay, I've got to get busy here. I hope everyone has a wonderful Monday.


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Is it my imagination, or is Bud laying out there in the nude?

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Taking a break and resting my dishpan hands.

Saucy, we started getting Bud shaved down during the warmer months late last summer. He has such thick fur and he's much more comfortable in the nude. Your comment gave me a good laugh.

I wanted to share a site I discovered about 3am when I couldn't sleep. I enjoyed it and thought you all might too.


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Thanks so much Eden for the marvelous spring photos of your garden,. LOL about the 'naked' Bud!

PM, I never did get out for that bike ride the other day. I wound up going to the gym and doing an hour on the Stairmaster machine. I was getting ready for a seminar and wound up not having the time for a long ride.

WE are finally getting some significant rain here. I'm really thankful. Things were getting pretty dry. Unfortunately some places will be under a flood watch from these rains as places north are still getting melt off from the winter snow pack.

I noticed while I was WALATING this AM that almost all the Asiatic lilies in the driveway garden are missing. Boohoo... But there are three of the twelve 'Bergamo' Orientals coming up as well as four of the 'Regale' trumpet lilies. Things are going to shoot up after this rain. Just love spring!

OK time to get to work here. have a great day all.

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Happy Birthday Friends! face>color>size>

We had a really fun weekend. My sisters, mom and I were able to get in a little shopping. I can walk but my foot is swollen enough that Crocks are the only shoes that fit.

We were able to stop at a plant sale and I picked up as much as would fit in the spare room in the car.

We were down to 25 last night and its supposed to again tonight. It isnt supposed to get out of the 40s today. Spring is really reluctant here. I guess Saturday morning the ground was white here, Im glad I was out of town and didnt have to look at it.

Eden, thanks for the childrens gardening links. I havent had time to look but I bookmarked them. Thanks also for the lovely pictures of your garden. Spring is really quite wonderful isnt it? Great shot of Bella and Bud "reading"

Woody, Im thinking of you this a.m. My mom is having a MRI this a.m. as well. They are still looking for the reason for the pain in her arms and now believe it might be related to her neck.

Lots more to comment on but Im out of time.


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chloehoover(z6b VA)

Hi, Michelle - I've probably missed by skimming too much over the last week or so -- what did you do to your foot? Yikes, I think we've got a few people here suffering from limb problems right now -- is this a gardener's common foe?

Deanne -- that is so sad about the driveway garden -- one of my favorite spots of yours -- I guess it means you get to make new purchases of other lilies to put in -- but you had such wonderful clumps. I've noticed mine have really shot out of the ground this year -- I hope no one mows them down like last year (I guess I better get ready w/ the liquid fence soon).

I just have to say, we are more than making up for "April showers" here in this area -- it's pouring (again) here today all day -- Im truly afraid things and plants are soon going to become waterlogged, rot and probably mold! Mother Nature just never wants to cooperate does she? I was pouring out pots yesterday between storms (those pots that havent yet been drilled for plants). And yes, they're talking 40s in the evenings here too.

Eden -- I've been a fan of that garden blog -- she's so creative isnt she? I could get totally involved in following all the garden blogs -- I only need about 10 hours of personal computer time a day to do it, LOL.

Im laughing over the "skinned" Bud shots --


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wendy2(zone 6 MA)

Yep, pouring here too. We do need the rain, and better to have it on a day when I'm stuck in the office. Deanne, you'll be happy to know that the coleus you gave me are safely back in the basement under lights and the fuchsia and friends are in the cold frame so they won't get waterlogged.

We had a great time yesterday at Garden in the Woods. It is so nice to see their efforts to nurture and preserve this property. They did have sprinklers going in a few spots however, so it it not truly an untouched woodland.

Russells in Wayland was the nursery we visited, and it was huge. They had some great stuff. I came home with a Japanese Maple called 'Kashima' - a very pretty one with chartreuse leaves bordered in a brick red. It is supposed to be a dwarf, 3-5' tall with a rounded form. I was looking for rainbow leucothoe, but I found 'Silver Run' which is even prettier - so I bought that too. I came home and searched Garden Web for info on the leucothoe, and a picture from Monique's garden popped up - she has 3 of them! At least I got to this nursery first...

My son had his first overnite camp-out with the scouts and without Dad this weekend. The cub scouts are required to bring a parent on all trips, the boy scouts go solo (with the adult leaders). He packed his own stuff ("don't help me Mom, I don't want it to look like my mother packed my stuff for me"). He and DH practiced pitching the tent in the backyard, and DS said he and his buddy had no problem.

Duty calls - waving hi to all!


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Hi again, I can't seem to get myself in gear and get downstairs to paint today. I'm enjoying puttering about the house and watering the indoor plants and posting to the Idylls etc., etc., etc.... Anyway,

Michelle, I guess I don't remember what you did to your foot either. Im so sorry you are having issues. My toe problem seems to have settled down for now I just have to keep two of my toes taped together to keep the one with the ruptured ligament in place. ~~~ Bummer, bummer, bummer about the night temps there. At least we havent seen below freezing temps for a week or so here, although if Marie's getting frosts that is probably on the way here too.

Cindy, thanks for the sympathy over my missing lilies, I LOL about "I guess it means you get to make new purchases of other lilies to put in" as I had just told Douglas that I had to buy some replacement bulbs. ~~ Pouring rain here today as well but Im enjoying the rain after a couple weeks of no precipitation at all.

Wendy, glad to hear you all had a good time yesterday! Also happy to hear that all the plant babies are doing well. I was looking at one of the ruffled ones you gave me a couple years ago and thinking of you today when I was watering the coleus upstairs. I seriously cannot wait to get them outside though. Its time for all plants to be outdoors. Just another few weeks!

Okie Dokie I guess Id better go and vacuum the floor or do some laundry.


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Marie and Eden, same cleaning up the house and taking care of tenders here.

Eden I love your garden! You sure know how to maximize your space.

Bella is such a petiet little thing. I love seeing her read to Bud. Did he get a haircut?
Good way to put it Saucy. LOL

Tulips and Clematis at the same time Cindy? Don't think that will ever happen here.
Very pretty! I have a few tulips that have come back for a couple of years. Also have a couple that have come up at the edge of the woods where I just dumped out a couple of pots that I grew them in one year.

Wendy, good to hear the group enjoyed a day together. Nice buys. LoL ("don't help me Mom, I don't want it to look like my mother packed my stuff for me").
Wyatt packed his own bag when he came over last weekend. Three clean sets of clothes but no underwear. LOL And of course he got soaked at the creek.

Hi Deanne and all the rest. I have a terrific headache today and can't think straight. I think I am missing a large chumk of the Idylls for some strange reason.
I know there were some birthday happenings. I hope you all enjoyed your days.

And now I need to go get a few plants in. Later, Norma

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Hi Norma, so sorry you have a headache, hope you are feeling better soon.

I LOL over Wyatt packing his own bag and coming over with three changes of clothes and no underwear! Too funny...


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I'm just in from bringing in or covering plants. It's going to get down to 30F tonight and lower tomorrow night before rebounding again on Wed. I didn't get as much done around here as I'd hoped today. Kitchen is clean and laundry is done. That's about it.

Deanne, I love the notion of puttering whether in the garden or inside. Just a great way to pass the time I think. Very relaxing and soothing. Hope you had a great day puttering away.

Norma, what is it with little boys and their underwear? I remember David forgetting them when he'd go to my parents or sisters to spend the night. He also seemed to end up with a toothbrush at each house too due to always forgetting to bring one. Now Bella's not one to forget much of anything. She's very detail oriented.

Wendy, good to see your post. Sounds like a nice day was had by you NE Idyllers. And plant shopping thrown in is an added bonus.

Cindy, I could get lost in the gardening, decorating and cooking blogs if I had the time. So many interesting ideas out there in cyberland.

I keep meaning to answer about things we do to help the environment. Let's see, here we've given up buying bottled water and are using a filtered water pitcher instead, we've changed over to the new lightbulbs, and thanks to Chelone posting about it we've unplugged things when not in use or are using surge protectors that we turn off. We're using solar lights outside instead of electric, we turned down the furnace an extra 5 degrees at night this last winter. Just small changes and I know there's much more we could do but if everyone does a little bit I think it makes a difference.

I'm home alone tonight. Think I'm just going to veg out with Bud and the cats. Starting tomorrow I have Bella everyday through Saturday this week so I need to charge my batteries.

Have a good evening,


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Vacuumed and managed to do 2 loads of laundry, walk the dog, make lunch for DHG, empty the dishwasher...etc.

Tonight and tomorrow night we expect 24F temps and it is killing me after having high 70s. I think I love my plants, all things of beauty, way too much...., such a big part of my life. But having the tree blossoms killed, the roses, clematis and all the rest smooshed by frost is really upsetting. I've just come in from covering things for the past hour. More to go with sheets later on. DH is mystified. It's only weather to him.

We too do lots of recycling, composting, etc. We use a lot of the new light bulbs, but have had bad luck with them burning out frequently. What's with that? We refuse to use bottled water as well. We spend a great deal of our lives working on things environmental, mainly with Ontario's sand, stone and gravel pits. It eats away at our lives, but getting like minded folks together has in fact made for progress and discussion and some publicity too. I try not to bore people with it here though. On the home front we are always working on plantings by the creek, hoping to prevent some of the erosion. (in vain...) My wish is that the grocery stores would take the lead, carrying only locally recyclable goods. The packaging thing is waaay out of line here.

The spring birds against the new foliage...wows me these days.
DH is still in Toronto. I don't know about Woody.

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I forgot something I wanted to tell you all. I got an email today from my friend who's the bog expert in these parts. He's dividing some of his plants and wants to know if I'd like some. So it's time to set up the bathtub bog. I'm excited to work with these plants. Here's a picture of one of his bogs...

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chloehoover(z6b VA)

O, Eden I can't wait to see your bog garden -- we saw one in one of the gardens last summer and it was just so interesting - I think it was an old sink or bathtub; i'd have to go look at my photos. Will the plants overwinter in it in your zone?

Norma - I hope your headache is better by now - I hate those nagging ones that stick all day.

That's upsetting about such cold temps - for gosh sake, it's going to be May in a few days....

I meant to tell you Martie, I had problems w/ photobucket too, w/ the bulk uploader; I found if I just selected a group of photos on the usual spot rather than the "faster new bulk one" that it worked okay - a bit slower than before.. I dont know why they keep changing that -- I think this is the 3rd or more time in a year they've done that... I like Flickr for processing my photos; but havent stored them there...

Well, I have to go find a makeup bottle new I bought last week and now can't find - i just hope I haven not thrown it out.... the place is in such upheaval that I have no control and hence it's
quite possible I did throw it out! sheesh.....


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Jerri_OKC(z7 Ok)

Eden, your garden makes me want to move to MI. Perhaps next door to you?! I bought an old claw foot bathtub to use for a 'bog garden'. I hope I have the energy and creativity to set it up this year. I'll watch for inspiration photos. ;)

Don't really have time to read, has anyone heard from Woody? Thinking of her and all the others who are ill.

