Idyll #316-Carryin' the torch for Chelone

flowerluvr(Z5 IN)April 29, 2007

I vote for the pastel chairs, too. Chelone, I'm afraid I'd just be beyond furious over what's going on at the nursing home. For that kind of money, you should certainly not be having this kind of nonsense to deal with. Well, for any amount of money. (((Chelone))) go get 'em, girl!

Sue, I can see the lime green with the blue. One of my DD's favorite color combos as a matter of fact.

Kathy, beautiful pictures!! The way I see it, yoga in PE could only help with all the teenage emotion floating around, lol!

V-What's a natural swimming pool??

'bug, the jumpsuit and the fish buttons....too cute!! I have no pond experience, only dreams, so I'll leave that to the folks that do have one, but I gotta agree that it DOES have a bit of a bathtub look.

Oh, shoot, all that typing, and I coulda just said, "I vote for everything Cynthia voted the s'mores that Chelone mentioned", lol! I had no idea there was such a thing as a Tupelo tree-I'll have to google a pic so I can see what they look like. Have anything to do with "Tupelo Honey??" I never knew what that was either. By the way, Cynthia-if you can imagine, I haven't worn a watch in over 15 years, and am doing good if I know what day of the week it is. For the most part, time and day of the week have very little to do with farming...and I don't miss wearing a watch one little bit!

Today got pretty well hijacked for me, and I got very few things checked off my to do list. The phones started ringing first thing thing this morning. I was never too excited about getting a cell phone, and today only proved my point. While I was on the "house phone", DS called my cell phone--because she tried to call the house phone and it was busy. Yes, everyone should be on two phones at the same time. Got those calls dealt with, then had the same thing happen with two other siblings. Call me crazy, but if I call your house phone and it's busy, I'll go ahead and assume you're TALKING on it, and NOT call your cell phone, unless it's an emergency, which of course was not the case. And, the whole family knows that Jim is never on ANY phone if he can possibly help it. I've had to just about threaten his life to get him to carry a cell phone, and exactly five people have his number!! Pretty well set the tone for the rest of the day. Pop in visitors...all enjoyable and welcome, but it sure did shoot the day right in the butt. Now it's heading on supper time, and all I did was cut back a couple of clematis :( Oh, well, tomorrow IS another day, and Jim's grilling salmon for supper!

Have a good rest of the weekend, everyone!


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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

To bring a smile to Chelone, a link to a photo of the back cover of the album.

Totally beautiful day today! I did a little garden work today and a lot of resting up for the week ahead.

Gotta clean up for a family 'do.


Here is a link that might be useful: purple pants

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LOL! thanks, V.! you're right, them's some tightass purple pants... and I forgot about the track "Light Up or Leave Me Alone", that's a good one, too. I think I may have to place an order to Amazon soon... to revisit my misspent youth... hehehe.

Hope the family stuff is resolving itself, too.

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MmmmHmmm tightass, you ain't kiddin': )

Pastel,please,Chelone!!! Good choices! I have screaming purple/periwinkle metal my front yard to boot. They are rusting a little so I'll be repainting probably when school gets out.Oh, I have to paint the garage too. I started prep last week then the rain took over. While I normally would paint the garage a color or two I'm hoping that we'll be able to side the house this year so I'm not doing a color scheme until that happens. Boring but I don't have time for exciting these days lol.
Girl,I'm cringing in anger for you becasue I hate that anyone should have to explain to professionals how to care for another human being. There no excuse and that is what stinks about it.

Sue lime green is great! Tangerine or salmon would go nice too IMO.

I have always liked your chairs Eden-those are great colors.

My mind is as blank as a sheet of white paper right about now : )

I pruned,pulled and whacked at my mom's yesterday and today I mowed,did stick pick up,& happened to find a few plants at Kmart(yeah,I know but they were cheap)-Dicentra spectabilis,Gaura-a red one, & some rosemary(I will kill it)
Hey Cynthia-my dicentra scandens died last year-it had those wireworms or whatever they are-it must have been too wet. That was such a great plant.

Not a whole lot here just blistered fingers and a stiff back...must be gardening season!

GB beautiful knitting!and fishies too.and manure too; )

Deanne Yeah the hard drive was one of those secondary ones-[gee I sound so computer saavy(not)] because my pics and the kid's computer artwork took up soooo much room on the original hard drive. I bumped the stand and BOOM it went then just made funny alienlike sounds. Mary they want 50.00/hr. to retrieve the info...with my luck it would take several hours and I'd realize I didn't lose anything brilliant. There were some cool black and white pics of the boys but I can redo them...luckily I do have a couple still on PT so I'm not having the stuff restored. Thankdgoodness Chris didn't have important school or work stuff on it.

A month and a week of school left to go!Woo hooo!


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wendy2(zone 6 MA)

I was robbed! I have the CD, and the pic of the band was cropped - they are shown only from the waist up! Chelone, don't buy it, I'll burn a copy for you and mail it, just send me your address. There was a time that "Light Up or Leave Me Alone" was an anthem of sorts... Going even deeper into the vault, does anyone remember Blind Faith "Can't Find My Way Home"? That was is a great song.

Chelone, I can see the beauty of an I-pod at a job like yours - you can be in your own musical world. Funny i-pod story with DD last week: she does some laundry now, and I asked her to throw in a load of jeans after school. She did, and went off to do her thing. Ten minutes later, she is running up the basement stairs, frantic, soaking wet, up to her elbows in suds - she thought she left the i-pod in the pocket of her jeans and tried to rescue it. Turns out she didn't wash it, luckily. I was still laughing when helped her mop up the blue-tinged puddle on the basement floor.

DH spent the afternoon scraping the old wallpaper in the upstairs bathroom. It is tiny, only room for one - glad he was the one - love the guy! There is this awful puke green underneath, I see many coats of paint to cover that up. I took both kids shopping for summer things today, mainly bathing suits. Separate shopping trips of course, neither wants to pick out and try on clothes with the other one watching and commenting. DD picked out a very plain, very conservative one-piece Speedo bathing suit. She does not like tank tops or cropped shirts or writing across the rear, and the shorts have to be almost to the knee, denim of course. I guess I'm lucky, there was another mother in the dressing room telling her daughter "Your father won't let you out of the house in that - it is much too short." DS had complaints about all the shorts and bathing suits being too long, at or below the knee. He asked if bathing suits could be hemmed (not in this house!)

Monique, poor sweet Emma. I hope she is improving and home with you now.

Kathy, your font-yard is awesome! What a change - you can really tell that a gardener lives there now. Hope your kitty is better as well.

Brenda, you've reminded me why I don't have a cell phone, LOL.

Sue, glad to see you are up and around and on the treadmill no less! Good for you!

Babs, bummer about the hard drive - I hope your pics can be recovered.

Waving sleepily to everyone else, I'm usually in bed by now!

Good night...


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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

LOL Wendy! Yes! That has to be one of my absolute favorite songs of all time! Thanks for the night cap...

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Eric Clapton...Come Down off your thrown....
You are the reason Ive been waiting so long.
Somebody holds the key.

And how about this:
And I know I don't have much to give, but I can open any door.
Everybody knows the secret, I said everybody knows the score...

Yup, those were my days in San Francisco, then in Ithaca NY., Woodstock. My goodness, I was already married then.

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Did you ever get to go to the Moosewood Restaurant, 'bug?

Wendy, I love the story about the iPod and your daughter. And the shopping expedition. It definitely put a smile on my face this morning.

It looks as though today is going to go to the dogs. I had big plans to work outside with the helpmeet today. Moving the Baptisia, etc., removing some pressure treated backer boards and then the fence posts, and finally some ferns. However, I have a fitting for the remaining prom gown at 2:30 this afternoon, and it looks as though I'll spend some quality time on the blower with assorted healthcare professionals. I have a call in to the area stoma nurse to collect some printed guidelines on the proper urostomy maintenance. I have to call the audiologist and figure out how to deal with the hearing aids. That ought to get me sufficiently primed to raise the battle standard and make my displeasure known to the powers that be. Thanks for good naturedly nudging me out from under my personal black cloud.

More votes for Easter egg pastels... thanks for the vote of confidence. I remember those chairs from a picture you posted, Babs., and they were wonderful. What a talented, creative group this is!

Michelle, I'm glad to see you survived your week and your event was a success. I can't wait to see the pictures.

That's it for now, I should get down to the "lab" and get the dress all laid out and ready to go. I can't begin my calls until 8 AM, so I'll work on the draft of the letter until then. :/

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

You bet. Moosewood Restaurant was a regular destination. They made a mall out of the old Junior High School and the MW restaurant was in the basement of those old school hallways....There was also an Italian place up on a hill. (The Terra Cotta?) That was the first time I'd ever experienced garlic pasta. It was FIRE!

Best of luck with the phone calls. The pen is mightier than the sword.

Off I go to have annual blood work done. Boy am I hungry though....

Sun out there I see!

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flowerluvr(Z5 IN)

Good bording eberyode :)
Woke myself up snoring this morning-my throat is swollen and my head's all stuffed up. I'm beginning to wonder if there's some cosmic conspiracy to keep me out of the yard. I figger if I have a couple of cups of coffee I can convince myself I feel fide....I mean fiNe, lol! We got rain and thunder and the whole shebang during the night last night, and we weren't supposed to get that until tonight. All I remember is opening my eyes, realized it was raining, and remembered that my HUGE bag of potting soil and my bags of perlite are sitting out in my garden cart getting soaked. When DH and I went shopping the other day, I didn't buy soil at Lowe's because it was soaking wet and weighed a ton. I was smart, and bought a DRY bag at Wally World. Guess SMART would have been to put it inside as soon as I got it out of the truck, eh?

Babs, real bummer about the hard drive. Lol, I can see me paying someone $50 an hour to find out it was full of stuff that wasn't worth saving to begin with. My photography skills are no great shakes, but still would be a drag to lose a bunch of them.

Wendy, I bet DD ALWAYS checks her jeans pockets from here on out. I can imagine her panic when she thought she put it in the washer. Oooo-you got the puke green, too?? We lived with that for years in the bathroom-it was tile, and there was no cheap/easy way to change it so we lived with it. It was pretty much impossible to put on makeup in there. The light bouncing off those tiles just threw everything off-you came out looking like a clown. Fortunately, I don't wear makeup that often, so when I did, I just applied it in the kitchen. Closer to the coffee pot, anyway. Bless DD's heart for being so modest! My DD was that way too...even as a little kid, she would NOT wear a two piece that showed any belly. I've never cared for the long shorts that all the guys wear. Took all the fun out of watching basketball on TV. I remember the good ol' days in the 70's when BB shorts were SHORTS, lol! Coupled with the knee high tube sox, it was quite a look!

Chelone, sorry to hear your plans for the day are getting messed up. Seems like all the stuff you GOTTA do lands on a perfect day to make progress outside. I wish you the best of luck dealing with the nursing home, and hope that you can get the hearing aid fiasco straighted out without too much hassle. I'm just stunned that you have to train "healthcare professionals" on proper urostomy maintenance :(

'bug-fasting blood work-lucky you!! Hope it goes fast for you....I usually sit in the waiting room with my stomach loudly singing the blues, lol!

I'm going to drag myself back upstairs and see how the yoga goes breathing through my mouth, lol! Maybe if I just go about my business like I'm not sick, I won't be.........

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Its supposed to be in the 90s again today. Wheres Spring? I believe I will move some of the basement plants to the garden shed. It is supposed to cool off into the 70s for the rest of the week.

Babs, I have a garage to paint too. On the farm the painting seems endless, although we have sided several of the buildings with tin to ease up on the painting chores.

Sue, I vote for the lime green, which will give the shed a very tropical look perfect for your garden. I love to wear lime green, in fact I have it on today.

Brenda, sorry about the cold. Im just getting over one and I hope thats it for awhile. DH just began corn planting today. Yesterday was 93 and windy so things dried out well.

Wendy, what a good lesson for your DD about checking pockets.

bug, that is an interesting pond setup and zone 3, what a challenge. I think the little plastic waterfall looks fakey. Another tier around the bottom and maybe some taller plants would mask all the landscaping block. Maybe capping the top of the blocks with some of the smaller flagstones would help.

Chelone, go with what catches your eye on the chairs.

Deanne, Im sorry to hear that you are still dealing with such difficult issues. The finch on the forsythia is wonderful.

V, Id like to know more about the "natural swimming pool"

Kathy, your front yard transformation is fabulous. So much nicer than the grass that was there.

Eden, that is such a nice spot with the pink chairs, white table and the tea service. You are so creative.

Im wondering how all the pets are doing. I hope Emma made it home is moving around more and that Katie and Monty are feeling better.

Have a great gardening day.


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Well I'm back and no longer famished. Got various errands accomplished, including an appointment for Charlotte to have blood work done next week. What with that and heartworm meds and grooming we are looking at big bucks. Then MeToo the cat gets her rabies stuff too. Sigh...

I'd like to thank folks for the input on DD's pond. I'd still like to see pictures of your ponds, but it is good to know that I'm not alone in thoughts on attacking the eyesore.

I guess it is no secret about my activism here. I want to share a letter I received today:
Recently we discovered that Nestle Corporation has filed an application to take 3.6 million litres of water each day for the next 5 years. It is interesting to note Nestle has been granted permits every 2 years since they took over Aberfoyle Springs in 2001. The water is bottled and shipped - the number of bottles is enormous.

The issue is really the privatization of public water resources - a national concern. Rather than trying to send a long-winded e-mail to you all, I suggest you go to where you will find out how you can protest electronically - PLEASE do this - the closing date for comments is May 11th.

Not only should we be disturbed about the taking of large quantities water from the aquifers but also the use of the plastic water bottles. David Suzuki has suggested that everyone can do ONE THING for the environment - DO NOT BUY BOTTLED WATER. I was quite upset at our recent Coordinators' conference to see bottled water being supplied - surely we as Master Gardeners can provide a good example and use our own mugs at meetings?

I think it is great that others are concerned about councils and townships and others sitting in front of others with their bottles lined up in a row. And the ads on TV and elsewhere...Just fill up a bottle at home from your tap where at least you can control what is in your water! OK, I'm done for now!

A beautiful day here, so of course I have to tidy up the inside of the pigpen a bit before I can enjoy the outdoors.


Fritillaria raddeana

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flowerluvr(Z5 IN)

Just a quickie-'bug, I'm glad your tummy is no longer empty! I went to the website you seems to be for people from Canada-do you know if I can complain, even tho I'm in the US? You wouldn't believe the number of plastic water bottles we find in the fields every spring...makes me sick. Guess it's better than the glass beer bottles, but not much. I've always been amazed at how much bottled water is sold-in a country that for the most part has got all the drinkable tap water you could want.

Michelle, glad you guys can get some corn stuck in. Everyone around here is pushing the panic button-you'd think it was the end of May, rather than the end of April. Our weather pattern has been similar to last year. Last year, the corn that was planted early was horrible. We waited until after the "monsoons" and had tremendous crops. More rain is expected tonight but, as I always say, the main thing is DON'T GET EXCITED! It'll all work out in the end, it always does :)

Guess I'll go out and see how heavy that bag of soil is now.
PS...mouth breathing yoga is not nearly as satisfying, but downward facing dog DID seem to cut the wad of crap loose in my head, lol!

