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mawheelApril 14, 2012

We had thought we might get a new computer, sooner or later, but the 'puter decided for us! For the last week or two, the screen would go black, then a bright blue screen covered with lots of instructions would appear with the message that our computer had shut down to prevent "fatal errors". The message stayed on the screen only about ten seconds, never long enough to read all that it said to do. Anyway, we decided to bite the bullet and get one sooner, rather than later.

DD, who is very computer literate, went shopping with me, and I came home with a wireless HP with a 23" Touch Screen Monitor, Windows 7, and more bells and whistles than I'll ever learn how to use! DD got it up and running and almost the first thing I did was find the GP and put it in the Favorites! First things, first, thank you very much.

Anyway, even though it's the same, it's different, but hopefully, I'll learn how to do not only what I had been doing, but new stuff, too. (The 23" screen is really wonderful for DH's and my tired, old eyes!)

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Congratulations! You shall have fun - the big screen will be a delight, I am sure.
Your old one apparently was ready to croak anyway, if it showed the "Blue Screen of death" - I know it wqell

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Yes, congratulations. I went from a HP to a newer HP last year, some things were the same, but I did have a learning curve.
This is the first time I've heard about a "Touch Screen Monitor" on a computer. I have to look into that. Learning something new at the GP.

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I had to get a new one too. The computer guys had told me my laptop was on its last legs and to let it go until it died. I was getting strange messages, something about checkdisk something or so, and the keyboard was dying, and I think the motherboard was about dead too, when I would plug in my mp3 player it would not charge or let me upload items.

This weekend everything kind of came to a head, so in between tornado storms I headed out to check out computers. I ended up with an HP too! But I just got a cheapest laptop one. I just needed something to let me surf at home.

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Congrats on the new 'puters. Have looked at hose touch screen all in one piece setups and thought about getting one but a laptop would be my first choice.

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petaloid(SoCal 10a/24)

How nice for you -- it sounds terrific!

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