More April weather fun

endorphinjunkie(z7bAlabama)April 11, 2011

We are under a thunderstorm warning and a tornado watch. Just heard that there is a tornado warning for Nashville. This has the potential to go on most of the evening.

Rob duck and stay safe.

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Never a dull moment, is there? Everyone: stay safe - at least there are warnings. Here in earthquake country we just get clobbered and then it's over - I don't worry about it, it doesn't happen that often.
Tornadoes would scare me a lot more.

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Right on lilod,"Never a dull moment". Especially now when we have 24/7 news on cable. But to make it personal here at at the GP, I hope endorphinjunkie's suggestion to Rob will be followed.

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Hang on GPers, stay safe.

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husky004_(z5 NY)

This always makes me ponder, I'm up north and have to put up with snow storms, which are mostly a minor thing,even 3 feet we can handle it, but our winters last so darn long...but looking to relocate on retirement to be with DD in Tampa. Does the great weather all year long make up for the crazy storms you have to endure?

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Florida does have tornadoes, but they mostly are of the F0 and F1 categories. They don't usually get the F4 and F5 we get around these parts.

In Tampa I wouldn't worry about the tornadoes. I'd worry about the hurricanes.

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We were sitting in the bathroom at about 5:15PM last night. The tornado sirens were blaring long before it hit the news that there was a tornado warning. Guess the national weather service was lagging.

The one I worry about is being on the gulf. Hurricaines with both flooding and tornadoes are not pleasant. I'd rather have "just" torandoes. Although, we even catch the remnants of hurricaines. Too bad, Nashville is also earthquake territory. I don't think desert is a place I'd like, too many dangerous critters that go along with that hot arid weather. Guess that's how we all live everywhere. Something for everyone. :)

I just looked up to see your other response, Michael! Ha! Guess, great minds think alike? Maybe. Thanks for your thoughts. I was home yesterday with an inner-ear thing. Still have it, but I am upright today.

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