I'm pooped tonight. I have a class in Networking (computer) all week and I think I have brain overload. :(

I'll save the superwoman title for the much younger and thinner girl who was in the rescue party. Her task was to slide under the shed and fish out the puppies. Mind you, 5-6 Rotties make a mess of a yard after a few months. She was crawling in mud, poop, and creepy crawlies. Not to mention the one puppy who was old enough to fight back. BIG EWW!

Good night all,


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woodyoak zone 5 Canada

We got back from Toronto before lunch and picked up two cedar posts at HD on the way home. How long it will take to get those in place for the other side of the alley to complete the rose swag I'd hate to guess! I spent the afternoon helping Barb do/file income tax returns for herself and the her two younger daughters.

We won't know the results of the MRI for a day or two - the Gamma Knife office called to set up an appointment but they called after Barb left and before Randy got home so had to leave a message. Randy will call first thing tomorrow morning.

I keep forgetting to answer Saucy's questions re curry. There are all sorts of different curries - and no REAL curry uses 'curry powder'! Commercial 'curry power' is sort of the dumbed down version of the real thing and will never, in my opinion, make a decent curry. Also, each power mix is different so your curry would taste different depending on what curry power brand you bought. Tumeric, cumin and coriander are the basic curry spices. Most curries use at least two of them and most use all three. But there are almost always other spices in addition. some of them are familar ones - cinnamon sticks, ginger and cloves are reasonably common. Other things may be less familiar e.g. green or black cardamon pods, fenugreek seeds or garam masala (which is a mix of spices). Some things sound like they'd be something you'd make as part of the cooking prep but are a separate product (e.g. crispy fried onions). There are regional and other differences in curries - some I'm more familiar with than others. It's great fun to try different recipes and different restaurants. I like the scents of the spices - some people can't stand them :-)

We were going to give Misty her first haircut of the season today. But it is very nasty cold here today and is supposed to stay cold for a few days. If we made her as naked as Bud, she'd be far too cold! So she got a reprieve on the haircut until next week...

Copper is going to be spending the afternoon here on Thursday so Misty will have a playmate again, which will make her happy.

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Jerri_OKC(z7 Ok)

Do any of you know of a rescue that specializes in deaf dogs? We have a 2YO Staffordshier Bull Terrier who is so sweet and smart. We do not have enough fosters to give this guy the attention and training he deserves.
We can usually set up transports so the location doesn't matter very much.

Thank you,


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Mondays that come after a few days off are just so extreme ! I had 110 e-mails and 3 or 4 fires that demanded my attention. Tomorrow will be better. At least I can drink hot coffee instead of luke warm.

I posted some rose pics this evening on a separate thread- I was thinking about doing a slideshow link next time so I dont have to resize them the resize did degrade the quality a bit. Anyway, hope you enjoy looking at them ..

And speaking of that, it was great to see Edens garden coming to life-Eden on the 2nd and 3rd pics you can see lawn in the background it that all yours ? I know that chain link is common in your area (not used in suburban lots here) and Im thinking that maybe there is a fence I cant see. Love the bird feeder !

Cindy, my late MIL had a patch of red tulips in her yard that came back year after year for at least 10 that I know of.

Deanne, very glad to hear that you Regale lilies survived the rodent attack I love seeing your photos of those.

OK, thats all I have for tonight-Im spent. Brain is on half-life.

Nite all

Kathy in Napa

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

My sincere appologies to Jerry for saying things to her that were offensive not only to her, but to others also.

I also realize I was in error when I posted that link, and that I overreacted to Cindy's post.

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

So much for better living through chemistry. Yesterday I decided that my allergies were getting a little pesky, and perhaps taking a newly-OTC allergy med before bed would help me sleep. One wouldn't think that such a teeny little pill would still be making me sleepy almost 24 hours later. It was not a good day at work - I was falling asleep at my desk!

We had snow flurries today but nothing stuck. A customer in Wisconsin, though, had snow on the ground.

Glad to know I made Deanne's day by drinking in the garden! Dinking (no r) occurs when you spend a respectable amount of time working in the garden but nothing major gets accomplished. I'm still finding trash from last year's home improvement projects (grr!) and am trying to un-do something that was done badly by the folks who were paid to do it. (double grr!!) What gets me discouraged right now is that one crew was supposed to come back and do the last project on the house the very first thing this spring, before the plants were up. Do I need to tell you that there's been no sign of them?

I thought you all would enjoy a couple of tidbits from the seminar I did on Saturday. There was one young man in the audience who was taking copious notes through the presentation. He came up afterwards to ask me to clarify something, as he had never seen a perennial "recede". It was a light bulb moment for me, as I had never realized that an inexperienced gardener could be confusing the homonyms reseed and recede!

I also was on my Baptisia soapbox, trying to bring Baptisias to the unenlightened of the world. I showed the pretty photos, then held up a gallon pot of Baptisia from the garden center. Someone in the audience said, "You mean what you're holding in your hand will grow into that beautiful plant in 3 years?" YES! I think they got it! Now, if I can just do this routine in every garden center in America, Baptisia sales will be through the roof.

Oh! Oh! Oh! Phone just rang - my plant order for Saturday is in AND I am getting my bottlebrush buckeye! YES! I have a long history of lusting over Aesculus parviflora, and my dream may finally be fulfilled...

I think I shall go off to bed to sleep off the last of these meds and dream of creamy white flower panicles...


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

V, please also sing the praises of dictamnus! It is so hard to find a good sized plant of it, and it is so wonderful in the garden. I think it has an equally bad press agent as some other things for being a bad plant to move. I've had to buy such tiny gas plants and it takes ages to get them going! Mine are a white form, but below is the pink. I hope mine don't freeze tonight so that I can share them with you later on, maybe in May!

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'bug I have never seen Dictamnus plants sold here , not sure why? Maybe it needs colder winter chill than we have . I have always wanted to try one. I could mail order of course, but if no one sells it here one has to wonder if it may be futile. I will investigate upon my move to zone 8 !

Kathy in Napa

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Jerri_OKC(z7 Ok)

V, I see perennials "recede" all the time. It's usually right before I kill them. LOL


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Ha! Good one Jerri!

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"Oohhh nooo!", she cried watching yet another Idyll rounding the bend up ahead... . Same old drill, you guys, so far behind I'll never catch up. Ahh well.

Thinkin' good, Vindaloo-laced, thoughts for Woody's upcoming results. The pictures of the visit were very cheerful; don't you think mature dogs understand puppies and give them some latitude? Rex is extremely cautious around them, very curious (often nudging and nuzzling them), but never rough. I love popovers and Yorkshire pudding. I thought of you when we were on our Sunday fieldtrip and I noted the trilliums for sale (you know, the ones I still haven't put in the ground).

Eden, you've been in my mind too, for some time. Such a lot on your plate these days. How is your sister? and how is your Mom doing with the added worry/disruption? I like the shot of Bella in the chair. But I have to ask, isn't she going to be devastated when you sent that hog to the slaughter come fall? ;) . Is the buzz cut a fraternity house prank or deliberate? it made me do a "double take" before I burst into laughter. It's PELTING outdoors right now, so I could have a bog gahden just about anywhere on the Compound right about now.

I spent 1/2 hr. walking around the house with a painting contractor yesterday afternoon. He was very appreciative of the umbrella ("bumbershoot" in Mum-speak, and "underbrother" in Minnie-speak). 3 prices coming in the estimate: Pressure washing and painting the trimwork, Pressurewashing the siding, and then recoating the siding with bleaching oil. I'm not sure how well we'll be able to bring the older body of the house into line with the new color of the bahn, but we'll see what the guy has up his sleeve.

Much more I want to say to others in particular, but time is dwinding (as is the memory!) and I have to brave the rain and get to work. Be productive today, my friends.

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Just how many shades of green can be in one window woods view? There must be at least 15 if you count the semi-yellows. Rain is still coming!!! Yes!!!

I'm particularly proud that I've been recycling since I was a child. In our community lived an engineer who worked for a MAJOR company. His job was to deal with leftover metals that were used for object construction. (How's that for non-identifer??? anyway...) They set up a Town recycling project where one could bring glass and cans. Great pleasure was taken by volunteer teens to crush the cans. All monies raised were used for the Youth Center. It was almost a disappointment when the town took it over.

Here, we've not switched to the new light bulbs as I have a very hard time with the light level -- too grating and headache causing. So, everytime a light is left on in any room where there isn't a human, a quarter goes into the pool. Ditto for every degree the heat isn't turned down when no one is here. Proud to say only $1.25 in the jar :-)

Last year we switched from fossil fuel to natural gas. A huge expense outright but already we're seeing the monthly savings and the house is so much fresher! Also installed instant heat units for water (need another one for the kitchen to be totally efficient) and enjoyed the tax benefits as well as the comfort level.

I think just being aware that nothing is forever makes us turn off the faucet faster, and plan errands to do at once, and using the back side of paper ..... etc.

Can't wait to show you what the gardens and seedlings look like when the sun comes back! The pics I took last week are OLD news :-)

Serious question: How have Idyllers successfully shared plants via mail? I used to use those foam peanuts (years ago) but would rather not if I can help it. Suggestions?

So good to hear from Woody and Eden and others with pain in their lives right now with the hope that better news is coming from all fronts.

LOL, Jerri, about the little person getting the messiest job. As Rich says: "Mart, you can fit places other people only dream of -- live with the consequences. LOL" And it's not him crawling in a 1.5' tall space under decks.

Later, I'm sure....


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I have a busy day ahead of me!

Everything does look super green with it's spring cleaning. The pollen sticking to everything was really dulling the color. My grass even looks greener.

Martie, I've had good luck with recycling my grocery bags, so I imagine the same would be true for wadded up newspaper (better "green" practices?). I usually engulf the pot with the plastic bag and tie it up around the stem/trunk of the plant to hold all the soil and keep the plant damp. Just be ware of dipping/soaring temps as they may be in a warehouse of sorts at some point in their journey. I've had very good luck shipping this time of year.

I've gotta go catch a bus. As soon as this weather breaks I'm going to plant my new "cool" plants and then hopefully be able to tell you what they are. V., I'm envious of your buckeye!


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Good morning, looks like we made it through with no frost damage last night but tonight's supposed to be a few degrees colder and clear skies so we still have to dodge that bullet then warmer temps are forecast.

Y'all quit makin' fun of my dog:) He's so much more comfortable shaved down, he's hot blooded I think, or maybe it's just his extra layer of padding. He does look funny the first couple of weeks until he grows out a little though.

Kathy, the lawn behind me isn't mine. The guy behind me has a double lot with nothing but an old falling down garage on one side and the other side is just grass. We've tried to get him to sell us the empty side for years. I could extend my garden back there. He just keeps it mowed and doesn't do a thing with it. When we first moved here 28 years ago the man who lived there had a large vegetable garden. We have wooden privacy fence on both sides of the back garden but there is a chain link fence along the back because I think it makes my garden seem bigger to have the added view back there. Brad built me the birdfeeder for my birthday back in 2000.