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ccsuzy(z6 IN)

Hi all,

Guess I got distracted as I haven't posted in a while. Gotta read and catch up here. The weather is lovely, it's 90 outside and I need to go do a bit of work out there. Back later with a nice post...


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'bug, here's an idea for your DD.

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Oh Michelle, you're a hoot! That's bigger than their entire yard! :)

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'bug, I have to tell you, I don't think I'll be much use to your DD with respect to zone 3 gardening, never having lived in a colder region than zone 4! I do, though, agree that the FAKE waterfall should go "bye-bye" and that the lower perimeter should be stepped up and out to soften the base and the overall height of the pool. I wondered about using Hosta, maybe some ferns to create a "ruff" of greenery? but leaving a landing area for small ones to be able to walk up and inspect the water...

Michelle, you cracked me up with the link on your post. :)

The destruction has begun here "on the compound". We removed 3 fruit trees, a huge Forsythia, and a red maple we planted in '03. The weather was nuts today, too. Poured this morning, then cleared out and became quite warm. Then thickening clouds and a THUNDERSTORM, now the sun is out again. Go figure. The real destruction is slated to occur next week (or so it seems now). GULP. I'm beginning to question our decision... seeing the maple in flower, the spring ephemeral bulbs emerging, the ferns... . Tomorrow we will move the perennials in the way of the excavators.

I composed my letter to the director of admissions outlining my concerns and patiently explaining WHY the tedious procedures must be followed. I spoke with a charming stoma nurse today who was outraged by what I reported to her. I read my explanation of the requisite care for an urostomy patient and she was quiet for a moment before telling me it was clear I fully understood the care required. She gave me a few phone numbers and told me to request specific guidelines and forward them to the administrator when they arrived. Best of all, she told me MAIL MY LETTER IMMEDIATELY and rest assured my facts were perfectly in order. I am so relieved to have someone validate what I already know to be true. My brother went to visit Mum this afternoon and found her soaked and the aid unwilling to change the appliance in front of him. He simply entered the bathroom and watched, much to the aid's consternation. Clearly, they don't know how to do it... it's easier with the patient supine and with a basin of water, a facecloth, soap, and a hairdryer! My brother met with the administrator and outlined his concerns and displeasure. He left, with the following comment, "Ruth, I have to tell you I've spoken at length with my sister. And she is outraged.". I am and I've learned the hard way how to deal with the bureaucracy. This time I'll pull no punches.

I'm hopin' the soil dries out a bit and the rain abates for my friends who are sweatin' planting.

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Jerri_OKC(z7 Ok)

Love the pink chairs! I'll spare you a long post, just know that after a bad session tonight with the shrink I've found that I am having trouble coming to terms with my 'inner *itch'. ROFL That explains a lot!

Hmm... I start 'Meditation for Beginners' this Thursday evening.

I'm angry...
I'm calm...
I'm angry...

Right now I'm just tired...



P.S. This could quite possibly be the strangest post ever on Idylls!

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Naaaaw, not by a long shot Jerri!
Just wanted to add that DD and DSIL both do meditation and enjoy the benefits. DGS is a hoot too:

At his doctor's appointment the doc asked if he took any medication. DGS has hearing problems, so he replied, "Yes I do the easy ones for kids." Anyway, it all made a funny kind of sense. He didn't know the word "medication" but he knew "meditation". ;-) He's got all the hand motions down pat too.

Chelone, you moved forward spectacularly with your research and letter to administrators, now move forward with the compound. The perfect timing for shrub and tree moving. Boy, you guys have energy!

Tomorrow I get to borrow a friend's sewing machine and (I hope) bring the curtain saga to a close. Time to go baste a few things.

Thinking of V's natural pool....and DD's unnatural one. UGH!

Toodle loo.

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Your eyes are like pools,sunken and That was to no one in particular just a funny thing I heard once.

Yeah Babs.

So anyway,Chelone I just knew you'd find the right way to handle the situation at the nursing home. Good for you. If I could meet your brother,I'd thank him for being there for you and your mom-it's so hard to go down the road alone.

Michelle-TIN-yes!(tangent to follow)I want a tin roof when it's time to replace ours. It'll cost thousands more than I have but it'll outlive me: ) and I love the sound of rain on a tin roof. I want a green tin roof. Roof,roof!

Shall I get weirder? Get this. One of MIL's friends died yesterday at her home. She's old but not necessarily chronically ill. She spoke to MIL in the morning yesterday by phone,said she didn't feel that well, then that night MIL couldn't get in touch with her which is unusual. A neighbor was worried too so she called the police. Sure enough the woman had died while sitting in a chair reading a book-that's how the cops found her! That's the way I want to go...except I feel bad that she was alone. It would be a gardening I morbid?

And how was YOUR day? : )

Jerri you might be angry but you made me smile-love your humor tonight lol. Humor is healing too : )

~Babs (Ok,it was the wine)

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I was just not excited about going back to work this morning after a four day weekend.! I made it though! Came home and did my garden walk and lo and behold a scape on one of my new daylilies ! Her name is Fairy Fanfare and I dont rmember what the heck she looks like-I went wild last summer on the Lily Auction website and another grower here in NorCal was a recipient of a chunk of change from me. I have lots of daylilies that I have never seen "in person" so it adds to the excitement and suspenseonly a gardener can relate to this, right ?

Hey V , you are sounding a bit more chipper some nice weather and time in the garden is always therapeutic.

bug that little outfit with the fish buttons is extremely cute ! On the pond, Im favoring dense plantings to soften the edges and yes to removing the plastic stuff ..Maybe more of a still pond with some water lilies or lotus? Maybe just one of those spout things in the middle to keep the water moving so DD doesnt start a mosquito plantation. ..and I loved the pic of your fritillaria. That is one thing Ive never grown.

Hey Wendy, tell your DS that in California at or below the knees is high fashion. My friends and I always spent our summers at the beach; either Huntington or Manhatten, sometimes Newport. These were fairly popular surfing beaches-especially Huntington. My friend George had cousins that lived in Michigan, and we were absolutely horrified by their beach garb when they came out to visit. !

Enjoying the discussion of Traffic. How Ive neglected them over the years. I never did replace my John Barleycorn LP with a CD. After pondering, I realize I never replaced Abraxis, Déjà vu, or Cheap Thrills., and Im sure there are many others if I sat down and thought about it.I'm a bit inspired to spend a "C" note or so on some quality music. I like to crank up the stereo while gardening.

Brenda, that sore throat thing is the worst part of a cold if you ask me. I can live with the stuffy nose etc, but hate the throat thing. Hope it passes by for you quickly. I recommend whiskey.

Chelone, what regrettable crapola you are having to deal with. Ultimately you , your bro and Mum are customers who are receiving inferior service . If the city is small enough, a letter to the editor of the local paper might be in order. Things like that often get results in our city when the offenders become anxious to counter the bad publicity.

Hey Babs, Im doing a little wine myselfand Jeri, youll have to elaborate on the inner "itch" ..maybe youll find that *none* of us have come to terms with it!

Nite all, here is Paul Bocuse, a Generosa, taken yesterday

Kathy in Napa

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chloehoover(z6b VA)

Hi-y'all -- the home p.c. froze up last week about Weds & frustrated all my attempts to peek in from time to time - I even had some photos planned (first clematis bloom!) but couldnt upload from home. grrr.... so I just played in the dirt some more -- got almost everything planted; Im pretty proud of myself - 'course now it's in the 80s & it all requires watering almost daily w/ it so hot too soon.

I know Im gonna miss commenting on 95% of what I wanted to --

'bug, you've gotten lots of good ideas re the pond & much as it would be nice to see it lower, maybe w/ a toddler soon amongst them, it's a good, safe idea to keep it up higher and just add more foliage as has been suggested?

Wow - Kathy - what a great transformation of your yard -- you should be deservedly proud - it's simply stunning. I managed to rip up some grass & throw down a paver circle myself last weekend in the back yard & am pretty happy w/ the results (altho it certainly could have been done better & more professionally). I love that brick walk & the entrance -- great statements! I totally understand coming back to work -- I had just really mellowed out and gotten energized - I could cheerfully have taken another week off -- now Im digging out from under here - what a mess.

Sorry to hear about the grey woes, Cynthia -- hope they're feeling a wee bit better; those back problems are slow recoveries, though - you'll be full of muscle for sure by the time she can go up the stairs by herself! I think that's one reason I've stuck to small dogs -- when they're sick, at least they're carryable, LOL.

Glad to hear Emma is doing so much better -- what a relief, right, Monique?

I think we should have had a lottery to pick the day Sue went back to work & broke curfew, LOL, -- it was a sure thing you couldnt stand restriction for 4 weeks! I remember it really hurting the first few times I drove around & that was at 6 weeks I think -- you are definitely superwoman, Sue!

Chelone - I totally sympathsize w/ you & the nursing home situation - it's such a tough thing -- that's the kind of daily battles my Dad was fighting for Mom -- so frustrating to pay such a lot of money for horrible job performances. I think the best recourse is simply to continually ride 'em and show up unexpectedly all the time -- the home health care system sucks in the States as far as Im concerned & I wish it would get fixed.

Babs, - I like the way that MIL friend passed on -- it would be a blessing for each of us to go that way, wouldnt it? Glad to hear Ry is okay w/ that dog bite trauma; that type of thing easily ruins a kid for life re dogs.

Jerri - "inner itch" -- what the heck is that? Dreams itching to come out? Frustrations we dont give into - like bopping a boss on the head or something? What a term, LOL... Naw, not the strangest post -- it was kind of like a haiku -- one of those Japanese poems, one really has to read and think about the meaning of life, LOL!!

Ok, gotta start work; if I can i'll try to post a few pics later.


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Cindy, wasn't that inner b*tch", not itch? Oh heck, inner itch is fine too except it sounds like a yeast infection!

More later-

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chloehoover(z6b VA)

well, my face is red! goes to show what "skimming" will do -- LOL - a classic, -- maybe the *itch needs the "itch" let out -

Jerri - now you KNOW im totally a dunce - but a funny one!


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honey_mi(Z5 MI)

Hi everyone. Just a drive by to let you know Im thinking about you before I head back to bed.

My out-of-town company has left. We had a great visit. Luckily, we visited her DS the first day she was here to express our sympathy about her DHs passing. Then we spent a day in Greektown. The rest of the itinerary got cut short b/c my friend came down with a virus. While taking care of her, I started not feeling well. Now I have the full-blown version, too achy, watery eyes, mega-congestion, etc. I feel like Ive been run over by a truck. My friends DH in Fla.has it as well. Nothing like sharing bugs with family and friends.

Ill catch up and be back as soon as I feel a little better. TTYL,


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Hi all,

Well so sorry you aren't well Honey!!! I'm just now getting over a three week version of some kind of bug. Left me feeling terribly tired and creaky, yep, like being run over by a truck, hope you feel better soon!

Chelone, soooo... sorry for the horrible problems. It makes my blood boil to read about it, that is absolutely unacceptable and really criminal.

Kathy, beautiful roses!!! The before and after shots are amazing! You should be really proud of yourself. marvelous!

Eden, don't remember if I told you how much I love the pink chairs!

Michelle, thank you for thinking of me.

Hi Babs,

Bug, I'm at a loss as to what to tell you about the 'pond'. Eeeeekkkk!!!! My first reaction was to blow it up and start over again, barring that I'd think if they planted some tall shrubs around the waterfall end to soften the 'pond on the heights' look it might look a bit better, also need to plant stuff in the pond that will drape over the sides, somehow soften those edges.

Brenda, so sorry you've got a cold too! Jeesh, seems like its making the rounds.

Hi Cindy and Jerri!

Wendy, LOL about the laundry and the Ipod. DD actually DID wash AND dry here cell phone and that was the death of it.

So the good news of the week is that the 'Little Honey' hydrangeas made it through the winter. Woohoo! Also, the Wisteria is absolutely bursting with buds this year, more than ever before. It should be outstanding in a few weeks.

I'm amazed that all the fuchsias I put outside over the weekend are just thriving outdoors. They must love the fresh air and sunshine, I thought I'd have trouble with them burning in the sun but no problems yet.

Cynthia, how are you and your furbies doing??? I've been thinking of you and Monique's Emma and am hoping the critters are getting better.

OK I'm about talked out for now, I'm outta here, have a great day all


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We've been having rain here all day and I have a sore throat. Enough said...

I did run across this and thought it was fun to read. I'm a Cancer and mine was unbelievably accurate, lol.

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Good evening

A great evening here - Deanne's DH stopped by tonight for supper (he is here on business) and brought me the most amazing selection of coleus from Deanne. I think I've died and gone to heaven!! My mind is whirling with possibilities for summer pots! We had a lovely dinner with Doug who has to be one of the world's nicest guys - plus an excellent red - quite a treat for a work night. I roasted a chicken, made a baby spinach salad, zuccini, new potatoes and an apple crisp for dessert. Annie and David were pleased at the upped standard of our family supper and I think all enjoyed it.

Wendy - too funny about the Ipod! I think Annie would have dived in head first had she thought her's was about to be washed LOL!

GB - DD's pond might take some getting used to, but for me the safety of having the water raised with a baby on the way outweighs its lack of aesthetics. How about planting creeping jenny in pots in the water - it will soon spill out and soften the sides. I'm sure your grandson will have hours of enjoyment watching the pondlife - we just discovered ribbons of toads' eggs in ours and the children are delighted at the idea of tadpoles and baby toads.

Chelone - my blood was boiling too reading about your mother's treatment at the nursing home. It sounds as though you are chanelling your anger in the most effective way.

Lots I'm missing commenting on but i need to round David up and send him to bed before heading there myself.

Feel better all those who are under the weather and continuing thoughts for the poorly pets.


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Hi all, a brief drop-in tonight..thnaks so much for all the kind comments on my front garden makeover pics in the last thread-always nice to get affirmation from other gardeners !
We do have our share of ailing folks on this forum don't we ? Lets see, I hereby declare May 5 not only a Saturday, and not only Cinco de Mayo, but also Healthy Idylls Day...You have 3 full days to focus on recovery--

OK, gotta go !

Kathy in Napa

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Good morning,

A light rain is falling here and the temp is 49F. No complaints, the sun of the last couple days had dried the raised beds and they needed a bit of water. The Hydrangea petiolaris is leafing out at an extraordinary rate and its so exciting to see those fat flower buds forming on it. The daylilies are also growing at light speed and the hostas have finally begun emerging. I'm disappointed that my Brunnera 'Jack Frost' in the terrace gardens appears to have bitten the dust unless it is going to be really late to emerge. Crossing my fingers and hoping for the best. I quite like that iris/brunnera combination I have there and I'll probably re-plant the 'Jack Frost' if it's died.

Mary, Thanks so much for having Doug over for dinner last night. He enjoyed himself and loved the home cooked meal. I'm so pleased you like the coleus. Mine are all still under lights here too and I can't wait to get them all outside.

Eden, so sorry you've gotten a sore throat! Jeesh, this cold is making the rounds. Hope you get well soon. How is the garden going this spring? Is Bella being a 'big help' to you? What do you have growing in your greenhouse right now?

Kathy, 'Healthy Idylls Day' sounds like a plan.

OK time to get my day started here, I've got to water the downstairs plants then get to the gym. Have a great day everyone!


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The wild plums are in bloom and are scenting the air nicely these days.

Deanne, I think Jack Frost is a later riser. I havent seen mine, but they did so poorly last year that Im not counting on them returning.

