west_gardenerApril 8, 2012

DH and I went to our favorite resturant for easter lunch today.

Next to our table was a party of three people. A couple in their sixties, and a young man about 30 or so, I'm guessing that the couple were his parents.

The young man was in a heavy duty wheel chair, his movements were spastic and he was trying to feed himself. The food was dropping all over the place, but the parents kept loading his plate and the father fed him with a plastic spoon.

What I noticed was the gentelness the parents treated their son, the look of love when they looked at their son, and the matter of fact way they treated him in public.

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What a touching scene this must have been, and kudos to you for noticing the lave and respect, rather than focusing on the messy aspect.

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Perhaps, in relation to Lilo's quote, they were taking a positive step in the health of the planet.

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Great parents or caregivers. All too often you find people shutting the disabled out because it might offend someone.

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We don't worry about messes in this place. It's a family place. We are on the second generation going to this place. Next to our table was a family with a little boy who was trying to find his mouth with some food and half of it landed on the deck. They looked as adoringly on there little boy as the couple with their adult child.

The place has a large deck out back and there is a "clean up crew" of little black birds with bright red spots that swoop down on everthing that falls.
anneliese got it right, it's difficult to find places for the infirm, handicapped or little bitty children for that matter.
Any way, we were glad to be there and enjoy an easter meal.

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