So hows is your spring?

anneliese_32(6)April 28, 2014

Spring has busted out all over, Spring flowers, bushes, blooms and leaves on trees showed up within a week, not the usual month. Ditto the allergies.

Hummingbirds, Indigo Buntings, swallows and catbirds are back and of course it is Derby Week.

We are in the big weather mess, rain and more rain and thunder and the grass grows more than weeds. I mowed already 4 times, the last one on Saturday and it looks like I might have to mow in two height settings as soon as it will dry a bit. Now you know why I like winter.

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You didn't mention your grass height but since last summer, I have found that I can just cut about 1/3 of my grass height. The grass, being taller, will block out more weeds and still looks neat and trimmed. Since I also didn't mow some large amount of the grass blades' height, I also can just leave it on the lawn to decompose and be food, and don't need to rake.

And of course, it sounds like you get some good precipitation. The other thing I learned in all these summer drought conditions is that I don't have to water as much, and the grass doesn't have to grow as much. In other words, sometimes we are mowing the grass growth that we either we have to decide about not mowing as much or not paying for as much water that causes us to mow more.

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My inner spring is like all my other springs. I want to start seeds, plant new plants, divide and transplant new plants and make things grow.
But alas, we are in a drought situation, so I have cut back.
The only things I've planted so far are edibles, mostly herbs.
But I'm rethinking, my thinking, lol.
Posies make me happy, so I may go for some posies.

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gandle(4 NE)

Snowing lightly. Temps in the 30's, really close to running out of firewood. Just a normal spring on the high plains. Talked to DIL at the farm a couple of hours ago. Said they had about 5 inches of snow.

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Tornados. Other than that, everything is green, lush, and colorful. The purple petunias are looking lovely alongside some pretty delicate yellow flowers I found. I hope the yellow flowers are long blooming! I am so glad to hear and see birds again. I have been driving around with the top down on the car and we are loving the cool breezes. The LF, still not a big fella (but he could reach his food in the microwave over the stove last night without aid!), said, isn't it perfect?, meaning, not hot and muggy, not freezing cold, on the way home the other day. So all in all, a good spring.

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jim_1 Zone 5B Illinois(5b)

In the past two weeks we have had 80+ degrees and 36 degrees. Yesterday, we finally got a decent rain. Up to that point, it would be a trace and then 2/10" and not much more. I fertilized a couple of weeks ago in the garden and yard; the rain yesterday will finally get things going the right way.

Compared to the winter that we had, this is glorious!

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