I actually have a few things that arent showing life that are really surprising. Things that I have had for several years such as 2 of my geranium Nimbus and a potentilla shrub that Ive had a number of years. My one pulmonaria appears dead too.

Eden, Im a Cancer too, but I did really look when it mentioned your own little Eden.

Mary, how nice of you to have Doug over. Isnt it neat the friends you have made through this group?

bug, take a look at that pond I posted and how they added a cap to the top of the wall and just the 2 circles on the right side. It really is a large scale version of what your DD has.

Babs, we looked into a tin roof for our house but found that the color is only guaranteed not to fade for 10 years. Our machine sheds is white with accents of navy blue and the navy is faded. The rest of the buildings are just white tin. But then you have a fairly shaded lot dont you?

The weather here is fabulous in the low 70's for the highs after our 2 days of 90 plus. Of course it's supposed to rain on the weekend. I had to make a parts run the last 2 nights after work and then with helping DH, I haven't gotten much gardening done. I did get a few things moved last night.

Enjoy your day

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Hello Idylls,

Well we have sunshine today and I'm feeling better. I think the sore throat was mostly a sinus thing and now I just have the left over residual sniffly nose. My little helper is here today, so not much gardening going on. I am trying start teaching her plant names. We're working on "heuchera" now, pronouncing the name and identifying the plants. I mostly have a date with my vacuum today since I spent the last couple of days hauling plants out of the basement and into the little greenhouse. It's chock full at the moment.

Deanne, I have all of my coleus in the greenhouse, the brugs, of which I fear only one has survived, note to me to maybe give them a little water part way through winter next year. I've got all of the canna tubers in there too, hoping some will sprout! I also put out my lone surviving fuchsia, gartenmeister, though I did buy one of the shadowdancers last weekend at the farmers market, Marcia I think. I have the fancy leaf and scented geraniums in there too and some of the smaller begonias and the abutilons. I still have 3 tables of plants and probably a dozen big pots, bananas and elephant ears, in the basement. I loved the pictures you shared a few days ago, especially the goldfinches. Thanks! My b. jack frost in up and blooming now. If you're looking for a replacement for yours, check out b. looking glass. I prefer that one. It looks like jf but with more shimmer to the leaves.

Michelle, I think the cancer gardening profile fits you too. You're like me, a nester, it seems. I could see where the pond picture you posted could easily be applied to Marie's dd pond, just on a smaller scale. I didn't think you were trying to be funny???

Marie, aside from tearing out and redoing that garden, I'd lose the waterfall and like others have said, soften the edges with plant material. Lots of work to be done, but with your great eye and expertise I bet you'll help dd have it looking beautiful sooner than one would think possible. I can't wait to see you work your magic.

Kathy, your before and after is quite the transformation. You did so much work and it turned out just great. Your Eden rose is beautiful, well, that's true of all of your roses. I planted a climbing Eden last year and it has died back almost to the ground. It was a hard winter on my roses here. They stayed leafed out until Jan and even though I mounded them, when the cold hit, they really died back. I think I've lost a Knockout, Graham Thomas and McCartney for sure. A couple of others are questionable.

Cindy, don't feel bad, I read it as "itch" too and though how strange. *itch makes more sense.

Sue, did your banana make it? Mine's corm feels much softer than it did last year. I'm holding out hope for it but I'm worried. Your shed sounds like it's going to be perfect for your tropical garden. Can't wait to see pictures.

Chelone, I feel so bad for your mom. That's just awful that she's not being properly taken care of. I hope you find a solution soon. I can imagine how much it would be weighing on my mind if it were my mom. I hope being able to be out working in your garden helps with the stress and worry! I'm thinking of you!

Cynthia, how are the kids? That's an interesting way to get your exercise, grey lifting, lol. Please do be careful! I had to have my old mama cat, Eve, put down this last week. She was a feral when we captured her and though she was the sweetest cat you could imagine, even after having her for 10 years, she was still skittish, even around me. I often wondered what people did to her when she was on her own, trying to fend for her kittens. She was a great mom! I'll miss her :(

Monique, I hope Emma's continuing to improve. I've been thinking of her and you too!

Honey, feel better soon!!!

Mary, how nice that your family could get together with Doug. He's a sweetie! And how nice of Deanne to send the coleus care package!

Brenda, my girls shared an apartment for over a year. They got along pretty well, but then they had shared a room growing up so I bet that made a difference. It's so nice to have you back posting!

That goes for Saucy too! How nice to see your post. You know you're always welcome to drop in whenever you can!

This is getting long and I do have that vacuuming to finish up and then I've promised Bella a walk with her doll after naptime. Have a great afternoon. TTYAL,


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

A fabulous day here! Some clouds are coming, but still no serious bug issues. I weeded and pruned and mowed a bit...and will try to do more later as well.

Nice to catch up with everyone's news.

Glad Deanne that you are on the mend now! I too still have coleus under lights, but not for long I hope. I'm not sure yet what I'll do about containers. Can someone help me with dahlia tubers? What do I do with them?? When?? Oh, my Jack Frosts are up too. In the past though, they were terribly late. One of mine is blooming near the house, the most advanced one.

This is what a friend came up with!

It does give hope! Yes, the scene Michelle shared is remarkably similar in many ways. At least that large scale one was done with staggered stones. DD's was done with no taste or talent. Sigh. Thanks for the vote of confidence Eden. We'll see what I have strength for.

Back to work!

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Checking in again. I didn't have time to read anything, just checking in to try to get in a habit.

Went to TN for the weekend and stayed with High School friends - reconnected after 10 yrs. It was on my list of things I have to do to get my life back (the dentist wasn't as much fun). In case you're wondering, GW is on the list, too :)

Came back and sat in this office and have been busy - took a pretty day off to clean up the garden, but I'm right back in it today. I'm worried my outside will suffer :) I'm ready for garden shopping!

Saw the accountant today and brought him my books, he bragged on my records...made me feel good.

I've gotta go...working on fliers tonight for the local paper.


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So, now that were carrying the torch for Chelone , where is she ? Dont think weve seen her around these parts for a couple of days. Yoo hoo Chelone, is everything ok ?

bug, the virtual pond scheme that your friend came up with looks great.. I think there was quite a unified consensus about what needed to be done here on the Idylls and the pic had a lot of the suggestions incorporated., especially the plastic top removal part !

Eden, I must say that my Eden rose is a thorn in my side ! But I forgive it it transgressions every year when it puts on its first spring flush. I think it would prefer low rainfall, cool summer temps, and mild winters. Sounds like coastal southern California is the perfect place for this rose.

Hi Saucy, hope you can stay in the habit of dropping in.

I made my flight arrangements for my trip up to Portland at the end of the month. I hope to visit some gardens and have some photos to share with all of you.
Here is one I took last year at a nursery south of Portland. This place sells perennials and has a niche business in hanging baskets and container plantings.

This is Golden Celebration and Ramona taken in my back garden on Saturday. I really like Ramona because she re-blooms...

See- y'all later. Time for dinner

Kathy in Napa

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Good evening

Kathy - your roses are simply stunning!! As is your new front yard. Your before and after shots are worthy of a magazine article. Some of those hanging baskets in the greenhouse remind me of ones in England.

Eden - I checked my gardening horoscope but it told me Saggitarians are into trees which I wouldn't say is my greatest strength. However, I did just pick up a beautiful Kasagiyama Japanese Maple from Deanne and Sue's favorite nursery. It's 2-3 feet, nicely shaped and was only $19.99 I tempted to go back for an Autumn Moon at the same price but I'm not sure if I have the right spot for it.

Michelle - 90F is too much for this time of year isn't it? We're having the same beautiful, sunny but cool weather that I just love.

Saucy - I'm still trying to glean what your new business is - or perhaps its a secret. Either way it sounds very exciting.

GB - I'm not sure if I told you how much I enjoyed your last knitting project with the fishy buttons. What fun! God luck with helping with the pond make-over.

Deanne - is it wrong to have favorites? I think Plum Frost is my new love!!

Tonight was an enjoyable evening. Annie had her school orchestra concert. Afterwards she and her freinds all met at an ice cream shop on the canal. They are such a nice group of girls and so full of life and laughter it is a pleasure being around them.

Time to wrap things up for the evening - I seem to be going to be earlier and earlier these days - I must be getting old!!

Nite all


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Warm greetings to my virtual friends. I just haven't felt much like typing the past couple of days. The irritation and concern over my mother's welfare weighs heavily on me, really tapping my zest for things more lighthearted.

A very special and fond greeting to Saucy, who I hope manages to squeeze us in on her "rounds". :)

We attended a fundraising breakfast for a local wildlife rehabilitation facility yesterday morning. It was quite an event, held at a very nice hotel, with a delicious breakfast and interesting speeches from various board members. Best of all, though, were the "ambassadors", permanent residents of the facility. There was a Peregrine falcon, an American Kestral, a Red Tailed Hawk, a Screech Owl, a Barred Owl, a Spotted Turtle, and an American Box Turtle! All the raptors had been hit by cars and their injuries precluded returning them to the wild as they would be unable to adequate feed/defend themselves. I thought of Deanne as I studied the birds, and of 'bug as I spoke with the handlers about the turtles. It was a wonderful way to begin the day, and the helpmeet was equally enchanted. The center recently responded to a call to pick up a sea bird stranded in a field... it was an ALBATROSS! only the third one (I think) ever sited this far north as their normal range is south of the equator... how the hell did it get up here?? now there's something for Nancy Drew to stew one. ;)

Work is getting busier by the day, my boss is responding to the increasing stress typically... :/ , and I fear my patience for that malarky is running lower than normal. I'll be glad when it's tomorrow afternoon. I will be rehabbing a dodger for a sailboat today, something I've not done in awhile, so it will be an interesting, if dirty, day.

We began the fern rescue on Tuesday, using a neighbor's small tractor with a hoe to lift them out of the ground. They're heeled in in the leaf corral and there are more heeled in a remaining pile of "dahk bahk" mulch. We will check periodically for adequate hydration, and it should be interesting to see if our little experiment pays dividends. It was sort of sad to cut down the fruit trees and a red maple we'd planted in '92, but I wasn't dismayed to see the overgrown Forsythia cut off at the ankles. There is a pile of brush on the lawn, awaiting the arrival of the chipper; the tree man is slated to come and utterly destroy the site next week.

I have loved the pictures of various projects and plants, I fear none of mine will be nearly as inspiring for some time to come. And now, I must needs away. Later, kids.

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flowerluvr(Z5 IN)

Mornin'! I'll make this quick..they've put me to work!

Deanne, don't give up on your Jack Frost yet. I thought for sure mine was dead, and yesterday I saw some tiny leaves poking out. Usually, it's much farther along, but it's been a weird spring. I have mine planted with bleeding hearts, and I'm with you..if it dies, I'm replanting it.

Eden, I'm glad you're feeling better. Talked to both of the kids yesterday, and they are in a "love cycle" of their love/hate relationship, lol! 'Bout like when they were at home ;)

Kathy, you make me want to grow more roses!

'bug-I start my dahlias in pots, usually in late April, and put them in the ground in late May...after the crops are planted and I have more time to mess with things. Hopefully by that time, I have some weeds cleared out to have a place to put them :) And, with any luck by then, we're done with frost. I just pot them up in a well-drained mix, and don't water them until I see growth. Then, I pinch them back a couple of times.

Okay, I gotta of these days I'm going to get caught sitting here in my bloomers drinking coffee, lol! Time to play farmer for a while!

Big ol' howdy to one and all!

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chloehoover(z6b VA)

Gorgeous photos, as usual, Kathy! I love seeing that Ramona (planted one this spring for a viburnum - hope it looks half as luscious). I have had the first blooms from Asao, Matka Siedlaska, and Niobe clematis, but havent had a chance to take the camera out for a spin this week. I think I even saw my first rose bloom open on one of the "Parades" I've got. It's really really Spring now - altho we've had high temps like you, Michelle - and tulips, etc., dont like it - so guess what Im doing in the evening? Watering already! Im trying hard not to let things dry out & get stressed - we'll see - it may be me getting stressed instead, LOL.

Brenda - I meant to say last week how astonished I was to hear about "farming" til 1 a.m. in the morning -- that is round-the-clock hard, hard work -- you and your DH are incredible! I know Michelle's DH works like that too -- I know Im just too wimpy.

I hope that the ailing folks are better by Kathy's Get Better Saturday -- viruses, allergies, etc. -- it's definitely a tough time for allergies; even Chloe's have kicked in early.

Chelone - Im sure you're much worried & feeling down about the mum situation -- it's a no-win situation though isnt it? Here's hoping you wont let it get you too down. ha - I was going to suggest a forklift for your fern removal -- sounds like you found the perfect answer for moving all the stuff. How exciting - new chance for more plantings!

Ok, a little eye candy from last week:

Asao first bloom:

I like this Geranium Margaret Wilson foliage:

The small Cornus Wolf Eyes is looking very pretty too, I think:


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Good Morning, Still have the sniffles but improving. The weather's forecast to be beautiful here through the weekend. I'm hoping to get the roses and clems fed and some of the plants from last years ghetto into the ground, but not today. I got about half the house cleaned yesterday and will finish that today and spend the rest of my time playing with Bella. I'm thinking of going to Target and getting her some sort of pedal bike.

Beautiful pictures Kathy. I'd love to nose around in that greenhouse!

Mary, sure you can have a favorite. Plum Frost is a nice one. My favorites...Peter Wonder, Alabama Sunset, Goldfinch, but that's just today. There's probably another dozen others I could choose, lol.

Cindy, I love that last picture with Wolf Eyes. I'm jealous that you have blooming clems too!

Marie, I like the mock up for the pond area. What does dd think of it?

OK gotta run, busy day ahead! Have a good one!


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A little excitement here at the office yesterday and we ended calling in the sheriff. Im not sure if we were over reacting, but with all the mass shootings that have been happening we decided to be cautious. We had a very irate customer who made the comment to one of the other gals here "you hear about people getting a gun and killing people, its because of how they are treated by people like you" Touch peoples TV and they can get pretty upset. We kept the door locked the rest of the afternoon.

Deanne, funny but I checked last night and see at least one of my Jack Frost is just beginning to poke up.

Mary, Plum Frost is such an easy coleus to propagate and a very vigorous grower. I had it in a number of containers last year. I wish there was an inexpensive source for Japanese Maples around here. Id like to try one, but my zone and being in the country would make it a zone push. It would be easier to take the risk if they were cheap.

bug, the pond virtual is a great improvement.

Kathy, the Golden Celebration and Ramona are a lovely color combo. I have a 2nd year Ramona.

Eden, how fun to teach Bella plant names. I can just imagine taking her to a nursery and letting her tell the sales person what you are looking for.

Cindy, thanks for the lovely pictures. Fortunately we are back to normal temps for early May. Yesterday was a perfect day.

