Someone left me mystery plants on my porch!

LantanaLove(9 - Riverside, CA)April 9, 2014

This may be the most random thing that's ever happened to me, but...
I walked out front this afternoon and found a clump of plants on my porch. I took a good look and:
1 - I have no idea what they are
2 - I have no idea where they came from
My husband and I have completely rehabilitated the yards of the property we're renting. The grounds had been neglected for years, leading this house to be the ragamuffin of the neighborhood. It's shaped up quite nicely within the past few months, and now all of the neighbors who used to ignore us (we carried the stigma of living in THAT house) have begun to stop by and comment on how great the yard looks. I'm thinking the ditched clump of plants of someone's way of giving us a housewarming present. Why they didn't knock or leave a note is a different story...
I'm trying to figure out what they are... Lilies? Iris? The only clue I have to go on is that they seem to have shoots that come up from the center of the plant that have smaller plants (with roots) attached to them, as if they spread by some above ground root/rhizome/shoot system. You can see the baby plant under the arrow in my picture.
Any ideas on what these could be?! It was one solid clump that I divided into 5 separate plants - and then planted in my friend's yard. What can I say? We're maxed out on plants over here but I appreciate the gesture!

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saltcedar(Sunset zn 30/usda 8b)

Chlorophytum I believe.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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LantanaLove(9 - Riverside, CA)

Salt Cedar - That's two for two! You've identified both mystery plants I posted so far. You're good!

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL

They say to not look a gift horse in the mouth, but I would recommend just that. I don't know about in CA, but here in AL, this is not a plant I'd let into a garden bed. Definitely hardy where you are. The babies on those long stems take root, causing the plant to expand its' reach constantly. The arching stems connected between mama and baby are excellent at tripping people trying to walk through. Roots go down about a foot, not an easy chore to dig these up. I would confine it to a hanging basket, if keeping it at all.

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I keep them in a hanging basket; it looks nice and doesn't invade.

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