Woody, thanks for taking the time to explain curries to us. The dinner you prepared for Marie looked delicious. I know not at all the same region or cooking style but you reminded me that I purchased a tagine not long ago. Anyone here make Moroccan recipes? I have a few I want to try, just a matter of finding the time. Woody, waiting for test results is difficult. I'll be hoping for good news for you!

V, is dinking anything like puttering? Sounds like it. I would love to be able to sit in on one of your garden talks. I know you'd be an interesting speaker. Your mention of the bottle brush buckeye reminded me of when we saw the button bush (Cephalanthus occidentalis) in bloom at Cranbook during the first IU. Do you remember? Anyway I wanted one after that and found one at a native plant sale the next spring. It's finally starting to get some good growth on it this spring and I'm hoping it blooms.

Marie, I have a couple dictamnus and they've been easy to grow. Maybe because I didn't know they were supposed to be difficult:) One of them I've moved a couple of times with no problems. I like the seed pods.

Not much good news to share on my mom or sister. My mom's now developed leukemia, a result of the chemo treatments. That makes her ineligible for the trial she was going to participate in. The lymphoma is on the back burner for now. They're still in Houston and she had another bone marrow test yesterday. The fourth time they've bored into her bones I think in the last month. My sister came through the surgery well. She saw the Dr. yesterday and the biopsies they took show that the cancer has spread to a couple of nodes so she'll be doing chemo too. We were hoping the cancer was contained to the tumor and hadn't spread. They both have very positive attitudes though. I'm so pround of them both! I know you're all pulling for them so no need to comment I just wanted to let you know.

Bella will be here today and I have to make a run to the grocery store first so time to get going. Hope you all have a great day!

I'm adding a link to the tagine I have.


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wendy2(zone 6 MA)

Just a quick drive-by this AM - had to share this one.

I'm driving DD to school and it is pouring rain. We are debating if it will be raining at the end of school, should she walk home or let me pick her up, how hard will it be raining, etc. I finally said "Give me a ring-a-ding when you leave school, I'll zip down to get you if you want". She looked at me blankly. "Call me, you know, ring-a-ding, on the cell phone." She continued with her cold stare and muttered "Someone woke up on the cheesy side of the bed this morning." Ahhh teenagers.

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

We love this recipe for special occasions (expensive meat!)

Also this one I have not tried:

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Good morning,

Its raining here but that is a good thing. Its lovely to see everything get a good watering that I dont have to pay for LOL. The leaves on the deciduous trees are unfolding at an amazing rate since the rain started. The dogwood is opening its flowers and the robins are singing away and having aerial spats between the males vying for territory. Love, love, love springtime!

We had a bit of good news yesterday, the clothed dryer was making a hideous noise and we thought it needed repair or replacement. When Doug opened it up there was a four inch screw in there! Hed forgotten to check his pockets before he put his work pants in. Took out the screw and it is now working perfectly again. Nice!

Eden, how exciting you are going to get some plants for a bog garden. I cant wait to see what you do with that bathtub! Perfect for your fabulous eclectic garden. ~~ Hugs and all positive thoughts going out to your family.

Cindy, I remember that bog garden well, that was the morning of the day we went to Chanticlear wasnt it?

Jerri, isnt is funny how when you are taking a class like that you get to the point where it seems your brain cannot absorb one more bit of information. You can listen and think you are getting it but you dont retain beyond a certain point.

Woody, hope you get good results from your MRI.

Kathy sorry for your extreme Monday but glad to hear you are back to hot coffee.

V, lol about perennials receding. ~~ Fantastic about your getting a Buckeye! Didnt Inta have a fabu one in her garden? ~~ Wish I could come to one of your lectures. Id really enjoy that. How about doing it for us at IU5????

Martie, when I ship plants I take them out of the plastic pots and put the root ball in a plastic baggie with a twist tie around it, roll the plant into layers of newspaper and tape the tube formed shut. You can leave them open on the ends or fold over and tape. Then place the tubes in a box and pack with crumpled newspaper or other shipping material to fill the box to ship.

Wendy!!!! ROTFLOL, Cheesy side of the bed te he

OK Ive got to run and get in my hour on the Stairmaster. Have a great day all.


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chloehoover(z6b VA)

Im overhung from lack of sleep after an extremely irritating MUCH overdue call from the insurance "supplement" guy last nite - who wants to argue the contractor bid that was 3 times the insurance estimate, the implications and costs of using Benjamin Moore paint versus whatever I might have used 8 years ago, how many coats the rooms really need, how could I be nervey enough to change the color from white to a color that might require 2 coats (pale yellow), how they havent estimated that I need to have the stairway walls painted (the same wall that continues directly from one wall of the family room up the stairs, no break) because of course it wasnt affected (so how does one draw a line on a continuous wall as to where to stop painting?????) (this despite the fact they concede they will replace the carpet on those same stairs as that's the same carpet in the rest of the family room and would look pretty weird being different), and other stupidities.... Then he threatens to have to send a field rep out to look it over (again) -- like I need to take another 5 hours off after almost 2 weeks of leave I've used dealing with this situation for the idiots to see a wall and remeasure square footage that's been diagramed by at least 5 people? And they wonder why people are so hostile about insurance and adjusters????

ok, rant over....

Gardenbug, I confess I've ordered dictamnus twice -- the plants that came were small/or dormant and I can't decide if it never came up or is a slow grower -- I confess I cannot identify its foliage - every pic one sees is of the gorgeous flowers but not foliage -- so what's the leave/plant sans flowers really look like? I'd love to get down to eye level in the bed and root around hoping to find it slowly accumulating somewhere near the peony.

I love baptisia too -- but I think it's another one of those things that is slow to really acclimate and settle in and people are impatient - like w/ clematis. That 3 year rule really seems to apply as well dont you think?

Well, I am way way behind at the ofc today and better jet start -- after I consume a high-test cup of caffeine or I'll be growling for sure...


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Seems I can post photos once more. Fickle computer....

For Cindy: Gas plant foliage emerging

Woody: Golden Seal (from 2005 photos)

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Since Iowa has had a can deposit for many years all those cans go back for the 5 cent refund. My grandfather started a salvage yard when he was a boy and my dad later took over the business. Basically a metal recycling business. Our family is big into reusing items as well. Right now Im using the lightweight metal box I received for Valentines to make heart shaped stepping stones. We use those cfl bulbs as well. Ours certainly dont last the 5 years they promise either.

Dictamnus was a plant that I looked and looked for, eventually I found 3. I have moved one. I like the lemony smell, the foliage stays nice, the flowers are lovely and the seed pods are great in floral arrangements. Slow growing is the only drawback. Mine are all pink although Im always looking for a white one.

Bottlebrush buckeye is on my list to find as well. I have several baptisias and they always attract the interest of visitors, whether in bloom or with the seed heads.

Last night I pulled a whole skidloader bucket of rocks out of the bed in front of the house. I didnt go out this a.m. but the thermometer read 25. I never cover things as I just dont have the time usually.

Jerri, my Jaden is a part rottie pound puppy.

Eden, I would love to hear step by step how you make your bog.

For those who asked about my foot, its badly bruised after my heavy garden gate fell on it. It seems somewhat better today.

Enjoy your day


One of my small dictamnus.

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Michelle, I hope your foot feels better soon! I kept meaning to send you well wishes and fell short (once again!)....I once had to wear the dreaded "blue shoe" so I feel your pain :)

Woody, I am asking around for a good Indian restaurant so that I might try a curry! I just have never been introduced properly :) You've sparked an interest.

I'm goofing around here instead of doing what I need to be doing! I've got a letter to draft and I'm having writers block....

Funny, I had no problem typing here :)


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chloehoover(z6b VA)

Saucy, you'll love curries once you have them - there are so many -- and I love Thai curries too.

Tagines too are wonderful - Moroccan cuisine was a particular love of my mother's -- there are a lot of cookbooks still at her house on that; I'd like to have a few - maybe someday... But anyone who ever has a chance to have Moroccan -- I say go for it!!

Thanks, 'bug - you can imagine me out in my front yard this p.m. once I've walked Chloe - Im going to be down looking for that foliage, LOL. I hope to be lucky. It looks a bit like emerging baptisia foliage there to me...
Michelle that shot of yours blooming is gorgeous -- great combinations with it too.

I was happy to notice last weekend that the Albizia Summer Chocolate that I thought had been toast really does seem to be leafing out -- Im excited; altho it has some dieback as the nursery had informed me -- and they said it was the last tree in their nursery to leaf out... so I live in hope that it will thrive this year. Another IU wish plant come true.

Well, now my stomach is growling so I best find some lunch. The sun is actually shining today altho it feels like late winter w/ the chill in the air.


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Jerri_OKC(z7 Ok)

UGH! We went to a local Pizza buffet. Little hole in the wall Greek resturant/grill with GOOD pizza. I ate too much. :(

Cindy, that's not dieback it's recession. LOL

Tiffany, our 13 YO poodle is in the groomers today. DH dropped her off before work. As soon as he stepped in the door she started shaking. Poor little girl.

Back to class. We are analyzing IP traces this afternoon. ZZZzzz...


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chloehoover(z6b VA)

oops, jerri - you're correct; another one of those "receeding" perennials... And they say gardeners all speak the same language, LOL...


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It's interesting to think about "going gree" and "green washing". We've been recycling for many, many years now. Like you, Cindy, we lament the unwillingness of Waste Management to accept more types of plastic. We try to consider packageing when we make a purchase, too. We've been using reuseable shopping bags for years now (helpmeet is wonderful about taking them!). Our state charges a deposit on cans, wine bottles, plastic soda bottes, so they're worth money. The local grocery chain has begun refusing to pay you for their return, requiring instead that you open an "account" and it will be credited on you grocery receipt. Since they had a major security breach involving nearly 3 MILLION credit card numbers I have to locate a new redemption center. Clearly, they don't need any more of our personal information! We have some CFL bulbs, but the light is CRUMMY, Martie, and no one has a place to recycle those. We're big on turning off the electrical "vampires" and lights not in use. Thermostats are turned way down when we're not home. Compost is good. We use awnings and don't air condition.

I have managed to miss Michelle's foot injury, too (turning away in shame). Hope it's better soon.

It's rained all day long today. And there is a rather a lot of standing water in and around the yard. It's interesting to note when it pools relative to the new lay of the driveway. It's giving me good ideas for plantings, as did the Garden In The Woods tour. Things are going to shoot out of the ground when the sun returns. I'm discouraged, as the precisely what I was concerned about with regard to the pace of progress on the Salon is occuring. Helpmeet is dragging his feet because he wants to work on his garden, and until he finishes the railing and the GFI outlets we can't get them to sign off on the building permit.