I was able to finally get the lawn mowed last night. Tuesday when I backed my car out of the garage I realized that I had a flat tire, that evening when I came home and wanted to mow, the tire was flat on the rider and the battery dead. Rick told me to stay away from anything else with tires LOL I did a little clean up in Kenzies garden, but there is a lot more to go. There are a lot of sticks, rocks and weeds. Im thinking of using the picket fence that Rick found curbside for that garden. It really is quite good except needs a paint job. I also had Rick turn the compost pile from last fall and what I added this spring. He does it with the skidloader and what fun to watch. It is ¾ done and looks quite lovely already. LOL


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

My heart goes out to Chelone and her brother. I'm so sorry that irritation and concern go hand and hand with geriatric care. The lack of competence and will on the part of the administrators is astounding. I cannot fathom why this is the case, apart from the fact that everything is money driven. Private schools in West Africa burned me for that reason, and now that is what burns me about government ministries here in Ontario. I guess I just keep on plugging away with letters and phone calls and make my little dent when I can. But truly, I am offended that it is a 'game' that is played when lives are at stake.

I have made 3 phone calls to book a mammogram and failed each time to connect to a human. They only make appointments on W,Th & Fri, so why can't they be there for me either yesterday or today???? Sheesh

I have gardened a bit this morning. Lots of clean-up of clematis and roses. Still a few to go. I haven't fertilized anything. Got the hoses out last night and need to attach them. They say no rain until the 15th! (If you believe them)

Here you see one of my Jack Frosts. It has tiny leaves at the moment, but usually they increase in size later on.



Sutherland Gold is leafing out!

This coming weekend we go to visit friend Woody and her DH and plan on taking the dogs for a trillium walk. Here the white trillium are still in bud, but the reds are out.

Back to pruning!

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wendy2(zone 6 MA)

Good afternoon!

Beautiful day here, too bad I'm stuck in work. The weekend is supposed to be nice too. DH and DS are going camping with the scouts, they'll have great weather for that. They on the same trip 2 years ago and it poured all weekend.

The mason is at my house building my wall yesterday and today. They had marked it out with a planting strip between the path and the wall, but then the excavators hit some ledge so things had to be shifted a bit. Luckily I was home at the time, and the mason showed me his suggestion with the strings and tape measure. Much easier than trying to describe by phone! He actually noticed the gardens around the house, and suggested that the wall be bumped out a bit to make the bed along the house enclosed by the wall wider for planting. I ended up losing the planting strip, so the wall will be right up against the path. The landscaping company is a family business, and the owner's son was there working with the mason. When the question of the layout arose, he called his dad on the phone and he came over within a 1/2 hour. I was thrilled with the prompt response. Hopefully I'll have some pics of the finished project to show you this weekend!

The owner of the landscape company was a riot - he told me that if he owned the house he'd replace the driveway and take down a tree that is close to the house; and also fill in the driveway that slopes down to the garage under the house that we never park a car in, and build a retaining wall and stairs to access the garage we use for storage. I told him to give me a number, and he thought I wanted an estimate. I told him no, I need a LUCKY number so I can hit the lottery! He is right about the tree though, the roots are already lifting up the driveway, and will lift the path and the wall in time. Maybe next year.

Chelone, your breakfast with the birds sounds interesting. My DS would have loved it. They actually bring animals into his school sometimes - they've had assemblies with birds of prey, sea creatures and reptiles. I had my Bob Marley sing-along in the car this AM, and I thought of you fighting for your mother's proper care - "Get up, stand up: don't give up the fight." I hope you find that the concerns you and your brother have get some favorable attention. Make your presence felt there; make sure they know that she has family willing to fight for her.

Have to go back to work, just wanted to stop in and say hi!


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The beautiful photographs are just waht the doctor ordered for me this afternoon. They have brightened my day! I'm still "on bulbs", but the Dicentra, Polygonatum, and Pulmonaria are coming on strong/making a statement. I don't have any Brunnera, but "Jack Frost" has always caught my eye when I strolled the nurseries. And 'bug's Primula are like candy decorations for a cake top! I have much more to discover and add to the mix in years to come.

It was not a happy day at work. I was "on the edge" all day long, thinking if there was one more "smart" remark wrapped in "thinly disguised contempt" I was going to leave. I KNOW it's a stressful time of year (it is every year), but how does being snappy, snippy, and demeaning to honest attempts to HELP and be productive facilitate anything, let alone foster a "team spirit" that makes everyone want to try harder? Just feels like I swallow my resentment over Mum's circumstances to facilitate better care for her and then have to swallow my resentment over being spoken to sharply because my boss has a hair across her ass; or worse, spoken DOWN to when I try to clarify something important to facilitate greater productivity at work. Like I need that crap? I politely asked her not to speak to me that way, pointedly saying, "it really doesn't help". But it was a tense day, all day long. I "ran screaming from the building" at 2 punctually. It was good to be greeted by the kitty commitee and Rex (so I could kick him). I hope tomorrow is easier.

Did anyone see the two episodes of "Secrets of the Dead" on PBS, last week and this? One was on the turmoil created by printing the Bible in English (naturally I was fascinated, knowing what I know about Archbishop Thomas Cranmer), and last night was about the eruption of Vesuvius and the destruction of Herculaneum on the Bay of Naples. I was spellbound by the beauty of the frescoes unearthed, the astounding level of urban planning with respect to water and sewer works, as well as the forensic science. It was just terrific, worth a look-see if it comes up at a convenient time for you.

I hope those under the weather are perking up.

Time to go beat up on the dog some more...

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chloehoover(z6b VA)

A rare mid-day peek (the RAT's away, LOL) -- Michelle - wow, how awful and stressful; but I think companies need to be overly cautious these days about things like that -- why do people now think making threats (real or imaginary) are the way to accomplish their goal? So frustrating and sad....but it pays to be cautious. O wow - definitely stay away from tires for a while! You have a secret nailgun stashed somewhere or something? LOL.

Mary -- that was quite the catch for a JP -- you know you could always try pots for the cultivars you want and move them around that way til the perfect spot is found.

O my -- 'bug what marvelous, marvelous photos -- you are a grand photographer w/ a keen eye for detail -- which is of course reflecting in your gardening as well. Thanks for sharing the woodland treats! I think we need daily posts of these things to keep us "perky"!

Chelone -- sounds like your frustrations are bountiful, arent they? I know it's much more intense in a small company situation (an experience I wont ever forget myself) -- so hard to have to "get along" or "suck it up" too often when there's a small mix of people and everyone really really has to be wary and alert to other's moods, sensitivities and words before they are spoken. I hope you can somehow find a way to let it roll off your shoulders. Watch out - that dog might bite!

Wendy, sounds like you were fortunate to be home when they needed to make that change to your wall - would love to see the photos when it's done. Now all you need is another pot of money for the rest of their ideas, as you say.

Stuck inside myself, I wanted to see if anyone put some luscious photos in and I wasn't disappointed. The weekend sounds like it would be great to garden, but I've got PA on my trip calendar instead....Im so greedy - had a perfect garden weekend last week & Im envious of the upcoming one too -- never satisfied.


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flowerluvr(Z5 IN)

But I don't WANNA be a girl during farming season :( It's SO unhandy-wish me luck that I don't have to throw a rock at any of the guys during the next few days........time to go to work-

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

A very quick good morning to all! the Mockingbird is singing away and the cardinals are nesting in the hemlocks. The sad news is that my 'Jack Frost' did indeed bite the dust and that was a favorite plant that came from Sue's garden. (I dug it up yesterday and the new growths were mushy and rotted) The sun is shining and the fuchsias are all thriving outside. It's going to be gorgeous the next three days and I've got to spend them indoors teaching... Grrrrrr... Anyway, to that end, I must get off this computer, get showered and out the door. Gorgeous pics Bug, Cindy and Kathy, that rose is out of this world.

Chelone, hang in there, so sorry for your continued aggravations at work and the problems with your Mom's care.

Wendy, looking forward to seeing your finished wall project. Can you get that tree removed?

Brenda, don't work too hard and try not to throw any rocks.

A quick pic for you all. Thought you'd like to see this sweet finch in the Rhododendrons.

Have a great day all

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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)


Good morning everyone! Another week zooms by. Busy here as usual but not with garden work. I saw the surgeon on Wednesday for a post surgery follow up hoping I could get her to shorten or lift some of my restrictions. Although she's impressed with my progress, she hangin' tough on the no gardening, weight lifting or Pilates. I tried negotiating to no avail. She's got me pegged and says nothing til the first week of June. Hey, that's more than six weeks At least walking is OK and I'm easily back up to my pre surgery 5 milers.

Gotta's statement week.


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Good Morning, Looking forward to a beautiful gardening weekend here. Things are really growing now. I notice changes everytime I walk through the garden. We have Northern Flickers that have taken up residence in the old tree trunk. You guys who were here remember the one that the moon hangs from? Well it's slowly rotting away and they have made a nice hole about 12 feet up and are pecking away at making a nice cavity for their nest. Last evening I could hear the tapping inside when I stood by the tree.

Yesterday I would have loved to have my camera to take a picture of Bella to show you all. She wore Mr. Potato Heads tiny lime green glasses around all afternoon, they just fit on the end of her nose and she looked so funny! She was imitating me wearing my glasses. Two is such a fun age! It's a shame that we lose that imagination as we get older.

Marie, thank you for all of those beautiful spring shots! I'm missing my camera and think I need to start shopping for one. I have a couple of those tie dye primulas too.

Deanne, bummer you have to work this weekend but it's still early and there's lots of gardening time ahead! Another beautiful bird shot! Thanks!

My mom had CAT and PET scans done last week to make sure everything is still ok and has an appt to get the results at 1pm today so I'm holding my breath...

I've got to run, have a few things to get done before Bella makes an appearance! Enjoy the day!


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chloehoover(z6b VA)

Sue - listen to your surgeon! Seriously, I've heard of people getting hernias and other problems because they got "cocky" and "felt okay"-- it takes the body a long time to heal properly -- you'll be better off in June when it's a done deal rather than screwing it up now by ignoring the "rules"!! The next month will fly by & you can come up w/ some other creative ways to keep busy & active Im sure.

Ran by Lowes last nite to grab some flowers to take to PA & throw in some pots, etc., for Mom around their pool patio - guess that will be my present to her for Mother's Day -- decided I might as well get the bang for the buck for all summer rather than a bouquet mailed the following week. I had to resist all the other container plants I saw (for myself) - havent even thought about doing any yet (Im pretty sure I've already busted the plant "budget")....

Ok, busy friday for me too -- glad Im not a farmer girl - they'd have fired me for being late, Brenda!

Love that finch, Deanne!!


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Boo hoo, its going to be a rainy weekend and actually the forecast is rain through next Wed. Last night I stopped a couple places and scored some great plants. The grocery store actually had the best. They had gallon perennials for $5 ea. Deanne, I thought of you when I snatched the last brunnera Jack Frost. They were all pretty nice ones, not just your more common plants that you would expect for that price. I picked up 9. I also got Rick a Honey Crisp apple tree for Fathers Day (also the last one). We love Honey Crisp apples.

Eden, you really need to get a new camera, for garden pictures and little girls wearing Mr. Potato Heads glasses. LOL

Deanne, the finch picture is so pretty with the pink in the background.

bug, great pictures that double primula is so sweet.

Poor Sue, I bet its hard.

Cindy, I usually give my mom some longer lasting flowers also. This year her birthday is on Mother's Day. I will also bring her a bouquet of whatever I can find in the garden blooming. I think flowers that I have grown seem more exciting to her than something from the florist.


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I just saw something I've never seen here before. Bella and I were coming back from a walk and there was a groundhog standing in the front yard across the street from our house. At first I thought it was a cat. I wonder what he's doing here in the city? I hope he doesn't cross the street and discover my gardens. Maybe I've finally found a job for dear old Bud, protector of the garden from groundhogs? He'll probably think it's just one of the cats too, lol.

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

I'm in for a break.
Eden, where there's one groundhog, I fear there is a family. This is the time for the first babies. They have many sets over a season too. ARGHHH! They are large and dumb. Bud is old and may not know how to hunt very well if he's never seen one before. Good luck. Not good news for you...

This morning I managed to spend a few minutes at our local nursery. It has changed hands, and last Fall things were horrible there. Today though I am hopeful! Their first plants are out on tables and I heard some of their display garden plans. Indoors things are rearranged sensibly as well. I brought home a yellow lupine, a delphinium, some flax, 2 astilbes, pink gas plant and also the fruit tree fertilizer spikes that I went there for in the first place!

On Sunday we will see my clematis buddy and I am hoping he brings me some choice plants. :)

Here at the farm the willows are greening up, the grass has been mowed once, the nearby fields are worked up, and spring is ever so wonderful! Today the dandelions are starting to bloom.They really are quite a joyful scene...or so I try to remind myself!

DD is supposed to be at home resting, but today she must supervise the moving of office furniture for a new employee. She should be home sleeping according to her midwife. Sigh. Her DH is leaving next week for a two week out-of-province job and he really does not want to leave her. The dog is being very protective and snuggly with her, which is unusual. All very interesting, but this baby is only due in July, so a mother tends to worry!

Have you stopped to listen to the birds and frogs? Such a special time of year!

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Well, not good news on my mom. They're seeing the cancer show up in her abdomen and are going to try radiation now. She sounds positive though and she has had time to rest up and get her strength back since the chemo so she's ready to fight.

Marie, I hope the groundhog was just lost. He looks confused. The best I could hope for from Bud is to keep him chased out of the garden. But then I'd probably lose just as many plants from Bud trampling through them as I would from the groundhog eating them.

Cindy, I think the pots of flowers are a great idea for a Mothers Day gift. And you get to be creative and make up some container gardens, one of my favorite things to do!

Michelle, I bet your mom loves getting bouquets of flowers from your garden. You have such a talent for putting beautiful bouquets together too. Do you ever put herbs in your bouquets? At the Farmers Market here they sometimes include dill in the ones they sell at the cut flower booth and I always choose those because they smell so good!

Megan is picking up Bella early tonight. She has a Drs appt this afternoon. She says she's still feeling run down. I told her it could be because she works 60 hours a week and then takes care of a 2 year old. Makes sense to me at least. I hope that's all it is. I'm feeling today like when it rains it pours.


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Just home from work and mercifully it was a GOOD day! I needed one. My boss and I were alone today and we had some chuckles. She was "seriously stressin'" yesterday when I left and I told her I'd work on my own project until she arrived this AM. I mended the screen panels for the deck canopy, and began laying out the runs for the house awnings I've decided to remake this year. The originals are 10 yrs. old and the Sunbrella has the "old" feel you recognize immediately when you work with the stuff. I could get another season out of them, but I just FEEL like remaking them. :) I have 2 laid out and 2 more to go. I'm going to go to the shop tomorrow morning and put in a few hours work on them. I can probably get 2 completed and the other 2 cut. I may have to order more bullion fringe, too.

Sue, suck it up, sister! You were told June 1st. for a reason, and no amount of wheedling is going to be any great benefit. So bump your walks up to 6-7 miles, sure you'll lose some flexibility, but at least you'll be active. You could research a shrub border for my yard... will face east, with some southern sun until noon-2 PM, or thereabouts (won't be able to know exactly until the garage is in place). ;)

I laughed about Bella and the sunglasses, Eden. My favorite english teacher used to say that everyone can write poetry and draw creatively but we "chicken out" by the time we're about 10 yrs. old unless someone encourages us. Bummer about the woodchuck; I used to turn Sally and Chris loose on any I found here. None since, but I expect Rex would dispatch them with ease. GOOD BOY! (one of the reasons I've yet to kick him until dead).

Deanne, bummer you have to be in all weekend. I'll enjoy the great outdoors for you, how's that sound? I'm actually excited about planning the windowboxes and getting stuff potted up and rearranged here "on the compound". It's been a long time for me.

