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gandle(4 NE)April 8, 2012

Since just George and I were here for Easter dinner I bought a good looking pork roast, but when we opened the package it didn't smell right especially near the bone. So, for Easter dinner we had egg salad sandwichs and homemade mayonaisse on the bread. Oh, and tomato bisque made from home canned tomatoes. I'll take the receipt back Tuesday and get my money back. They never argue.

You know, that was a darn good Easter dinner and the company was good too, we are rather used to each other.

When your kids go to their kids house for holidays to enjoy their grandchildren well, that is O.K.

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Joann and I cooked a 9 lb. ham for the two of us, Ron wasn't feeling well - all those meds he has to take sometimes make him feel worse than his ailments - had mashed potatoes and asparagus,it was a fine meal and the ham will make good leftovers and bone is good for soup.

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It was just DH and I for dinner, yesterday. Lilo, my ham was MUCH smaller than the one you cooked, just a quarter of one (less than 2 lbs), but there is still way too much left over. So, that's what we'll have, too--leftovers, maybe ham salad sandwiches, and freeze the rest. There was no bone, so guess I won't make soup. We had asparagus, too, with potato salad and crescent rolls and chocolate cheesecake for dessert. It all tasted pretty good! :>)

Leone, your egg salad sandwiches and tomato bisque, sounded good, too. You're right about the company improving the meal.

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Since it was just us two for dinner, I got a small ham steak. Then came the invasion and they were wondering why we did not have a good big ham. Well, if they would have let us know that they planned to come, but no, just the doorbell ringing at 3 PM and I am supposed to have dinner for four more. Luckily I had a couple of large steaks in the freezer.

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tibs(5/6 OH)

I did a leg of lamb. Only 2nd time I did one. Actually a 1/2 leg. With the bone in. We all decided that we like other kinds of meat better.

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meldy_nva(z6b VA)

We're in the process of establishing new traditions. For 40+ years I have cooked and taken meals to SisIL's house; dinner for 6 to 18 (depending on how many of family were local). Now that SIL is in Colorado, DD is hostessing most getogethers. Her husband is a great cook, so I now only make a few side dishes instead the whole meal (yay!)

DD & SonIL share house with childhood friend ~ who was just diagnosed with having shingles. Doc said no visitors in house for 3 weeks. So a last-minute change of locale to SonIL's mother's house. Menu was ham, fresh asparagus sauted with garlic and pine nuts, mixed greens salad, potato salad, a marvelous fresh fruit salad, and crescent rolls. We all ate too much.

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