I'm especially discouraged about our tax return. I was too trusting (the helpmeet was completely oblivious) and the statements required to establish the basis for gains/losses were late in arriving. We were put on extension (added to the tax prep. fee) and the return arrived today. We have been slammed this year. We underpaid and have penalties, too boot. I am thoroughly irritated with myself and the company with which the money is invested.

Maybe I'll feel better with some sunshine, some yardwork and 3-4 days off in row. Or with continued rain and some time to really clean the pit I now call "home". I am taking Rex in to have his staples removed on Thursday afternoon and he is now touching his foot to the ground periodically, a good sign. So I shouldn't feel as gloomy as I do, I suppose.

Wondering about Katie and her hot wheels?

Love the artwork you posted for birthdays, PM2!

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Tuna noodle casserole here for dinner. Bella's request. Amazing the things I'll eat because she likes them. Canned Cream of Mushroom soup and crushed potato chips on top but I did sneak in some cheddar cheese chunks and peas for me. We had a good afternoon, mostly reading, watched Harold and the Purple Crayon, we dried some stale bread in the sun and Bella crumbled it for the birds and we baked peanut butter cookies.

Marie, thanks for the recipes. I've saved them. I'm going to try to make that first one this weekend. It sounds so good.

PM2, I meant to tell you that I really enjoyed the artwork you posted too. So many times I forget to mention things that I mean to.

Chelone, good news that Rex is healing. Bummer on the taxes. We don't use air conditioning here either.

My dad called earlier. They've taken an apartment in Houston and the Drs have decided to try stem cell treatment for my mom.

Have a good evening,


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Jerri_OKC(z7 Ok)

Eden, that could be good news. Wishing you all the best - for you and your family.
Go Wrecks!
I hope Katie gets used to her wheels soon.

It's slow this afternoon. I must not be the only one who's barely crawling tonight. We took the 'big trash'/recycling out and I twisted to pick something up. Big mistake. I had to take a pain pill and I'm off to lay on an ice pack.

I can't think of all I wanted to respond to. Oh well, maybe tomorrow!


P.S. I'm trading Annie to another foster and I will take a pit mix who's expecting 12-15 pups any day now. She's very sweet. I've had newborns but never had any birthed at home. How exciting!

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Hi y'all!

I really am touched that you guys still remembered me for my bday-that was really a nice surprise. I know I am so far behind I'm not sure who's doing what but I wanted to check if there was news on Eden's Mom & sis(I see there is-thanks for keeping us posted Eden-you have so much to bear). I wish the best for them both.

Michelle-the image I have of a heavy garden gate on a foot makes me cringe-I hope you are doing better-you are icing it?! Your posted pic is so pretty!

DEANNE! In the previous thread I can see the bee's knees : ) Wonderful shots!

Sorry i can't comment more, somehow I will have to send Bday greetings for that long list of bday girls! will probably have to wait for the weekend though(sheepish grin).

Oh-Jerri-biggest hugs to you. You have made so much progress and I'm sorry for what you went through as a child. I don't know how a person can heal from such ordeals but I admire your ability to find yourself despite such hurtful things. You have such a good heart.

Good thoughts to you all.

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Our spring weather has turned windy again- hopefully it will die down a bit as the sun goes lower over the yard-arm.
Ive realized that my trip to Oregon is in only a few daysfor some reason I thought I had another week. I guess it was the May thing that tricked me can it really almost be May ??? Guess I better make sure BILs have plenty of soup on hand.

Eden, too bad that neighbor wont sell you more gardening space ! Thanks for the update on your Mom and Sis. Its really wonderful that your Mom is willing to try some of these more experimental treatments- the bravery and determination of people like her are what pave the way for successful treatments for future generations.

Light bulbs, I just cant stand the light given off by the new bulbs, particularly for reading. Furthermore, though they may use less energy , they are considered hazardous waste because of the substances in the base. Im incandescent all the way and try to turn lights off when not in use. Never use the dishwasher, and if I wasnt moving would get a tankless water heater in a heartbeat. Gotta pick your battles!

Ok, time to be off, a big wave to all that went un-greeted

Kathy in Napa

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Jerri_OKC(z7 Ok)

Thank you Babs. I hope I remembered to thank you all for your support and kind words. Some people require a lot of pain to force them to really grow and seek out relief.
I have come to peace with the fact that I am who I am due, in part, to my background. It has made me strong and compassionate. I am grateful for that.

I am too tired to spell check! LOL



P.S The new light bulbs hurt my eyes too. I've heard they have a 'cooler' one now that looks better. Ours burn out in no time flat. I wonder if it's because our power tends to flicker off sometimes?
I'm afraid we will end up with land fill full of them and have mercury in the water. :(

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Eden thanks for updating us on your mom and sister. I like knowing they are still trying and have positive attitudes.
Sounds like Bella is a girl who knows what she wants. LOL.
How nice that your friend has bog plants to share.

Chelone, we got slammed with taxes this year too. Not fun. I know you need to get the salon finished, but I guess I can't blame the helpmeet for wanting to be in his garden. Good to hear Rex is making a little progress.

Wendy, Is that one ringy dingy or two? LOL. Guess I got up on the cheesy side of the bed too.

Cindy did you find that receding perennial ?
What a headache you have had with those adjusters.

Jerri and V wake up! V, Thanks for sharing some of your seminar incidents. I enjoy hearing about them.

Michelle, nice picture of your dictamnus. I will have to try one if I run across it somewhere. I notice you aren't letting your bruised foot slow you down. Are the rocks you are picking out large ones or small? Will you be able to recycle them, perhaps in Kenzies garden?

Deanne it has been fun watching the birds this past week. Since the leaves are not all out yet I can usually see several varieties in one tree. The hummers are here already. I noticed they like the purple flowers on the bronze ajuga.

Saucy, waiting to hear about your new cool plants.

Woody, at least you have the post at hand now. It is always a help to me to have the things I need when the mood strikes.

GB, I hope you were able to get things covered.

LOL Martie, shades of green in the woods. I have really tried to add red and chartreuse foliage whatever I can to break up all the green around here. But it is all welcome over the grays of winter.

Kathy I'm anxious to go view your roses.

My headache was gone today but it left me without much energy. So I made a run to the grocery. I finally perked up a little this evening and prepped an area for grass seed. I hope to get more accomplished tomorrow. Sleep well all. Norma

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Lets see if I can retain enough of a mental thread to make a decent post!

Eden, I do indeed remember the Cephalanthus at Cranbrook. I bought one the next spring at a native plant sale, but we just checked it last Saturday and it didnt look happy. Im going to check it again Friday night (yeah, right, all the warm temps this week will have brought it around!) and may see if theres an extra one when I pick up my buckeye.

Yes, Inta had a marvelous one at the back of her yard didnt you see me drooling?

And to clarify dinking is a lot like puttering but one step below on the productivity ladder.

Marie, I would happily plug the gas plant (even though that sounds dangerous) but Im a paid shill I have to plug what we sell. But I can focus on those particular ones that I really like.

If someone reminds me, I can bring my presentation (its on PowerPoint) to IU5, but you all are well beyond my typical audience.

Wendy, do you just slide out of bed when its that cheesy? LOL!

Um, Deanne, I noticed you said your dryer was clothed. I dont dress mine, I leave it nekkid like Bud.

Dinner tonight was pierogi potato and cheese filling, fried in onions and butter. I dont do this very often!

Im going to download the camera pics before bed. Then perhaps tomorrow I can upload some!


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I'm not crazy about the CFL's either, and I think they are ugly and refuse to put them where they will show. DH is the one really pushing them.

My foot is really much better. It looks ugly though. I had my Crocks on and I think they actually cushioned the blow.

The rocks we are removing are approximately 2" in size. Right now they are going on a pile. DH will use them around the yard.

The other day I got a package in the mail. It was a gardening book from Backyard Living. I was confused as to why they sent it. According to the letter, they published my container that they had paid me $100 for in it as well.
It's on one of those punch recipe cards.

I spent a little time this afternoon looking over the children's garden links and jotting down ideas. I wonder if I have enough 'King Humbert' cannas to make a "Canna Cave"?


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Michelle, bet you could easily do a 'sunflower house' .

Gentle nag to Norma for pond pics !

Kahy in Napa

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This is going to be brief, but I have been reading Ken Druse's, "The Natural Habitat Garden" and many of the shrubs and plants you've mentioned are featured in it. I have though to you, V., every single time I've looked admiriingly at the Prairie reclaimations. It's a really nice book, very encouraging because it ceaselessly emphasized the natural beauty contained in ALL habitats. IF you are willing to open your eyes and look for it.

I thought of you, Jerri, as I read the Animal Welfare Society newsletter and its account of last August's seizure of nearly 300 dogs form a local puppy mill. The description of the filth and the flies made my normally strong stomach turn. I imagine the squalor is magnified in the heat of the south. Rex's best (only) friend, who lives next door is an American Stafforshire Terrier who is a very loving, gentle boy. He was lovingly raised from puppyhood by his Daddy (but missed the training boat!) but those "bear trap" jaws are definitely attention getters. His nickname is "Piglet" and he sure looks like one with his short fur and delight in the mud, lol.

Good to see Babs. show up, too. You must be looking forward to the close of the school year, eh, Nurse Ratchett?

Good to hear Michelle's footzer is on the mend. I may have to look into a pair of Crocs... I love my muck shoes, but man! do my feet ever get hot inside them. I have been paying scant attention to Kenzie's garden, but noting the plants mentioned, have every confidence it will be not only attractive but FUN.

The helpmeet brought home a movie the other night, one which likely received poor reviews... "Jack-ss, the Movie". It is incredibly sophomoric with a good deal of needless vulgarity throughout, which is probably why we laughed until our sides ached. I was, at one point ("the bungee wedgie"), laughing so hard I had to run for the bathroom to avoid wetting my pants. WARNING: not for the faint of heart, and to be kept out of the hands of all adolescent boys. Would probably make an excellent double feature coupled with "Borat". ;)

OK, off for another day full of fun a joy in the world of canvas. Be brilliant today, mes amies! (so much for brevity).

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The sun is out and the plants are joyous after receiving such a good rain. Frost here last night but because of dryness not much budding to lose so I let everything stand. Will take stock tonight.

Kathy -- have a great time in Oregon meeting Aiden! Before you go check out the Weekes rose "Soaring Spirits". It (can't decide if it's he or she, yet) came back full bore after having spent the winter mulched but in a wide open western exposure. Worth a look for your new garden!

Thinking of Denise floating around the Med. Should've asked her to find some naturally growing lavs on cliffs. It's a life dream to see that.

Gosh, Michelle!! I somehow also missed the fence on foot episode. Being a barefoot kind of gal, I thoroughly expect to have a major gardening related foot injury at some point. Ouch!

Babs -- for some reason I was thinking about your family at Hocking Hills the other day and it gave me a second of peace in the midst of corporate chaos. Thank you!

It's refreshing to know others agree that the light from the new bulbs is, well, too much light. I also think they're ugly, and trying to fit an old fashioned shade that attaches to the bulb is impossible.

Sometimes progress isn't.