Only a few lonely croaks from the pond, but the Peepers are pretty active still. It's been in the high 20s-low 30s for the past week, but the bird calls are amazing. I hear the first of them about 5 AM and then the chorus begins to build. There is only the faintest hint of green on bushes in my yard right now, but inland 2 miles it's GREEN. And it's wonderful! I have yet to mow the lawn. And there are "no bugs"... YET.

Cindy, I love your plan for your Mom. Wistfully, I think of how much Mum would love to be here now... exploring the yard in her determined, careful way. Tears me up, but the signs were clear. So, I make time to soak up a little more of it every day in her honor.

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Eden, I just "refreshed" and read your newest post. I totally forgot to tell you I wished your Mom well in my own post (duh).

You must be numb right now. The "scareds" will settle in later on... . (((Eden))). I was so hoping for a second "all clear" for you guys.

My thoughts with respect to your daughter are the same as your's... makes sense to me!

I wish I could offer you some tea and cookies to go along with my sympathy. Thinkin' of you and worrying about you.

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I read as much as time and my sleep allowance will allow and I've gathered that Sue is recuperating...did I guess right? I hope your health is well.

I also gathered that Chelone is having a tough time with health care for mom, and Eden's mom is having a health crisis.

I'm sorry I've been absent for all of your life changing problems. I wish I'd been here for support. I wish you all the best and anyone else that I have missed in my quick observation.

It is terribly hard to catch up :)

Deanne and GB, you capture what I am seeing in the garden beautifully! GB, your daughter is expecting? How exciting!

Mary, I want to come for supper :) I'm not being coy, just not thinking straight. We are an Industrial/Commercial HVAC Service, Installation, and Digital Controls company. Same thing I did in the Navy. I'm running the admin right now and Nick's doing sales and tech. We hired our first employee 2 weeks ago....ready for another if some invoices come in.....

I went (against better judgement) annual shopping today - got a bunch of coleus, cherry red cleome, moss rose, and dahlias. I always jump the gun and buy things just because I want to plant! If I was growing from seed I wouldn't have even looked, but since there is NO green here, I jumped at the first plant I saw :)

I've got to go to bed...I'm ready to fall asleep @ 9....I think I forgot to tell you that Sarah has pneumonia, so I feel like a rag doll caring for her needs and working in the office....

Not that I need any sympathy...just letting you know where I'm coming from.


PS - seeing things from GW friends break from the soil - that's the best :)

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Here's the latest. Dr. says Megan has a goiter. What the heck??? He did some blood work and she's scheduled for a thyroid scan on Monday. I thought I'd go out shopping for a while and get my mind off of things and my brakes started making a weird noise. So I came home and I'm staying put for the weekend. This has been a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day! Tomorrow will be better!

Chelone, thanks for your thoughts. They're appreciated.


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Hi Saucy, It's great that you're getting back into the swing here! Just take your time. You'll be up to speed in no time. Just pick up from here and then keep going ok? I'm so glad the business is going so well. You can never go wrong with plant shopping, always good therapy and rejuvenating for the soul. Sorry to hear Sarah's sick. I was trying to figure out how old she is now. I'm guessing 7 or 8, but I could be way off. Time has a way of getting away from me.


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AWW... (((Eden)))! hang tight, sister! I have a pretty good idea how you're feelin' right now...

Saucy, Mum is now in a nursing home and they're failing miserably with respect to "maintaining" her urostomy. I'm absolutel B--L--it about it, and my letters have made that very clear to the "Administration", at ALL levels. I'm still standing, and that's probably a GOOD thing. ;)

For Eden; I really like this shot. I love the juniper surrounding/engulfing the croci. And the errant oak leaf really puncuates the whole thing. Someone in Maine is thinking of you and sends you really good kharma.

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Oh my, hearing Saucy's summary of all our ills is brutal! Yes, it is all true. But Sue is on the mend I am convinced, if she'll obey orders that is. And Chelone's situation stinks but she is doing better than any 3 of us together might hope to do. As for Eden, I'd curl up with a drink and dessert, then sleep for a hundred years! (((Eden)))

Saucy, my guess is that your Sarah is more like 10 by now. You'll have to let us know. I hope she takes it easy and mends quickly! All I recall about pneumonia is sleeping for two weeks straight. I still remember your son best from the past Idyllunion. Yes, my daughter is expecting in early July. This morning she had a scare and is resting upon the advice of her midwife. Everything is fine and she is no longer worried. It is so helpful to be able to research things with the help of Google, something that was not possible even a few years ago. And she knows I'd fly out to be with her in a heartbeat, even abandoning my garden and pets. It is great to know that comforts her. OK, everyone is going nuts by now with all my chatter about this I'm sure.

I managed a very quick shopping trip at dinner hour to buy some new underwear (yeah!), socks, t-shirts, groceries, and then a few plants as well.

DH finally succeeded in repairing our kitchen sink which drains perfectly now. Then we proofread our revised wills and powers of attorney at last. I hope our lawyer can see us soon and end this legalese limbo which is so hard to decipher. What's wrong with English?

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flowerluvr(Z5 IN)

(((Eden))) Sending you wishes for a better day tomorrow!
Hi to rocks thrown :)

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Monique z6a CT(6a CT)

Eden, I'm so sorry that your Mom and daughter had bad medical diagnoses. As you said, it is definitely pouring around you right now and I hope the sunshine returns soon.

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Morning all, not a whole lot of time but I wanted to pop in for a few

Eden, I'm so terribly sorry to hear about your Mom's diagnosis. That must be so difficult for you to deal with then to hear about DD's thryoid issues. Seems sometimes that when one bad thing happens it just on happening. My sister had a goiter and as I recall when everything was treated she was 100% better than she'd felt in years. Turned out she was hypothyroid and was also very run down and tired and when they got her on thyroid meds she improved dramatically. I'm thinking of you and sending positive and supportive thoughts your way.

Saucy so sorry DD is ill, I agree with Bug, pneumonia knocks the cookies out of a person. I actually came to the Idylls a few years ago because I was immobilized in the house for weeks from August through October and Doug set me up with my first wireless lap top so I could kill time during my enforced idyllness.... Anyway, I'm sure you are making sure she is resting. ~~ Great news on the business, so positive! You go girl!

Chelone, I just love the crocus pic! I agree that they look lovely poking up through the juniper. So pretty! ~~ Thanks for offering to enjoy the outdoors and sunshine for me, can you pop over and get the mulching done while you are at it??? LOL

Where oh where is Cynthia, I'm worried about her lovely greys.

Monique how's Emma?

OK Doug got home late last night so we haven't had time for a chat all week and he just got up and I'm going to be gone all day so I'd better get off this computer.

Have a great day everyone

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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Good morning!

Eden, I was also upset to hear your mom got some bad news. Good for her to have the fighting spirit-that appears to be half the battle. Let's hope there's bunches of good news on the horizon for you as well.

Well, my excitement for yesterday was the three hours I spent in the emergency room. Good grief, when it rains it pours. Yesterday morning I was having trouble with gas pains. I took a couple of Tums and that seemed to do the trick. Then I went to lunch and that was OK. I got back to my office around 2:30 and the pain was back. More antacids but this time they didn't touch it. Pain got so bad I couldn't stand up straight. Of course, me, who hates bothering with doctors keeps telling everyone at work just give another 15 minutes to see if it goes away. No such luck. I finally agreed to let a co-worker drive me home. During the ride I realized how bad the pain was and figured I would probably need some sort of medical intervention.

Naturally everyone is freaked out because they all think it's some sort of surgery complication but the pain was too high up. It felt like gas to me but it was like no pain I had ever had before and I have a pretty high tolerance. When I got home I had Tom call the doctor who tells us to go to the emegency room. I sailed through triage and right into an examining room. They took all the usual tests, hooked me up to a bunch of things, brought me to xray and started an IV. Most of the time the pain was so bad I could only stay in the fetal position. Doctors were coming in and talking stuff like gall bladder, pancreatitus, surgical consults...yikes. All I could think of was please don't do anything to me that will add any more weeks to my

So, here's the punchline. On the way out of xray (where at one point I figured I'd die), I finally passed some decent gas. Certainly not a record of any kind and nothing rivaling the sounds of a good fart machine but a good toot. Not even fifteen minutes went by and the pain was gone. Totally gone. You've got to be freakin' kidding me! It was gas confirmed by the xray. Within half an hour after that I was dressed and out of there but my night was ruined.

The moral of the story is never underestimate the healing power of a good fart.


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Too bad you weren't able to light it, Sue.


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Hey Sue, Katie spent an overnight in the hospital with gas (she had passed a cream cheese package at home, and was still in severe pain, so off we went.) The x-ray showed enormous bubble of gas, and they kept her, so I know how painful it can be. Dogs are stoic too.

Eden, I hope something wonderful comes up in your garden today :-) Hugs and warmest thoughts going your way for the best outcomes possible with your family. The only thing that's really changed is that you know, and knowledge is the first step.

Monty is officially a hemangiosarcoma dog. I'm glad he's home so I can enjoy his silly ears and old white face for a while. I just want him comfy and happy for as long as he can manage. Drugs 'r us.

Off to the spring swap this morning to dump a few things. Going to take Dannie with me, so that she doesn't have to stay home and sleep away the day with the sick 'uns.

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Monique z6a CT(6a CT)

Sue, I'm so sorry you had to go thru that but your story made for a good laugh this morn. Will you be at the garden swap tomorrow? Should I bring some baked beans as a side-dish LOL? Hmm, broccoli salad.

Emma came home last Saturday. She's doing much better since she wasn't happy at all at the vets. They begged us to take her home b/c she was whining constantly. She has been fairly quiet, but is on 5 different medications and one makes her a bit sleepy. She's moving around fine-even trotting at times in the yard, but she must be crated for 23.5 hrs/day and only go outside to do her business. She seems happy though which makes us happy.

Well, off to help hubby stain the deck and then I'll dig up more plants for the garden swap.

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((Eden)) Im so sorry to hear that your moms cancer has returned. She sounds like a strong and special lady to be so positive and determined to fight. My thoughts and prayers are with her. Poor Megan, I hope they can get to the bottom of what is ailing her. I wonder if this is related to the mono.

RE: the herbs in the floral arrangements, yes I have used parsely, purple ruffles and opal basil and bronze fennel. I picked up cinnamon basil seeds last night because I read that its a great filler. When I was picking out the seeds Rick got in the mood and got some pumpkin, watermelon and muskmelon seeds to plant in one of his fields.

Sorry to hear that Sue and Katie both had to deal with gas issues. Sue, you may want to read up on IBS. It is very common in women and I started out just like you with a trip to the ER. After 10 years its no big deal, I have learned to manage it. Recently the wife of a guy I work with had a hysterectomy and they left a sponge in her and she ended up with a great deal of pain and they had to go back in and retrieve it.

Saucy, I hope your DD bounces back quickly.

Chelone, I enjoyed all your pictures. How nice to have a tractor at your disposal. It certainly makes the big jobs much easier.

Monique, good to hear that Emma is home and happy about it.

I think I will get out of my robe and face the windy, damp day.


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Eden, a woman shouldn't have to endure the day you had yesterday. I hope your daughter will feel better when they get her thyroid under control. It is good to hear your mother has a fighting spirit.

As for the groundhog - isn't it curious how they get SO fat eating nothing but vegetation? Must have the slowest metabolism!

Sarah seems to be fine - she was pitiful for a couple of days, but she's begging to ride her bike, etc., but I just keep telling her "doctor's orders" and she goes back to playdough. She sounds alot like Sue :) She is 8 going on 13. I'm hearing gossip-y comments come from her and her friend's mouths and I have to constantly remind them all to treat others as you'd like to be treated. It seems to be a trend with today's girls. If we'd all just learn to stick together! I'm always yelling at the t.v. when Survivor women back stab each other!

Speaking of Sue, what a nightmarish day for you, too!

I am sitting here typing instead of outside on this beautiful Saturday morning. I'm kind of frozen on what to do next even though there is so much to do...sorta overwhelmed by it all. Since my new office has a beautiful view, I've put up a bird feeder and have a garden planned - bare soil which will be covered with weeds soon if I don't get moving!

I'm watching a pair of cardinals under the feeder - he picks up seed and passes it to her! I wonder why? Another male came by and he quickly scared him away....are they monogamous birds? Don't laugh at me...I need to break out my bird book.

Speaking of bird books, I recently went to a presentation on invasive species and the speaker was the author of my new New England nature book. It was good night. He talked alot about "dixie invaders" meaning birds that have moved north because of invasives that provided them food. Can't help but think of myself as a dixie invader :) The first time I saw a mockingbird here I was happy because I recognized it from the south, now I know he hasn't lived here that long :)

Well, time to get moving.


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It's a beautiful, sunny day here. Not too warm though, just 60s. I went out to the Farmers Market and picked up a few plants for containers. One guy has a stand with lots of unusual stuff and I ended up with probably close to a dozen new plants. The Farmers Market has such great prices, they had cannas for $3 and herbs for $1. I'll be going back next week for more stuff! I stopped at Target on the way home and picked up a little bike for Bella. It has a handle that you can attach to the back so that an adult can control it but she can still pedal. When she gets a little bigger we can take off the handle.

Thank you all for you thoughts. You are all such a comfort to me, such a special group of people. I'm very grateful to have you guys!

Cynthia, I'm sorry about Monty's diagnosis. It makes time with him even more precious doesn't it?

Monique, great to hear that Emma's happy and getting better. Now you can concentrate on your beautiful garden.

Sue, LOL on the story but I'm sorry about the pain you were in. I got a joke in my email yesterday to the effect that someone went into a gas station and asked for $5 of gas. The attendant farted and gave him a reciept. So if you could bottle it maybe you could get rich, lol!

Marie, glad your dd is feeling better. It must be hard for you, being so far away but I know you'd be there in a flash if she needed you. I'm requesting more of your beautiful garden pics please, when you get the time.

Chelone, what a cool picture with the crocus and the oak leaf. Hope you get to get lots of garden time this weekend in honor of your mum!

Mary, I meant to tell you. I have some pictures I saved from a gardening mag some time ago that are little J. maples in urns with low grasses and mossy plants growing around the base. They're very pretty and I'm going to try to recreate a couple of them this year. Maybe you could try something like that with the ones you're wanting. It's a shame not to buy them at that price!

Brenda, glad you didn't have to resort to rock throwing, lol.

Deanne, good that Doug's home with you again. So have you put together any containers yet?

Michelle, I was wondering if Megan's new diagnosis had anything to do with the mono too? She said the Dr. didn't say so, but I still wonder? Hope the weather improves for you. How's Kenzie's garden coming along? I picked up a fancy leaf geranium today called merlot and I thought of you.

Time to run and get inside things done so I can get outside and enjoy the beautiful day. Hope you all have a good one!


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honey_mi(Z5 MI)

Hi, all. Im still among the living, barely. I cant remember when a bug knocked me on my butt for 8 days. I dont have time for this! Between my friends unexpected visit b/c her BIL passed and this bug, Ive lost 2-1/2 wks of prime gardening time. Its really bad when you cant even lift your head up to look outside at the sun, much less be able to get out there.

