Birdhouse & lilacs

lilosophieApril 16, 2014

WG! Here is my birdhouse with lilacs, they just popped open.

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How delightful! I can almost smell their fragrance all the way from WV! Isn't it nice to have something that you can use and enjoy, too? And we get to enjoy it, too!! :>)

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I'm so "jealous" of all y'all's birdhouses and flowers (not really) ;) They're so lovely. But since y'all are lovely people, I'm really more glad for you than anything else. You deserve sunshine inside your home. Thank you for sharing it.

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That is so pretty. It says spring has sprung The colors of the birdhouse and plants go so well together,
Thanks for posting, it makes me smile.

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If I miss something from my home, it's the lilacs, hillsides full of lilac bushes. A good 100 years ago somebody planted a couple of bushes in the the steep rockscape behind his house, they spread all over the narrow valley and before all the trafficsmell now, you could smell the lilcas in May.

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So very lovely! Wish I can get a whiff of those blooms:-) Thx for sharing.

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