A rather depressing thought

gandle(4 NE)April 30, 2012

In just 51 days the days will be getting shorter. Wish I hadn't thought of that. Of course after June 21 the onions will begin bulbing so am trying to get every green leaf I can on the plants. Make food for the plant.

Am batching again for a few days. Leone's sister-in-law died. It truly was time, poor woman. She is better off now. But, both daughters came home and the three of them went about 400 miles from here. The daughters had some pretty fair mileage just to get here.

I suppose they thought I would starve on my own so there is beef and noodles and a large dish of Spanish bulgur in the refrigerator plus some blueberry strawberry ccrisp or is it cobbler. Don't know but it is sure good. Daughter #2 made an excellent flan while they were here the last couple of days. Haven't been big flan fans but this one was good. I have to work Leone's hours at the museum tomorrow and then work mine on Wednesday. Don't mind really enjoy it. The women should be back Thursday and both are going to stay another day with us before heading home.

Had a visitor at the museum last Friday from Faroe Islands. I knew it was up north somewhere but that all the information I had on it. They spoke very good English but it sounded a bit like they had a Scottish burr when they spoke. Will try to spell the name of the town they were from Skallshavn I think they wrote in the guest register. I found out a lot more about the Faroe Islands then they did about the Pony Express. There is an example of why I love this volunteer job. How many other people get to meet someone from the Faroe Islands?

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I'm with you about counting the daylight hours. I have a certain window in the morning where I can go outside without a flash light. Lol, I'm a morning person.

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petaloid(SoCal 10a/24)

I'm sorry about Leone's sister-in-law. It's never easy losing a loved one.

Sounds like you are keeping busy, and now you've got me curious about the Faroe Islands (and the Pony Express). Wikipedia, here I come!

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I don't know about the shorter days - to me August is just about perfect, It is brutally hot a lot of time, but evening comes just a smidgen earlier and things cool a bit more in my neck of the woods, anyway. the light changes in early August from the brassy yellows to a mellow gold, and the shadows lengthen just enough.
Gardening takes a rest, watering is easing and everything is about what it should be, tomatoes are getting it on - here in Northern California I think it's ideal

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Did not think about the shorter days, but was wondering where the last 4 months went when I changed my calendar a few minutes ago. I am not in favor of daylight saving time since I too am an early riser and like the early morning light.
When I still worked I considered it one of the perks of the job that I met people from all over the world.

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I'm a wuzz when it comes to going out in the dark and seeing big green eyes staring at me from the fence and critters scurring around.
Every friday morning, before 6am, I take the trash cans out to the curb. DH put in a couple of flood lights to the back patio, with a switch inside the house, and a couple of sensor flood lights on the side patio, leading to the trash cans.
The neighbor's sensor flood lights turn on once I reach the back gate and light up the drive way.
I'm glad to see daylight before 6am, and I mark it on my calendar.

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I love the long days and am in my element. Like Lilo, I do think August is my fav month, however. It's the decadent month where we get to wallow in heat and sitting outside into the late hours.......before the snap of early autumn. It's the hottest month here, around the clock.

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