I felt good enough yesterday to wash my hair and run a few lite errands. When I picked up my prescription glasses, the gal there said shes just getting over this bug, too. I returned the dead Azaleas to HD and brot the replacements home. I mustve overdone b/c I had another bout w/the intestinal part of the bug last nite. Immodium is a miracle drug and saved my life once again. DH thinks my body is trying to get rid of the bug. I wish it would hurry up already.

Today, the rest of my compost is due to be delvd. Im going to direct DH on planting and rest as much as possible in between.

Eden, Im so sorry to hear about your Mom and your DD. You must be worried sick. Oh, and you lost another beloved kitty. (((((Eden))))). I hope better news is just around the corner for you. I love your Bella tales.

((((Chelone))))), how maddening about the inept (non) caregivers. Today, its essential that patients have an advocate to check on the facility to assure theyre meeting the needs of the patients unscheduled visits at odd times by the concerned who are not afraid to speak up. Good for you that you made yourself heard. Keep it up.

(((Sue))) how awful you had the pain and that unexpected visit to the emergency room. I understand that it is a quite common problem after surgery. I agree, do what the Drs tell you. It takes a long time for the body to fully heal. In the end, youll be glad you did.

Cynthia and Monique, Im so sorry to hear about Monty and Emma but glad theyre now home and resting comfortably.

Lastly, I want to welcome Saucy back! Its so great to hear from you and that you and DH have got a great business up and running. Good for you! Any chance well see you at IU4? I hope so.

Deanne, I certainly hope you didnt have this version of the bug. Sheesh. Im trying not to share it with anybody. About your Jack Frost, for some reason all the ones I planted have croaked. I have more success with Looking Glass.

Thats all from me today. Im low on energy and need to use what little I have and get outside to direct DH. Im hoping the sun will be the best medicine. Ive nodded thru all your posts and Im thinking of everyone. Hope its sunny where you are and that youre playing in the dirt!


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

The sun is shining, my hair is cut, got the cat litter from town (an emergency!) and have a guy coming Monday to repair the NEW riding mower. I picked up 20 small spruce trees in exchange for a $10 donation to the food bank. DH and I dug the 20 holes, fed them bone meal and compost, then marveled how long it took for 20 tiny little things! Need to lug water down there soon to give them drinks. That requires hooking up the hoses first.

We're off to Woody's in a short while. The trilliums are out today! I'll try to get some photos to share. Here's tonight's Indian menu:
To start - Onion Bhajis and Papadums
Main buffet:: Chef's Special Biryani, Mushroom Bhaji, Chicken Rogan Josh, Chicken Dupiaza, Beef Pasanda
Garlic Naan
For dessert: Lemon pudding (Home made. It makes a nice, light finish to a curry dinner.)

OK folks, that's it for medical problems! I want to hear only about good cheer and recoveries now please. ;)

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Hello from out westIm unconvinced that my Healthy Idylls Saturday was a success .Sounds like there are still a bunch of issues out there..except for Sue who cleverly cured herself ..better health through flatulence.

Eden, all the best to you and your Mom. I hope you enjoyed your day in the garden and that it gave you some releif from your troublesI know that for me the garden is a important sanctuary ; the sometimes mundane and repetitive tasks can be so comforting .

Cynthia, so sorry to hear about your friend Monty. How lucky he is to be in a caring home Please give him a doggie face hug for me..

bug, what kind of camera do you have --? Those pics of the primulas are so sharp ! I am trying to improve my photo skills..

Michelle, scary doings at your office. I bought plants at the grocery store too! Mine were all succulents-I am very fond of succulents and have quite a nice little collection. Lost several over the winter herenot typical.

Chelone, about time you had a good day at work. I need one too. Maybe Ill run off to a tropical island and write a book. Love the crocus shot. I ordered 250 tulips yesterday. Im going to line my brick walk next fall. I have done crocus in the past but they are so fleeting here. I think it is too warm for them to hold up well. The tulips will be a one shot deal, so it is an extravagance. However, I am getting them with an employee discount and they are going to be quite inexpensive.

Nice to hear from you Honey !
And where is T,V , Tayrn and Yeona ?

Hi Martie

I got up at 4 this morning to take DS to the airport. I think Im going to fade early

Night all ,

Kathy in Napa

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flowerluvr(Z5 IN)

Good morning, all!

Sue, you crack me up ;) Hate to hear of you blowing so much time in the ER, but glad your problem was so easily solved! Better out than in, I always say.

So much going on for so many on the's hoping that everyone gets feeling better, and Eden, I SURE hope things are going better in your world! I bet you'll have tons of fun with Bella and the bike! Clever idea to put a handle on it-wish they had thought about it when I was a kid. Remember Artie Johnson on his trike on Laugh-In?? That's how I learned to ride. Kept practicing going down a hill in our yard, tipping over sideways a million times. I was a persistent little bugger, and kept at it. First time out on the driveway, I got so excited because I was keeping the bike up that I rode right into the grill on my brother's brand new GTO. I was scared for my life, but he didn't see, and I didn't tell him about it for YEARS.

Cynthia, I'm so sorry about Monty. (((Cynthia)))

Honey, sorry to hear you've been so under the weather! Bad enough to be sick, but at this time of year, it's the worst! Take it easy on yourself, girl, and don't try to catch everything up all at once, okay?

Michelle-wow, scary day at your office. I'd have called the police, too. You just never know.

All the pictures are beautiful, as usual. DD was giving me grief the other day while we were walking around the yard looking at plants, because I never think to take the camera with me. I really need to take a class and learn to take better shots. You guys are so inspiring!

We're making good progress on the corn planting, and some soybeans got planted yesterday, too. The bright side of the unusually cold spring is that the weeds in the fields haven't gotten huge yet. It's usually my job to go from field to field with the disc, keeping weeds chopped up until the planter gets there. The crappy weather has saved me a lot of bouncing around. Yesterday, the BIL of the guys we farm with passed away unexpectedly. He had been in the hospital for shoulder surgery, was due to be released yesterday afternoon, and his heart stopped. He'd had a pacemaker for years, but no one expected anything to happen while he was in for minor surgery. Boy, is this the bad news Idyll, or what? Makes me glad that we're working with them, we can pick up the slack while they help tend to their DS and they won't have quite so much pressure on them.

I gotta get busy. Sounds like I'm going to have to work at least part of the day today. I don't usually have to work on Sunday, but with the viewing and funeral coming up this week, we're going to have to make up some time. Got up early this morning so I can get some laundry done. DH has spent most of the last three days picking rocks, and he's bushed. I chased out the dogs and closed the BR door so he can get some extra sleep.

Have a good day, everyone, and I hope good news comes everyone's way this coming week!
Take care,

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Good morning everyone.

Cynthia, I'm so sorry to hear about Monty. It's so painful to be alerted to a loved pet's decline, even if we already know it somewhere down deep inside. Love and comfort count for lots. I think of your sister often, too; and wish you both well. How's the twirlie girlie doing?

Poor Emma, locked in "solitary" hooked up to IVs, far from her "territory"... no wonder she was whining continually. I would, too! I can only imagine the relief of having her home, safe 'n sound. When are we going to see some shots of your lovely gardens and the snazzy new renovations, Monique??

Eden, you're definitely due for a break. There was a question about goiters on "Jeopie" last night; helpmeet got it wrong... I however, with my keen interest in all things medical/forensic, got it right. ;) Now that the doctor is on the track I'm sure Megan will perk right up. Here's wishing you some sunny skies and productive garden days to help you sift through all the emotions and find places to store them so they don't overwhelm you. Hang tough!

I laughed at Sue's predicament, too, but also understand how painful gas pains can be. I had no idea the actual bubble could be viewed in an X ray, but it makes sense on reflection. My father had trouble with that following his surgery, too. I remember him getting on his hands and knees, dropping his head and raising his backside... relief and some laughter followed soon after. I like Kathy's suggestion of "better health through flatulence"; I think it could make a dandy tee shirt or BUMpersticker. Hehehe.

good to hear that Honey is back on "the Road to Wellness" (which is a very entertaining move, by the way!). 8 days is a long time to be sick, esp. at this time of year. there will be plenty of nice gardening days ahead of you. Waste not your energy looking over your shoulder with regret! ;)

Good to learn that Saucy's brood is faring well. Sarah must be quite a little lady now; I have a nice memory of how gentle Jake was with her, nice kids. Mating and courting behavior in birds frequently involved feeding and preening each other. Deanne posted a great shot of two feeding each other some weeks ago; our cockatiel used to preen our eyelashes very daintily and gently and then would bow his head so we could "give scritchies" to his crest feathers. Isn't it fun to just sit and watch? The Sedum you gave me is doing wonderfully well, but the LOV is having a tougher go of it, facing stiff competition from Bracken and Asarum... good to keep it "corralled" I'm told. The Liatris has struggled, though... soil is too rich and too moist, I think, but it gamely flowers every year anyway.

I yanked dandilions from the terrace and Sanitary Ridge yesterday while waiting for an alteration customer to show up and claim her dress. What an odius task, but better now than all summer long, right? Today, I have to relocate several plants and then I'll be able to consider my next move; probably potting up some things that are "clogging" the gardens and need to find new homes. Just so you know, Deanne, I wasn't nearly as productive yesterday as I ought to have been. I'm a long way from spreading mulch here, let alone at your place. ;)

Michelle, the use of the tractor sure has been nice and handy! We used the hoe to dig the Baptisia and in spite of digging around it deeply with our spades there were still masses of broken roots, but it seems to be OK, the emerging shoots are still growing, and it will be interesting to see if it stalls out with respect to flowers (I love them). My BIL and the helpmeet are already stewing about purchasing one for themselves... I suggested the snowblower attachment, which they thought was brilliant. Men and tools... little boys, all!

I'm certain I've forgotten someone, would like to know how Woody is and receive a complete review of the meal (I love curry, even the Vinda Loo) and the shed progress in her pretty yard.

I enjoyed the Kentucky Derby yesterday, but could have done with a little less hero worship for Barbaro, a horse I feel was good, but NOT great. I especially enjoyed watching the skillful ride Street Sense received, there is always something about "threading the needle" and a stretch drive that is very exciting. A lot of horse will not respond well after being pelted with dirt during the trip. It was fun to watch him "turn it on" and the head of the stretch and to watch the joy of his jockey. Personally, though, my favorite of the Triple Crown is the Belmont Stakes (1 1/2 miles). I like the distance races; and the handicap races best of all. Sadly the Jockey Club Gold Cup is no longer 2 miles, and the handicap Triple Crown (of which there have been only 3 winners, I believe) receives little attention, though it is a more difficult achievement for the horse.

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Morning, Lilacs are blooming here! I love this time of year, I did a garden walk this morning and all of the foliage is so fresh and green. Brad's mowing our little patch, takes about 5 minutes, and I'm heading out to get a few things out of pots and into the ground. I"ll be back later to check on what you're all doing today!


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honey_mi(Z5 MI)

Good morning. Another drive-by. I'm still congested, but not quite as much. I'm weening myself off the meds b/c they've been upsetting my stomach. I just wish I had more energy! Ruth, my neighbor said she knew I was feeling better when she saw the pot ghetto starting on my drive.

Yesterday, We got the compost spread, chopped out an old shrub on the side of the house and bot some river rock to improve drainage in the front courtyard. Today we're hoping to get alot moved and planted.

Here're some pix. These little guys were late blooming due to the bizarre weather we had. They clashed with the magnolia, so I'll have to find another spot for them. Pretty, tho:

I planted this combo in 5 places. The white petals on the ground are from the pear tree:

And finally, Magnolia 'Jane'.

I'm thrilled with her. All the other early magnolias got zapped this year so I'm glad I selected this cultivar. The photo doesn't do it justice.

Gotta shower so I can get out there and get dirty. Hi to all. Hope you're all gardening up a storm (except Sue).

Later, taters,

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Eden, bike for Bella is great idea. She can negotiate all of those paths in your garden and help keep the weeds down. Though I don't remember seeing any weeds in your gardens, hmm. Love the idea of a handle.

Good to hear that Emma is home even if on 'crate arrest.' Whining is a sign they feel well enough to complain! That was one of the scariest parts of Monty's crisis. No whining until the very last day at the vets.

Honey, I've seen 'Jane' in Lowe's many years and would loved to have picked her up, but no space even though that whole 'girl' series stays small. Your yard looks glorious!

Brenda, I'm so glad that you're back posting regularly. I really enjoy hearing your farm life stories :-)

GB, I had a 'cat litter emergency' yesterday too! I switched to World's Best Cat Litter this winter and use maybe one 20 pound bag a month for 3 cats. It is that good! No silica or dust or anything bad, it's made from corn so very safe and no perfumes. Best part is not lugging those 40 pound plastic tubs around.

Sounds like the CT and MD swaps were on the same day this year. I dumped a bunch of stuff and it all went, that's all I ask - good homes for my waifs. It was a beautiful day, and I scored three tomato plants and a clivia. My goal was to get rid of plants, have some good garden talk, a couple of burnt hot dogs and go home with nothing but tomato plants. I was going to pot the tomatoes up when I got home, but the retaining wall garden was screaming 'clean me up' so I worked my fingers off there instead. I have one stiff swollen finger this morning and think I may have left a thorn in it, but can't find it now.

Guess I need to tame the front lawn first today and then deal with the tomatoes. I still have stuff in the gh to pull out, but have left the door open for about a month now as it heats up in there. Week-ends are too short!

Best to all, Cynthia

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I don't have much to say, just popping in.

Chelone, nice to hear about plants - fun to see how our different growing conditions affect the plants! It'll be time for me to harvest the LOV for my florist neighbor by the end of the month.

I worked at my neighbor's instead of my own garden. Sometimes that is more fun. We put in lots of delphiniums and campanula as well as herbs. We talked up a storm and caught up after the winter season.

Sarah's extra chipper and Jake has an attitude like no other. I wish you could hear him answer every remark with a smart alec, "what???". I thought I might have to grab him by the ear in the store today and show him WHAT. LOL...only about 10 more years before I get to meet the real Jake. He's 13, smells like sour milk, and talks to me like I'm a rock. Phew....

Gotta go put the frozen pizza in the oven (LOL!) and get this bunch to bed. I still live for Monday when the house is empty.

'night all,

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Another lovely day and more garden work and visits with friends.

First we watered all 20+ trees planted yesterday...a big job driving water containers to the far field.

DH discovered the problem with the mower, a corn cob wedged where it should not be that dislodged the fan belt and popped a spring. The Kubota guy comes tomorrow for repairs.

This afternoon we visited gardening friends to see their amazing updates. No photos this time, but a very personal space with wonderful plantings, a pond, pergola, etc. My clematis buddy was there too and delivered 6 tiny clematis for me. Like I need more? But of course! :-) They gave me a small plant (shade, forgot the name) and a small oak stem which DH and I planted after dinner this evening.

I also picked up bamboo stakes at the nursery to mark the small spruce plantings, and just happened to pick up a few other things as well, among them a nice Ghost fern, some small eupatoriums, a pink nepeta... DD phoned to say that she too went shopping for plants with DSIL and marveled at how he loves to choose plants too. WOW! What a concept. This guy is too good to be true! Unfortunately he leaves town for 2 weeks tomorrow and I worry that DD will try to lift rocks and pots and mulch etc while he's away. Grrrr. They picked up a Dwarf Alberta spruce ("It is so soft and fluffy but only about 1.4' tall. I want to give it a hug!") I think she's truly hooked.

