vacation garden prep

denisez10(SoCal)April 30, 2008

hi-tech automatic watering system (if Duncan doesn't forget to turn it on...) Evie, the hydroengineer, immediately jumped up on the sawhorses for a thorough inspection:

things I'll probably miss explode in bloom while I'm away, this...uh...dynamic Yucca Color Guard:

homage to Deanne, my one fuchsia. Just about to bloom is the trachelium at the bottom right, seeded into the bricks, and a dwarf buddleia (Apollo? Adonis?) growing in the border behind the pot:

Alstroemeria Third Harmonic just beginning to bloom. The buds were so red, I thought it must have been mislabeled, but it's the real goldeny deal:

nice little annual, laurentia with a solanum and the giant Euphorbia ceratocarpa leaning in for the camera and saying "chartreuse!"

Marty got the windows in the fence and an undercoat of paint yesterday, the tools moved out and everything swept. I took about 4 feet off the top of the pittosporum to the right so the window could be seen (barely!). I can occasionally be cooperative when it comes to keeping plants in bounds...

Deutzia Magicien just about in full bloom:

A weird, twilighty, seasick-green photo of Buff Beauty:

and lest you think the West Coast has nothing but good times with roses, here's my Madame Alfred Carriere after the rose slugs have their way with her (I hate roses but love dogs and babies):

Trying to stay positive about leaving the garden in May...for 12 whole days...can't wait to read and see idyll photos upon return!

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Jerri_OKC(z7 Ok)

Oh boy, spring pictures!

I'm particularly fond of Madame Alfred Carriere, she looks like she'd fit right into my garden. LOL

Thanks for the trip through your garden. Loved the last photos of Evie too. :)


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Maybe the bloom on the Yucca will recede soon.

Is that the foliage of Crocosmia solfatare?! The ones you sent were potted up and spent winter in GH. They've been up for months but stunted by the pot size. Waiting for a vacancy (I may have to evict something) in one of my few sunny garden spots.

The fence windows are great! Makes me want to get wood fencing just so I can have windows. I see a trend starting. Actually everything in your gardens could be a trend. There's a lot to marvel over there. Enjoy your trip Denise!

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Fabu-Fabu Denise ! The fence turned out great and your garden looks happy- Have a fantastic trip and we fully expect tons of pics !

Kathy in Napa

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

I love private garden tours! Yours is a treat!

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Wow! great garden, Denise. But that yucca is making me a little nervous, you know?


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Chuckle, V. I'm wondering does it bloom in color instead of white like the common ones? The buds look like they have color. I have been considering getting that plant.

Denise, I too really like the fence and windows and your garden looks great except for maybe the rose tee hee.
I understand how you feel leaving the garden. I have done that a couple of times. I just had to tell myself there are other things more important sometimes.
Have a great time and I hope Duncan remembers to turn the water on for you. N

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And P.S. I'm envisioning a huge container display uder the fence windows...

Kathy in Napa

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Denise, you really do have an enchanting garden. I love how the brick path curves around and all the interesting plants. The fence turned out great and is so unique! Enjoy your trip. Maybe you should pick up a water timer. That's what I use for my containers when I'm on vacation.


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Aren't you gone yet, Denise? Your pictures are lovely but are reminding me of my own sloth with respect to the gardens. :(

Any chance you could post some shots from shipboard? Have a lovely time.

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You should drop a little "miracle grow" in the Yucca's watering can *wink*wink*

What a beautiful eclectic funky fun garden! I want to visit in person as this just seems like a tease! I, too, love the fence, and I want windows in mine even though I don't have one yet!

Have a great trip! I'd love to see a photo from on board!

p.s., you can tell Duncan that we're all watching....

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That's it! Saucy and I are taking a trip a la Thelma and Louise to California! We'll remember to turn on the water, promise!!!! :-)

What is the bronzy foliage in front of the Buff?


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Wow, wow, wow!!!!!Denise, I absolutely adore your garden. How incredible to have so much lush growth this time of the year. That fence is wonderful. Love it all!

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chloehoover(z6b VA)

I hope Duncan remembers to turn the water off as well, LOL...

How wonderful of you, Denise, to share your spring garden -- Im feeling the hurt of what you (and we) might miss while you're gone! Simply stunning -- worthy of any California private garden tour.

I just love your way w/ colors & foliage - you've really mastered it all -- as I've probably said before. And those windows make it so special.

Have great fun and enjoy the times (and gardens) I hope you see as well -- they'll be sure to be growing off the hillsides -- Im always amazed by the plethora of wildflowers.


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Denise, I found myself wanting to enlarge your pictures so I could see what all you have there. I'd love to stroll through your garden. What a little jewelbox of interesting things. The gate turned out fantastic! I too love the windows. They really make it special. I think quite a few of us know the pain of tearing ourselves away from our gardens during peak season. I have faith in Duncan though!


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Leave it to Cindy (of the basement floods) to worry about Duncan turning OFF the water...

I just came back to study the fence again.

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anitamo(5) absolutely amazing garden. Everything is lush for you so early in the year. I didn't recognize at first that that was cool. Have a great trip.

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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

Denise...thanks for sharing your garden. To my East Coast eyes, this is very exotic. [g] Great brick pathways. Photo #2... The bud on that Yucca is really something! I hope you get home in time to get a photo of the bloom. Very artistic combination there with the grass and the variegated plant in the lower left corner. What is the pink blossom peaking through the grass? What type of grass is that, and does it stay in place? The windowed gate is really shaping up. Your DH is doing a great job!


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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

Wow! How did I miss all these separate posts?!? Denisez...everything is beautiful! Everything looks so lush and exotic to this midwesterner! :-) And, I *love* all your hardscape...the brick and *especially* that tile! Is it part of a courtyard? It's been my dream that if we ever move, we will be able to build our house and have a courtyard...I've been in *love* with courtyards ever since first visiting my BF Anita in Arizona where it seems so many people have courtyards. There's something so "secretive" (can't think of the word I'm looking for) about them. But it's the same feeling I get when I see old victorian houses that have a turret room. If I had turret it would for sure be my bedroom, no matter how small it was! :-) Anyway thanks for the lovely tour of your home and gardens. Oh, and I almost forgot...*love* your windows in the serendipitous and charming! There are so many creative people on this forum! :-)

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