Okay, Baptisia is one plant I can never destroy even when I've tried. Wish I had known others had problems as I yanked several self-sowns already. If there's more I'll let'em grow on and ship'em out. Big Hint: Water deeply at establishment and then don't supplemental water til it droops. Long root system unlike a lot of other plants considered herbs needs the extra moisture to get going. Yes, Baptisia is used for dying by purists.

I'm on the shoreline today and get to have some fantastic seafood for lunch with a client who is a blast. Just found out his wife is an MG and did her work at an aquarium on the basis of saltwater plants. Different, huh? I hope to meet her as my knowledge of seaweed is zippo.

Hoping Sue is forging through the changes.

Saucy: I appreciate your question as I have not developed a NEED to try different curries.

Feel like I'm blathering so all have a good day!

And, of course, thinking of all in VA with horror still in their eyes ...


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Good morning Idyllers

Life has been busy and complicated due to the possibility of moving and I realized I've fallen into something of a funk. Determined to shake myself out of it the first thing I wanted to do was to say Hi to all my Idyll friends.

I'm woefully behind and realized I must have missed some birthdays - belated cards will follow but warm wishes for those I missed.

Thank you for your family update Eden - even though absent I've still been thinking a lot about your Mom and sister. Woody too.

Sunday was very special for me as it was the day of our music recital. David was very excited about performing the Vivaldi Guitar concerto with the chamber orchestra and I knew he'd do a great job. (I'm still awestruck that he has the confidence to do so at age eleven.) Annie, by contrast was terrified at the thought of standing up and playing on her own even though she has been fine performing with a group or for one person at solofest. As a mother I was having sleepless nights that David would shine while Annie might have a complete disaster (anyone who has been to a recital knows how excruciating that can be). So I suggested we play her piece together - her teacher loved the idea, we had fun rehearsing with each other and on the night it was fine. There were a couple of small flaws but having someone else playing they were barely noticeable. Friends in the audience enjoyed it because it looked as though we were having fun playing. Phew! one less thing to worry about (needless to say I was enormously proud of both Annie and David's efforts).

Hope to be back soon with more news and comments. My spring garden is in full bloom but we have snow forecast this afternoon :0(

Have a great day everyone


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Yeah! Mary's here!

Must take Phoebe for her operation today. I didn't manage a decent Mother/Daughter talk with her about it...and feel a bit guilty.

It was 26 here last night and I hope the sun repairs the wilted things I observed at 6:30am. More frost tonight too. It kills me. (I was told to try valium to make me feel better about this. hahaha. )

Later folks!

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

A cheery good morning to everyone,

The sun is shining here and its a beautiful day even though a bit on the chilly side. We only got a light frost here but no damage that I can see. Tonight is supposed to be another frost and then its supposed to warm up again. The lawn and gardens are very happy campers after that deep rain. My compost pile is steaming!!! Im so happy. Funny the things that make you happy when you are a gardener. The Rose of Sharon is budding up! This is incredibly early for it to be setting leaves. Sometimes it doesnt break dormancy until the middle of June. Im seriously hoping it blooms along with the Oriental lilies and daylilies in that vignette I have it planted in. The last several years the lilies are all done before the Rose of Sharon blooms.

Mary, how great to hear from you. I wish Id been able to hear your recital. David is becoming quite the guitarist! How fabulous for you.

Bug, I know Phoebe will forgive you. Hope all goes well.

Martie, its incredible how fresh and green looks after this rain isnt it?

Michelle, glad to hear your foot is healing. Somehow I missed the whole gate thing. ~~ Congratulations on being published!!! ~~ Love that photo with your dictamnus!

Norma, how great youve got hummers already. There are none here yet.

Chelone, I feel your pain RE taxes. We totally blew it in 2003. Doug had gotten laid off and was able to get some independent consulting work for six months or so and as it turns out, even though NH has no income tax per se, he was considered a business because he was working for himself so had to pay income tax on that six months worth of work. That was NOT a nice surprise. Grrrrr.

V. LOL! OK I deserved that after pointing out you were drinking around the garden.

Kathy, youll have to take lots of pics for us in Oregon! When are you leaving?

Babs, thanks! Glad you dropped by!

Jerri, midwife to puppies?! Dont get sucked into adopting another dog! LOL They are so darned cute and darling when they are first born.

Eden, tuna noodle casserole? Ive not had that for fifteen years or so. LOL

Cindy, I cant believe you are still dealing with the stupid insurance people over your mold claim. We went a round with the adjusters when some idiot vandal shot out my fan window in our dining room years ago. The addition had been in for less than six months and they wanted to depreciate it some ridiculous amount. The window was brand new! Then they gave my contractor a hard time and ticked him off as well. One shouldnt have to fight to get insurance monies that youve paid for but that seems to be the way of things.

OK Ive got to get in gear. Ive got a check for a very expensive painting that I havent finished yet so that is on the agenda for today. I need to get her painting shipped out before the end of the week. (Id really rather be in the garden but one has to do this work stuff from time to time)

Have a great day all,

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honey_mi(Z5 MI)

Thanks for the bday wishes and pix, everyone! We just had a simple dinner out. Thats all I wanted. Belated Birthday wishes to all I missed!

DH has been working 5 am to 10 pm, sometimes later. Sunday was his first day off and they went to Paris for some sightseeing. They took a tour and did go to the top of the Eiffel Tower. Hes lonely, misses us and said hed gladly dig holes for me instead of being over there. Hes mostly just eating, sleeping and working and it gets old.

Ive got everything fixed that broke the minute he went out of town except for the outside faucet on the other side of the house. I assumed, wrongly, that both faucets would be the same size, etc. Wrong. Theyre a totally different size and style. So Ill have to remove the nozzle and take it to HD for some help. Geez.

My Mom has been stirring up trouble in the family so wed all be mad at each other or with her. Ive held my tongue and am ignoring what shes doing although it is just maddening. DD, DN and I are supporting each other thru it. It seems Mom is looking for negative attention b/c weve all been really busy lately. DD tells me that Mom is jealous that shes living here, and has tried several different tactics to undermine the situation: called DD and told her that she (Mom) really shouldnt be living alone (guilt trip) and that shes love to have DD move in with her better for the kitties, etc., etc. Then when that didnt work, Mom told DD shed buy or co-sign a house for her; etc. Thankfully, DD said thanks but no thanks b/c its not strictly a benevolent offer, there are very big strings attached. Theres much more, but Id need a whole thread for it.

Meanwhile, last Sat., we had the Beautification Commission seedling giveaway. I got several Ninebark Coppertina, a redbud, dogwood and Nannyberry Viberunum. Theyre just 18" tall sticks, but Im hoping to find a sunny spot to nurture them into small shrubs and trees. I want the Coppertinas, but have the others to giveaway.

Ive also been hacking and pruning at our subdivision common areas overgrown shrubs and trees. We have 3 huge dump-truck size piles so far and tons left to go.

At my house, the beds need tons of work and I already have 15 shrubs in my plant ghetto to plant. I want to get at least 10 of them in the ground today. Thank goodness I covered everything last night to protect it from the frost. More on all this later.

Oh, Michelle, OOCH. That foot injury sounds so painful. Hope youre on the mend. Hey, I think that Iris "Denium" you gave me is going to bloom for me this year!!! Yeah. I cant wait.

OUCH Kathy, re the oral surgery. Theres at least a Ferrari in my mouth, so I can commiserate with your situation. Hope your mouth feels better soon.

Thanks for the update on your Mom and Sis, Eden. (((Eden))). So sorry for all the stress and worry for all of you. Love the pix of your yard, Brad, Bella and Bud.

V, hope your week with DS went as you planned.

PM2 the pix of the artwork brightened my day. Thanks.

Deanne, amazing photos. So glad you didnt shovel prune that cherry tree. Gorgeous.

Chelone, great that Rex is doing better. I was hoping to see some more pix of your progress on the garage and salon. Bet youre busy at work with boat season starting.

Cynthia, is Katie getting used to her wheels?

Jerri, so sorry about the doggie bites. Hope theyre healing well. How great for you that you were able to rise above such an awful childhood. I agree with your thinking that its made you stronger, more patient and compassionate.

Woody, I hope your test will show the drs whats going on so they can treat it properly and give you some relief from the symptoms and worry. (((((Woody)))).

GB and Woody, love the pix of the pooches. Theyre darling. And bug, Im sure Phoebe is much better behaved than Missy. Oh, hope Phoebes operation goes smoothly for you and her!

Norma, its so good to see you back posting regularly!

Babs, I, too, have been having trouble keeping up. Good to see your posts.

Sue, so sorry for all the changes in your life. As with DD, sometimes its for the best. Youve really been through a lot this year. Seems you and Eden have had more than your share. If the powers that be are listening, "Stop already!"

Mary, how unsettling for you about moving. It has to be so stressful. You are such a supportive Mom and have to be so proud of both Annie and David. Wish there was a video of the recital. I know I would have enjoyed it immensely.

Poor Cindy, arguing with insurance adjusters!! Theyre right there to take your payments but not to pay out when they should. I feel for you, girl. Been there, done that. Its not fun.

Hi to all I missed commenting on. Hope to do better next time.

OK, time to get Missy from daycare and then get my butt out in the garden to get some shrubs in before it rains tonite. Boy, is it getting dry here.

TTYL, friends,

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Jerri_OKC(z7 Ok)

Oh this is cool. To all those who need animal transport or know pilots!
Pilots: Help Needed to Transport Animals to Safety
Transport by air: YES, we can do it!
Debi Boies, D.A.N. board member and founding member of Pilots-N-Paws, shares with us how air transport got started:
This past year, I was fortunate to be able to adopt a beautiful male Doberman from a rescue group in Florida. I lives in SC so getting him to me was a little bit of a challenge. To my surprise, my friend Jon generously offered to fly his plane to Florida to pick my dobie up and bring him to me! Through a discussion that followed, Jon became aware of the nightmare that rescues go through when scheduling ground transport for animals. We decided to offer another option, particularly for those animals who may have a difficult time traveling long distances in several different cars. Pilots-N-Paws was born.

Pilots-N-Paws is a group dedicated to connecting pilots who wish to volunteer their time to transport any animal in need. Our biggest challenge has been letting the pilots know about the needs of rescues. Through networking and the assistance of many volunteers, flyers are now posted in several small airports, pilot chat groups have been contacted, and pilots are stepping forward every day. There will always be more of a need for animals to be transported then pilots available, but for the senior and medical needs animals, the option of being flown to their new rescue home for care makes their transport tolerable. We have accomplished several flights already. The majority of those have been for Dobermans but one little Lhasa mix named Chad with special needs was a passenger on one of the missions.

Click below to learn more about Pilots-N-Paws

Thanks for looking,


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Did you guys get a load of Denises farewell garden pics ? Very nice. I had my post op today and my dentist was very pleased with my progress-a model patient am I . DS and I fly to Portland on Saturday morning.

Martie, I went to HMF and looked at all the pics of Soaring Spirits. Love the ruffled petal edges I saw in some of the photos.