I am enjoying Honey's magnolia...something that's just too iffy here. The stellata were in glorious bloom near Woody's place on Saturday though. Much warmer at her place than here.

Oh Saucy, I do not envy you your 13 year old. The only thing worse would be to BE 13 once more!!! I was fairly lucky during their teen years...except I was the nasty one with menopause then. :( (TMI)

Charlotte is really lethargic but managed to follow us about all weekend. She perks up when she sees voles though.

No wine water is all for me now!
Enjoy the last bits of weekend!

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Did someone ask where is V? Most likely she is at work...

I'll spare you all the boring details except to say it's been very, very busy and I come home exhausted every day. So what do I do on my "day off"? Flag brush to be cleared, pull garlic mustard and dame's rocket in the woods, lay down a stone stream bed and plant a rain garden at the end of it.

I did a quick scan and was glad to see Saucy's name pop up again, and am very sorry to hear of the medical woes besetting Eden's family. And I must say hello to Sue, that old fart(er)! (Personally, I think that episode was revenge from all whom you have teased with the fart machine over the years!)

I'll leave you with one photo of the front woods, taken yesterday. Yes, the brush clearing is a lot of work, but scenes like this remind me that it is worth all the trouble.



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Happy Sunday evening-cocktail hour for me . Im having a glass of cheap white wine and reflecting on all the events of the weekend. Drove my DS to the airport (Oakland) yesterday morning and was back home by 7am ( the airport is an hour trip each way) and then did the grocery store and the garden center. We were supposed to have mid to high 80this weekend, which we did , but it has been ungodly windy all weekend. Hate that ! There is something so annoying about wind when you are trying to work in the garden. I also went to the Antiques On Second annual garden sale I usually find something good I made a great find yesterday of a Bauer Pottery clay pot (I collect Bauer) which I never see anywhere . I also saw a library table that I would love to have for my (still unfinished) home office. I f it is still there tomorrow , Im going to buy it.
Yesterday afternoon I noticed Doobie was spending way too much time pee-ing. He was going all over the garden, digging a spot, not covering it, and then shortly after repeating the process elsewhere. Looking into the spot there was no apparent liquid. Looks like a classic male cat urinary issue. Called the vet his morning and took him in this afternoonWhat a time I had getting him into the damn pet carrier. I put a bowl of human tuna in it, foolishly hoping he would stroll unsuspectingly in after which I would slam the door closed. No such luck .It was a wrestling match . I won, but just barely. He weighs almost 15 pounds so he is a large , powerful cat and I feel lucky that I got the better of him ! They are keeping him overnight to do x-rays and try to get a urine sample. Looks like crystals, but they want to rule out stones. So, there you go, another Idyll pet visits the animal hospital . Jeesh.

Honey, I loved you photos. Those red and white tulips are so festive ! Our Magnolias here have been done and over with for quite a while-fun to see yours in full glory.

Brenda , I too enjoy the reports of the farm doings. I feel very strongly about family farms and local produce, and I see a trend developing out here on the west coast. Our farmers market opened this week and I support it every year . I have only limited space to grow my own veggies , so what I dont grow I try to buy locally. I hope your season is a success !

Cynthia..thanks for the headsup on Worlds Best Cat Litter ! I did some research and went and got a bag today to try. When I was at the vet today one of the other patients was a beautiful solid charcoal color greyhound. Her name was Zelda. She looked very dignified (especially compared to Doobie, howling in the carrier) and It made me think of you and your brood. So what tomatoes did you get ?

Saucy, 13 year olds can be mighty awful ! I guess the enjoyable part of them is the curiosity and thirst for knowledge they have at that age. Such a turning point isnt it ? All I cared about when I was thirteen was the Beatles and reading Hemingway. Read almost everything he wrote that year .

Lovely pic of the woods V !

Nite all !

Kathy in Napa

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Yesterday had the most awful wind and we ended up with 2" of rain. The 10-day forecast includes 7 days of possible rain. It doesnt look like much gardening will get done. The garden shed though is getting pretty organized.

Thursday, Rick brought home a wagonload of mulch. I would like to lay cardboard and mulch down around the blueberry hedge so I dont have to mow around them. I also would like to lay some cardboard down with mulch to enlarge another area at some point in the future. Kenzies garden hasnt had any work done on it at all.

Cynthia, Im so sorry to hear Montys diagnosis.

Honey, your front garden is looking lovely. Glad to hear your feeling better.

Eden, I noticed a few lilacs opening up in the patio garden. I have a hedge around 2 sides and this is the first year that there are really a lot of buds.

Brenda, do you get in on the rock picking? They are as bad as dandelions arent they?

We have a duck spending the day on our front lawn.

We just got back from friends and were able to see the twin babies I mentioned before. They are just home from the hospital and are about 4.5 lbs each.

Since I started this hours ago, I best get it posted before the day ends here.


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Yikes, zero degrees centigrade this morning which is of course 32F. I ran down to check my plants on the porch and they look OK, but brrrrrr. Sun is out, so things should warm up quickly.

DH has a PhD oral to deal with early today. I always think these things are best done early in the day and not dragged out til dinner time!

Littlegardenbug seems to have chimed in on my post above! Now that was a pleasant surprise! Now we need other MIA folks to pop in. Like T, Ei and others! It is so nice to have Saucy back. :-)

I've been following with concern over Monty's issues. Somehow I need to watch Cynthia's progress too because I've never had a dog before Charlotte and need to know how to proceed with warmth and grace when I really will be stressed and panicky. Every loving moment counts I with other friends, human or not.

A busy day ahead for me. Here's to a terrific week with nothing eventful at all: just sun, planting and good things accomplished on all fronts, leading up to Mother's Day, which even if you are not a Mom or have no Mother, is peak planting time!

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chloehoover(z6b VA)

Good morning, Monday.... it sounds like we need to start a "Road to Wellness" thread for idyllers, families & pets - sheesh! Im sorry to hear so many still feeling poorly; Health Amnesty Saturday apparently didnt work too well....

I had the easiest, bestest drive up & back to PA -- what a relief -- even drove by that Comfort Inn reserved for the IU in July -- oddly enuf, it is the one of my infamous, not often told story of "The gas pump" - so remind me to tell you about it... one of my more embarrassing moments... I'll probably require a couple glasses of vino first though...

What's up w/ 40s in May? Im gonna whine some more about the weather -- planting geraniums, petunias, donated perennials & weeding the back 40 of at the parents was NOT fun in 40s & wind.... I hope the durned things survive and dont get frozen this week! sheesh - o well, what can we do, right? Add my mother to another on the sickly list - hoping she doesnt have pneumonia - a visit to the dr today will determine the next course of action -whether another visit to the hospital or some more drugs & home.

Wonderful spring photos, Honey & V -- to say nothing of course of the usual fantastic artistic ones of 'bugs. Wow -- it's enough to make Monday look cheerful! Like Cynthia, I have seen that Jane magnolia (at Lowes a week ago in 2-gallon pot for $12!) but have to keep slapping myself from buying it -- definitely no place for it at my yard. Im starting to think I need to start donating to my brothers or something so I can see these things vicariously, LOL.

Sue -- I agree w/ V -- I think your machine took revenge on you - who would have thought uh? Glad it was NOT a sponge, like Michelle mentioned - yucko!

Seriously, Eden -- Im so sorry to hear about your Mom's recurrence & Megan's diagnosis (but at least in that area, she'll probably feel lots better & less tired once she gets the treatment for the goiter) -- your Mom has a lot of spunk and loving family & I know that counts for a lot. It's amazing what therapy a garden can do for one's spirits isnt it? 5 minute walks makes life look a bit better no matter what.

Cynthia -- if I recall Monty is a little past middle-aged for a grey, isnt he? You & he have been very lucky to have found one another and I know you will both enjoy whatever time you guys have together to the fullest -- he was one lucky dawg to find you, though!

I guess I'll be lugging a water hose around tonite after work; didnt have a chance to do when I got home last nite -- im such a wimp, long drives & family visits are enervating to me - but at least I got some extra sleep last nite & feel not so bad for Monday. We have not had much rain this Spring at all and the stuff planted is looking pretty droopy.

Thanks for the wonderful pick-me-up photos !


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It just goes to show-Sometimes you just need a good fart to get you back on track : )...sorry Sue that you had to go through so much drama before you finally got relief! I was sitting on the edge of my seat for that one. Glad you are OK!!

I do feel horrible that I haven't been here enough-it's especially upsetting when one of us needs support and I've missed the opportunity. (((Eden))) So sorry about your mom's worrisome news. You know she's got my prayers.
And poor Meg!I had that exact thought about mono being connected to the thyroid situation. I wonder if it is.

HI Saucy! : )It's good to have you around again-I hope you can keep up-I'm going through the same thing trying to read and comment. It's hard and I feel like i'm forgetting so much. Good to hear Sarah's on the mend. You must frequent the idylls more so you can prep me for when Aj hits 13...the weirdness seems to be starting already lol.He's just 11.
Cynthia-how sad about Monty! When you described what had happened to him at the vet I really did start to think the worst-sorry that is the case. Can he be helped at all?

MOnique I hope Emma stays steady on the road to recovery-she missed you horribly so now that she's home I hope that helps her get better much more quickly. There's no place like home: )

My most exciting event is that Chris and I have painted half the garage!...and we're still speaking lol.

V-LOVE love LOVE the trillium!!

GB I found red trillium in our woods for the first time a couple weeks ago-they are gorgeous!

Deanne-that finch is beautiful-what a spectacular shot with the Rhodos as a backdrop.

Hey my peas are climbing : )

I hate to go but work calls...


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V., the trilliums are glorious! I too am pulling garlic mustard as well as bittersweet. Pretty soon the mosquitoes will keep me from the woods.

Babs, I can totally sympathize with going back to work after staying home. Now I'm twice as busy. I am lucky to be able to run my laundry while I invoice :)

I am sorry to hear about so many pet woes, too. I have a cat that tears up my arm trying to get her in a carrier. Once she escaped in the car and I feared for my life since she decided she needed to be on the dashboard in front of me - hissing and spitting with ears flat to the head. When I got to the vet I jumped out and let them handle the cat.

My bird feeder has been hopping! Lots of gold finches and blue jays. My favorites are the ever chipper chickadees.

Well, I guess I'd better put the flank steak on the grill and steam the broccoli. No one's even inside yet :)

Have a good night.


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Good grief,

Yesterday after getting home totally exhausted from the last day of my three day seminar, I arrived to find my Rahjii kitty limping very badly and holding his left paw up off the ground even when sitting down. So, off to the vets with him, sorry I had to LOL over all the stories about getting kitties into carriers as it is the same thing here. Rahjii is only 13.5 pounds but it is solid muscle and he is like Spiderman with all four feet grabbing the opening of the carrier. You get one body part in and then another snakes out Anyway, he has a cut on the bottom of the pad of the foot and $174.00 and an hour later we got home with the cat and antibiotics to keep it from getting infected. It didnt need any stitches but was fairly deep so we dont want to risk an infection. Good grief! I was seriously NOT happy that they cut his claws without asking me and then charged me $35.00 for the service I didnt want them to do in the first place. I dont want my cats claws trimmed. The kitties obviously use them and poor Rahjii has fallen off his tower twice today trying to jump and catch on. Anyway what a drama and not what I was planning to do with my evening last night.

The gardens are finally really coming to life here and stuff is growing and filling in. Im really missing that Jack Frost though so Im going to go on a search mission tomorrow to see if I can find a nice large specimen to replace the one that died. ~~ the Sambucus is absolutely smothered with buds this year as well as the wisteria tree. I just cant wait to see the wisteria. There are hundreds of buds on what is normally a pretty sparse blooming specimen. It should be spectacular.

Eden, yes, I finally did plant the large urn in the driveway garden today. It is my first container of the season and Im hoping it lives up to my expectations. That urn is so front and center and a focal point in that garden so it needs to be dramatic.

The lily bugs are horrific this year and Ive been squishing them by the dozen every day. The plants are loaded with eggs already as well so Ive been policing the plants for any egg masses. Speaking of lilies, I planted a dozen, top sized Casa Blanca Oriental lilies in the shed garden last fall and guess what? Not one of them has emerged. Arrrrghhh!!!! That entire area of the garden is swiss cheese full of rodent holes so I guess the dam ed meadow voles ate them over the winter. Sometimes I could just give up.

Bug, my sympathies with the temps this AM. We actually had a frost here last night too! What a drama when I realized that we were going to freezing last night and did an emergency hauling in of all the tender plants outside. There are probably a couple hundred that had to be moved and not all of them are small plants. So now tomorrow they are saying that it is going to get up to 84 degrees. What is with this weather????? We havent had any rain in a few days and all the raised beds are dry so Im going to have to get out the sprinklers tomorrow.

Hi Babs, so happy you liked the finch in the Rhododendron pic! I also got one of the bright yellow male in the PJMs and like that one better. The bright yellow against the flowers is so pretty.

Cynthia, Thinking of you and Monty and all your wonderful furbies. Im so terribly sorry it isnt good news.

Michelle, I was wondering how much rain youve gotten out your way. They said that one place, I think it was South Dakota or Idaho, cant remember, but anyway they got 8" of rain in the last 24 hours. Yikes! Horrible flooding. We were in that gray, gloomy and rainy weather pattern May last year, sorry you are having to deal with it.

Kathy, sorry about Doobie, he sounds like quite a character. BTW, I ROTFLOL when I read you put tuna in the cat carrier in hopes to trap your kitty Dream on ~~~~ BTW, I absolutely hate the wind also. Dont know why it makes me really cranky and irritable.

V. great to see you. Those Trillium are stunning!

Honey, thanks for the lovely spring pics.

Eden, Ive got another couple weeks before I see lilacs.

OK Im waving hello to everyone else and am going to get my jammies on and tuck myself in with a good book. (Well good is a relative term, I think its going to be a stupid science fiction fantasy)

Good night all,

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Okay, got up, went to work. Called the antique store and told them to put a hold on the library table. Interviewed 2 prospective employees. Watered feverishly at lunchtime because its HOT . Called the vet. Doobie is on special food for awhile to help dissolve his crystals. Also antibiotics .Picked him up and gave the vet 241 dollars. Went to the dentist where I had my final section of deep root planeing. Gave the dentist some money too. I now have two kittie antibiotics (one for BooBoo, one for Doobie) plus Tashas insulin in the fridge. Where will I put the beer ??? Going to have a baked potato for dinner since half of my mouth is non-operational.

So I guess maybe we should look ahead about June is *Official Healthy Idylls Month*. Surely we will all feel better by then ?

Deanne, Rahjii at the vet too? Whats up around here anyway? I have to take Doobie in for a follow-up in ten days. Im already starting to plan my technique for getting him into the carrier. That is really too bad about your Casa Blancas. Mine have all dwindled away and I currently have none;some were victims of the shovel during various renovations, and some rotted out over our soggy winter. You remind me that I need to replenish- they are so majestic when you have a nice sized clump-not to mention the perfume. I do however have many other lilies, and one of them already has buds.

Michelle, I love the cardboard/ mulch method of weed suppression. Sometimes I use newspaper. Its very effective for me.

Hi Babs, nice hear from you ! Painting half the garage is an accomplishment! Im still not finished painting the home office I started working on in December! Not to mention several other household projects.

Looks like this is all for tonight. My best to everyone.

