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west_gardenerApril 11, 2014

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.
So since I just loved the bird house flower vase and arrangement you posted, lilo, I wanted one of those.
Years ago I started decorating birdhouses and I happened to have a couple sitting around. DH cut a hole in the top of one of them, and I inserted an empty olive jar as a container. Went to the small, local farmers market and bought some flowers.
And presto, a wonderful spring decoration.
It is not as pretty as yours, but It makes me happy.
Thanks for posting.

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WG, that is lovely! Good for you; your creation would make anybody happy! I know Lilo will think so, too.

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WG, that is cool! It is always nice to find a use for something saved for ?? reason, very creative - love it!

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That is pretty. No Farmers Market open around here yet, daffodils would have to do. I never would be able to paint as good as you and Lilo do.

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Anneliese, WG did paint hers, and charmingly so. Mine came with a birthday-bouquet, except for the flowers (daffodils in mine) I had nothing to do with the creation of it.

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I also have to give credit to my DH, I showed lilo's photo to DH and brought down my birdhouse and asked if he could could cut the roof so I could put the container in there. I asked him to try to hide the top of the container (screw top) and he did that.
So it went from lilo, her family, garden party, me, DH and back to the garden party.
Nice trip.

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