Mary , how great to hear from you ! Nothing like Idylling to get un-funked- second only to SALATing! Always enjoy hearing of your families musical feats. Is the prospective move highly likely at this point ? Uncertainty is always so difficult to deal with, one feels in limbo , hard to make plans with a future that is unsettled.

Deanne. We continue to have frost here too- I put out Basil plants last weekend with the conviction that frost was over , and damned if I didnt wake up this am to the sound of the wind machines and frost on the rooftops. It did not hit the ground in my garden thank goodness so the basil was unharmed. That stuff will turn to slime at a moments notice.

Honey, sorry for your family issues that persist. People can be so petty sometimes, and totally lack objectivity.

I need to go in search of a meal that requires little chewing the boss is taking us out to lunch tomorrow and I told him it better be someplace that has soup !

Hi to all

Kathy in Napa

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

The last thing I did before I left the office tonight was to take every April calendar page I could lay my hands on and feed them into the shredder. Good bye and good riddance to what ended up being a rather dismal month. The economic fear out there is almost palpable and it is not translating into good things for our bottom line. The anal-retentive accountant (um, yeah, that's me) told the boss that we can let May have two weeks to shape up, and if it isn't panning out we will need to have serious discussions. I am officially nervous...

The low this morning was forecast to be 36, but it dipped to a frosty 29 instead. The frost was limited to the low areas away from the house, so no damage resulted.

Nice to see a post from Honey!

I'm going to sign off now and try and visualize a glorious month of May!


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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

I don't feel like this photo does it justice, but here's the best I could do:

And someone asked for a more recent photo of the dogs. Here are Mystic and Sunrise patiently (?) waiting near the end of the driveway. DH and I had walked down to get the mail, and they were waiting back from the highway while DH went to the mailbox.

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Mary, I'm delighted that the recital was successful for both David and Annie. You must be moving through life with a distinctly "puffed up" chest. Would you tell me what was played? I love Vivaldi and will check to see if, perchance, it is in the "liberry"; likely not but worth a looky-see. I think Baroque music is my favorite and having just learned that Vivaldi had red hair, well! it may be time to flesh out the offerings. Nice to hear from you and I hope things settle down in your world, and some definitive answers come your way soon.

Ahh, yes, Honey. The world of canvas is becoming faster-paced with every passing day. ;) There is an increased incidence of whining when told the wait for repairs is now pushing 3 wks.; "your failure to plan does not constitute an emergency on our part". Some react more humorously than others when it is pointed out the them that canvas probably needed repair last fall (though we only pull that one out when someone gets pissy)... . Nothing is harder than having your parent pull the "guilt" arrow out of the quiver, I well remember that one. I found that not responding to it lessened its appearance, I hope that is the case with you, too! It must be hard to have the husband overseas, but he's working and you can go visit, you lucky thing! Hope Missy isn't driving you too nuts these days, console yourself with the knowlege that it will get better in 3-4 yrs., or so, lol.

V., that orchid is beautiful, bonus that it smells good, too! Wrecks is entering the part of recovery that is particularly crucial, he's feeling lots better and wants to GO, but must remain quiet for deep healing to occur. He looks at me hopefully whenever I go to the front door, but is invariably left "behind". "Boogie dawg" don't get to boogie for some weeks yet. :(

With respect to the economy, I think many gardeners will be shocked by prices at nurseries. Fuel costs have really taken a toll on everyone. I will have to quiz the helpmeet about business tonight and see what his impressions are thusfar.

There really is not much new to report on the garage or the Salon (Honey), a fact that makes me sigh. The lumber for the railing to go around the stairwell is "kiln drying" in the boiler room of the house (why didn't he buy the dry pine, as I asked, instead of opting for wet Hemlock?) and two days of rain on his days off precluded the wiring of the GFI outlets on the outside of the building (he hates wiring). The backhoe guy hasn't called us back so we may line up a time to mover the blueberries, the Lilac, and a Forsythia. We're missing the window of opportunity and my blood pressure is rising just typing this.

The painting contractor came by yesterday with his estimate (4K) and I was very impressed. He was on time to assess the place, told me I'd have the estimate yesterday and WAS ON TIME. We have to make a couple of tough decisions with respect to how we'll approach the house... do we stick with present color or attempt to lighten it to allow the bahn shingles to weather and "catch up", time frame for that is unclear.

So, that's what I'll be thinking about today as I wrestle with Strata Glass and large enclosure curtains. Keep smilin'!

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Hmm, I wonder what the bottom line looks like for the nursery we visited the other day. They certainly were busy and I got cut in front of in one of the lines I waited would be interesting to know.

I have tightened the purse strings a bit, but I mostly try to live lean where I can. I worry, though. I must say that all the talk about it worries me more than anything that I have "seen."

Mary, you're sweet to help Annie through her fear...I'm sure she will remember that fondly. David seems like he loves the stage :) Nice to hear from you. I think of you often!

Chelone, that seems like a really good price to me! I hope your helpmeet has a really productive burst soon :)

Honey, good for you for avoiding the family drama! You sound totally immersed in life!

I'm getting the hair part of this makeover today :) I got new earrings the other day - some thick hoops with flowers etched in them. Toenails are going to be a nice shade of green, me thinks :) I applied more fake tan, and bought a bronzer for the face.

I guess I'm stimulating the economy in my own way :)

Have a great garden day! I'm planting pots in my new 'do later :)


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Hard frost last night that might've been a freeze in some spots. Things look droopy but not dead so it'll be interesting to come home tonight and see how everything is.

Honey: Give those 18" sticks a few years and you'll be saying WOW! Being somewhat fiscally responsible I like to grow Bluestone babies rather than buying things in multi-gallon pots if I can. A real advantage is you can shape them when they're young. Most people don't recognize them at all (akin to: milk comes from cows and not the store???) LOL Have fun with them!

If I get started talking about the economy I'll have a minor melt-down. Rich still isn't working, my advertisers are all waiting for Q3 so May/June are beyond bleak. They are also ensuring that cancellation clauses are clear. Not a good omen. To their credit, my corp did bump our mileage reimbursement as people were beginning to sit around the office more than be gone. They want us gone and in front of customers, so realized that the only way anyone could eat AND work was if they did something.

A quick WALAT is in order before shower. Just GOTTA see what's going on out there. Need to find the winter jacket I just put away, first :-0



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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Good morning Idylls,

Yes indeed we had a hard frost last night and the water in the bird bath was frozen when I got up but I dont have anything tender out there yet so all is well. ~~ Doug is such a peach! Ive needed some rolling carts to get the tender plants Im hardening off in and out of the garage. I have a couple of those steel racks on wheels that I make my light stands out of but still needed a couple more so Doug found a place that sold legs and casters and built me two more roll-around carts from the extra shelves we had around. They are so perfect and Ill be able to use one as a potting bench as the season advances. Right now Ive just got the fuchsias and a few abutilons outside and am hoping that they will be able to be planted out before I start getting the coleus upstairs. Ive lost a couple more fuchsias to the rigors of hardening off but they were marginal anyway. All the larger uprights are doing well though so I should have a wonderful display this year.

So someone tell me how on earth I have three Asiatic lilies coming up in a spot that I didnt plant them? The rodents were apparently busier than I thought. The lilies are completely missing from the place Id planted them but I noticed the three coming up in a new location. I wonder if that spot in the garden was the vole pantry?

Martie, I cant keep myself from WALATING during the day when Im supposed to be downstairs working. No matter how much I try to keep myself from wandering outside my feet just seem to walk outside of their own accord. Its so fun to see whats going on out there.

Chelone, great to hear that Wrecks is healing well. Im so glad I dont have to contend with inconsistent contractors.

Beautiful orchid V. Is that a Vuylstekeara? ~~ Hoping May is a better month for you.

Kathy, that is really strange that you are still getting frost there. Glad to hear your basil is OK.

Honey, great to hear from you. I know the guilt games the mothers can pull and even when you know its all designed to manipulate it doesnt make it easier to deal with. I cant believe she has a problem with your DD living with you. How petty!

Jerri that pilot program for moving rescues is cool. Thats a lot of $$$$ for those people to be donating! It costs Doug about $150.00 per hour to rent a plant these days.

OK time for me to get my gym clothes on and do my hour on the stairs. My knees have been thanking me for getting back to the gym on a more regular basis.

Have a great day all!

I've put a link to my photo gallery of our early spring pics. Thought you'd enjoy.

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chloehoover(z6b VA)

Im guessing V's orchid is the onicidium Sharry Baby she mentioned that smells like chocolate? I looked online to send one to a friend who loves chocolate but decided to send something else more modest, unfortunately. That's one amazing orchid, though.

I have decided insurance adjusters are ex-CIA w/ masters in psychological warfare.... it's definitely what they wage on their customers....and days when I do not feel equipped emotionally to deal -- they just wear you down - which of course is their goal...

Chelone - I can relate to the frustration of no-work progress in the Salon -- when projects persist and seem to be at standstill it's hard. So, why is it just the week aftter I order a new patio door, both big box stores put most things on sale 20% off (special orders included) and a bunch of other stuff -- talk about bad timing. But I think it may be indicative of the bad times rolling around. I have been shocked at some of the prices for plants - even at HD frankly, what little I've seen.

How nice to see wandering Idyllers check in -- sounds like everyone has had very very busy lifes -- and a lot of stress.... as Kathy says, nothing like a little idylling to de-stress and enjoy the stuff here.

Unfortunately, I have had so little time this week to do that -- I look forward to sneaking some peaks of Deanne's pics guaranteed to make my starry eyed and the other threads I see here -- Im rubbing my hands in delight and anticipation to see!!

It's been very chilly here; really hard to believe it's May 1....

Happy May Day.


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wendy2(zone 6 MA)

Good morning Idylls!

Chilly here, as Deanne already mentioned. DH saw the frost warning on the news (I wasn't paying attention for some reason) and helped me move the outside plants into the cold frame. Deanne, that Doug is a keeper-and-a-half! So nice that he build carts for you.

Spring is my favorite season in the garden, I love watching everything unfurl. Daily WALATING is indeed in order!

Have to make this a drive-by - I've been interrupted here several times, and I'll probably lose this meager post if I don't send it!

Waving to all!


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Morning, I just wrote a post, read it and then deleted it. I'm acutely aware of lurkers suddenly and feeling like our conversations are an entertaining soap opera for them that they feel free to jump in and criticize upon occasion. Anyone ever thought about Idylls going private as far as our conversation threads go and just posting our garden threads here on GW? I know of other groups that have done that. Over the last 5 years you've become friends whose thoughts and opinions I value. There are things that we do share here that when let myself think about it probably hundreds of strangers are reading. When I do think about that it makes me uncomfortable. Just mentioning something that's been on my mind and I thought I'd throw out here for others thoughts and opinions.

So anyway, suffice it to say lots going on with family health issues. Last night was a rough evening.

