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agnespuffinApril 21, 2012

I thought a word to the wise might help someone.

We just spent a small fortune trying to get rid of a Malware invasion on my computer. It was a doozy.

It was supposed to come from Windows. It had the logo and everything to make it look correct. The name included the words "security". It stated that I had several bad viruses and that I should click "here" immediatly. Which I did. And that was all it took. I couldn't get off.

As I tried, it informed me that, not only had I passed on the virus, but my on-line banking account had been invaded. I don't have such an account. It sent me a long, long list of e-mail accounts that I had supposed to infected, a threat of prosecution because I had passed on copywrite protected material, and, of course, a site that I could order the program. It looked as if it cost only 19.99, but with the small print, the etc. and fees, the total was 99.99 and I still couldn't get off. I couldn't even turn the 'puter off. I had to unplug it from the wall.

Anyway, our favorite tech said that it was the first one like that she had seen. And it was a beaut!!! Everything was messed up. I can't remember the name, but if you copy it down, and then take that name and do a google on it. It will tell you how to deal with it. It started with "Windows______ _____"

So if you get a warning, supposed to be from Windows about a virus. Don't click on it.

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Thanks for the warning. Found out that last week my husband got something similar from Microsoft, but he never opened it and deleted it right away.

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Thanks for the warning. My computer was attacked a couple if weeks ago, but fortunately, DH was able to fix it.

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lindac(Iowa Z 5/4)

I had "it" about 2 years ago.....necessitated a computer rebuild!!!
You are cruising happily along.....and suddenly you get a pop up that says something like "warning your computer in infected with a virus"...or perhaps the site you connected with has transmitted a virus...."click here to scan and remove the virus"....which of course any smart person doesn't do!! So a "smart person" ( yeah Right!!!) clicks the "X" to close the box.....and that's all it takes!!! You then have that nasty thing on your computer....and can't access your anti spy ware nor any site to find a solution.
Once that box pops up, the only thing to do is to crash....pull the plug!
I had that pop up yesterday from some link I clicked on on Face book....looked like a sort of racy link for the person who posted it....so I clicked and got that pop up....Crashed, re booted and all seems well.
Linda C

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I got something the other day that sent links to my email people. I don't even remember what it was, but it seemed fine until I hit it and then realized right away it was a problem..too late. Luckily most people wouldn't click on links in some email and a few let me know. I already had a bunch of dead email notices, so at least I cleared out my email account.

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