Kathy in Napa

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I have only given things a quick skim this morning, will "read for comprehension" at a future point in time (after my coffee?).

Spencer (my doodle-kin boy-boy) is about Rahji's size and while getting him into the carrier presents no great obstacle, keeping him in it is more problematic. He is strong enough and smart enough to hook the door with his paws and then pulls it toward him. He's snapped the plastic hinges and lock mechanisms on two so far. No more cheapies for our Spencie! Deanne, I ALWAYS tell the vet. techs to leave the cats' nails alone. It takes them a long time to get them honed to piercing perfection. :)

Kathy, it was an expensive day for you, wasn't it? not to mention uncomfortable. Here's hopin' that will be it for the planeing for some time to come. I forked over just under $300 for a brake job... it was squealing loudly on Friday.

After nearly 4 years with minimal digging/dividing I received the rude awakening that gahdenin' here on the compound is a "full contact sport". My arms, wrists, and quads are sore! I pried the Perovskia out of the ground (2 and they're huge, Deanne?) and potted them up. I dug a Hemerocallis and carved it into 4-5 big (2-3 gallon) divisions, planted a hunk of it somewhere else. The big event though was relocting the Eupatorium that achieved 8' last summer. The root ball was about 20" across and about 18" deep, HEAVY and awkward. Then I moved on to the while Phlox my bass has given me over the past two years. I plunked them in where the Perovskia had been. I jug the Ajuga out of the Sanitary Ridge lawn and relocated that. I pried dandilions out of the ground and was greeted by a new crop yesterday (where do they come from?). I hear you on the Lily Leaf Beetles, Deanne. I found 2 yesterday, the first wave is "hittin' the beaches". And it's really dry here; the rains will arrive just as the poppies and peonies are beginning to bloom. ;)

I have to get to work, maybe finish the first of my 4 awnings, too. A stellar day to all my friends across the country.

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Morning all, and a scrumptious morning it is, 50 degrees out already and heading into the 90's. I've given myself permission to take the day off and go plant shopping then 'play' in the garden. Sooooo... much to do and so little time. I'm bummed out that my buddleia in the terrace garden has also bitten the dust. It was alive prior to that last cold snap we had and in fact was showing some live growth. I guess it couldn't deal with the see-saw temps over the winter and the last cold did it in. ~~ Noticed that the hydrangea peitolaris is going to exceed my expectations this year also, interesting that things that had only bloomed sparsely in the past are smothered wiht buds this year.

Chelone, I LOL over the Spencer/carrier story. Luke used to get himself out of his 'container'. It is one of those zippered jobs and he'd get a claw in the spot where the zips came together and pull and eventually got a spot big enough to get a whole paw out and the rest was history. Crazy cat roaming the vehicle. I can indentify with Saucy and the cat on the dashboard, Luke would chose to either block my view of the road or get under the gas and brake pedals. ~~ Oh yes, I laughed at your pet name for Spence because we call Rahjii 'Doodle-bug'.

So Chelone, yes, I'd still love the Perovskia. WE'll have to arrange a 'meet'.

Monique, you are the master of late blooming plants, do you have a suggestion for what to replace the buddleia in the terrace garden? Preferably a blue blooming shrub. I don't have much luck with Caryopteris and there are already agastache in the level above it.

Kathy, sorry about the dental stuff. My worst nightmare (my dentist's as well)My two crowns were traumatic. I need two more but am procrastinating nicely. ~~ Good grief, how are you keeping all those antibiotics straight? ~~ RE Casa Blancas, you are so right about the impact and scent of them. The clump I was trying to replace used to have about ten stems or so and they'd get to be six feet tall with fourteen flowers per stem. It was unbelievable when it was in bloom. I'm thinking I'm going to have to plant them in a bulb cage but how the heck would those huge stems grow out of the mesh of the cage? And if you had a cage large enough the rodents could get in. Sigh...

Okie dokie Ive got to get my sorry self to the gym. have a great day everyone.


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flowerluvr(Z5 IN)

Morning all!
A little groggy this morning-we put in a long day yesterday...I lost track of how many acres I covered, but the guys say I had a really good day. A hose fitting broke on the implement I've been dragging around at about 9:00 last night. The guys were hunting up a replacement, and I told em to have fun, I was heading for the house. Got home, and Sarah, the youngest of the dogs, had gotten into something dead, so I soaked her down with warm vinegar water and left her tied up to dry. By the time I took a shower and threw something together for supper, she was dry and smelled MUCH better. The vinegar trick is something I learned from the vet..will even work on skunk smell! Ate, fell into bed, and am ready for a repeat performance. (Might as well be ready, cuz it's gonna happen whether I'm ready or not, lol!)
Have a good day, everyone, it's time to make the doughnuts :)

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Hello everyone

No staff meeting this morning so I can grab a few minutes to Idyll. I'm only partly caught up on reading but I did catch a few things of importance during my skim. I'll enjoy the other details later.

Eden - I'm so sorry your mother's new was not what you had hoped for. I've no doubt that with her courage and all your support she will make it through the next hurdle. You are the most amazing family the way you care and support each member are an example to us all. Hope DD is on the mend too.

Cynthia - sad too to hear about Monty's condition - many thoughts to you and others with ailing pets.

Saucy - your new business is perfect for both of you and I'm sure will continue to do fabulously. Annie will be 14 on Thursday - I hear you on the bumpy teenage years. And I thought it might be easier with boys.........

Sue - I was relating your recent emergency room visit to DH (who loves a good fart story) when David overhead me. He found the story the funniest thing he had ever heard and has been repeating it to all his friends. You have become the hero of all the 10 year old boys LOL! Fortunately he doesn't know your last name so anonimity has been preserved. I did see him eying another friend of mine called Sue with admiration though fortuantely he didn't ask her for more details.

Oops - time to scoot. We are having the msot amzing weather and I've been enjoying the garden more than ever.

Have a great day


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Another sunny day...and a warm one at that. My days of gardening without bugs is drawing to a close I fear.

I am in pensive mode. Our friend passed away last week from complications after his treatment for pancreatic cancer four years ago. He was a quality guy, quality life, just too darned short. I'm really annoyed about his shortened stay on earth, an earth he worked hard to protect. He was a DO- er, a writer, a teacher, a physicist, a father and husband and so much more. You may think 67 is old....but it was way too young for this fine person! His wife joked that she is annoyed that he never finished building the house they lived in that they began together some 30 years ago. Well, she has a wonderful attitude. She's been mourning his loss for 3-4 months now, but it is always a surprise even when you have warning.

Enough for now.

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chloehoover(z6b VA)

I am officially putting Chloe under a protective bubble/shield until Idyll pets have all recovered..... pls advise when the quarantine can safely be lifted.

The chill mornings are playing havoc w/ my blooming clematis -- poor Niobe that is littered w/ blooms & buds was seriously drooping -- since it's a 5 yr old I doubt it's "wilt" but suffering from the cold, cold mornings we've had - bizarre for May here. I am taking comfort in seeing Spanish Bluebells blooming in 2 areas of the back garden though -- I probably planted those bulbs 3 or more years ago and this is the first time flowering! I'd truly given them up & figured they were a flop - they're just a tiny patch but so pretty! (probably 8 out of 50 original bulbs, but ya gotta love 'em, LOL).

Speaking of oriental lilies, I have really been startled as well here that my clumps are looking incredibly huge, healthy & have increased a lot since last year -- and this is for ones I planted in June I think - go figure. So apparently somethings are liking the weather, just not the ones I was expecting. Deanne, I remember your stunning photos w/ the Casablancas; you definitely need to re-install. They're smashing - to say nothing of sooo wonderful for our noses.

Brenda, whenever I am flagging and think I've had a hard day, I am going to think of you -- the physical labor & long hours you put in & then come home to deal w/ stinky dogs & dinner make you into the superwoman category in my book!

Chelone -- I had to dig out 4 yr old clumps of Eupatorium a few years ago & I can't imagine what your older ones were like -- it was like digging thru bedrock -- I cussed and fussed -- and it kept coming back; eventually I had to put plastic over it for several months (after round-up!) to get rid of it -- so take heart, you could just take one little piece & it will survive, trust me. I've had luck w/ potting pieces of baptisia too (altho it was probably not too old a plant)so it may be yours will bloom after a little sulk. I love that plant too -- talk about low maintenance for big bang! Im pretty enamoured of the B. Purple Smoke I bought last month too -- they come in such lovely colors these days w/ all the hybridization going on.

I sure hope all others are finally really on the mend -- pets and people alike -- I think it sounds like everyone has had more than their fair share of this stuff! And donations to car shops and vets has been more than adequate.

I've got a staff meeting this a.m. -- more changes and announcements -- we have a new HR head (it's somewhat of a revolving door in this firm) and they always come in and want to "make their mark" and starting changing and re-inventing the wheel -- especially the ones who have only a corporate background & have never worked in a law firm -- bad decision usually -- but Im trying to be philosophical & know that whatever new craziness they're announcing, it's sure to be a repeat or something that will cycle out eventually! However, the latest rumor seems to be the placement of "hall monitors" on each floor to monitor "work flow", can you imagine -- it sounds like floor nazis to me. Like we're kids in elementary school instead of highly paid, experienced professionals! While I dont personally expect to be a recipient of this micro-managing, I just philosophically feel strongly opposed to such ideas. Well, guess I'll know for sure in an hour (& will try to keep my trap shut about whatever they announce, LOL)...


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I'm having a traumatic afternoon, lol. The power company is cutting the branches off the power lines that run along the back of the garden. They've been at it for a couple of hours and are taking a break right now. They're being really careful, the guy goes up in a basket and is basically putting everything he cuts in the basket with him and then manuevering the basket into the neighbor's field behind me before he throws it down. They're taking down alot of the tree though and making my back shade gardens quite sunny. I don't think my hostas are going to like that. The poor tree looks like a skeleton of it's former self. Oh boy, I hear the saw revving up again.

I've been out potting up dahlias, caladiums, cannas and trying to resurrect a couple of brugs. I've got them cut back and bareroot soaking in a bucket of water laced with root stimulator. They were really dried up but the roots seem healthy so I thought it wouldn't hurt to try.

Still no sign of life from the musa basjoo.


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Newly born Siberian tiger cubs are weighed at the Siberian Tiger Park in Harbin, China.

Charlotte goes to the vets tomorrow. Cross fingers and toes please.

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Well bug, I must say those little baby tigers look a lot more docile than Doobie! Of course he doesnt like his special food that I got from the vet. However, he seems to be feeling a bit better and he has taken his antibiotics like a champ.
Sorry to hear about the passing of your friend.

Cindy, I have tried to no avail to dig out Eupatorium. I love the plant, but it just gets way too big for my garden. There is really nothing quite like those maroon stems and the architectural presence it lends. Think maybe Ill try your plastic method. The only other alternative is to hire someone to dig it outwith a back-hoe ala Chelone !

So this is about it for me tonight- I have to finish my wateringGreetings to all.

Kathy in Napa

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What a lovely evening. Since it is too wet for farming, Rick helped me the last 2 nights. We added shelves to a cabinet he bought me for the garden shed last night and he helped with the vegetable garden tonight. We also went asparagus hunting on the 4 wheeler.

bug, so sorry about the loss of your dear friend. You apparently thought very highly of him.

Deanne, sorry about the vet bill and the sore foot. The image of trying to get him in the carrier is hilarious though. We are quite fortunate here, as there is severe flooding in SW IOWA and also in NE SOUTH DAKOTA, which are on either side of us.

Kathy, it sounds like an expensive week for you.

Cindy, I hope your mom turned out ok at the Dr. pneumonia isnt a good thing for the elderly. "Hall monitors" they have to be kidding right?

Babs, since your peas are climbing, I felt guilty enough to actually plant mine tonight.

Eden, at least the tree trimmer seem to be sensitive to your garden. I hope all survived ok. Sorry about the musa bajoo, hopefully it shows up.

This morning I got up about 15 minutes early to be able to fit in a garden walk. Everything is coming to life so nicely that I just need to take time to just stroll. That means I should try to get to bed at least 15 minutes earlier right? Night all.


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Good morning all, a gorgeous, sunny, summery morning. Im going to play in the gardens ALL day. I found some Jack Frost yesterday so Im going to dig out the dead ones and put in the newbies. Also found some Ajuga Caitlands Giant which I was looking for. Doug is supposed to take me plant shopping on Sunday. Can you see me rubbing my hands together?

Eden, So sorry about the tree! I so know how that feels. Two years after we moved here they clear cut the mature Whit Pine/Oak forest behind out home which was one of the reasons we bought here. If anyone ever buys the house next door and cuts those pines down my whole shade area will be facing the sun from the West so that shade area would be toast as well. ~~ Ive got to get my callas, cannas, dahlias etc. etc. etc potted up today also. I dont know how Im going to fit it all in.

He Brenda, dont work too hard, thinking of you on your big machines.

Mary, your story of Davids reaction to Sues fart emergency had me ROTFLOL! Too funny

Bug, so sorry about your friend. ~~ Yep, the black flies are mosquitoes are out here today also. ~~ Those tiger cubs are just about as cute as it gets!

Cindy, Hall Monitors?????!!!!!!! Good grief! As you said, sounds like grade school. Doug recently started working for a new project manager for one of his clients and she started the meeting with a Meet and Greet where all the people participating had to talk about their hobbies, pets etc. etc. I was absolutely astonished! They spent over an hour of two VERY expensive consultants time talking about pets!!!! I told Doug that I felt there was no hope for the project if this is how she started her first meeting.

Kathy, I cant even imagine how huge eupatorium would get in CA with all that warm weather and sunshine. Yikes, a back hoe indeed to remove it. I wouldnt want to tackle the job. I only grow E. Little Joe and Chocolate and they are nicely behaved plants.

Michelle, so glad to hear you are OK and not affected by that flooding. Its just terrible and I feel for all those dealing with it. ~~ Im soooo jealous of your garden shed and potting area.

Okie Dokie Ive got to go and get ready to head out to the dentists for a cleaning then Im spending my day up to my armpits in the dirt. LOL

Have a great day all

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

I'm off to the vet's with Charlotte and MeToo. Keep fingers and toes crossed. (I'm posting this on the old thread. The next thread will need to deal with WELLNESS)

Deanne, do you have a shot of E.Little Joe to show me?

It is overcast and warm so far. Last night I saw a turtle! Small, but real! The frogs are making their noises, the muskrats and groundhogs are all about. Seen yours again Eden?

Anyone seen Ei? Maybe she's on a concert tour...
Happy walkin' Sue!

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Good morning

Yesterday's beautiful day turned into one of sadness when I heard from DH that two friends of ours from our time in NYC had died. Both had children Annie's age. One passed away at the weekend from a massive heart attack and was discovered by his 13 year old son, the other in a car crash in CA when his car came off the road. Sadly the police report stated the car must have been travelling at excessive speed (our friend loved fancy cars and driving fast) and left me wondering if the accident could have been prevented. Both men were wonderful fathers, talented phtographers, full of life and love and left this world too far too soon. I thought of their wives and children all day. I took some of my anger out on a massive yew in our driveway - giving it a severe pruning that felt surprisingly theraputic. Today I will write letters.

I'm sneaking this in at the end of the thread feeling bad to start the day with something so down. I'll stop by later with positive thoughts - I just needed to let this out first.

The sun is shining and I'm off to walk through the garden and enjoy spring's beauty before leaving for work.


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