But today the sun is shining and we're forecast some much needed rain for which I'll be grateful. No frost damage here except to astilboides tabularis which is black and lying on the ground. Looks like some lower growth wasn't touched though so I'll cut off the bad stuff and I think the plant will recover.

I didn't read much here yesterday but see there are some new interesting threads to peruse. Can't wait to get over to them and see all of the loveliness.

I did click on Deanne's link and enjoy her spring blooms. And such beautiful blooms they are! Thanks much!

I'm going back to read now, if Bella allows :) Talk to you all later. Have a good afternoon.


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Catching up on reading here.
Asparagus does not like frost. Gee, why didn't I think of that earlier? We could have eaten it last night!

Off to pick up the pup.

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It was pretty brisk this morning, I was plenty glad there are gloves in my car. :) Even with the chilly temperatures the plants are just rocketing out of the ground... freaks me out, frankly because I haven't had time to get the moving done I've wanted to.

Sometimes I think about the things you've mentioned, Eden. But I don't lose much sleep or sweat over it. So what? I quit worrying about what people "thought" of me years ago. It's easy to jump in and deliver heavy criticism when you do so from "the cheap seats". For the most part, I tend to think that some of the things we share here are pretty boring, others are mostly beneficial, reminders that other people feel the same way and handle delicate issues with humor, honesty, and occasional lapses of patience and forebearance. I don't think we delve too deeply into really "juicey" stuff. ;)

I've killed enough time. Time to load eco-dog into the cah and get to the veterinary practice. Wanna go for a ride, Wrecksie?

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

In case I ever thought so, Phoebe is NOT the same as Charlotte. She is very unhappy with her stitches and must wear a huge plastic collar. For a WEEK too. But she is so happy to be home again. She was able to give kisses and greet me...peeing all over the floor at the vet's of course!

MeToo the cat was annoyed at having a drive in the car, but is fine now.

Next, repair the car which is leaking at several orifices. If I'm lucky, fix the air conditioning in the car too. It was always a question of whether or not to get rid of it, but not any more. It is worth nothing to anyone but me.

No frost expected tonight. YIPPEEE! And all the patches from the flooding are filled and seeded. I'm a happy old gal.


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As of this moment outside I only need three layers. Not bad.

The gardens are fine. The birds were confused by landing in the newly placed bath and ice skating instead of swimming, but even the wimpiest tree peony perked back up after a few minutes of sunlight.

Your spaces look wonderful, Deanne. It's really interesting for me to see the bones. Wandering feet ... LOL

Eden, having been part of an email group that started as a forum 11(!!!!) years ago, I can tell you that the same things happen there as here, but it's from the participants :-) As people get more comfortable with and knowledgeable about each other, there are frictions that require time-outs. The big difference is that there aren't lurkers or others who don't participate but feel free to join in when there are frays.

I've had my share of Idyll-related blasts from non-regulars, but made a concious decision take down my email to the general population and to simply ignore any unnecessary unpleasantness coming from any direction. Easy to say, harder to do, necessary for my "real life" sanity :-) Say what you want about me, but leave my family alone!

Whatever most people are comfortable with is fine with me.

I got to go visit a ski place today that still has some snow on the east slope! We got so much last winter that they only had to make snow a "few times" and therefore have an advertising budget.

Makes me love Mother Nature even more about now :-)


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Wrecks was a gentleman for the nice ladies who removed his staples. He did a perfect, "Down" and stayed there while they crimped the staples and removed them. He did a good deal of nervous panting and a little whining, but quieted right down when told he was a "good boy". He took his cookie reward very gently, too. We go back in 6 weeks for post op. X rays.

Good that Phoebe is home after her "ordeal". Bummer about the lampshade; Rex hated that when we tried it on him, and we figured we wouldn't make him more miserable than he already was. Can you use bitter apple spray on the incision, 'bug? It worked like a charm for Rex and the staples.

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Hi everyone

Eden - I don't worry too much about who reads here although this week does come as a reality check. I too have a problem with lurkers who jump in out of no where to criticize. Anyone who has been around knows we've had a few of those over the years and it leaves a very sour taste. However, those incidents have been thankfully few and far between. For the most part we are pretty well tucked away here. There must be millions of blogs, Facebook or mySpace pages,Youtube and social networking of every ilk where people are clamoring to be read or listened to. Just looking at DH's website - he has tens of thousands of hits. Our little following is very small potatoes by comparison.

I imagine that most of our lurkers are gardeners like ourselves who enjoy the photos and must find some of our banter entertaining. To regularly eavesdrop on someone elses conversations without coming forward is nothing I've ever had an interest in doing, but as this forum has shown, we are all different.

In terms of going private, I know we have had discussions before and the majority still feel GW is the best place to Idyll and share photos. In my experience private groups tend to fizzle pretty quickly with no new blood to add interest. If our original group had gone off-line we would never have met Kathy, Denise, or Prairiemoon to mention just a few and think what a loss that would be.

Kathy - we will probably hear in a couple of weeks as to if we will be moving. Somehow being in limbo is the hardest for me.

Here is one of this week's diversions - a tiny clay Jack Sparrow for Annie for her birthday next week.

Also a link for Chelone.


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At this point I should be commenting on the fabulous photos I've enjoyed on the other threads or making supper. Instead I'm finding things that divert me such as:

Mail Order Bride or the Lonely Life of Lawrence the Lemon


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Mary, I just ran across a site I know you will like. I was hoping you'd check in and see the link and here you are.

Love Jack Sparrow!


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OK - I really will go before I bore everyone, but one last thing I've been enjoying. I found a template for making envelopes and bought a stash of cool decorative papers at Michaels and ahve been making stationary sets. Here are a few.

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Get thee to the kitchen, Mary!

Thank you for the link, what a pretty piece of music. For the life of me, I'll never understand why my boss says, "Classical musis is so boring!". And what a lovely setting... Moorish, I think; I love the complicated motifs on the walls. I believe it is forbidden to portray animals and people in Islamic art.

I love the Lonely Life of Lawrence the Lemon, lol. And your stationery is lovely, too. I see you've not missed too many creative pills in the time you've been busy with life. :)

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Life is full. I'm busy with poor unhappy Phoebe, a nephew with many cancers, the trials of dealing with an ex-wife, filling out government forms for my Old Age Security, (which means digging up things like every place I've traveled since I was 18)and plenty more. Why am I tired?

Happy for the update Mary!!! I hope things get resolved nicely in your life soon.

A short story:
It was my first experience with the Red Hat Society. Yesterday in town, I was looking in a small shop that had linens and dishes. FOUR bejeweled ladies of a certain age arrived giggling and talking in loud voices. They were having a wonderful day together. All four wore deep purple dresses with bright red accessories: red hats, red gloves, red scarves, red shoes. One had a red walking stick. I was a bit surprised, but was so happy for them! What a day they were having. And yes, I bought 3 small bowls on sale...dark green.
Later I learned this is an actual group established in 1998. Read on below if you don't know all about it already!

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Mary , I hope the pleasure of seeing the spring garden and watching Annie and David shine with their music has eased a bit of the unsettling atmosphere.
I like your tiny version of Jack Sparrow. I am a fan of him too. Pretty envelopes.

V, I would imagine the retail end of gardening is suffering a bit. But maybe people are waiting out the spring frosts before buying.
I have to cross the paved road to get our mail and Rebel always does a down, stay, while I walk across. Of course he is always ready for a rest anyway as it is a mile hike to our mailbox.

Honey, good to have an update from you. Hope your DH enjoyed his day off.
Sounds like you are staying busy.

Kathy enjoy your trip,and meeting your grandson. Maybe he will share his babyfood. LOL

Saucy the glamour gardner! I like the sound of your new earrings, wish I could see them.

Eden, stay strong. I know it is tough.

Even a ride to the vets probably sounds good to Rex right now LOL.

GB I reseeded the yard today. It is especially bad in the back this year. We are sure to get a gully gusher now. Happens everytime I sow grass seed.
I feel the same way about DHs truck. It is a gas hog, so nobody would want to buy it. So we will only use it when we have to. Poor Phoebe, having to wear the collar.

Martie the image of skating birds made me chuckle. Happy to hear your day was sucessful.

Deanne, Doug is indeed a handy guy. It is hard to stay on task, but if we don't check the garden often we might miss something. I have iris popping open.
I tried to do some weeding this afternoon and I did get a pretty good patch cleaned out, but my nose was running so much I was miserable. The tree pollen is so thick here right now. I am taking Allegra though so I'm thinking it may be a sinus thing since I had the bad headache the other day.

Running out of steam, so hi to all. Norma

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I am starting my pre-trip watering tonight , and only have the brain power for a brief visit after a particularly draining day at work.

Loved seeing Marys latest tiny creation. A Renaissance woman to be sure !

Dont know who Pondlily is, but Im always glad to see Deannes driveway thread resurrected. Thank you Pondlily !

Eden, I always try to be somewhat discreet in my postings, but really like the set up of this forum and dont feel uncomfortable with lurkers at this point. We certainly do share a lot here, and for the most part I think we are all sensitive to each others privacy threshold.
I make it a point to stay out of flame wars . I must say that we are on the whole a very green and pleasant group !

Poor Phoebe! Hell to be an invalid. Bet she can chew though .

Thats all for me tonight. Im going to turn in early with a book..

Hello to all

Kathy in Napa

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Not sure exactly what the day will hold. I am going to the beauty pahlor this afternoon to have my hair cut (which one, AR AR AR?). A little Friday humor. :)

I do know, however, that I'm tired, having stayed up way past my bedtime last night watching a reality show... "Carrier", on PBS. Very entertaining and I thought of Saucy and her DH frequently. Can you tell me if the custom of the sailors lining up on deck when a ship makes port is common to all Navy vessels?

I worked on 3 big enclosure curtains yesterday. The zippers that join the 3 vertically had to be replaced, a zipper in a "smile" window had to be replaced, and I have to put in "smile" in a new pc. of "glass" for the center panel. This will involve 40 guage "glass", a very stiff, thick plastic that is unpleasant to handle and very expensive so even more care must be taken not to scratch it unnecessarily. But, I THINK I may be released upon its completion...

Helpmeet is a very reasonable guy and he maintains it's pretty easy to coax me "back from the ledge" when I am stressed out on numerous fronts. The backhoe guy is coming at 9AM on Monday, so the blueberries will be moved and while they may suffer they probably won't die (if they do, they do!). We crunched some numbers, came up with a plan for the taxes and upcoming quarterlies (the scariest part), and while it is still painful it's manageable, just means we are not as free to do take as much aesthetic license on some upcoming projects. Oh well, it ain't the end of the world. We are going to hire the painting contractor and I'm going to call him today. We've made a choice about the color of the body of the house and will simply leave the bahn to weather naturally and not concern ourselves about the difference in color, as there is 17 yrs. difference in their ages.

I like that Doug put wheels on things for you, Deanne. Making things easier for the other person is one of the perks of marriage. I marvel at your efforts on containers, fear that the removal of the windowboxes here may mean a late start to that aspect of my exterior decoration... :/ . And don't you just hate it when your feet seem to magically remove you from the necessity of work?

Norma, I have yet to look at your pictures (but will!). You and I share a similar approach with "those fool dogs"; I take Wrecks to the mailbox, which is across the street, and make him sit and "wait" while I check the traffic situation. Then I give him the "OK" and he gets to sniff and leave pee-mails in the general area before we repeat the procedure and return to the yard. He was SO excited to go for a ride yesterday, but was bummed that he had to "down" on his bed the entire way (I did open the windows for him and he had is head high, sniffing all the interesting smells).

OK, gotta grab some fruit and "make like a baby" (head on outta here).

Rex has just reminded me to send his best wishes for a speedy recovery to Phoebe, adding that he'd really like to give her a very thorough sniffing... maybe even a lick or two.

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In the Friday spirit of things, Deanne, could you please explain why Doug would need to rent a plant for $150? There aren't enough around your house? LOL Auto fingers at work, I know.

Good Morning Everyone!

Jack Sparrow is perfect. Annie has good taste! Love that the Wee Garden was made by boys. Bet if they were girls it would've been a fairy garden. Some things never change.

Our poor Phoebe! And Yippee for Rex! I've been wondering about Katie ....

Five year old neighbor proudly brought me a present for the gardens last night -- a very small garter snake who was probably dulled out by the cold. He and his Mom had looked them up and found that gardeners really like them. Well, MOST gardeners really like them :0 The snake was dutifully placed in the warmest part of the garden and it's not there this morning, so either the hawks had a feast or there's a new inhabitant outside. Managed to get through he whole ten minutes without screaming but also without touching the thing. Snakes are great, but somewhere else.

The only good thing about Rich not working is that we won't have a quarterly tax payment. How's that for glass half full??? LOL

The Red Hat Society is big around here, Marie. Everyone always seems to be having a great time just being together. Live and Let Live!

Our town's garden club is having their sale tomorrow. Rumor has it that they disassembled a large garden on a lot that is to be subdivided and that there may be some UConn trial Kalmia from years ago. Checking my pockets for loose change :-)

How nice to wake to Vivaldi.

Hi, Everyone!!


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I love the mail order bride, LOL! Cheap imitation kept runnnig through my mind, though I couldn't figure how to use that phrase :)

Jack Sparrow is a gem. Annie will love it!

Deanne, what a treat to visit your garden via the internet! Thank you for the pleasure on this rainy morning.

Eden, that wee garden is too cute and I thought of a place that I might tuck one in to see who would notice! I'm sure the kids could help me come up with miniatures! I wish you were closer so that Idylls could meet up with you on the weekend and give you a real hug :) It is tough to be in a public forum....I know I've put it all out there and wished I hadn't a couple of times, it's just who I am. Having said that, I like that I have to seek out the Idylls....not sure how I'd feel about it showing up in my inbox because sometimes I need to turn things off so that I can get other tasks accomplished....clear as mud, huh?

I'm a cow through and through, though, and will follow the herd wherever it decides to graze :)

Carrier is big here, too, Chelone, and yes we all had to put on our dress whites when we entered ports (hmmm, if I recall, perhaps it's only US ports? Makes sense). Nick and I recalled the USS Arizona memorial being very emotional. Now imagine coming into home port after being away for 6 months to a year and having to stand up there at attention while all the family members are on the pier...pure torture waiting for those tugs to get us in place and get us tied down to pier!

I leaned over to Nick last night and said, "can you believe the drama?" Makes for good t.v....and it's exactly how it was....someone was always in trouble, someone working to make rank (and stepping on others to get there), someone cheatin' on someone else :)

Norma, I've had it with this no charger for the camera stuff! I wish I could show you my earrings too. I haven't worn earrings in 15 years and Sarah talked me into trying some on! I'm hooked :)

Kathy, is Duncan coming to your place, too?

I did get out and begin to measure up the lawn/garden in hopes that I can get it down on graph paper for a "plan"! The tree removal has been rescheduled 3 times and this weekend is supposed to be it. I shopped yesterday for shrubs and trees to begin my garden remake. I saw an Aronia that I'm interested in to border the wooded areas.

Gotta get this day started! Hope you all have a good one!


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Good morning

Eden - that Wee garden is too cute. Thank you for sharing.

Saucy - I understand completely about having the Idylls in an email form. For me my inbox can definitely be work to go through. This is where I choose to come to relax when the time is right but never as an obligation. I love hearing about your Navy days - a life that is so completely foreign to me.

Martie - LOL about the snake! You handled it gracefully.

GB - Cloussea was totally miserable when he had to wear a lampshade collar a few weeks ago. He emitted a low level whine the entire time he was wearing it. I think we were every bit as glad as he to remove it. Hope Phoebe has the quickest recovery. There are some active Red Hat groups here and I always enjoy the zest with which they seem to enjoy activities.

Deanne - Doug is an absolute gem, but then I know you know that:0) It is fantastic as always to see your gardens and they always motivate me to try and do more in mine.

Norma - hope you get some relief from your allergies. Are you still playing the guitar?

Kathy - have you read anything good lately?

Well, I could stay here all day and chater but I'm actually on my way out to work. Have a happy Friday everyone.


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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)


More rain here this morning. Beats the 30 F I woke up to yesterday morning. All the japanese maples are leafed out so it will be interesting to see how badly they got whacked.

I just keep getting further and further behind in the garden. The plan was to take today off in an attempt to catch up but the weather didn't cooperate. Now I'm shooting for Monday. It's month end crunch so we'll see. The CT spring plant swap is Sunday but I think I'm going to skip it this year. I've got to get some plants moved and the window of opportunity is quickly closing. Too much to do, too little time.

Got my new couch delivered yesterday. The patio furniture is being delivered today. Now I'm just waiting on my new iron bed and mattress then I'll start seriously shopping for bedroom furniture. Somebody has to keep the economy The inside of the house is in a shambles-boxes everywhere and furniture pushed into piles. Tom moves all the big stuff out tomorrow. Then I can clean and reorganize. Can't wait.

On the green front, I'm finally replacing my 67 year old original to the house oil furnace with a new natural gas model. Next on the list is replacement windows. A few months ago a bought a bunch of the reusable grocery bags but I find that just about everything you buy is packed in plastic including the organic salad mixes. Go figure. My town only takes two types of plastic in the recycle bin and they don't have a green waste collection. I have an issue with the new fangled light bulbs in that they are considered hazardous waste and need to be disposed of as such when they burn out. How many people do you think are going to be bothered doing that?

I finally broke down and scheduled a physical therapy appointment for my ankle next Wednesday. Enough with the linping around act. I've been keeping up with the weight lifting and Pilates but I need to get back to my walking or I'm going to be on a shrink's couch.

Okay, time to get some work done.


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Good morning all,

Well seems we've brought another Idyll to an ending. Time flys as they say. I've got to zip out of here soon and run some errands but wanted to say hi to all. As Sue mentionend it's sprinkling outside right now and I don't know if we are going to get any real rain. I'm hoping I can get some garden time in as I've got some things to move around as well. The only real damage here from the hard frost was to the PJM Rhododendron, the flowers are all mush and brown. I don't believe that has ever happened before. The rest of the hyacinths were beat down by the rain the beginning of the week so I'm going to get those deadheaded this weekend. I lost a lot of the hyacinths to the rodents the last couple winters and that's a bit discouraging as I'd previously had good luck with them coming back. Oh well, I guess the voles have to eat too. LOL

Mary, Love your mini's and that lemon vignette is too cute.

Norma, I've not forgotten you, I took a pic of that obelisk in the garden I've just not gotten it uploaded yet. I'll do that later today.

Sue, so when are we going to christen your new patio furniture????

Saucy, you'll have to show us pics of the tree removal and what you are going to do with the added garden space. ~~~ So cool to think of you in your dress whites lined up on the deck of your vessel. Neat!

Chelone, I watched that 'Carrier' show on PBS the other night and found it very interesting.

Thanks for those who took the time to check out the spring pics!! Glad you liked the tour.

OK I've really got to run to the post office and get that painting shipped out to my customer then I'm free to run over to Mixed Border and see about getting a replacement for that Sambucus I lost last year. Have a terrific Friday all!

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Good morning! A fast check in here before my little day jobs arrive (the twins). Yesterday they helped me assemble a recumbent exercise bike. They were pretty helpful (uh-huh) and the trickiest part was the make sure that I kept all tools, washers, nuts and bolts in 'my' hands and not left laying on the floor. Those little hands can move fast when there is something as wonderful as something tiny to shove into their mouths (or place in their pockets, never to be willingly removed unless it is them taking it out to investigate and then put back into the pocket......over, and over, and over again LOL). The tools gouge and make marks on the painted windowsills (now how in the world would I know that one?)....but all in all, it was a fun time to have their assistance and interest in the project. After assembly was complete I believe they spent more time on the bike seat than I did. Sigh.

Eden, I have pulled back from sharing because of the lurkers. I became disappointed and a bit freaked out by people who read and don't participate who feel that they have a right to tell us how we should act, respond, post..etc. It is as if the Idylls is a soap opera script and some have felt that they have the right to tell us our lines. ;o) I'm sure there are many who just enjoy seeing the lovely gardens shown and have become fond of certain people......still creeps me out though when someone comes out of the shadows and gives advice or criticism. I'd love it if we had a more secure/private venue to share.....I'd share a lot more about my life, in photos and stories. I'd feel comfortable sharing myself more indepth...but also recognize that this is an easy (and known) venue so did not hold out hope that many would wish to make a change. As Mary mentioned, if we did change how would the group add more people.....but then again, knowing exactly who was reading what we write has great appeal (to me). I've grown to care very much about many of the people who post here so will, of course, stick with Idylls (quite groaning!!!!) no matter where 'they' are....I just will continue to share personal details 'behind' the scenes in either email or phone conversations if we continue to stick with this site.

I've not responded in such a long time (or so it seems) that I've missed on telling Woody that she has been in my thoughts as she goes through the waiting, the MRI and now the waiting for the results.

I've enjoyed the photos.....loved catching up with those who post as seldom as I do (or even less)....and Eden, you are on my mind often, too.

Okay, 'nuff from here....I need one more cup of coffee and then will work on how in the world to keep the television on/off switch covered. The darn thing seems to be a magnet for little fingers, I leave the room for a minute and then hear giggling (double giggling) and the television is turned on, turned off, turned get the picture. Scolding, time outs and growling hasn't worked......maybe it is time for cardboard and duct tape? (kidding---but I need to think of something until the thought/game loses its appeal).

Hello to all!

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

T, we unplugged ours and told DGS that it didn't work. Sure enough, it didn't work!

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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

Pardon me if anyone is offended, but this was just sent to me by my sis and it tickled my funny bone and made me think of Chelone & Sue! It also sums up my feelings about the economy...LOL! :-) I hope you get a giggle out of it too....

I went into the gas station today and
asked for five dollars worth of gas.....

The clerk farted and gave me a receipt.


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